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  1. HOLY SHIT HAS IT REALLY BEEN THIS LONG SINCE AN UPDATE!? I'm so sorry, I didn't realize it had been this long, a combination of having a busy schedule and some other things caused me to put this on hold, but when I realized just how long it had been since I updated this I realized I needed to find the time to get one of these done. So sorry I let it go this long without saying anything! Mission 13
  2. When WORK slows down, as in in real life. I've been busy lately.
  3. Hmm... actually... that may help give some context to what I have planned for "the three". I'll consider it once I finish up Invisible Inc once work slows down a little.
  4. Right, sorry for the week without updates, bit of a busy schedule last week and had some stuff going on. Here you go! Mission 12
  5. I mean I get how it mechanically works; when the wall itself doesn't completely break line of sight and just serves as a cover object, when you open the door there's no more cover object. It's just that it makes no goddamned scene when you think about the actual real-life mechanics of it. I've never used shade. I've never gotten it, or at least not in a situation where I was at liberty to buy it. The biggest things about expert + are as follows: First, you don't want to peek through closed doors anymore. Before it let you tell if a door would be noticed if you opened it to do the full peek, but now it tells you nothing of the sort, so you want to skip that step and open doors, making sure that when you do so you do it from the side and there's AP left to run to cover if a guard sees it, and be sure to peek around corners so you don't run straight into an unseen guard's line of sight, an in fact move into unexplored territory one space at a time if you can remember. The second is that while combat is still extremely useful (to the point that even with the consciousness monitors on every guard I still consider Nika to be the best agent in the game), you really need to make sure you ambush since you can't KO guards from the front anymore, you really only want to use combat for emergencies and escapes, because otherwise those lost turns before the big 6 really add up.
  6. Don't know, never took it so I've never tried. Always considered it too weird and exploit-y to try. Anyway... Mission 10
  7. Mission 9 OOC Commentary (slight endgame gameplay spoilers):
  8. Sort of. He summarized it in the first bit, the introduction in the OP.
  9. Genny: Physic/10, with easy access to a blessed ring allowing her to spam it like there's no tomorrow. Saber: Easily the best all-around physical unit and the most durable all-around unit on Celica's path, beating out Valbar by virtue of not getting doubled by mages.
  10. Mission 7 Out of character comments:
  11. I have had whole missions get this close to being completely ruined due to that damned tactical vision thing. Anyway, as for how long I've played, Steam says I've clocked 226 hours into the game, though admittedly that's probably increased very slightly by the fact that the game takes longer to play when you're LPing since I keep the game open while screenshooting, uploading, typing and image-linking. I got the game in November of 2015 and after dropping the game for about a year I recently got back into it. Christ I love this game, it's seriously one of my favorite games of all time, right up there with IS's games, the Zeldas and Castlevania.
  12. Not quite, buddy! Sorry I didn't say as much here, I didn't want to announce it out of concern of simply reminding people and getting their hopes up for nothing if it fell through, but basically, I got into a writing slump that I found it really difficult to get out of, and it took me months to finally be able to write again. But now I can, and so I'm going to try to get back to this after a slight interlude playing a game more fun than Revelation to help remind me why I enjoyed doing this in the first place (the fact that Revelation sucks balls was a huge part of why I couldn't muster the energy to continue this, so I was concerned going straight back into it might kill my momentum again). So if anyone wants to check out how I fare playing another game, click here! Sorry for not updating everyone. Again, I wanted to make sure that I stuck with this new project first before telling you. Isaac Baltimore isn't quite as fun of a character to write as Dakota though, so I am looking forward to getting back to this!
  13. Thanks! And don't feel bad about voting for Xu, he's pretty damned great, one of my favorite agents. Anyway, sorry for the delay with this part, had a bit of a stressful, not-conducive-to-let's-playing week for personal reasons I'd rather not get into. Anyway, back to my usual "3-4 uploads a week" schedule: Mission 6