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  1. Wanna see a messed-up childhood fantasy of mine? FE x Spongebob. I used to want anything anime-like x Spongebob. In all seriousness, Mario x FE does sound like fun. I myself was thinking maybe FE x Call of Duty Kingdom Hearts, with FE characters appearing every now and then.
  2. As the title says, what FE archetypes can you recognize in other media? For example, Kingdom Hearts’s Xehanort is sort of the Gharnef archetype. I just sorta…defaulted to that.
  3. Very likely is. Character like Sonic aren’t even shown on the box.
  4. Create an Event Match

    Four Trouble Heroes You: King K. Rool (2-stock) Allies: King Dedede, Bowser, Ganondorf (2-stock) Opponents: Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Link (2-stock) Stage: Kongo Jungle (Melee) Music: Gangplank Galleon Description: “Expecting another hero saving the day ordeal? Well, too bad! This time, it’s the kings’ time to shine, especially MINE!” Victory: All enemies are defeated Defeat: All allies are defeated
  5. Dark Matter Moveset

    Intro: Dark Matter materializes from a vortex of darkness, and his cloak, sword, and head form around him. Idle Animation: Dark Matter floats up and down. After sitting for a while, he squishes himself. Notable Palette Swaps: Zero-2, Drawcia, Magalor, Taranza, Dark Mind, Hyness, Marx Grab: Dark Matter bites the opponent. Pummel: Dark Matter keeps biting F-Throw: Dark Matter spits them out. D-Throw: Dark Matter thrashes them on the ground. B-Throw: Dark Matter throws them out and slashes them. U-Throw: Dark Matter throws them above and shoots a laser at them. Special Moves: B : Dark Blade; Dark Matter charges up a dark orb with his sword that ricochets at full charge. They can be parried by other kinds of attacks. B + Forwards : Prism Slash; Dark Matter charges forward and slashes with his blade four times as it gives of a rainbow light. B + Up : Blob Shield; as Dark Matter floats in the air, six orange blobs form around him and damage anyone in contact. However, they break quickly after a few seconds. B + Down : Eye Laser; Dark Matter’s eye goes down to his chest, and it shoots a long dark laser that can be aimed in any direction with quick reflexes. It can be shot up to three times in a row. Final Smash: True Darkness; Dark Matter’s true form is unraveled! He goes into the center of the background to fire dark lasers at the opponents. They deal massive damage upon contact and can be freely aimed. Taunts: 1: Dark Matter’s eye goes down to his chest for a brief second. 2: Dark Matter swings his sword from left to right, then swings it down as his eye turns red. 1+2: Four orange blobs circle around Dark Matter as his cloak lifts itself in the air. Winposes: 1: Dark Matter’s eye, down on his chest, spins around to the left three times and repositions itself. 2: A dark energy forms covers Dark Matter. 3: Dark Matter’s cloak is on the ground. The camera goes up and, seen in his true form for a split second, he knocks it down. Icon: Kirby series icon Victory Music: The beginning of Kirby Hat: Dark Matter’s head (in his swordsman form). What do you guys think?
  6. I’m stuck in a tie between Sora and Neku Sakuraba. On one hand, Sora’s owned by Disney despite originating from a video game, and Neku is solely a video game character. On the other hand, Sora has a more straightforward move pool compared to Neku. If either gets in, though, I’d be happy. (The reason I say no Geno is because there’d probably be too many replies about him.)
  7. 1. Mario 2. Donkey Kong 3. Link 4. Kirby 5. Samus 6. Yoshi 7. Pikachu 8. Samus 9. Captain Falcon 10. *Blaziken 11. Luigi 12. Roy 13. *Lyn 14. Mr. Game and Watch 15. *Bowser Jr. 16. *Wario
  8. If this is talking post-4 games that aren’t Ultimate… Removed: Lucina: I never minded Lucina being a Marth clone, but I couldn’t just make her an alt. She deserves better than that. Dark Pit: Same with Dark Pit. Don’t mind him as a clone, but he deserves better than to be an alt. Wii Fit Trainer: I don’t hate her, but let’s be real; she wasn’t necessary to save Smash Bros., if at all. Falcondorf: I’d like to believe that, as stated by Zangetsu above me, Ganondorf would’ve had a unique moveset if Sakurai had more time to develop him. Waluigi (Assist Trophy): Just to please his whiny fans (no offense to people who don’t whine about it). Lyn (Assist Trophy): If Little Mac can do it, so can Lyn (and Waluigi, I guess). Corrin: I suppose people do have a point about Azura being more iconic. Added: Alm: I would’ve technically replaced Chrom with him as Roy’s Echo, but with a bow. And the Final Smash would be Dragonscale. Neku Sakuraba: If we are to have a second Square Enix rep and it couldn’t be Sora or Geno, then I’d pick Neku. Paper Mario: No, he’s not gonna be a third Mario and no, Mario doesn’t have too many reps. Heihachi Mishima: I feel like Bandai Namco needs a second rep, so Heihachi was the guy I picked. Decidueye: It’d probably be a Greninja situation if I was handed Decidueye’s conept art as well that of his Z-Move. Bandana Dee: I’m getting pretty sick of this “Goomba with a hat” nonsense. Hector: Just so everybody can shut up about too many Marths. Azura: Please refer to Corrin, also Warriors shows that she has moveset potential.
  9. Forum FAQ

