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  1. Create an Event Match

    A Krool Kreation You: King K. Rool (2-stock) Ally: Dark Samus (2-stock) Opponents: Donkey Kong (2-stock), Diddy Kong (2-stock) Stage: Kongo Jungle (Melee) Music: Battle for Storm Hill Description: “At least, I’ve kreated the perfect monster! I, King K. Rool, shall use it to destroy those Kong kretins and konquer the kountry!” Victory: DK and Diddy are defeated (bonus objective: Dark Samus delivers the final blow, with or without her Final Smash) Defeat: K. Rool or Dark Samus or defeated. Attack of the Videoland Villains You: Link (2-stock; he wears the Tunic of the Wild) Allies: Zelda (2-stock), Pit (2-stock), Mega Man (green, 2-stock), Simon Belmont (blue, 2-stock) Opponents: Donkey Kong (giant, 1-stock), Ganondorf (1-stock), Dark Pit (x3, all 1-stock), Dracula (boss), Yellow Devil (boss), Mother Brain (boss) Stage: Kongo Jungle (Melee; vs. Donkey Kong), Bridge of Eldin (Brawl; vs. Ganondorf), Skyworld (vs. Dark Pit x3), Dracula’s Castle (vs. Dracula), Wily Castle (vs. Yellow Devil), Pyrosphere (Omega; vs. Mother Brain) Music: King K. Rool/Ship Deck 2 (vs. Donkey Kong); Hidden Mountain and Forest (vs. Ganondorf); Destroyed Skyworld (vs. Dark Pit x3); Nothing to Lose (vs. Dracula); Dr. Wily Stage 1 & 2 (vs. Yellow Devil); Brinstar (Melee; vs. Mother Brain) Description: Mother Brain has called all of the big baddies of Videoland that she could assemble, and Kevin isn’t here to stop them! Only the rest of his capable allies can step in to save Videoland from her evil conquest! But be warned-the villains are even stronger then before, including three mirror copies of Kid Icarus! Victory: All enemies are defeated Defeat: You and your allies are defeated
  2. Create an Event Match

    Hotel Wario You: Wario (3-stock) Opponent: Mario, Luigi (1-stock each) Stage: New Donk City Hall Music: Warioware, Inc. Medley Description: These two palookas don’t know the first thing about building a hotel. Sock ‘em and rob ‘em of all their coins to build your dream hotel in the New Donk City Hall! But be careful; if the platform reaches the top and you don’t have enough coins, the Mario Bros. are gonna turn in their deed! Victory: 999 coins are stolen before the platform reaches the top Defeat: The platform reaches the top or Wario is defeated
  3. Character Victory Quotes

    Simon to Pit or Mega Man: ”You say we’ve met? I’d remember if we have.” Richter to Simon: “Hope you realize that I’m more experienced, Simon.” That’s all I got for now.
  4. Create an Event Match

    Cuddly Mass Attack! You: Bowser Opponent: Kirby (x43, 2.0 launch ratio; all of them are pink) Stage: Delfino Plaza Description: “Darn it, what’re these pink things?! They’ve been following me all day trying to hug me and it’s DISGUTSING! Do I need a Koopa Troop air strike? There’s almost 50 of them! Any more time with them and I’ll go crazy.” Victory: All enemies are defeated Defeat: Bowser is defeated (two stocks) or time runs out (3:20)
  5. Create an Event Match

    The Mysterious Assassins You: Robin Allies: Chrom Opponent: Greninja, Snake x3 (Greninja holds a Killing Edge) Stage: Shadow Moses Island (the music is Duty (Ablaze)) Description: A mysterious group of assassins have been sent to kill Chrom, with the leader holding the deadly Killing Edge sword. Legends say that if the sword turns red, it kills its target in a fell swoop. The prince’s life is in your hands, and he must remain in good hands, regardless of the cost! Victory: Greninja is defeated Defeat: Chrom is defeated when the Killing Edge glows
  6. Create an Event Match

    “Die, monster! You don’t belong here!” (Note: Stamina match) You: Richter (200 HP) Ally: Simon (200 HP) Opponent: Dracula (Boss) Description: Richter has traveled back in time to ensure that his ancestor, Simon, succeeds in defeating Dracula, who has grown ever stronger due to an error in the flow of time. If either of them fail, both will cease to exist…along with the entirety of the Belmont clan that may never be. Victory: Dracula is defeated Defeat: You or Simon are defeated
  7. FE3H at Gamescom

    They were just wondering if there was gonna be any Theee Houses gameplay at Gamescom, and the replies say there isn’t and that Three Houses was shown at E3 to be a work in progress.
  8. Corrupt a wish: FE edition

    Granted, but one of them dies a violent death sometime later. I wish that Durability was gone forever but the Weapon Triangle retained.
  9. Not really, no. I just sort of play how I want when I want, assuming I’ve got enough free time.
  10. Smash 5: What if/Wants discussion

    Is it crazy if I want a Pokémon Ranger (as in the styler one) as a fighter in Ultimate? *crickets* No response?
  11. I got Awakening today!

    Thanks for the advice, but I’m actually just sorta using Gharnef as my main attacker. I’ve two Flux and a Thunder. I got Gharnef through Spotpass spoiling me and Bullions. Lots and lots of bullions. EDIT: Okay, I pulled through and beat Ch. 12…with Anna. I still lost Olivia, but I kept on because I didn’t wanna fight 40 Valmese all over again.
  12. I got Awakening today!

    Sorry, but I can’t upload another image. The rest of my roster is Maribelle, Sunil, Nowi, Donnel, Gregor, Cordelia, Olivia, Vaike, Gaius, Miriel, Clair and Stahl.
  13. I got Awakening today!

    Okay…I’m on Chapter 12 and no matter what I do, I keep dying. Any help you guys can provide? Here’s my roster:
  14. Maybe Frey? But then again, we’ve already an amnesiac character in the form of Zeke.
  15. I got Awakening today!

    I’m having a blast, but good Lord if it isn’t hard as balls, even on Normal/Casual (I’m a scrub, lol).