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  1. Are there any Hero artworks you don't like?

    Eliwood and Lloyd
  2. I need help deciding what refine I should choose for Berkut Lance. I'm using a Florina with berkut lance and I can't decide (her nature is +atk/-spd and i do plan to merge her once i get the chance), i'm torn between the one that increases might and the one that increases defense. Thanks to her being S supported she'd have the following stats with each refine: +MT: 52 HP 50 ATK 26 SPD 27 DEF 36 RES +DEF: 52 HP 48 ATK 26 SPD 31 DEF 36 RES Btw my set is (or at least is gonna be): Berkut's lance+ Reposition Glacies Distant Counter Quick Riposte 3 Breath of Life 3 Distant Def 3 Now, the def refine would make a her a fine mixed wall and with the merging i'm going to do she could reach 34/35 def (not sure how exactly the boost in merging work) and she'd get 51/52 atk, on the flip side she'd still get 30 def or over with the +MT refine and have a decent attack stat of 53/54. I'd appricate any help
  3. How long you've been playing Heroes?

    Since March 2018, I feel like i'm the only one who didn't start on launch day xD
  4. I just got a -Atk/+Def Sigurd, is this really bad and is there a way to make him work?
  5. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    Karel and (I can't believe I'm doing this and i know i'm crazy) Nino. I just hope 28x doesn't add to turncount or grinding her will be hell. As i believe these are my last picks, my team is bad, what was I thinking xD
  6. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    Farina and Lyn
  7. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    ah so that's how it works thanks
  8. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    Farina (it's my turn, right?)
  9. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    I'll take Oswin then
  10. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    I'll take Serra (it's ok this time? xD)
  11. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    sorry i forgot lol please remind me when it's my turn so i don't make fuck-ups xD
  12. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    I'll take Serra
  13. Is Lowen "Good" experiment.

    I give the talisman to units who have decent res, so that I can have a staves, bolting and magical units bait. Geez school I don't want to go back xd I'm at the final year and by far it's going to be the worst one.
  14. I'm thinking of buliding a Linus with Basiliskos with life and death effect, fury 3, desperation 3 with a +3 speed seal. It'd bump up his attack to a scary 61 with 44 speed and with the fury 3 penalty linus would activate desperation 3 quicker. On paper this looks to me like a insane offensive unit but the question is, is this is a good idea? I'm not 100% sure.