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  1. Sprite Thread Revival

    Just remembered this thread existed. I'm gonna cross-post my D&D tokens here that i probably posted in the wrong forum, and probably keep my stuff here instead of spamming in the wrong forum.
  2. (I probably posted this in the wrong subforum, looking at the actual posts here. Whoops, I'll crosspost it to the FEH sprite megathread) Hi. I decided to grow a pair and share these. TL;DR I'm planning on solely using them for D&D online, but if I have enough free time, I might make more stuff for kicks, maybe some diorama or something. But for now, here you go, have these things.
  3. Sprite Thread Revival

    I got an emulator and started playing some F-ZERO games again. Decided to try something a bit more sci-fi with this one:
  4. Sprite Thread Revival

    I accidentally made a (medieval) Space Marine while testing out color schemes.
  5. Sprite Thread Revival

    I have a temporary workaround, I think. Basically, you need to use BBCode tags, using the following code: Starts with img in square brackets, the link in between them, then finish with /img in square brackets. this code thing doens't like [img] stuff :/ An example would be the following: I'm not sure if it'll take up attachment space since it isn't technically used as an attachment, but if I'm wrong, I'll just delete this post. Edit: Just confirmed that BBCode is compatible with this forum and does not take up attachment space.
  6. Sprite Thread Revival

    If I ended up actually doing requests full-time, I'll probably never get anything done because I'll feel like everything I make won't be good enough for the person whose request I'm taking, but if you want to put me down, go for it. I'm game at this point.
  7. Sprite Thread Revival

    Ah, my bad. I misread what you said, reading it as a request for a Siegmund recolor. But yeah, looking back on it, it does seem a bit too saturated compared to the original.
  8. Sprite Thread Revival

    I'll start on your North Pole lance. Give me a few. Edit: I got the lance done. Is this what you wanted, or is there something I should change with it?
  9. Sprite Thread Revival

    This is what Five Star Donnel should really be like. Edit: Also made Caeda's Wing Spear from her Wing Sword, if anyone wants to use it. With a Caeda
  10. Sprite Thread Revival

    Dude, I know the struggle. The best thing to do is to find a nice corner and cry for ten hours before starting it all over.
  11. Sprite Thread Revival

    The worst kind. He was one of the worst gang lords in his church school. It started all innocent, wanting to go around helping people with daily tasks and practicing his healing magic, but all of that went downhill with his first vulnerary. It started small, nothing too bad happening, and he felt normal. But as time went on, he got more and more dependent on them, spending upwards to thousands on one to get that single buzz needed to feel normal. He resorted to dealing other tonics and elixirs to people within his school, getting violent with those who didn't pay in full. People started vanishing from school one at a time, until only a handful remained: His most loyal customers. He eventually got over his vulnerary addiction, but it was soon replaced by the addiction of power, of control. The inquisition ultimately caught up with him and put him on a prison island in Talys, where he would spend the rest of his days up until he met Marth. From there, he vowed to change his ways, and went down in history as the world's greatest Res tank. Edit: I made a good samaritan listening to a totally heroic theme, and his name is totally an anagram of justice and not a literal translation of "Lord of Demons" using google translate to fuel my weeb boner.
  12. Sprite Thread Revival

    Yeah. I just threw it together to get a general idea of what it all looks like alongside with the gun, and I should probably change the boots. Still, time to start flooding this topic with a lot of guns. Thanks for the input. Edit: Doing another posing test. May end up using this guy as my mannequin for poses I'm unsure of
  13. Sprite Thread Revival

    More or less a test sprite working with Fallout Shelter assets. I need an opinion (or a few) on whether Fallout Shelter weapons can work with Fire Emblem: Heroes stuff.
  14. Sprite Thread Revival

    Made a thief based on another character used for my bootleg dnd escapades. Still slightly dissatisfied with the outcome, but at least I didn't make her the spray-on-tan version of her I made the first time around. Posting original sprite for comparison. Edit: I just realized I use something from Barst for pretty much everything.
  15. Sprite Thread Revival

    Made two more bois, both remakes of characters I previously made for my pitiful attempt at being a FE-styled D&D DM. Posting the earliest iteration of them both to show a comparison between them. Going to put a little bio for both of them in the spoiler below: