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  1. New Heroes: Rulers Of The Laguz

    Disappointed that they didn't give Leanne some kind of accent despite having her speak in broken English. I always pictured her as having some kind of European accent (I personally pictured something vaguely Russian) due to her struggling to speak English in the second game. Hearing her struggle to speak English while having a perfect American accent is... odd. Otherwise, super happy the beastshifters are finally getting representation even though I gave up on this game ages ago. It's still nice to know the door's been opened for them.
  2. I use Multipatch. That’s worked well enough for me for everything but this, so I haven’t done any thorough searches for any others.
  3. Best husband for Fury if I don’t care about Sety?

    Yep! That’s the plan. Delmud’s definitely getting a magic sword at least, and the best normal sword I can pass down too.
  4. So I thought, for the hell of it, I’d do a mounted-only run of the already mounted-heavy FE4, where I’m only allowed to use units who are mounted, promote to be mounted, or will father slash give birth to a unit who is or will promote to a mounted unit. This poses an interesting question, as it means that for three of the four pairings I will actually make happen, only one of the units actually matters. And since I can’t use Sety/Ced, this is an opportunity to see if I can make a really good Fee. Now it’s been a while since I’ve played FE4, so I can’t remember much about the number of archers. Would Alec!Fee be worth it to make a peg knight who’s immune to arrows? Or would trading arrow immunity for Lex’s ludicrous bulk growths be a better idea for survival in general? I generally don’t like fragile units and prefer to rely on defense rather than dodging unless I can get it really high. Or is there a better option for a good Fee? Keep in mind my other planned pairs are AzelxLachesis (I want to make sure Nanna’s magic is good, and with dual str-mag holy blood their offense will never be poor), Midir/FinnXAdean (can’t spare the pursuit ring to go with Jamka), and LewynXTiltyu (Because obviously I want at least one holy weapon passed down).
  5. Does it need to be LunarIPS specifically? I have my own patching software since I use a mac, but all the roms I've tried to patch with this have wound up either with the nintendo logo never showing and the game staying on black forever, or in one instance the game loaded, but then glitched out into some missingno-looking screen-covering graphical glitches the second I tried to move a unit.
  6. Thanks for letting me know! This will be useful if I find a way to make Revelation engaging on another playthrough I can use instead. I do have a complete set of screenshots of my initial blind playthrough though.
  7. I may come back to it eventually if something strikes me to make everything make sense, but until further notice, yeah, I don’t think I can continue. But it’s really been heartening and encouraging to hear how much people have gotten out of it, which makes it even more frustrating for me that I can’t think of a good way to complete it.
  8. Well I meant more retcons to what I already established. It’s really hard to write a vast plot-twisty conspiracy and retroactively weave it into a story that hadn’t been preparing for it and have everything still make sense.
  9. I’m sorry guys. I really should have said something sooner, but I didn’t want to say anything official in case I changed my mind, but looking at how long it’s been since my last update, I feel I owe you an answer: I don’t think I’m gonna be able to finish this, for two main reasons: First and foremost, because the story’s devolved into a clusterfuck of retcons and conspiracies to the point where I don’t think I can satisfyingly resolve everything anymore and not grossly violate canon at multiple points and insult your intelligence. I spent months struggling to think of a good way to tie in and explain the stuff I had planned for the backstories of major characters and I feel I’ve well and truly written myself into a corner with several of them thanks to the improvisational nature of books 1 and 2. Secondly, because Revelation kind of broke me. After birthright and especially conquest allowed me to really flex Dakota’s strategic narrative, the utterly idiotic and tedious level design of Revelation means that every single time I have fun writing Dakota’s insane struggle against an incredibly dangerous and brilliant adversary, it shifts to gameplay and suddenly I can barely justify writing this nonsense in character. It’s like all the dramatic tension I try to build up is undermined and just bleeds away in a way that is obscenely disappointing after Conquest. If I were to continue book 3, pretty much all of the “let’s play” part of it would have to be deemed non-canon, because it’s a joke no matter how many times I add house rules to make it more satisfying. I just wasn’t counting on the third act of the story coinciding with the single worst Fire Emblem game ever made. I’m really sorry I left you hanging with this, guys. I should have said something way, WAY sooner.
  10. Octopath Traveler

    No, I just didn’t use Cyrus’s evasive maneuvers or run from any of the fights, and I explored each chapter dungeon enough to get all the chests. I recruited four characters first, did their four sets of four chapters with just those four, and was constantly at the right level for everything without any grinding beyond just traveling to new places and getting the jobs. And then when I beat theirs and formed a new party of four out of the remaining four, they were initially below level but gained experience so rapidly that by the end of the chapter 2s they had basically no time to do anything but the main quests or else risk being overleveled.
  11. Octopath Traveler

