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  1. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    You can just delete them? Like other text? Nice to meet you, @JustASin! Heyo and welcome! Man, I wish I could get around to playing the Tellius and Elibe games ^^" A Corrin only run of BR sounds fun (and one of the few ways to make BR challenging :I) - what are you planning to reclass Corrin into, besides Hoshidian Noble (Since you're probably going to max that out before the end of the game)? @illegal knight Regarded :33 Welcome! I haven't really perused the entire length of the forum to be completely fair, but I've found some pretty friendly people around, so don't worry about that! @Scepers It's nice to have a chance to talk with you too!! :D
  2. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    That deserves a great answer?
  3. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    *Just checked out the F4 Thread* ...Huh, it looks fun, but I don't know much about FE4 besides the Deirdre and Arvis situation (*nervous sweating*), the royal barbecue, holy blooded people, Julius is literally the worst person, and Naga has a bible now (oh and so does, I think, evil Naga, Loptyr). Idk I'm just guessing - I am interested in the game though, so I'm trying not to spoil it beyond that ^^""""""
  4. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    FFTF? I'm a bit new, so I'm not sure what that means? O-O" Oh, you go to medical school? That's cool ^^
  5. Elemental Dragons and Associated Habitats

    That's a possibility - I'd love to see a story that world builds dragons as being malleable and affected by their surroundings as they grow (maybe they're attuned to the physical characteristic of their surroundings?...I'd love to see an urban dragon ngl). I mean like, very rapid evolution as the dragon ages, rather than the gradual, more normal kind. I think that would be cool ^^ Do the dragons of OG trilogy of Spyro develop magic based on their jobs? Like, as a learnable practice? To help them do better at their jobs? Otherwise though, that's actually pretty cool, and makes the dragons as they're like actual citizens, as each dragon of each area has a primary craft they do and pass down to the next generation (I think - I never played a single Spyro game, no matter how good the OG Spyro games look ;-;).
  6. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    @grinus I liked (SOME) of Conquest's maps - stuff like chapter...10? The one where you have to defend the town and where you get Camilla, at least, were pretty good (frustrating, but in a good way). But yeah the game mechanics and especially the writing were definitely sore spots :/ And by "system" I meant a weight system, not a weapon triangle. Hey welcome!! It's great to meet you! :D I'm totally up for talking about FE! I started with Awakening, mostly because when I saw Corrin released as DLC, I got interesting in Fire Emblem as a franchise, but since Fates wasn't out yet, I borrowed Awakening and loved it. Got Awakening myself, and then got my hands on Fates, had some mixed feelings with it (if you couldn't tell above ^^""""""), then got Valentia, and love it too!!! I got into Heroes late, but I still managed to get some good pulls! My current, and favorite team is (Horse) Chrom, (Brave) Lucina, (Grima) F!Robin, and M!Morgan ^u^ Also don't worry about typos or anything like that! Oh, can I see your drawings? Can you link me or something? Heyo!! How's it going? ^^
  7. Animated characters you guessed their gender wrong Best clip I could find to illustrate my point (picked a clip to show of the voice of the character, since the art style is heavily stylized). This is Maruruk, a character from Made In Abyss. This is a boy.
  8. Elemental Dragons and Associated Habitats

    Well, by warmer environment, I meant like...Desert, or Tropical islands more than volcano, and I rephrased the whole "fire dragons tearing up their environment" line to make more sense - I meant like being able to set things on f i r e to fight and hunt. I was also going with the idea of more...the way Fire Emblem depicts dragons, where they would be able to make impassable walls of flame with the forests to kill their enemies. But for more traditional dragons, they could use it to show of their power and scare of competitors. I've read Wings of Fire - I liked the depictions of the characters, but I thought the ending of the second series gave a very mixed message to me; but more on topic, I DO like their depictions of the dragon species. The closes they have to "Fire Dragons", I feel, are the Skywings, but they can also double as "Wind Dragons" because of their natural affinity for the sky and mountains. Fire-Breathing Desert dragons (like Sandwings) make sense to me since their flames would actually be effective, since the desert, A: gets REALLY cold at night, and would be effective towards keeping ones self warm, and B: wouldn't be made negligible by the fact the environment would literally be spitting fire frequently, according to most fiction that depict Fire Dragons in volcanoes. Icewings feel very well thought out, since their claws are designed to grip slippery ground and they have camouflage...actually, now that I think about it, a Dragon with low body temperate might actually do good in a Glacial habitat (not necessarily something like, Boral Woods, but still) - they wouldn't melt the ice and slip. If the dragon in question could control their body heat, that could be really useful - stay cold when traveling on ground, get warm and blast fire when it needs to melt something and, say, start ice fishing. (So long as it had some form of anti-freeze in it's body to keep it's body from fulling freezing when lowering it's body temperature, or it was like one of these lovely fish who require oxygen to be pumped into them due to their lack of red blood cells [this is assuming this is an Icy Sea Dragon]) So I can see Icewings (And some Icy dragons) working in Icy areas, so long as they had some form of blubber...however, I still don't see Ice Breath being that useful in an arctic environment - unless you want to create more ice to cross water, but even then the dragon probably wouldn't be able to breathe enough to create reliable crossing without tiring itself out. (Idk though) The Mudwings felt the most grounded (ha) to me, with them lacking an internal combustion system, and needing to be warm. Actually, I like all of the dragons, save for maybe Nightwings, as I thought the reveal of them actually having powers was a, I like weird powers in fiction, but I also like the idea of the fear mongering and spreading rumors that caused them to be feared, rather then them actually having powers. Idk, I like Moonwatcher, Winter, Kinkajou, Darkstalker, Peril (although I think they played up her exuberance too much when it was in her perspective...I liked her better in the first series), but I felt like the second series was just sort of...It dropped the ball for me is all I'm saying, though I do like the world building quite a bit. Seawings using bioluminescence to communicate underwater, the Rainwings having one of the most terrifying biological weapons of all the dragons, and also just Rainforest dragons in general. I can go about my issues over WoF and Warrior cats (which Tui used to/still writes for, I'm not sure) on some other forum, but either way, I digress ^^" Never played Spyro, so I wouldnt't know...Idk the gist of this is that, unless the dragons are directly taking the element from their environment like the Archer Fish (like, say a dragon maybe "absorbing" the heat to be able to shoot fire kind of thing), instead generating it like an electric eel (I keep referencing fish and I don't know why), I just think they would be more useful in an environment that wouldn't be used to that element. Deserts, tropical or humid habitats, those kind of things for an Ice dragon; and frigid, but not icy wastelands, Boral woods, snowy mountain tops, those would be the kind of places for a Fire dragon, imo.
  9. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    It can ALWAYS get worse :3 This feels a lot more fair than just Fates' "you get a very hard to recover from debuff for existing with these weapons" system, and I can see why come games may have dropped the system (like Awakening and Valentia...although I don't know if Gaiden even had a system like this to begin with), but it does seem like an interesting mechanic to play around with ^^ And yes it does, thank you ^u^
  10. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    So mostly just messing around until something sticks? I can respect that, honestly ^^ Yeah, it's almost as if we're a bunch of anti-social nerds trying to socialize with each other using an anime-aesthetically driven tactical roleplaying game as a means to that end. almost @Scoot But it was removed in older games, and replaces with just Speed as the determining factor? ...Also what's Constitution? I'm so sorry I'm trying v hard to understand the older games because they look so cool ;-; It feels like Fates was trying to replicate this weight system with the weapon debuffs? That every time you try to use a Silver Weapon, it would, say, debuff you -5 STR and SPD. ...I always had a problem with the system because you recover from debuffs very slowly (recover one point of whatever stat every turn, regardless of how much you loss from the debuff x.x)
  11. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    Yeah know I'm even less sure if I want to add in Mage/Demon Dragons, since I came up with a "Breath Advantage Table" if you will, and I think it's pretty okay? Idk what would happen if I threw in more than five types of dragons into it...But I think I could make it work, if Mage dragons end up fitting but idk honestly ^^" Yeah it's not made super obvious? But the reason is so spam bots don't flood the site - a completely understandable reason, to me at least. Either way, welcome!! I'm not what you would call...a veteran of this site either (I'm fairly new too), but I hope we get along ^^ I'm looking to hack FE 8 too! What are you trying to hack it into? @Scoot (would have quoted you, but you responded on the page before and I didn't want to deal with the headache of trying to quote you over here, so ^^") FE7, 6, and 8 - those are games I really want to play. Although, as someone who has only played FE13 and above, can I ask you a question? ...What the heck is weight in the context of Fire Emblem, and what does it do?
  12. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    Np!! Hope you really enjoy your stay! So you like Blazing Sword, huh? Never played it - how is it?
  13. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    No problem! Glad to have you in this forum! ^^ Yeah of course! :D Because DRAGONS! And honestly no? Because Mage and Demon Dragons sort of get lumped together, and I can't decide if they should be their own race, corrupted dragons, or something else along those lines...*shrug*
  14. So A common (and fairly understandable) trend I've noticed among fantasy incorporating dragons tend to live in habitats that correspond with their associated element - Ice Dragons live in Tundras and Polar Icecaps, Fire Dragons live in or outside of volcanoes or on mountains, Lightning dragons either live in the desert (for some reason) or open fields, etc. Now, I'm not talking about like, dragons that, say, live in the water primarily, and may or may not have a water-based elemental affinity - it's basically a fish dragon, so I'm fine with that. I'm more talking about a creature that has the ability to warm itself very easily living in a volcano, or vice versa, where a dragon that is very good at cooling it's surroundings down living in sub-zero temperatures; the latter being a bit more frustrating to me than the former. While I'm not saying don't make dragons that live in the tundra not white to blend in with their surroundings, I'm just saying that wouldn't it be more useful for a creature like a dragon to have an internal combustion for keeping itself warm in harsh blizzards or melting holes in the ice caps to catch prey or something? Or an Ice Dragon living in a blistering environment and taking advantage of the fact that it can freeze things on a whim and cool them down - like idk a very moist, humid area with lots of water to make the most of it's abilities? Because how much more damage could a Fire Dragon do to a landscape already scorched by fire? And how useful would Ice Breath be in a land covered in ice? Just because you have mastery over a thing doesn't mean you have immunity to it (snakes can poison themselves - so I think it stands to reason that dragons could burn themselves too, in the face of the argument that they'd probably be resistant to the cold/heat or otherwise) But what do other people think? Do you think the elemental correlation of Fire dragons living in fiery places makes sense? Or would you prefer to see them living in Boreal Woods and using their wooded environment to their advantage? EDIT: Rephrased something that was kind of confusing ^^"
  15. Exclusive SoV character in Gaiden ingame style

    I love these!! Faye looking different from her Valentia version makes sense, looking at characters like Clair, but I love the way Berkut and Conrad came out in particular!! ^^