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  1. Of course there’s a need for people to play on permadeath. It’s how you lose. The entire experinence was balanced around losing a unit meaning either a reset or a permanent crippling of your party. You can’t just get rid of that and make the “game over” state ten to fifteen times easier to avoid and expect the difficulty curve to still exist. With Casual mode, especially now that not even losing the protagonist gives you an automatic game over, unless you are making breathtakingly terrible decisions every single turn, you will never see the game over screen. If they replaced Casual mode with Turnwheel mode, A: it would be a safety net that doesn’t eliminate the need to make the same decisions as Classic, and rather would just give you more chances to make those decisions, and B; it would keep the turnwheel out of classic mode and thus the rather uncomfortable situations of the protagonists canonically having the story-breaking power to rewind time and the game’s uncomfortable tendency to pretend the turnwheel is a totally balanced feature that shouldn’t disqualify you from winning achievements would both be avoided.
  2. I love the art style, especially compared to Awakening and Fates. For whatever reason, Kozaki just can’t seem to believably draw male characters experiencing any negative emotion stronger than discomfort or embarrassment, and the female characters do little better. It also feels like the art style of a story that’s gonna take itself as seriously as the Tellius games did, which would be a huge plus.
  3. I’m with Book Bro. I think devoting an entire game to doing even more to try and accommodate casual players at this point makes little sense artistically or financially. It’ll just cheapen the experience and have drastically diminishing returns since there are very few potential fans remaining that the current accessibility features weren’t enough for. So yeah, creating an even more simple experience isn’t a good idea, especially since I believe they already made a huge mistake reaching out to casual players in a way that would discourage, rather than encourage, integrating them into the core fan base, thus creating this split. Casual mode was a mistake. If they wanted to add a feature to appeal to the people permadeath scared, it should’ve been something like the turnwheel, not a near immunity to the game’s fail state. The safety net should teach the player to learn from their mistakes, not weaponize them. Permadeath with rewinds means the player still has to figure out how to do something without losing units, thus preparing them for classic. Casual... does not.
  4. Poll : The next LORD that may you hope.

    I’m not a huge fan of lords promoting to cavalry. I like cavalry and all but it feels so weird when a previously non mounted lord becomes mounted. Doesn’t help that in basically every case they had lamer animations when promoted (especially with Seliph).
  5. Yeah, as the title says, do we know who’s doing the music, it definitely sounds like somebody new. And while it’s kinda hard to tell with an English singer rather than the amazing Japanese (I assume Japanese; she rarely actually sings Japanese but I feel a Japanese accent in what she sings no matter the language) woman who usually works with him, the pounding drums, liberal combination of electronic instruments with classical ones, and especially the swelling horns at the part where the protagonist is running around, make me suspect it miiiiiight be Hiroyuki Sawano, the guy responsible for Attack on Titan’s soundtrack, and, of course, the eternally memeworthy Aldnoah Zero music... I SAY CRYYYYEEEEAAAAIIII!
  6. How does Vortex work?

    Awesome, thanks!
  7. So I’m in the middle of an Ironman run of PoR and RD consecutively after getting them back recently, and I’m trying to decide if getting the knight ring is remotely realistic. The idea I have is to have my full guard Jill clear the mountain area and make room for Ulki and Reyson, use a pure water on Jill to bolster her already blessed 11 res, and bait out Naesala with her since she should be able to survive one hit. ...The problem is this will only work if he doesn’t get one of 2 6% crits, and I don’t want to risk that. But I’ve also been assuming the worst case scenario here; that it’s elwind powered by his strength and targeting enemy resistance. Is this true, or does it use his magic stat? I haven’t found any data on how it works to confirm.
  8. Thematically that would be cool, and would also mean I’d be able to do more supports, but I’m talking more gameplay wise, since I’m already deploying what will eventually be 8 meleelocked units that can only be used half the time.
  9. So I had this idea when I saw how much deployment space there was for it that after I do my new Ironman hard runthrough after not playing for a while, I’d do a run where I have to deploy every Laguz I get access to and only have whatever slots remain for Beorc. While I know Laguz are far from top tier units, this still sounds like it could be tons of fun and could open up new ways of playing the game since I never really used Laguz before. But I was looking for some advice as to what sorts of Beorc units I should focus on if I’m doing this. Which ones are the best investment of training and experience in this context?
  10. Funny Thing

    I want that Shantae Marth to be a thing. Please.
  11. Durability. Yes or no?

    Yeah, well obviously using online fixes that but I have issues with a system heavily fused into gameplay that depends on the servers. You should get more of your gems and food and get randomized npc traders you can exchange your stuff with, and then it should’ve let you also trade with (rather than getting free shit from) your online friends. That way it’s not a choice between the system being broken as shit or useless depending on if you’re online.
  12. Durability. Yes or no?

    Honestly that’s how staves should’ve worked in Fates, significantly fewer uses and more expensive, but they recharged between missions. That would’ve made status staves something you could actually build a strategy around if you could use them at least once every map.
  13. Durability. Yes or no?

    Fates' system was interesting, but it was easily the worst-balanced part of the game, with damn near every weapon other than iron and bronze having some crippling drawback to using it that made it damn near impossible to justify ever using it, especially when the forging system meant you could generally make iron weapons just as strong as steel or silver for a few gems, and with no drawback. I don't even understand what the point was in trying to make sure none of the weapons were better than the base level iron, when weapon ranks are a thing and rank growth was incredibly slow. Frankly forging and gems should've been used to boost individual attributes of a weapon rather than having a gem for every weapon type, and they should've just balanced weapons over what it's reasonable to let a player have infinite uses of and just let higher rank weapons be objectively better than lower rank ones like they should be.
  14. Anyone else miss fog of war?

    Did they ever do anything that crazy? What was the most unfair thing they ever hid in the fog?