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  1. Thanks for all the questions everyone I hope my answers weren't too bad I had a lot more fun doing this than I thought!
  2. 1) Yes! I didn't expect to enjoy playing it tbh I was nervous but it was really fun! 2) Has to be the "Orihime and the lost town" meme that came out of it!
  3. 11) Easily Wisdom 12) No I dislike it a lot. 13) Voltron 14) Yes! 15) It's a dog and I refuse to get told otherwise. It's so cute! 16) Meow wow is better 17) BOW TO THE KING SO CUTEEEE 18) Get this trash out of my face
  4. YES SHE IS <3 11. tachi 12. Urban. 13. Easily Rural 14. A question I expected but no one asked is "what is your fav alt or rank your alts" My fav alt in order are: Chelsea>Orihime>Maki>Elena
  5. I play shadowverse. I like magic and I feel if I put time into it to research good decks I'd be more interested. So like...yes but itd' take time for me to fully get into it
  6. 26) Dolphin or Pandas 27) No. 28) Besides the obv statement like death. I think when I finally became less sheltered and naive and learned how good I had it a lot of puzzle pieces started to fit into place and helped me became who I am today 29) I have not. I want to visit a bakery in france and germany! Also see one of the great land marks 30) Nein
  7. I like the taste of shrimp just not the texture so I'm in between
  8. 6. First I jig to this soundtrack for 5 minutes and then I find the nearest pit and jump down grabbing the edge cause jokes on that fker he can't fit. 7. Is this mean dragon ball? Prob the history of trunks because it's so dark and I love that. 8. Humans cause I'm plain 9. No Luigi does nothing and win 10. Considering I got last in the past few mario games prob not Yes.
  9. 1) That video convinced me he's a good talker yes. 2) Ice ice baby 3) Doh I missed! 4) Azelf! 5) Yes!
  10. 22) Easily my mother. She didn't have much growing up and she worked 3 jobs when she was in her 20s. When she had me ever since I was born she always made sure I had what I needed and never wished anything bad at me. She works her butt off and always has a smile on her face. We weren't the most wealthy family but we love each other very much and were always smiling. She wasn't able to teach me everything in life but she did teach me all I need to know to become who I am right now. I love her very much and I'm so thankful to have her It's funny we're complete opposites too. She was the star basketball player jock who got first in track and was super popular going to parties and I'm the indoor nerd who reads books and hates going to events. But I've rambled enough for people who prob don't care much about my mother haha. 23) A name I always liked is Marissa and yes I would 24) Nope 25) When I said "I'm gonna regret not having a question cap" I didn't really mean it because I didn't expect half as many questions as people have given me. I didn't know people wanted to know so much about me or my thoughts on stuff like this. It's been super fun and a great way to pass the time! Toren and Yolo are being...well Toren and yolo so MEH
  11. 51) Nothing 52) I'm not 53) Look at it from someone elses pov and you'll learn it's easier to help then to hurt 54) Who me? 55) snickers 56) See 52 57) see 52 58) ......wtf 59) You're not me so gl with that 60) never
  12. 41) Can't really think of one that everyone bashes on that I love atm 42) Really stupid plot imo I didn't care for any of the chars either 43) I didn't understand the point of the show after 3 eps and that's when I stop 44) OOOOOOOOOOOOOO hmmmmm two card Indian poker! I've played 1 card but not 2 45) Is renji too mainstream an answer? Prob is so let's see. Yachiru Kusajishi 46) . 47) . 48) agnostic 49) Everyone has a right to be part of one or not just don't disrespect someone for it 50) Everyone's got one.
  13. 31) Don't know 32) What these 33) Mean 34) Don't play Haru 35) A girl named LLD for scum game and Manga (that's his nickname!) for town play The thing mafia was always great and was a great scum game of his but I like his town game better 36) THIS. ONE. 37) Science 38) Good written Tsus 39) Girls have either no boobs or giant boobs 40) One Piece
  14. (this all got deleted twice so rip me) 21) Don't have one 22) See 21 23) Book because I feel you can capture the idea of a story best in a book. I'll use my imagnation to full in the images that a tv show/anime would do 24) Never used one 25) Easily Rad whenever I was stressed he was always there to make me not stessed he's great 26) Anyone who'd want to work with someone like me 27) All stars 2 for obv reason. 28) Kim/conq is cannon 29) Would love to see Makaze be the lead creative designer for an eimm 30) Regular mafia 1000%