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  1. For the purposes of this, I’m assuming their old ones are gone. But the main reason that -5 feels so nightmarish is because Arthur has 0, which means he’s still at 0 even after dual guard and only at 5 with a bronze weapon, and he stays that way pretty much forever. There are still tons of ways to protect against critical hits if you have an actual luck stat, and again, he gets a second personal skill too, so I still think he can wind up better off with the right parent.
  2. Like I said, the enemy has to have less than 10 luck to not break even with this, and the majority of enemies have significantly more than 10. And Percy isn’t his dad. His dodge is already so high that he hardly has to worry about crits from the vast majority of enemies, and has insane bulk at any rate. For him it might as well be a 5 to 15 crit increase.
  3. It reduces up to 15 crit evade. Plenty of enemies have 20 luck, which is 10 crit evade, and spear masters go beyond 15 easily between their luck and their “specialist” stat bonuses to crit and crit evade. Every single kitsune in chapter 19 of Conquest has like 20 between their stones and their luck. And bosses tend to have plenty of luck too. True, it isn’t a flat +15 to crit against everyone, but enemies have more crit evade in these games than you’re implying.
  4. Where’d you get that from? This isn’t like the morphs in FE7 where most enemies have a luck stat of 0. Plenty of enemies in Fates have enough luck to make the crit boost from Misfortunate relevant.
  5. Granted, Percy’s definitely got one of the best personals, while Arthur’s is gimmicky and typecasting. But on the other hand, with Percy’s insane luck base and growth, he probably still doesn’t have to worry about getting critted, and that crit bonus would be nice.
  6. After chapter 8. His 1-2 range as a butler is really useful for securing the western villages when properly tonic’d and paired up with the avatar. After that, if you want him as a fighter, continued levels with a butler’s growths will only impair him further. Personally I disagree with the conventional wisdom that Jakob’s a good unit. I have never once had him turn out okay, and he always falls off catastrophically by the midway point despite the guides saying his stats are about average for his level. Not to mention that outside of butler or some serious reclassing tomfoolery he has no good 1-2 range. But he’s really useful for getting good skills early on, and thanks to his awesome personal skill he can always secure a nice fat retirement in the back row.
  7. So suppose that things were like FE4 in the sense that, rather than child units having their own personal skills, they inherited their parents’ personal skills. So Charlotte!Siegbert would have Chivalry and Unmask, for example. What would this do to your pairings? I don’t know for sure, but for the sake of having fun screwing around with broken builds, I’d be tempted to marry Jakob to Felicia, then marry Dwyer, then pair up with Kana, who now has Evasive Partner, Devoted Partner and Supportive all at once, giving me +4 str/mag, +10 hit, +15 evade, and +7 def/res before even factoring in support bonuses.
  8. Create a Skill

    What slot were you thinking, speaking of?
  9. Create a Skill

    I considered both of these as hypothetical skills. Ironically I think every unit who canonically had formshift and wasn’t a dragon is already in the game. ”Not Racist” (or “Friend of the Beasts” as I’d call it) should come from someone like Zihark.
  10. A theater. That’d be a chance for all sorts of goofy nonsense, letting heroes fight each other or mime out silly scenes, and maybe have some of the spell animations and seasonal hit-splashes be special effects.
  11. The evil, meme-y part of me now wants to see smiling chibi picnic Genny roasting marshmallows, with smiling chibi picnic Flora. Who is in the ground. Sideways. And on fire.
  12. I’m kinda disappointed that Genny isn’t riding that deer in her artwork. This is cute, but definitely skipping this one. Armor march and special fighter are nice, but I just can’t justify the orbs between trying to get another Caineghis and saving up for the Three Houses banner.
  13. Create a Skill

    Flashing Aether: Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-30%. Unit recovers HP = 30% damage dealt. Cooldown: 3. No inheritance restrictions.
  14. I recently got a Caineghis (+hp-res, not ideal but I’ll work with it if I can’t get another) and I’m trying to assemble a good team for him. I figure my Halloween Myrrh would be a good ally and support partner due to her being one of very few units that can provide him Armor March without making him detransform and lose his distant counter bonus. But I can’t work out what to do for the test of the team, namely units that can help them out and buff them without being adjacent to him at the end of the turn. What sort of methods should I keep in mind when building this team?
  15. I have to say, they're shockingly stingy with the resources for this silly little feature. It'll be three weeks before I can build a hot spring at this rate.