    There’s a “Status Updates” section in my profile, yet I don’t see anything about Status Updates. Do you know the reason behind this?
  10. Create an Event Match

    The Flying Terror You: Mario Ally: Yoshi Opponent: Ridley (red) Stage: Yoshi’s Island (Melee) Music: Fortress Boss Remix (Super Mario World) Description: A giant pterodactyl came out of nowhere, and is trying to eat Yoshi. It won’t stop no matter how many times it gets KO’d. Keep it away from Yoshi so he doesn’t end up in another dinosaur’s belly! Victory: Yoshi is kept on the battlefield for 60 seconds Defeat: You or Yoshi are defeated
  11. Create an Event Match

    A Krool Kreation You: King K. Rool (2-stock) Ally: Dark Samus (2-stock) Opponents: Donkey Kong (2-stock), Diddy Kong (2-stock) Stage: Kongo Jungle (Melee) Music: Battle for Storm Hill Description: “At least, I’ve kreated the perfect monster! I, King K. Rool, shall use it to destroy those Kong kretins and konquer the kountry!” Victory: DK and Diddy are defeated (bonus objective: Dark Samus delivers the final blow, with or without her Final Smash) Defeat: K. Rool or Dark Samus or defeated. Attack of the Videoland Villains You: Link (2-stock; he wears the Tunic of the Wild) Allies: Zelda (2-stock), Pit (2-stock), Mega Man (green, 2-stock), Simon Belmont (blue, 2-stock) Opponents: Donkey Kong (giant, 1-stock), Ganondorf (1-stock), Dark Pit (x3, all 1-stock), Dracula (boss), Yellow Devil (boss), Mother Brain (boss) Stage: Kongo Jungle (Melee; vs. Donkey Kong), Bridge of Eldin (Brawl; vs. Ganondorf), Skyworld (vs. Dark Pit x3), Dracula’s Castle (vs. Dracula), Wily Castle (vs. Yellow Devil), Pyrosphere (Omega; vs. Mother Brain) Music: King K. Rool/Ship Deck 2 (vs. Donkey Kong); Hidden Mountain and Forest (vs. Ganondorf); Destroyed Skyworld (vs. Dark Pit x3); Nothing to Lose (vs. Dracula); Dr. Wily Stage 1 & 2 (vs. Yellow Devil); Brinstar (Melee; vs. Mother Brain) Description: Mother Brain has called all of the big baddies of Videoland that she could assemble, and Kevin isn’t here to stop them! Only the rest of his capable allies can step in to save Videoland from her evil conquest! But be warned-the villains are even stronger then before, including three mirror copies of Kid Icarus! Victory: All enemies are defeated Defeat: You and your allies are defeated
  12. Create an Event Match

    Hotel Wario You: Wario (3-stock) Opponent: Mario, Luigi (1-stock each) Stage: New Donk City Hall Music: Warioware, Inc. Medley Description: These two palookas don’t know the first thing about building a hotel. Sock ‘em and rob ‘em of all their coins to build your dream hotel in the New Donk City Hall! But be careful; if the platform reaches the top and you don’t have enough coins, the Mario Bros. are gonna turn in their deed! Victory: 999 coins are stolen before the platform reaches the top Defeat: The platform reaches the top or Wario is defeated
  13. Character Victory Quotes

    Simon to Pit or Mega Man: ”You say we’ve met? I’d remember if we have.” Richter to Simon: “Hope you realize that I’m more experienced, Simon.” That’s all I got for now.
  14. Create an Event Match

    Cuddly Mass Attack! You: Bowser Opponent: Kirby (x43, 2.0 launch ratio; all of them are pink) Stage: Delfino Plaza Description: “Darn it, what’re these pink things?! They’ve been following me all day trying to hug me and it’s DISGUTSING! Do I need a Koopa Troop air strike? There’s almost 50 of them! Any more time with them and I’ll go crazy.” Victory: All enemies are defeated Defeat: Bowser is defeated (two stocks) or time runs out (3:20)
  15. Create an Event Match

    The Mysterious Assassins You: Robin Allies: Chrom Opponent: Greninja, Snake x3 (Greninja holds a Killing Edge) Stage: Shadow Moses Island (the music is Duty (Ablaze)) Description: A mysterious group of assassins have been sent to kill Chrom, with the leader holding the deadly Killing Edge sword. Legends say that if the sword turns red, it kills its target in a fell swoop. The prince’s life is in your hands, and he must remain in good hands, regardless of the cost! Victory: Greninja is defeated Defeat: Chrom is defeated when the Killing Edge glows