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  1. Universal GBA FE Randomizer v1.0

    I did everything you asked from steps 1 to 3, but when I load the rom the .sav file does not show up. The emulator I'm using doesn't look like it let's you pull your own .sav files and only let's you pull if you have saved before on that rom. I'm using My Boy! Any suggestions? Edit: I've managed to get it figured out, seems like you have to kill the bael before the end of turn 6, even if you kill him on counterattack after 6 it will reset. Thanks for the help my dude hope my input will help some others.
  2. Universal GBA FE Randomizer v1.0

    I have tried sniping most to all of the elder baels, specifically I killed the one in the mountains above the houses and the next turn it reset for no reason even after the bael was dead. I also snipes the one above that bael to make sure it wasn't that one. When you say run it through vanilla fe8 I'm confused because I don't think you can undo what the randomizer does to the file?
  3. Universal GBA FE Randomizer v1.0

    Not sure if this is completely dead, but was wondering if someone could help me with fe8. The randomizer glitches fe8 on eirika's route making it uncompletable in chapter 12. I think it is due to the baels but I'm not sure. I cannot get past this level no matter what I do. I've tried sniping the baels rng manipulation etc. You cannot perform the enemy control glitch because there are no actor tiles in the level. The bael causes the game to either reset or just freeze on the enemy turn. Any help would be appreciated.