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  1. @Dunal I just got through part 1 of the rebalance and it certainly is a vast improvement over the original. Would you consider changing the master seals to 2500 gps? I think 1000 is too inexpensive. Also, I think the Black Knight would be better balanced with 5 pts cut from each stat and 5 pts reduced from his hps. I do really like that you can use lances with him though. Everything else seems pretty good. Trying to play Part 2 results in non-recoverable read errors.
  2. @Dunal I'll definitely revisit Redux once it's out of testing phases and complete. I'm very enthusiastic about the rebalance and I'm hoping Lethe/Lyre will actually be viable enough to take to endgame on normal/hard. Having watched some speed runs of both PoR & RD on Youtube, I realized that I learned some bad habits from them and won't be playing on easy mode ever again.
  3. @Dunal Did you unintentionally make Levail more powerful than the Black Knight? I understand the reasoning for making him buffed in the prisoner map but do you need him to have 105 hp and double the Black Knight's stats? Couldn't you just have him bring better help instead? I failed the 1-E map again for the 7th time so I think I'll revisit it later on when the easy mode has been revised. It seems like I need a lot of retuning of strategies for Redux. @Dunal Ok, I didn't realize he was supposed to be that powerful from playing the regular game. I always thought the Wishblade gave him a slight edge in 4-E, not comparable to the Black Knight. It would be like comparing Ranulf to Caineghis.
  4. @Dunal If you do release the minimal balance patch, thank you ahead of time! As much as I love what you did with the Redux, Without Nailah and Black Knight nerfed much as he is, 1-E is frustrating beyond the norm. Not sure why, but Ilyana and Tormod have saved me from reloading til I got to 1-E. What strategies have you used while testing to get past it?
  5. Feeling burnt-out

    @Francie Look up Phantom of the kill and Brave Frontier. You may like those.
  6. @Dunal That does make good sense but early game, it does feel odd. You can't buy them but Leo's Disarm and Sothe's Steal eases the availability quite a bit. :) Your reasoning is sound once again though. If it is not a huge hassle, would you make it available for download? I'm on my 17th or 18th playthrough now and there are always characters that are unusable in hard mode for me every time. I am enjoying the Redux quite a bit but I wouldn't mind giving it a go with a few alterations to the original for possibly better balance. I do think Leonardo having Disarm instead of Cancel is a better choice. I always end up throwing Disarm on Rolf on most sessions. Anyhow, the changes I would propose for balance. Things to add to vanilla. Micaiah: Skill (Miracle, Sacrifice) Sothe: Affinity (Thunder) Meg: Str 13, Def 14, HP 26 , Level 7, Skill (Counter), Mv 5 Fiona: Str 11, Spd 14, HP 29, Level 11, Mv 10 Aran: higher bases, Affinity (Water) Zihark: HP 32, Level 5, Skill (Vantage), Affinity (Wind) Mordecai: Level 20, Skill (Smite) Lethe: Level 20, higher Str, Skill (Canto) Lyre: Level 20, higher Str, Skill (Canto) Kyza: Level 22, higher bases Muarim: Skill (Wildheart) Sanaki: Level 5, HP 33, Skill (Shade) Vika: higher bases, Skill (Canto, Daunt) Nealuchi: Level 24, Skill (Wrath, Guard, Canto) Cost of special items cut by half.
  7. @Dunal I really like what you have done with this. What tools did you use to make alterations to the iso? I'm interested in making some simple balance changes to it. I just got to 1-7 and ran into the little surprise you created for that chapter. It certainly does raise the urgency of the mission. lol Actually all of the chapters so far have surprised me and for the most part, the changes are all very interesting, fun and logical. I do think that longbows need to have their range cut down to 2-4 as that leaves enemy archers extremely susceptible to everyone. I think the bowgun is a bit too powerful than it needs to be. I was just looking for a hack that made Meg and Fiona more usable without too much of a grind but I found so much more and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to create this. When do you think you'll be getting to finishing the novice mode and redux +. I'm very interested to see what you do with those. @Mr. Mister Hey, thanks for answering. I'll do some research.
  8. I always wondered if Intelligent Systems was going to follow up on the events after Radiant Dawn but they closed all the story threads. I imagine they did plan on a story based on Ike going east to find new challenges with Soren at his side at some point. It would have been cool to see them expand the story on the Branded and those who have the Spirit's protection. Nailah going back to her kingdom in Hatari to find dissent amongst the various Laguz there. It would have been interesting to see Snake Laguz, Scorpion Laguz, and various others, well as Nomadic Beorc tribes. But Intelligent Systems likes to create new worlds like the folks at Final Fantasy series so it didn't happen.
  9. Confirming information

