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  1. The Pairing Thread

    Ahhh OK, that makes sense.. in that case I doubt I'll ever demote Chrom to pack mule status. I'm planning on trying out Sniper!Chrom, especially since Noire has other options. Aether + Luna has been nasty on Sniper!Lucina in my experience so far. Good point about the class set. I was thinking of something like Paladin!Kjelle x Berserker!Inigo as a physical set (Inigo support). Am I right in thinking that Berserker is the most logical support option for a no-holds run, or is the idea that one of the other classes allows you to keep GF? Seems like it would be the most raw damage whereas the others would be more useful for hitting thresholds for specific reasons or challenges once skills start being removed (ie. Assassin for the extra speed). Bride!Kjelle also definitely makes more sense than a -1 no faire Dark Flier so I'll leave Kjelle x Inigo as is. Yeppp! Gonna do this at some point, although I think my next one will probably be a Robin x Aversa to see what I can do with Shadowgift.
  2. The Pairing Thread

    Wow thanks for the awesome responses! That was way more info that I was expecting I'm glad I asked. After thinking over everything you both said I think I've settled on pairings/classes for my first run: Dark Flier!FeMU x Sage!Brady Sniper!Lucina x Berserker!Laurent Dark Flier!Cynthia x Grandmaster!Morgan Wyvern Lord!Severa x Berserker!Yarne Noire x Gerome Kjelle x Inigo Nah x Owain The first 4 pairs will be the main core, and I have enough flexibility with the others that I can maintain a balance between magical/physical depending on what Lucina and Sumia's pairs want to do. I think I'll start with those 4 plus Dark Flier!Sumia x Bow Knight!Chrom, Olivia, and a bunch of bots. If I need 1 more physical pair I'll add Sniper!Noire x Berserker!Gerome. Swapping Brady in with Robin results in Morgan gaining +4skl/+2spd for -2mag, good call on that one, but unless I'm missing something Sage!Brady hits 75spd exactly without giving up anything (55 base + 12 from rallies/tonic +8 from DF = 75). Is the Dark Knight just a mobility preference with Deliverer or something like that? I decided to keep Laurent with Lucina because I know I'll want to play around with VV at some point, and Gerome gives Noire all kinds of options as Soly pointed out. I always considered Morgan a lead in my head so I'm glad you mentioned Grandmaster, I'll definitely try that so I can compare to Sage!Morgan. I also hadn't thought of bringing Chrom as a lone support instead of as part of a pair with Sumia; Great Lord passing +9spd could make for interesting shenanigans. Kjelle and Inigo looks like a fun backup pair; Inigo can go Berserker if physical is needed or use AS+2 to hit 75spd as a Sage with Dark Flier!Kjelle. I'm sure I'll experiment with bringing Noire and Kjelle as Brides at some point as well. As for Nah and Owain I'll just keep him as a Dread Fighter and use them for non-Apo things. Thanks for the feedback! Other thoughts and criticism definitely welcome. Edit: Oh and I'm giving Anna some boots and bringing her along for the ride 'cuz she's a boss. Edit2: Just realized that while Owain is a slightly weaker Berserker than Inigo, he has access to Archer and can still hit 75spd as a more powerful Sage if going the magic route. Wondering if the extra +10hit (7.5 net given Inigo's higher base skill) is enough reason to swap their partners.
  3. The Pairing Thread

    Hey guys, I recently finished my first lunatic playthrough and feel like all my kids turned out pretty well so I'm going to go for my first full DLC/Apo clear on this file. Hoping you guys can help me decide on 2nd gen pairings (no S-ranks yet). I realize that going in with LB, Agg, rallies etc. will trivialize the difficulty somewhat but I'd like to have pairings that allow for some flexibility and possible challenge runs down the road. Here's what I'm thinking so far: +Mag-Def FeMU x Ricken!Owain - I still haven't decided on a Dad for Morgan, but Owain gives the highest mag mod and FeMUxOwain would be a very strong magic pair in its own right. Chrom!Lucina x Gregor!Laurent - Primarily classed as Sniper/Berserker, but DS+ also makes VV feasible. Chrom!Cynthia x Ricken!Owain!Morgan - Mostly debating between this or Lucina x Morgan. Cynthia works pretty well as a Sage, Dark Flier or Sniper while Morgan would be a Sage. Gaius!Noire x Stahl!Yarne - Another Sniper/Berserker pair. LQ!Severa x Henry!Gerome - Wyvern Lord/Berserker. I did LQ!Severa without knowing about the 75spd Wyvern Lord so that worked out. I've only really used her as a dodge tank so far. Donnel!Kjelle x Virion!Brady - This was kind of a 'leftovers' pairing. I've been enjoying using Kjelle as a Bride and have been using Brady as a mix of Sage, Dark Knight and Dread Fighter. Vaike!Nah x Libra!Inigo - The other leftovers. I haven't used Nah much at all and have only used Inigo as a VV sorc. For Apo I guess I would probably end up benching at least Nah and Kjelle's pairs (not sure if it's crazy to consider benching a double GF pair) in order to end up with 5-6 combat pairs including Chrom x Sumia. Other Questions: Brides and Dread Fighters: Noire, Kjelle, Owain and Brady have spent most of their time in these classes, how doable are they in Apo? Anna: I've been thinking about bringing Anna as a Trickster staffbot, mostly just because I like her and used her a lot in the main story. Will having 2 less movement than mounted units make a big difference? Boots: I still have both boots and I can't decide between giving them to the front line or giving them to say Olivia and Anna. Thoughts? Mixed Pairs: This might be a dumb question, but are pairs ideally pure magic or pure physical damage? Lastly, FE:A is my first FE game (crazy, I know) and I was wondering if you lovely people had any suggestions for other particularly great games in the series or similar TRPGs. Thanks for reading.. Cheers!