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  1. The ranged-weapons (not magic tomes or staves) in Fire Emblems are commonly use bows. Even crossbows also was existed in RD. In Fates, daggers or shurikens also mainly considered as ranged-weapons even able to used for attack on range 1. The law of weapon-triangle always applied. The sword-axe-lance-sword triangle will always exist. The magic tome triangle anima-light-dark-anima also was existed before, and so many players still missing the magic triangle plays. Now, what about the ranged-weapon triangle? We just have a simple idea about the completions of the weapon triangle types, including it will make the Fire Emblem has able to developing more various or returning old classes in their future installments. The crossbows might be able to treated as a different weapon-type later, so the weapon triangle might perhaps would became bow-crossbow-dagger-bow (which might made the Sniper class has two different weapon proficiencies : bow and crossbow. And it would be great if Ranger class would be applied so well and returned beside GBA's spellcaster classes. Bow Knight - bow and sword. Ranger - crossbow and sword). The effectiveness : it's a common knowledge those bows are effective againts fliers, and daggers has low damage output. Let them be that way. The different is, just make the crossbows not effective againts fliers (since it basically designed only for shooting straight forward at the max.angle) but instead just make them effective againts cavalries. Let the daggers damage outputs basically low but just make them effective againts infantries. It's for balancing wise, beside, some historical records said that the cavalry troops might be effective to charging the legions of archers, but different story when they facing the lines of crossbowmen. And about the daggers, despise they were used on battlefields or not, were almost never used againts targets which still on horseback since it would be much less effective. Armor-class might be exception because they were basically different class than other infantries even they also fights on their feet. They already had their own weaknesses, beside, logically, throwing daggers againts Armor-class would be never effective (daggers here treated as ranged weapon). Maybe someone has talk about these topics before. But still, we believes that anyone here have better opinion than us, and please just share with us.... Thank you before and best regards.
  2. Lord : "Tell me your Class-Descriptions and all your Skills-Descriptions! Anything! I don't care if you were a Beastman, Manaketes, or even an Alien! Just tell me! Grrrhhh.... " Ugh... yes, Milord... let me started it here... ********************************************** An unemployment who was captured and knighted by a False Lord. Skills : Lv.1. illegal mind : always thinking so illegally. Lv.10. illegal movement : always moving so illegally. Lv.25. illegal assault : always attacking the enemy units with illegal ways. Lv.35. illegal effect : all ally units in 3 tiles radius around the user will have illegal ideas.
  3. Play as villain? No problem as long as the story would be make sense (as a villain, of course) and not cartoony tales that the characters doing evil deeds just as an hobby. The gameplay tutorial would be like this : Select the character which have blue color. Done? Good! Next, select "Move" and choose the tile that we pointed up! Very nice! Now select "Attack", and choose the unit beside your character! Congratulation! Now you learned the basic gameplay! Now the mission awaits you.
  4. A Topic of Cute

  5. Byleth - Better! No need any personality. Claude - Inspired by Prince? Dimitri - The mainstream Mr. Cool-serious-guy. Edelgard - Multi-personality candidate: calm when intermission, but brutal on battlefield.
  6. Hmmm.... it reminds me with Arc the Lad.
  7. Assignment to the Lord.

    You are the avatar. Support your Lord!
  8. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Honestly, when I saw the battle-sequence's gameplay, it's not a Fire Emblem anymore since a character bring his/her own squads. Well, technically it becomes more realistic since it is a war-theme games from the start, but... it's not a Fire Emblem anymore. Perhaps it will be much better if IS gave the 3H a brand new title and not Fire Emblem. The character/unit stats shall be HP, Ld, Str, Mag, Skl, Spd, Lck, Def, Res, and Mov. Ld : leadership, max troopers that the unit can bring / handle. (Ref.: Langrisser)
  9. Artillery / Ballistician unit (not character). Well, not commanding a squad of troops, but crews. Reloading, reposition, etc. Long-ranged single AoE attack. Witch class. Single-AoE magic. Teleport : how can the Witch able to bring her troops along with her? If she able to do it, she may teleporting, not only her pairing-ups, but entire ally-unit from the start.
  10. Poll : The next LORD that may you hope.

