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  1. You can post whatever OST you can find when the game comes out and give your opinion on whatever music we hear before and after release. That OST in the trailer we got was amazing! It was interesting how they put a hint of dubstep in there.
  2. Basically this: Fire Emblem: Standpoints of the Ideal War There are 3 Acts, each with 10 story chapters and 8 paralogue chapters, and 6 prologue chapters at the start. Lore Eons ago, a dark ice dragon was created from nothing…that dragon’s name was Malikum. Malikum used the power he sprang from to create the world, the single continent of Uniterra and another, bringing people and plants and other beings to life. However, his was not a kind rule; residing in his cave castle atop an icy mountain, Malikum imposed a tyrannical dictatorship supported by his army of Malforze—foul creatures of the darkness created from Malikum’s blood—and Manaketes—of which he was one—and his people suffered under him for what seemed like eternity. Anyone who crossed him, and his beliefs of rule by power, would meet a terrible end. Hope seemed lost until one day, two brave heroes—the hawk-armored man Horas, who wielded the noble sword Excalibur, and the snake-armored woman Danis, who wielded the brave spear Prometheus—stormed Malikum’s castle and used their weapons to seal him in a Golden Goblet, known today as the Fire Emblem. The Malforze were sealed as well, and the two heroes swore that the evil emperor and his spawn could only return if they were to turn on each other, directly or not. To ensure that it never happened, they took the four of the five crystals in the center front of the Fire Emblem and separated them across the land, as the Malforze, at the least, would rise again while even one crystal was still attached. Three millennia had passed, with the tragedies becoming seen as legend, and in that time five countries had formed across the vast Uniterra. There was the urban Acciptia of the Blue Crystal, founded by Horas in the east, whose people governed themselves based off the nobility of the kings and marquesses; then the more agricultural Pyten of the Red Crystal, founded by Danis in the west, whose people governed themselves based off their bravery and loyalty to the royal order; then the chaotic Kuliba of the Yellow Crystal, founded by merciless bandits of the desert, that stood between Acciptia and Pyten in the center; then the lustrous Deragoll of the Green Crystal, founded by the now-peaceful Manaketes on a large, far off island in the south, with them and humans living in harmony (but having to fend themselves against the evil Zik’Ti tribe, who worships the swamp dragon of the same name); and lastly, the scarcely populated Obsura of the Dark Crystal, founded on Malikum’s former foundation—now drifted away to sea, roughly the same size as Deragoll—in the north. The Dark Crystal had been drained of its power by the two heroes, as it was somehow impossible to remove from the Fire Emblem’s center slot. One day, however, this everlasting peace was disrupted when the kingdoms of Acciptia and Pyten came to a heated disagreement. One believed that only royals should be allowed to protect the continent and the commoners resting peacefully, while the other believed that commoners should be allowed to bravely rise to power by themselves, should they desire it. This disagreement turned to resentment, and a terrible war—which came to be known as the Ideal War—followed as a result. Acciptia and Pyten conquered various landmarks in their respective opposite countries, and reclaimed whatever they lost in their native homes. Sometimes they even employed bandits from Kuliba to aid their causes. During Year 28 of the war, someone from Obsura had brought power back into the Dark Crystal, and the Malforze have begun to return, making their way across the continent to wreak havoc once again. Year 50 of the war has just begun, and still there is no ordained winner. In this war, will Acciptia prevail and the monarchy twist into a repeated tyranny? Or will Pyten prevail and the monarchy twist into a potential anarchy? And with the Malforze revived…who will be there to stop the Malforze from reclaiming