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  1. I highly doubt this will affect Amazon much. Many folks are there primarily for Amazon Prime video, the free book reading and free shipping. The discount on games was a nice bonus but there are a lot of better ways of getting games such as the Humble Bundle and GOG. There is also Bundle Stars for older titles, and like Humble Bundle, it helps various charities.
  2. Hello !

    @Drakhis Always good to see people from all over who like Fire Emblem. Here's a useful tool for us non-native speakers.
  3. @Centh Pair Volug with Zihark. Give Volug Paragon & Zihark Beastfoe. A truly monstrous team at A rank. Their avoid is + 35 at rank A. @Centh Oops, avoid is +45 at rank A. What is it with Zihark/Nolan?
  4. All of the Laguz are pretty decent if you can manage to get them into the level 30's except Lyre. I've gone through RD 15 times now and I can never seem to make her very viable. Her availability is poor, and her strength negligible so she can't do any damage. Vika & Nealuchi have high dodge so they are somewhat more useful than Lyre but once again strength is an issue for them. There are simply better options than those three. Mordekai and Lethe paired works pretty well. Ranulf is all around solid and I usually throw corrosion on him to disable units. Kyza isn't too bad if you can level him enough but once again, there are better tigers.
  5. Online multiplayer was once upon a time a bonus to a single player campaign. Unfortunately, Games as a service has proven to be beneficial to the massive corporations like Electronic Arts and Activision. There is obviously a large player base that plays these type of games and jumps from one MMO to the next. I do really wish single player games were the norm as these offers richer storylines and a longevity to most people. It seems to me that people's attention spans and lack of time for playing games have become so short that online multiplayer games thrive in the world of Twitter and youtube videos. I'm not saying that it is all bad as I myself have played games such as World of Warcraft & Unreal Tournament when that was a thing. I fondly remember those experiences and found them worth my time. However, the Witcher 3, Skyrim, and Half-Life 2 type games are the ones that impacted me the most in the gaming-verse.
  6. Completed First Run: Ending Thoughts

    @(s)ad touch How old is your laptop? I run it on a Linux partition on my Chromebook. You can make adjustments in Dolphin that will smooth out the gameplay.
  7. Completed First Run: Ending Thoughts

    @Mandokarla Congrats on beating it for the first time! It's fun on multiple playthroughs. A lot of fun easter eggs and dialogue to discover throughout.
  8. How Do You Dress?

    Jeans, t-shirts, black boots, leather jacket/coat in winter
  9. These are the best rechargeables I have ever used and are good for gaming devices but also good for whatever you need AAs for.
  10. General JRPG Topic

    @Jingle Jangle If you ever get the opportunity to play Suikoden & Suikoden II, do so. You'll love them. Suikoden IV also stands out quite a bit and is excellent. You can ignore the rest of the series since Konami butchered those...
  11. @Levant Mir Celestia I'm guessing you didn't unlock Soren's story arcs in PoR & RD. It explains a lot of why he is the way he is in the series. It is pretty difficult to isolate just one character because there are so many. PoR: Makalov - His character design bothers me the most but his personality doesn't help matters much. I have yet to level him in the game and I'm on my 12th playthrough. RD: Unfortunately, pretty much everyone on the Dawn Brigade is hard to like. The only exception is Laura. Fates: Pretty much everyone in that is hard to emphasize with but Corrin wins overall. Awakening: Nowi She comes off as a fanservice character and the relationship you can form with Gregor gets pretty awkward.
  12. I think most people would like to see it available for digital purchase on Switch. Both Tellius games are just fine as they are.
  13. FE Sacred Stones is fine as is and plenty of rom hacks for it to adjust difficulty, etc. The big thing is that it is readily available. The ones that need some love are the FE series that either has the fan translations only or didn't get distributed properly and is unavailable. IS & Nintendo don't seem very interested in porting even the mind-numbingly obvious and easy ports like the Tellius Series. The Grado generals have more personality and feel more complete than Fates or Awakenings villains who are not developed at all. Actually, most of IS's villains have been very cookie cutter on 3ds. At least, they have more personality than the heroes in it.
  14. It might be worthwhile to buy the new one. The new 2DS XL is a good improvement over the older ones. $130 at Walmart. Here's a good guide if you are technically inclined. The circle pad part: Transferring data: