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  1. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    +1 ChibiToastExplosion. Honest and fast, a great seller!
  2. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    +1 jiayejoe +1 Ching +1 LunartailSteffi Fast and fair! Thanks a lot for the cards, guys!
  3. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    Hey guys! I'm on the hunt for a few cards, and I hope that maybe you guys can help me out! B13-004SR Lyn: Blade Princess of the Spring Breeze S10-001ST Lyn: Swordswoman of the Lorca Tribe B12-073R+ Naga: Divine Dragon of Salvation B09-021SR Clair: Noble Wings of Deliverance B01-073SR Gaius: The Sweetest Assassin Any help would be greatly appreciated!