    I have my doubts that Nintendo would include 15-20 games but I do see 10-12 as a good possibility. Most will be Nintendo games as that would avoid paying the third party fees for maximum profit value. Conker was a great game but I also don't see Nintendo including an M-rated game in its bundle. 1. Super Mario 64 2. Golden Eye 64 3. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 4. Donkey Kong 64 5. Super Smash Bros 64 6. Star Fox 64 7. Paper Mario 64 8. Kirby 64 9. Banjo Kazooie 10. Mario Kart 64 11. Yoshi's Story 12. Mario Party 64
  10. Preserved Foods/MREs

    I'm unsure how MREs are now but 15 years ago, I distinctly remember Chicken with Rice and the various stews being quite edible on a daily basis in the Army. The Corned Beef Hash and the cardboard crackers were the worst ones to get. I always traded those for some peanut butter and the micro bottles of hot sauce.
  11. Ike and Haar are both overpowered monsters in PoR and RD. You would be better off giving the robes to Marcia, Astrid, or anyone with very low hp that you plan to use in RD.
  12. What features in Awakening did you like best?

    Overworld map and functionality of it, Unit pairing, S relationship support with offspring, Art design and animation.
  13. Part 4 Army Splits

    Silver Army: Micaiah - Sothe, Leanne, Nealuchi - Naesala, Skrimir, Sigrun - Tanith, Nolan - Edward, Aran - Laura, Sanaki, Stefan Greil Army: Ike - Soren, Titania - Oscar, Nailah - Rafiel, Mist, Gatrie - Shinon, Boyd - Rolf, Mia - Rhys, Oliver, Astrid - Kieran Hawk Army: Tibarn - Reyson, Elincia - Geoffrey, Pelleas, Volug - Zihark, Brom, Nephenee - Heather, Aran - Meg, Volke, Haar - Jill Endgame Team: Mandatory: Ike, Micaiah, Sothe, Sanaki, Kurthnaga, Ena, One of the Herons ( I usually go with Reyson or Rafiel with Celerity ) Choice 1: Elincia - Geoffrey, Gatrie - Shinon, Soren ( paired with Ike ), Zihark - Volug ( Dodgetanks from hell ), Titania - Oscar or Oscar - Kieran ( If A support ), Haar - Jill ( Monsters ) Choice 2: Elincia - Renning, Caineghis - Skrimir, Soren ( paired with Ike ), Tibarn - Naesala, Ranulf - Muarim, Giffca - Nailah Choice 3: Renning, Astrid - Makalov, Titania - Oscar, Marcia - Kieran, Sigrun - Tanith, Geoffrey - Elincia Choice 4: Elincia, Caineghis, Skrimir, Tibarn, Naesala, Nailah, Giffca, Renning, Stefan, Oliver, Shinon
  14. First time!

    @Jhedin Awakenings is a good way to branch out into the 3DS series of Fire Emblem games. Intelligent Systems did a lot of things right but you are not the only one to get weirded out by some of the relationship choices you can make. I do wish the map design was better and bigger overall but it's a minor gripe. I do miss the height maps from Radiant Dawn which I think adds a lot. I'm unsure how you will feel about Fates when you eventually go to that. You may want to play Echoes after Awakenings for something different since it's essentially a retooling of the Gaiden series on NES and it's good.
  15. Mobile Version?

    I don't think Serenes Forest really needs a dedicated app. It works and looks fine on a tablet. I suppose a dedicated one for a phone could be useful though.