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  1. Fire Emblem 8 Animation troubles.

    can someone help me with a couple things. so i made my FE8 journeymen class so it promotes to a fighter and mercenary so i added a sword weapon rank for franz of E and axe weapon rank f e for ross(its for a custom sacred stone im building) but the problem is, journeymens dont have sword animation and it seems like sticking a generic sword used by falcoknights and replace the hatchet animation would make it work and im on the process of making that sprite so what i wanna ask is how do i plonk it down in the rom and apply it?
  2. i just wanna pitch in since its the best thing to do but the way i see it. the Elibian legend might be part of the radiant dawn chronology as Radiant dawn would be the future. and ike might be the great grandson of Roy/Illina. having a pure blue-hair present with all the lords, its safe to assume that Ike not being treated a "Lord" would mean only because his great grandmother Illina was never a lord and so was roy. Illina was a mage and roy have a unique class on himself. if we want to dig deeper, because thracia 776 and genealogy takes place right next to each other having the same world(maybe at the same time right before seliph's rebellion), Seliph and Leif being cousins and all, might have spread their genes elsewhere but causes their holy blood to thin out. and we all know the elibian legend of the 7 heroes wielding legendary weapons right. it could be the world of FE 4 and 5 was the first world before it became elibe. im assuming that because FE awakening was Archanea before it become what it is now as evident with the existence of marth's legendary falcion but not gaiden's falcion which should have been the same archanea
  3. "Early" Promotion

    i just want to say my take on the whole late/early promote thing, saying it all with the knowledge that ive finished fire emblem(sacred stone and binding blade on gba), fire emblem awakening and still playing fates. so whats my take? units that do start at low level(1~5) should be grinded at least 2~3 more levels before promoting just to see how much stats you can still squeeze-out from the high-level swlo exp rate. units that start out at an awkwardly high level(8~10) should also be leveled at least 2 more times at max. if it do start at level 10 then because of how things were in the game(assuming you got the unit mid-game) you can at least grind it 5 more levels or just ignore it and never use the unit as it will be just a burden and get killed in later chapter because of how abyssmal their stats are and poor levelling. if you have a master seal(or any promotion item for that matter) to spare, then might as well as promote it on the get-go, as ive learned playing binding blade. promoting a unit at max level 20 means you squeeze it out of its potential early on and can really rekt face once promoted as ive tested with my PC(player character) in both new mysteries of light and shadow and also awakening. you'll be suprised to see a swordsmaster one-shotting everything with just a regular iron sword when promoted from myrmidon 20 and level up to swordsmaster 10. and because of the innate crit of those class it crits alot. my take home is do neither. what you do is plan. see which unit to max out till the end and DONT let that unit die at all cost. pick your 12 favourite characters and also max their support. at most the last chapter of each FE games requires you to have that amout of units assumingly trained.