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    TRPG, sometimes drawing illustrations on mine PC, Reading Japanese books, Anime and manga.

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    Thracia 776
  1. yeah in thracia u can do it easily the no shopping run cuz shop weapons and items are expensive. but yeah i did only on thracia in FE awakening its kinda difficult but if u are gut with managing items u can clear it tho.
  2. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    Hi im kinda new in serenesforest and yeah, i have played almost all FE (i am planning to play the TELIUS series) i am just an half dutch/japanese guy who played FE since sacred stones, and u guys will notice mine bad english, but yeah leave that problem aside mine hobby is TRPG, reading JP books, anime, and drawing illutrations on PC(still a newbie), i am planning to translate an japanese romhack(i got permissions to translate it from the maker) and i am plannig to make an topic about the translation project of the japanese romhack but i can't post it so here i am writing an intrduction about my self lol. I fell in love on fire emblem because it was kinda mine first game that let you think action by action.
  3. I do because it helps to clear some difficult maps & challenges. and to proof my allegiance for my own waifu characters.
  4. I am rewatching Legend of the Galactic Heroes (the old one with 110 episode) its kinda mine favourite anime.
  5. It would be nice that Freelancer comeback, but the Freelancer need a lot of change i think cuz if they use the same system of shadow dragon(DS ver) its kinda strange i think.
  6. Yaw everyone im kinda new on serenesforest cuz i was watching this forum few years before but i decide to make an account and planning to do something. And i am planning to translate an japanese romhack. But i don't know how everything works i've read the code of conducts but i don't know how to create other topics then ''introduction'' so i hope someone will answer it.