    Honestly, while I loved it at first, I just get more disappointed with it the more I play. 1: The story isn’t very good. Most of them try to tell a story that can’t really be told in the amount of time each is given. Twists with no time to be set up, character arcs with no time to be meaningful, final bosses who come out of nowhere... basically the only story that was any good was Alfyn’s, and that was because it took advantage of the format and told reasonably compelling short stories, particularly 2 and 3, about a guy who’s just on a journey with no big and epic overarching goal. 2: No room to breathe. The characters level too fast. I saw all sorts of bonus dungeons that I can only assume were tied to side quests, but I couldn’t do any of them because I was constantly trying to make sure I didn’t outlevel the level recommendations for each chapter... which I failed anyway, because this game gives way too much experience even if you only do the main quests. By the time I cleared my initial party of 4’s 16 mainline chapters, they were all level 57 for missions that were level 45. I think the problem might be that the encounter rate is way too high for how much time and thought battles require. Battles should have been rarer, like the encounter rate when using evasive maneuvers, but giving slightly more experience per battle. 3: Way too few jobs. I actually did a bit of a double take when I realized that this “fivelike”, as I’ve come to call these games with modular job systems, has half the number of jobs that the original final fantasy 5 had. The jobs are too few for what a game like this really needs, and it makes most parties feel same-y. And what’s worse, there’s barely enough jobs to scratch the surface of every attack type. Aside from the advanced jobs there’s no two classes that have any advanced tricks with the same weapon type. Without items or advanced jobs, the only one with party wide wind attacks is the merchant. The only one with party-wide dark attacks is the dancer. The only one with multi-hit elemental attacks of any element at all is the scholar. It just seems like there were so many missed opportunities for a wide variety of classes that would have different approaches to the same attack type. And that’s to say nothing about how disappointing the divine skills are. Aelfric’s Auspices is objectively the best one and simultaneously invalidates all the attack divine skills because it won’t work on them, making strong non-divine attacks do way better DPS. Honestly the game would be way better if rather than having the shrines grant access to other travelers’ jobs, there were 8 new jobs the shrines gave you, and all the travelers’ base jobs were exclusive to them. 4: The combat system is interesting, but makes random encounters too annoying and bosses too easy to break. The bosses are awesome and challenging at first, until you start figuring out things like how leghold trap makes it practically impossible to lose. It’s amazing how many broken combinations they managed to fit into a game with only 12 classes. So yeah... I hate that I have to be disappointed with this game, I was so hyped for it, but at nearly every turn I found something new that didn’t sit right with me.
  12. Of course there’s a need for people to play on permadeath. It’s how you lose. The entire experinence was balanced around losing a unit meaning either a reset or a permanent crippling of your party. You can’t just get rid of that and make the “game over” state ten to fifteen times easier to avoid and expect the difficulty curve to still exist. With Casual mode, especially now that not even losing the protagonist gives you an automatic game over, unless you are making breathtakingly terrible decisions every single turn, you will never see the game over screen. If they replaced Casual mode with Turnwheel mode, A: it would be a safety net that doesn’t eliminate the need to make the same decisions as Classic, and rather would just give you more chances to make those decisions, and B; it would keep the turnwheel out of classic mode and thus the rather uncomfortable situations of the protagonists canonically having the story-breaking power to rewind time and the game’s uncomfortable tendency to pretend the turnwheel is a totally balanced feature that shouldn’t disqualify you from winning achievements would both be avoided.
  13. I love the art style, especially compared to Awakening and Fates. For whatever reason, Kozaki just can’t seem to believably draw male characters experiencing any negative emotion stronger than discomfort or embarrassment, and the female characters do little better. It also feels like the art style of a story that’s gonna take itself as seriously as the Tellius games did, which would be a huge plus.
  14. I’m with Book Bro. I think devoting an entire game to doing even more to try and accommodate casual players at this point makes little sense artistically or financially. It’ll just cheapen the experience and have drastically diminishing returns since there are very few potential fans remaining that the current accessibility features weren’t enough for. So yeah, creating an even more simple experience isn’t a good idea, especially since I believe they already made a huge mistake reaching out to casual players in a way that would discourage, rather than encourage, integrating them into the core fan base, thus creating this split. Casual mode was a mistake. If they wanted to add a feature to appeal to the people permadeath scared, it should’ve been something like the turnwheel, not a near immunity to the game’s fail state. The safety net should teach the player to learn from their mistakes, not weaponize them. Permadeath with rewinds means the player still has to figure out how to do something without losing units, thus preparing them for classic. Casual... does not.