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  1. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Magic Considering how there’s magic in the world of FE, why don’t they have airships in their games like Final Fantasy?
  2. to pleasure the deputies/warden until they let you escape. The proper way to be as sneaky as Solid Snake is...
  3. with necromancy The proper way to marry a slut is...
  4. Riddles Thread

    Smashing Pumpkins?
  5. Riddles Thread

    No I’m guessing you mean JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure? I never played it, but that’s not where I got the riddle from.
  6. Riddles Thread

    Not sure if this is an easy one or not, but I’ll post it anyway: What can be used to blind people yet helps others to see?
  7. Eat the yacht. The proper way to eat a cheeseburger is...
  8. Problem solving

    Walk around naked? You have all the ingredients to make coffee, but your coffee maker is broken. There’s a horrible blizzard so you can’t get any coffee at Starbucks. Also, your stove has been acting funny and might explode on you if you use it.
  9. Riddles Thread

    No, I knew it was a clock when you said hands and face, I just had to think about the old relative part.
  10. Riddles Thread

    A grandfather clock?
  11. Give the Eevee a dirty look, then command it to attack my roommates.
  12. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    I believe Megaman 3; I absolutely sucked at it. Are chihuahuas evil?
  13. Train the Eevee to attack my annoying roommates.
  14. Problem solving

    If it’s a girl, spank her; if it’s a boy, hit him. A close female friend of yours that you don’t want to sleep with is trying to poison you with powerful aphrodisiacs.
  15. to get drunk on Christmas Day and try to spend it by yourself. The proper way to sleep with a hot teacher in high school is...