the five crystals of the Fire Emblem and unsealing their lost master? Protagonists from Acciptia Jason Materian Age: 19 Starting Class: Mercenary Joins in: Prologue 4, automatically Bio: A blonde-haired boy who originally hailed from Kuliba, serving as leader of the Edge Mercenaries. Two years earlier, he had stolen the Armor Bane sword from his original leader to start his career, which he wants to continue even after the war. He deeply cares for his sister Emily and sometimes is embarrassed when she makes smart remarks at his expense. Despite his gruff appearance, he has a kind heart and will protect people no matter what, regardless of the amount of gold he earns. He likes Acciptia’s policies because he doesn’t feel obligated to work for a royal title (although he is believed to have some sort of connection to Horas, as they both share the same hawk insignia on their backs). Base Stats: 23 HP, 11 STR, 8 SKL, 7 SPD, 5 MOV, 9 LCK, 8 DEF, 4 RES Total Growths: +44 HP, +24 STR, +13 SKL, +13 SPD, +2 MOV, +2 LCK, +4 DEF, +10 RES Emily Materian Age: 13 Starting Class: Cleric Joins in: Prologue 4, automatically Bio: Jason’s younger sister who tags along with him as they search for their father. The two were forced into labor when they were brought to raised in Kuliba by the father after her birth and stayed together as Kuliban bandits chased them down two years ago. Having become a young Cleric since, Emily occasionally struggles with her duty to protect others. She remains cheerful and optimistic despite this, and constantly refers to Jason as “Big Horn”. She often finds herself lost at times, which makes her scared. She sends a small but visible signal from her staff for Jason whenever she needs to. Base Stats: 15 HP, 6 STR, 4 SKL, 4 SPD, 3 MOV, 13 LCK, 5 DEF, 10 RES Growths: +23 HP, +5 STR, +4 SKL, +9 SPD, +2 MOV, +6 LCK, +2 DEF, +8 RES Rodney “Rock” Durhua Age: 16 Starting Class: Archer Joins in: Prologue 5, automatically Bio: Jason’s childhood ginger friend, whom Jason met when he was 6. He and his parents were forced into the same labor group that Jason and a baby Emily were in at the time; now, he works as an Edge Mercenary to provide for his parents, who both work as scholars. He is witty and likes to mock his enemies if they don’t seem like a “fair challenge” to him, regardless of whose favor the battle is in. He got his nickname from a giant rock he and his friends once stumbled upon in a Kuliban oasis. Base Stats: 18 HP, 9 STR, 6 SKL, 7 SPD, 4 MOV, 8 LCK, 6 DEF, 2 RES Growths: +21 HP, +12 STR, +7 SKL, +20 SPD, +4 MOV, +11 LCK, +14 DEF, +6 RES Finnerty Vincent Age: 25 Starting Class: Cavalier Joins in: Chapter 1 (Jason’s route), automatically Bio: A black-haired soldier of the Acciptian Army in green armor who stays loyal to King Leonardo XI. He hires the Edge Mercenaries when he is low on troops defending a village from the Malforze, which the former battle for the first time at that time. His family was killed by the crazed Pytenese general Agor during a skirmish at his village when he was a child, so he reserves a hatred for the Pytenese Army. Outside of that, he is arrogant and treats his troops with harsh discipline but works to ensure their protection, along with the protection of the commoners. Base Stats: 30 HP, 12 STR, 10 SKL, 8 SPD, 8 MOV, 3 LCK, 15 DEF, 0 RES Growths: +31 HP, +22 STR, +13 SKL, +14 SPD, +1 MOV, +4 LCK, +11 DEF, +4 RES Corfrex Vincent Age: 22 Starting Class: Cavalier Joins in: Chapter 2 (Jason’s route), automatically Bio: Finnerty’s younger brother in red armor. Unlike Finnerty, Corfrex is the more cheerful one who respects his soldiers. He was alone with Finnerty when their family died when they were younger. He also hates the Pytenese because of this, albeit not as harshly as his elder brother. He joins Jason’s band—of which Finnerty is a part—when they come to help him subdue a pack of ruffians plundering a shop near Castle Fanir. Base Stats: 27 HP, 11 STR, 8 SKL, 7 SPD, 7 MOV, 2 LCK, 12 DEF, 0 RES Growths: + 26 HP, +19 STR, +12 SKL, +11 SPD, +2 MOV, +6 LCK, +7 DEF, +4 RES Protagonists from Pyten Dominique Cornelia Age: 18 Starting Class: Cavalier Joins in: Prologue 1, automatically Bio: The brown-haired ponytailed princess of Pyten