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  1. Create a Classic Mode route

    (EDIT: Disregard the “Mide” in the title before. That was an error.) While we’re talking about Smash, why don’t we create some Classic Mode routes for our wanted characters? I’ll go first: Celica: Journey to the Temple of Palutena (all battles have Mae-Celica’s Echo Fighter-as Celica’s ally.) Stage 1: Vs. Ridley on Dracula’s Castle (playing “With Mila’s Divine Protection”) Stage 2: Vs. Wolf on Town and City (playing “Preparing to Advance”) Stage 3: Vs. King K. Rool on Pirate Ship (playing “Beyond the Distant Skies~Roy’s Journey”) Stage 4: Vs. Ganondorf on Castle Siege (playing “Against the Dark Knight”) Stage 5: Vs. Bayonetta on Bridge of Eldin (playing “With Mila’s Divine Protection (Echoes Ver.)”) Stage 6: Vs. Sheik on Palutena’s Temple (with Palutena as an ally, playing “Duty (Ablaze)”) Boss: Dracula (set to “The Scions’ Dance in Purgatory” for both phases)
  2. Make the Pokémon Trainer’s Pokémon separate character Sonic: Flame Shield Side-B. Either that, or Drop Dash Down-B. Dark Samus: Let her down Smash be the tentacle things she summons as an Assist Trophy in Smash 4. Pichu: Final Smash should seriously be Nuzzle. Incineroar: Change Darkest Lariat to Side-B. I need that fiery ejaculation in my life. Chrom: Final Smash should be his Confession sprite, followed by a stab. King K. Rool: Make his Down-B a body slam the summons cannonballs. Dark Pit: Change Final Smash to Arrow Rain. Lucina: Give her Chrom’s current Final Smash. Robin: Put Morgan in his/her Pair Up when fighting Chrom. Donkey Kong: Change Final Smash to the moon punch scene from DKC Returns. PAC-MAN: Change Down-Air to the Butt Bounce from PAC-MAN World. Young Link: Change his entire moveset to the transformation masks Change his Final Smash animation to the Fierce Diety. Ganondorf: Change his Neutral-B to the wave of darkness he emits to Link at the end of Ocarina of Time. Daisy: Tweak her Neutral-B to include Crazee Dayzees. Greninja: Change his Final Smash to an Ash-Greninja Water Shuriken. That’s it from me for now.
  3. 4 more DLC characters, place your bets now

    Nobody at Nintendo said he wasn’t, did they? In all seriousness, I believe the logical approach is to wait to see whether or not Rex gets in as DLC is revealed.
  4. SSB Ultimate Spoiler Thread

  5. SSB Ultimate Spoiler Thread

    *insert “To Be Continued” meme here*
  6. SSB Ultimate Spoiler Thread

    Wow, I can’t believe SEGA just announced a Sonic 06 remake out of the blue! Looks great!
  7. Create a Fighter & Moveset

  8. Create a Fighter & Moveset

    Here’s a more normal character: Ephraim.
  9. SSB Ultimate Spoiler Thread

    Well, you also maybe ought to keep in mind that this game was pirated in Mexico two weeks before launch. I hardly take “Christmas rush” into consideration.
  10. Fan-made Palutena Guidances

    Okay, but it won’t be much, since I’ve never played TWEWY. Also, it won’t contain Neku interrupting. Anybody up to pick up where I left off?
  11. Who will you be maining in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

    I’ll be maining Marth as always, and then I’ll main K. Rool and Piranha Plant and Incineroar.
  12. Well…I’m that bad. With the difficulty increasing after each match, I think I’ll always default to 0.0 (unless I suddenly become a sadist).
  13. Create a Fighter & Moveset

    Now here’s on oddball choice for a fighter; Tabuu, the final boss of the Subspace Emissary.
  14. Fan-made Palutena Guidances

    Can somebody make a Guidance for Neku Sakuraba with Neku butting in? I would want whoever makes it to use this image for reference:
  15. SSB Ultimate Spoiler Thread

    Sorry, I meant Mexico. My bad. I fixed it.