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  1. Seeing how Breath of the Wild is so utterly unrecognizable as a Zelda game that nobody would ever be able to guess it was a Zelda game if all of the aesthetics and text were changed, I would very much not like to see this happen to Fire Emblem. I see no reason why a game should "re-invent" itself so thoroughly that everything fans love about it is gone, and it's only the fact that BotW was such an amazing game that this even remotely sounds like a good idea.
  2. Yeah, that’s why I think it would be too alien from traditional fire emblem to make the entire game. It should just be one of several countries.
  3. I'm assuming you mean in real life, because when we have flying horses and dragons, I'm pretty sure Lions would make a better fantasy game mount. Though camels could be good too...
  4. Oh come on, an African nation as one of the countries in a Fire Emblem world would be cool! Ancient African cultures taken to fantasy extremes? Picture it: their cavalry could be axe and lance users riding fucking lions.
  5. BR PMU

    Edit: Oops, already started? Damn. I was going to suggest Azama as a Blacksmith, since the oni savage classes are fun but criminally underused.
  6. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Except, you know, no garbage debuffs, no as penalty, and you get it for free letting you spend your money elsewhere.
  7. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Very high might, a dodge bonus and dragon skin piercing are hardly things to sneeze at.
  8. This is just stupid.

    Wow, this would've been great. Really the biggest issue with Conquest's story is that the game won't let the universe admit that what Corrin did was selfish rather than noble and that the Hoshidans literally have no reason whatsoever to forgive him. The final battle as it stands is an undeservedly triumphant and heroic battle against a possessed asshole whose assholery was totally the evil spirits making him question Corrin's divinity. Making it into a dark and tragic culmination of the consequences of Corrin's terrible decisions, ending in horribly strained relations between Nohr and Hoshido, would have been awesome. Because then the gameplay couldn't be about you allying with one side and fighting the other in both routes, and apparently IS considered having a coherent plot to be secondary to that.
  9. Thank you! I’ll be starting up writing again soon, just taking a holiday break and catching myself up on the series as well to make sure I didn’t forget anything over the series’ long production process.Tying up any loose ends left, ESPECIALLY with Azura, is going to be a very delicate operation.
  10. Dark Crown Surprise

    I thought you couldn't give the amiibo present accessories? It never let me.
  11. Artist/Character Designer for FE Switch

    Whoever they are, I hope they're able/allowed to draw genuine human emotion. One of the biggest problems I have with Fates' presentation (apart from the generally floaty and cartoonish models and physics that make battles generally uninteresting compared to the gba games, Tellius series or Echoes, and make any non-CG cutscenes that make any attempt at drama fall on their face) is that the portrait mugshots used for dialogue scenes are just so... stilted. Like, a few of them, like Elise and Keaton, do the more humorous emotions fairly well, but it eventually occurred to me that despite the tons of death and misery that surrounds the avatar, they don't even have expressions for "my mother is dead" sorrow or "you killed my mother" anger. All of the mugshots and emotions seemed to have been designed with nothing but support conversations in mind, and it's so difficult to care about what's happening when you can't even believe that the characters care.
  12. Dark Crown Surprise

    So the dark crown is Garon's crown? Can you visit some of the people who visit you and send the dark crown to them?
  13. If it weren’t for the voice acting I would have read every one of Berkut’s post-losing-to-Alm lines as if he were Anakin Skywalker. I just can’t help seeing the parallels in his behavior.
  14. Confused about parallel classes

    But women can't get rally spectrum. If we're talking postgame Laslow still sounds way better, especially since he can still get warp via the witches' trial if flight isn't enough.
  15. Confused about parallel classes

    Okay, I officially know what I'm doing with Percy on my 2-generation run. And he's gonna marry midori too, so he'll basically be rallyman with replicate. Sill think Laslow's a tiny bit better though, if only beause of that slightly better strength and speed rally and because he can also double as your chest man in the likely event that Kaze and Niles aren't cutting it. And also because you'd practically have to jump through hoops in order to not have Rally Resistance in your party.