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  1. Ah. With FE Switch most likely being shown at e3 (if it's still coming this year it almost has to be), I guess that works out well to not spoil things since that should be early June. I don't know what the stream schedule is but I can't imagine there would be another one between the 26th and June 13th, so that leaves any stream after that as a reasonable place to show set 14 assuming it's based on FE Switch. (Edit: Unless the s13 pre-release stream is too much earlier since that set hits late June. I could see that as a good place to tease set 14 if it's just after e3)
  2. Oh is there another livestream planned yet? That is definitely possible then. I thought we were kind of out of livestreams, but I'm still pretty new to all of this :3 I do agree it's weird for them to keep is secret and not live up to the hype. Though I could see them doing something unusual that is unrelated to the next FE game as a reason to do that. But yeah, keeping it secret and then having it just be Fates or something seems like a bad idea
  3. Yeah I feel the same way. It's still possible they could do some kind of surprise Nintendo Direct (most likely a Fire Emblem specific one), but waiting this long I really just wonder if they'll blow the game out at E3 instead, which of course would be slightly too late for this livestream. So yeah, excited to see either way I guess!
  4. Wow this is almost here. Still curious if the new set will be from the next game or not. But I guess they'd need to actually show that off first...
  5. Cipher Series 13: 25 May - Lyn SR!

    Yikes, that must be expensive. I'd personally say to just wait, I'm sure they will restock.
  6. Cipher Series 13: 25 May - Lyn SR!

    Oh wow, I'm glad I went back in and added one after my initial box pre-order. I'm sure more stock will be in eventually though. Real curious if this signed card is going to be a new thing going forward in the starter decks, or if this is a special case...
  7. You know, this got me thinking. Heroes have already shown there are multiple versions of Alfonse and Sharena, basically suggesting the fact that you can summon multiples of a same character is actually somewhat canon to that game and not purely a weird gameplay mechanic that gets ignored by the story. That being the case, I wonder if they've set it up sort of like this - every person's playthrough of a fire emblem game is considered its own parallel universe. This is why multiple versions of a character can exist. Expanding on that, maybe you're right? What if summoning a hero is related to the permadeath mechanic in the sense that these are heroes a player lost in their game so from a story perspective, they will not be "missed" in their own world. Or maybe not, but it was just an interesting idea :P
  8. Why, hello there

    Ah, so that's how many. I assumed it was some amount of posts, probably to prevent spambots.
  9. Cipher Series 13: 25 May - Lyn SR!

    Wow, sleeve prices are surprisingly reasonable. It's too bad I'm not really interested in any of those four in particular or I'd add it to my amiami order. Oh well. (One day they will release female Robin sleeves and I will buy so many :3)
  10. Cipher Series 13: 25 May - Lyn SR!

    Getting excited for this set. Initially ordered one box from AmiAmi but had to up it to two :3 Absolutely gorgeous art for everyone shown so far (as always :D)
  11. View desktop version on mobile?

    Ah, so I am not the only one then :P The button isn't showing for me either. Must be some kind of anti-spam-bot protection or something.