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  1. What's your favorite Pokemon?

    I have 4 favorite Pokemon, 3 of them are non-legendary; Bronzong, Magnezone and Aegislash. The Legendary one is Necrozma. And I just noticed that with the exeption of Necrozma(unless fused with Solgaleo), all of them are Steel-types.
  2. FE: Awakening Hacking Topic

    Hello. I am quite new here (I dunno how to create topics) but I recently got my hands on FE Awakening and I have a few questions about ROM hacks. 1 - I have heard that via ROM hacking, it would be possible for DLC and Logbook characters to have confessions, fall in love and have children. Is it true? If yes, then how can I do this? 2 - By taking a peek in the character database, I saw that 0x34 equals to "FE1_Marth". Being a fangirl of him, I was wondering if I could clone a regular male unit (Frederick for example) using a save editor and change him to that "unused" Marth. Can he have confessions and fall in love? And what must I do to get him in my save (or ROM Hack?) EDIT : I did some heavy research, what I wanted turned out to be impossible... Instead, I want my FeMU to fall in love with Chrom (before he gets married at Chapter 13), but I dunno if there is a code that maxes their relationship for the US version...