with a strange snake insignia on her back, and a rookie soldier of the Pytenese Army. Her mother, Queen Athena Cornelia VII, has trained her for battle since she was 16, which was eight years after her father’s death to a burning villa in the mountains. She wants to keep her mother as much away from danger as possible and mistrusts Acciptians to go near her. She can be somewhat shy, especially around older men, but isn’t scared to talk with anyone she wants to. She can also be a slight scatterbrain; when she was 10, she made a wreath for her mother and didn’t know to keep it together, so it accidentally collapsed as her mother put it on. Base Stats: 25 HP, 7 STR, 2 SKL, 4 SPD, 5 MOV, 3 LCK, 8 DEF, 5 RES Growths: +53 HP, +23 STR, +20 SKL, +24 SPD, +3 MOV, +22 LCK, +26 DEF, +9 RES Queen Athena Cornelia VII Age: 33 Starting Class: Paladin Joins in: Prologue 3, automatically Bio: The newest queen of Pyten and the Army’s new general, who rules her people with a firm but loving law. Her husband, King Gregorio Cornelia XXIII, died in his own private castle somewhere in the Pytenese mountains from a devastating fire. As the Queen, she is in charge of guarding the Red Crystal, which she has mantled into the throne. She has a strong sense of bravery and is willing to protect her daughter at all costs just as Dominique wants to protect her mother. She travels to Deragoll and requests permission for a training session on Jilor beach in the west. After seeing Dominique okay when she gets back from the jungle, she requests an escape boat when they are pursued by the Zik’Ti tribe. Bases Stats: 32 HP, 12 STR, 7 SKL, 9 SPD, 5 MOV, 8 LCK, 14 DEF, 8 RES Growths: +33 HP, +19 STR, +17 SKL, +22 SPD, +3 MOV, +10 LCK, +6 DEF, +3 RES Mason Gerardo Age: 26 Starting Class: Lower Knight (a royal fighter with a sword, lance or axe in the right hand and a shield in the left; has a balanced boost in Strength, Defense and Speed and can promote to a Hero, a Warrior, or a Knight). Joins in: Prologue 2, automatically Bio: The queen’s bodyguard; a green-haired, smooth-talking ladies’ man who has interest in female soldiers his age. He used to be a carpenter in his teens, and then left off to serve the Pytenese Army, writing letters to his parents often. He tends to charge recklessly into battles on his own, which leaves him in constant danger on the battlefield. He initiates training with Dominique shortly after she joins the Pytenese Army. Their training is conducted at the beach village of Jilor, where the people openly accept them. He then accompanies Dominique (reluctantly) when she sees Zik’Ti mooks harassing a dragon resembling a butterfly. Base Stats: 27 HP, 8 STR, 9 SKL, 10 SPD, 4 MOV, 7 LCK, 13 DEF, 1 RES Growths: +24 HP, +8 STR, +4 SKL, +10 SPD, +3 MOV, +5 LCK, +7 DEF, +4 RE Yui Age: Unknown (possibly a thousand) Starting Class: Manakete Joins in: Prologue 3, automatically Bio: An orange-haired Manakete girl with the appearance of a little child. Dominique saved her in the Deragoll western rainforest. when she was being chased by pirates from Kuliba. She holds a mysterious stone that allows to transform into a dragon with the form of a butterfly. She tends to be affectionate towards the Dominique, especially when she is afraid, by glomping her leg. She rests in the jungles of Deragoll, constantly shifting from place to place to find the perfect spot. She is deathly afraid of wasps and frogs, thinking that they will eat her. She is a kind-hearted individual, regardless, and hates seeing people and other life forms getting hurt. Base Stats: 28 HP, 6 STR, 4 SKL, 8 SPD, 5 MOV, 6 LCK, 6 DEF, 12 RES Growths: +11 HP, +5 STR, +3 SKL, +7 SPD, +1 MOV, +3 LCK, +3 DEF, +4 RES Juri Lowell Age: 15 Starting Class: Mercenary Joins in: Prologue 2, automatically Bio: A young and energetic mercenary girl residing around Deragoll who began training during Year 49 of the war and started her career three weeks before Year 50. She works to provide for her parents and two older brothers so they can meet ends more easily. When she was 7, she played with one of her brothers with toy swords, hence her inspiration for actual sword fighting. She can be clumsy at times, but she still lives to serve those who hire her. Mason