    Fixed! Even a little late, but better than nothing....
  11. Others. Similar to Fates but only half. Different than Fates, avatar never involved in side-choice at all. We simply choose which house you want to play from the start and we played as the traditional Lord from any house we choose. Every houses has their own default avatar, and we will able to customize the house's avatar that we choose to play. Another differences than Fates, all factions / houses will have the same classes for their own forces. Because, if every house has their own default restricted classes (like nohr-hoshido classes, OR even may have the worst simple example like most FE stereotypes : country/house A have cavalier but doesn't have pegasus and wyvern, country/house B have pegasus but doesn't have cavalier and wyvern, country/house C have wyvern but doesn't have pegasus and cavalier), then this FE3H is nothing than an unfunny and shameful parody of Tactical RPG. The uniqueness of unit-types must be restricted to the each Lord's and the Avatar's unit only. The rest will be the same. We will play triple-threat / triangle-faction wars with the house' own storylines and their own linear prologue - epilogue. And last difference than Fates : it will be No-Revelation crap. Each faction must destroying each others. Any types of Enemy-together like Dragon, Goddess, or Demon will NOT exist. Only ONE house may stand in the end. Even unconvinced captured enemy's character units (in the story) will be able to executed, including the captured enemy's avatar and the enemy Lord's siblings. Both enemy's Lords must die in the end. Supports will only restricted to characters in own faction only. We predict FE3H may have multi-canon story. Each faction story may considered a canon. So, it will have the most complex story if "appears" in Warriors-series.
  12. We believed those characters confirmed are : A -----> the unconfirmed true LORD Byleth - sensei, perhaps the avatar Claude - major character Dimitri - major character Edelgard - major character ************************************ Now, what will you hope about A? ************************************
  13. Sometimes, when we read people's posts in this forum it really made us wonder, why many people unable to realised that FE14 lack of Lord. Kamui/Corrin is an avatar unit, NOT a Lord unit. That's why his/her class is Dark Prince/ss, but localizated as Nohr Prince/ss (made us wonder, what's wrong in the localizator brains on that time). "Nohr Prince/ss" becames a title-name, not a class-name anymore. So many people complaints about "making an avatar become a Lord is a mistake" were really made us laugh. Of course the avatar never have any of Lord's quality at all (by the characteristic strength, the psyche, etc in the stories), because the avatar is not a Lord. Never was and never be, even the avatar serve as the main protagonist. So, no wonder if the avatar characteristics might be so weak. No offense. We believed most of the people here understand that with their valid experiences already. We admit that the FE14 are far from good, even worst than FE13. We was worked as storywriters for some (canceled) indie games before and we understands those making and synergying the 3 different storyline with same timeline story and characters are very hard to do. Need many times to create and revision over and over again. FE14 storylines, supporting, and many systems were very premature to be implemented and released. No wonder if so many expert gamers has been dissapointed. Perhaps it happened because the FE gamers nagging so impatiently on that time, "Why FE14 not released yet?...hurr durr..." and forced Nintendo along with the IS top-brass to hasten the project. And the result? Even we scratching our heads after finished the game. Then how many people would regret their own impatient? Only a little. Once again, no offense here. We just hope that the FE Three Houses didn't released with the same fatal mistakes later on. Back to FE14. The story's main concepts were innovative, we think. The avatar's dilemma because his/her two beloved families warring and killing each others. But what in our minds are the same: FE must have Lord unit in order to strengthen the game and storylines. We wonder to IS, why Marx/Xander and Ryoma didn't made as the LORDs? Strengthen their characteristics and role as the Lords, including their classes! They already have their own respective divine prf.weapons. Even they were the crown princes, they have no roles and characteristics of the Lords, but "only" major characters. Hard to explain but we believe most people here understand what it means. The avatar character's confusion because the two Lord characters which he/she adores so much killing each others would be strengthen the story atmosphere even only a bit. The royal characters were too many. For the story, Camilla, Leon, Hinoka, and Takumi were absolutely NOT needed to be the part of the royal family (if they needed to existed), and just made both Elise (wield the Brynhildr) and Sakura (wield the Fujin) became the same age with presented Leon and Takumi! The character's builds, supports, and bonds would be more better and deeper since there's not too many VVIP-characters. The F-avatar just need to choose one of the two lord princes, while the M-avatar just need to choose one of the two princesses (if the player wants to have the avatar became a spouse of any Royal Family members). Focus to Marx and Ryoma in the story as the Lords who warring each others! Please forgive our simple crazy-analize and nonsense if it may confuse anyone here. We believe that so many people here has better analize than us, so you may ignore our words. We are FE players too even perhaps not so expert as the true FE players here. We hope next FE titles become more and more better. ********************************************* Just our other analizes: When talk about "Lords" before, we concerned about both Marx and Ryoma's secondary classes. Both are fliers. Then we talks about what the Heart Seal name means. We have conclusion that perhaps secondary classes are the the classes that the respective character's desires to be the one. That's why it named Heart Seal for reclassing out. Then it inspire us about "why flying lords isn't exist yet?" things. We share our minds here: Both Marx and Ryoma should be the first flying lords. Let only both of them have the unique sword-locked flying classes. Marx must be a Dragon/Wing Lord (rides a 4-legged blue flying dragon), and Ryoma must be a Pegasus/Sky Lord (rides a red pegasus - inspired by Guan Yu's Red Hare) with their respective Siegfried and Raijinto. Marx secondary class would be Cavalier, and Ryoma's secondary class would be Samurai. Even we imagined their outfits colors. Lord's color is blue. Marx outfit colors might be black, gold, and blue combinations, so it would made him not too gloomy. Ryoma's outfit colors might be red, white, and blue combinations, so it would made him not very lobster. We believe the opening sequence movie would be more epic and make sense when the two low-flight mounted lords slashing their blades each others, than a striking infantry who head-on againts a clashing horseman who joust-on.
  14. So what is your favorite supports of FE Sacred Stones

    Gilliam and Syrene. I found them unique. They were both mentor and guardian figures that didn't realised that they loved each others at the first sight since their first met. Syrene (as an officer) has duty for watch and protect allies when Gilliam role as to fights enemies while protecting her. So, Syrene felt safe near Gilliam. In my "vision" : Syrene finally seek conforting words from Gilliam after some fights againts enemies together with him. She lands her pegasus besides Gilliam's armored horse and moved side by side on their own steeds. After a small conversation, suddenly Gilliam said, "Syrene... When this war is over... ... ... ... Let's get married." Gilliam's stern face full of massive blushing. "...Gilliam!", his words made Syrene startled. Her face blushing with her eyes wide open. Her left hand fingers touching her own lips of her open mouth, hard to believed what she heard so sudden. After their conversation ends, Gilliam spurred his armored horse then raised his axe to facing the enemies at the front of him and Serene flied again wielding her blade with tears of happiness. I admit that it's the first time made me smile so wide by the character support which was so funny and adorable at the same time. Ah... what a memory...