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  1. Don't know, never took it so I've never tried. Always considered it too weird and exploit-y to try. Anyway... Mission 10
  2. Mission 9 OOC Commentary (slight endgame gameplay spoilers):
  3. Sort of. He summarized it in the first bit, the introduction in the OP.
  4. Genny: Physic/10, with easy access to a blessed ring allowing her to spam it like there's no tomorrow. Saber: Easily the best all-around physical unit and the most durable all-around unit on Celica's path, beating out Valbar by virtue of not getting doubled by mages.
  5. Mission 7 Out of character comments:
  6. I have had whole missions get this close to being completely ruined due to that damned tactical vision thing. Anyway, as for how long I've played, Steam says I've clocked 226 hours into the game, though admittedly that's probably increased very slightly by the fact that the game takes longer to play when you're LPing since I keep the game open while screenshooting, uploading, typing and image-linking. I got the game in November of 2015 and after dropping the game for about a year I recently got back into it. Christ I love this game, it's seriously one of my favorite games of all time, right up there with IS's games, the Zeldas and Castlevania.
  7. Not quite, buddy! Sorry I didn't say as much here, I didn't want to announce it out of concern of simply reminding people and getting their hopes up for nothing if it fell through, but basically, I got into a writing slump that I found it really difficult to get out of, and it took me months to finally be able to write again. But now I can, and so I'm going to try to get back to this after a slight interlude playing a game more fun than Revelation to help remind me why I enjoyed doing this in the first place (the fact that Revelation sucks balls was a huge part of why I couldn't muster the energy to continue this, so I was concerned going straight back into it might kill my momentum again). So if anyone wants to check out how I fare playing another game, click here! Sorry for not updating everyone. Again, I wanted to make sure that I stuck with this new project first before telling you. Isaac Baltimore isn't quite as fun of a character to write as Dakota though, so I am looking forward to getting back to this!
  8. Thanks! And don't feel bad about voting for Xu, he's pretty damned great, one of my favorite agents. Anyway, sorry for the delay with this part, had a bit of a stressful, not-conducive-to-let's-playing week for personal reasons I'd rather not get into. Anyway, back to my usual "3-4 uploads a week" schedule: Mission 6
  9. After trying a variation of grindless play, I've revised my position tentatively, may change once I fully beat the game. I feel that as long as your units can't reasonably max out their final class's level with the experience given over the course of the game, it's best to change classes once experience starts slowing down to lower than what it would be if you changed classes, which is at a different level for each stage of the game due to the enemies gaining higher levels and a level one tier 2 unit gaining less experience than a level 1 tier 1 unit.
  10. I'm torn regarding her best class. Cleric Faye has a ton of kickass spells, but she makes an absolutely amazing cavalier in a game where most of the cavaliers you get for a while are pretty lame. If you want a strong and durable high-mov unit, she's just about the only option you get for a long, long time. Clive's pretty lame and Mathilda's pretty squishy for her level. Faye's strength and defense growths are great, especially when not nerfed by reclassing to cleric, and thus as a cavalier she makes for a powerful, highly mobile tank, even if she's a bit slow (her growth isn't bad though so she gets better).
  11. I never said to remove music, I said to take the player and enemy phase battle themes and make them part of a set of boss themes. I just feel that the repetitive use of those songs can really kill the mood in some levels with some map themes and that the dynamic map themes was in hindsight a massive improvement.
  12. My only complaint with the soundtrack really is that they kept the old-school battle music system. That saddens me, because after seeing the new system in awakening with the dynamic map and battle themes I can never really go back. It's just so jarring having "DA da da DA da da DAN DAN! DA da da DA da da DAN DAN!" play out of nowhere every 6-ish seconds in the middle of, say, This: Seriously, I was hoping they'd just move the Gaiden battle themes and use them as the boss themes of minor skirmishes so that we could really enjoy the new music system, I'd love to see what they'd have done with "ablaze" sorts of stuff, and I really hope this isn't something they continue to do if they remake other games.
  13. Hey, just wondering, since there's almost no way to access shrines without going into dungeons, what are the generally accepted rules when doing "no-grind" runs of the game when it comes to going into dungeons? Are the rules that you can only go in once and you can't save after leaving unless you completed what you needed to do there? Are you allowed to go back in but you just have to run away from all the enemies after the first time when you want to promote units? What about random map reinforcements? What are the rules to make sure those aren't abused since they're unavoidable?