hired Juri as a temporary bodyguard to the queen while he and Dominique were to be training on the Jilor beach in the west. However, when Juri heard from the Queen that they ran off into the rainforest after hearing a cry, she rushed off to help them. Before then, she was helping her mother with farm work and cleaning out the attic. Base Stats: 19 HP, 5 STR, 4 SKL, 4 SPD, 4 MOV, 7 LCK, 5 DEF, 0 RES Growths: +17 HP, +7 STR, +6 SKL, +9 SPD, +5 MOV, +4 LCK, +8 DEF, +5 RES Antagonists Malikum Age: Eons Bio: You know the tale if you have read about it. Malikum communicates to his minions through the Dark Crystal, and he threatens his son Neros with death if he fails to collect a Crystal even once. In his human form, he is shown to have blue hair and a semi-shaved beard. Neros Age: Eons Bio: One of Malikum’s two sons. Merciless and cunning, he commands the Malforze in his father’s absence, seeking to collect the four remaining crystals in Uniterra. He gives no regrettable thought to pillage villages and castles alike or feed people to his army of monsters. Agor Gerhard Age: 43 Bio: The power-hungry ex-general of the Pytenese Army. He has been known to defy orders in the past, but he was banished to Kuliba after a failed attempt to assassinate Athena and take the throne; he has since become the King of Bandits in that desert country. He has mercilessly worked his labor forces to death, especially Jason (who may even be remotely related to him even though Agor has red hair, beard and all). He created the Armor Bane sword two years back for a second attempt at the queen’s life, only for it to be taken away by Jason. Prince Linen Armedis of Acciptia Age: 18 (supposedly) Bio: The Black-haired son of King Leonardo Armedis XI. He appears to care for and be loyal to his father, but in reality, he’s a cold-blooded killer who pins his crimes on Pyten. He secretly believes that humans are meant to bow Malikum and that he is the only one who should be free to pursue his dreams; he is even the leader of a cult called the Malikumaen, possibly even having connections to the evil Manakete. Zik’Ti Age: 1,056 Bio: The malevolent swamp dragon after which the evil Deragolli tribe is named who takes on the form of a 25-year-old woman. She resides in the temple of Hisik in the north center of Deragoll. She believes humans are to blame for the events that have transpired over the last half century, and wants to wipe them out even if it means conspiring with Malikum. She doesn’t have any personality beyond that. She shows up in Jilor when Dominique and the others try to escape from her tribe and attempts to kill them personally. She fails when they get onto the escape boat and head back to the main ship; since then, she has made it her personal goal to finished what she started with them. Malforze: The evil spawn of the ice dragon himself. They form from darkness-created chunks of ice into human shape form, and could form into soldiers if need be. They form exactly into human shape perfectly; the one thing that distinguishes them from humans is their black uniform and their glowing blue eyes. They, along with their master, have a fear of fire, which people use as their best line of defense against them. Other Characters King Leonardo Armedis XI Age: 57 Bio: The current king of Acciptia who took up the throne in year 42 of the war and is distinguishable by his long mustache. He takes his work very seriously and desperately wants to negotiate with Pyten and end the war peacefully…or DOES he? Edward Smitty Age: 60 Joins in: Chapter 2 (Dominique’s route), automatically Bio: Athena’s butler who runs a convoy wagon for Dominique’s army. He has served the queen ever since she was 5, long before she was a queen. He is polite and sophisticated even in battle, and even gets mocked by some in the Pytenese Army, notably Mason, for his bald spot. Anna Age: Unknown Starting Class: Thief Joins in: Chapter 4 (Jason’s route), talk to her as Jason Bio: A mysterious merchant girl who pops up unexpectedly from time to time. She claims herself to be from an outside world called Archanea looking for man named Jake, whom she mistakes Jason for. Is she even human? Are there more of her?
  3. Fire Emblem Heroes Wishlist

