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  1. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    @GenricRunner Hey, how are ya? I think everyone was quite focused on the Three Houses portions of the forum. Sent you a PM, with the info.
  2. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    A warm welcome to everyone just coming in! @CastlexRS You aren't missing much on Heroes. It's mostly a collection/puzzle game with a bit of strategy involved. I only downloaded it so I could sketch from the artwork.
  3. What Nintendo systems do you still own?

    @Oz ♠ Victims of Game Stop usually.
  4. Awakening is an amazing game

    Henry & Tharja were meant for each other. :)
  5. Awakening is an amazing game

    @Oz ♠ I agree that the game was enjoyable with both old/new mechanics, and built to cater newcomers into the series. I did think the pairing of Gregor and Nowi was awkward even if she is actually a dragon and older. Some of the dialogues were somewhat cringy although not as bad as Fates. I truly liked what IS did with the overworld map, random encounters and battle sequences.
  6. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Although, wouldn't be neat if Nintendo put out an early 1 level timed demo for the fans to try out in the holiday season?
  7. Three versions?

    If Fire Emblem was an EA franchise, it would be the core game with microtransactions/loot boxes for &60, with the two alternate factions costing $35 each for maximum profit potential but being that it is Nintendo, probably just the game with DLC down the line.
  8. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    @senior firehood I think it would be more likely show up early next year to get it into peoples minds closer to release.
  9. What Nintendo systems do you still own?

    @SoulWeaver I couldn't fit all of them to the poll due to restraints on how many you can add. Cool that you still have yours! Mine broke a long time ago. I really did love my cat Dmitrius but he was a bastard. I still own a Game Boy SP Micro though.
  10. Which ones spark your fondest memories? For me, The first time I played Chrono Trigger on Super Nintendo. It was truly a magical role-playing experience.
  11. It also wouldn't be too difficult to set a laguz as a hero character. Just give them the half-shift ability so transform isn't such an impediment but allow the gauge to reach full which would give you the standard shift without penalties. You could call it morph or transform. As for attacks, unshifted: punch half-shift: strike transform: claw, etc.
  12. Fallout shelter tips?

    @DisobeyedCargo I play it on my android tablet. Pretty fun especially around holiday times because there is always free quests/gear/items specific to a holiday you can get. It might be easier to play with the mouse on PC since it's easier to pick up your vault dwellers that way. Keep 2-3 vault dwellers with the best armour/decent weapons as sentries for the vault door. Give everyone weapons soon as you can for the random encounters you'll get. Do have 1-2 roaming the wasteland for goods and quests. It is also a good idea to make it so raiders work to get into the vital areas by building them far away from the entrance as possible. have fun and experiment!
  13. Laguz units certainly are more interesting and add variety to the gameplay. I was hoping IS would take us to the Kingdom of Hatari east past the desert. Maybe, we would run into a Heron type Clan that had used the forbidden magic and no longer represented balance. Maybe, Ike wandered his way east on his journey to master the sword. Certainly a lot more detail and characterization for them in PoR and RD vs manaketes in Awakenings. As for the sales for PoR & RD, that is entirely on Nintendo deciding not to distribute more units past the initial shipments or giving it a good marketing campaign. I was an Asst. Mgr at an Electronics Boutique at the time before the Game Stop merger. We received 2-10 copies per store in the area dependent on pre-orders. I had 8 POs, and they sent me 10 copies total. There is obviously the demand for digital release for both games on a Nintendo platform, but they are just not interested or want to dedicate any resource to it.
  14. PS4 or Switch?

    @Hecatia Lapislazuli I neglected to mention PC RPGs that work well even on Intel-based graphics and older hardware. I only have my Chromebook now so my options are limited to Linux games. Anyhow, the following are some titles I've personally had the privilege to play. Banner Saga 1, Lost Sphear, I am Setsuna, Agarest Generations of War, King's Bounty Series, Fallout Tactics Brotherhood of Steel, Recettear An item shop's tale, & Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky.
  15. Three versions?

    @IEatLasers Don't give them any bright ideas. :) Hopefully, Nintendo is keen enough to appease their fanbase. Although, sales numbers indicate otherwise. I do think PoR and Radiant Dawn sales numbers would be similar if they had actually printed more copies and made digital copies available on Wii & Wii-U.