    Can’t wait for the characters of Three Houses to inevitably become characters in Heroes. Maybe we can start with Edelgard, the new Lord of Three Houses.
  4. FE16 "leaks"

    We’ve got over 45 minutes left now. If there’s night no FE16 related at E3, imma sh*t bricks.
  5. FE16 "leaks"

    Only less 105 minutes to go!
  6. Clarine - Clair C-Support Clarine: Say, Clair; do you think this castle should be…remodeled? Clair: Hmm? How do you mean, Clarine? Clarine: Well, in my opinion, it seems like somewhere a lowlife cutpurse would live in. Clair: Well…it is rather shabby. But doesn’t the young lady think she is being harsh? Clarine: The young lady thinks not. Come now, let’s turn this pigsty upside down, and maybe add a bit of Etrurian flair to it. (Clarine leaves the building. Clair: Oh gods…I don’t have a good feeling about where this is going.
  7. Future forms of the Fire Emblem

    I came up with a golden goblet recently.
  8. My Nintendo E3 2018 Bingo Card

    Well, sheesh. I was just low on ideas.
  9. FE16 "leaks"

    Is it really? Or are you just hoping for the best? Either way, I wish us both luck with our emotions.
  10. FE16 "leaks"

    So turns out I don’t have work during Nintendo’s E3 showcase!
  11. My Nintendo E3 2018 Bingo Card

    Yeah, there was a remake-esque game announced in the Nintendo Direct on March 2018.
  12. Here’s my first E3 bingo card, and it’s for Nintendo. Place your bets and please credit me for making the card.
  13. Azama x Jakob C-Support (Jakob is busy sweeping the floors in the Askr castle.) Jakob: *whistles* (he suddenly bumps into a meditative Azama, whose reaction is slightly delayed.) Azama: Oh, Jakob! Sorry, I-I didn’t see you there. Jakob: Azama…do you mind getting out of the way? I’m busy trying to keep this damn castle in shape, so I don’t want people in the way while I’m doing it. Azama: But of course, Jakob. Cleanliness before calmness, after all. …Oh, that reminds me! Lady Hinoka wanted me to help her and Sir Hector with clearing out the tree branches in the priory. Apologies, Jakob, but I hope we can speak again, soon! (Azama walks offscreen.) Jakob: Azam-! …Well, that was bizarre. Well, at least he’s out of the way of my cleaning for now. Might as well get as much done as I can before he comes back. (I know, it’s not very good. But it’s as much as I could come up with.)
  14. Tobin x Setsuna C-Support Tobin: All right, my bear trap’s finished. (Show picture of an advanced bear trap shaped like a cage, with a weaker looking mouth below it.) Now, I just gotta wait for a bear and (hopefully) I’ll be munching on him in no time! (Tobin falls asleep for about an hour. Suddenly, he hears the trap doing its work. This causes him to wake up.) Tobin: Ah! The trap! (He runs toward it with excitement.) Oh man, I so earned that bear. I’m so hungry, I could eat a—(he looks to see Setsuna in the trap, with a look of shocking disappointment.) Setsuna: Oh…hello, Tobin. You’re not going to eat me, right? Tobin: What the hell, Setsuna?! What are you doing in the trap? Setsuna: Just daily routine for me. Now please get me out and don’t eat me. Tobin: First of all, fine, I’ll get you out. (He gets her out.) Setsuna: Why, thank you~! Tobin: Okay…secondly, when did I say anything about eating you when I meant to eat a bear?! Setsuna: Well…you said you were so hungry, you could eat…something? Tobin: Something. And now I forgot what it was that I was going to say. (Tobin turns to leave.) That’s it, I’m out. Go cry to someone else next time you get stuck. Setsuna: Well, geez, I was just being as cute as could be. No need to ruin the moment and bail on me.
  15. FE16 "leaks"

    Sure does, doesn’t it Nhaer? Hopefully I’m not working at my local Ruby’s on Tuesday.