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  1. FE7 PMU: Pink Suit Edition

    Wallace (Knight -> Fighter)
  2. Lmao that Chad, that play looked like as if was playing the game xD
  3. Garbage player attemps to complete FE6

    Alright, here's chapter 3. There isn't going to be talk before the chapter, I forgot to take screenshots, sorry about that lol And that's all for this chapter. Next time we'll tackle chapter 3. As always, thanks for reading and see you next time!
  4. Garbage player attemps to complete FE6

    Just a preview of Chapter 3! I'll try and upload it as fast as I can, but not today, sadly.
  5. Garbage player attemps to complete FE6

    Yeah, the most annoying trend lol The only cleric with half-decent magic for his join time I can recall is Moulder with 4 and that's not even good lol
  6. Garbage player attemps to complete FE6

    Alright I'm back with chapter 2! And that's all for today, hope you're enjoying the run so far! See you later and have a great day!
  7. Garbage player attemps to complete FE6

    Thanks! I'll need lots of it lol Yeah I'll be going for the gaiden chapters if I can
  8. Garbage player attemps to complete FE6

    I may do Pokemon Storm Silver nuzlocke as that game is a serious pain in the ass.
  9. If there was a Blazing Sword remake...

    -Optional tutorial -Buff the difficulty, ENM should be the easy mode, HNM the normal mode, EHM should be the hard mode, HHM should be the lunatic mode -Give the bosses better stats -More playable characters -Make Mark function as a Avatar type of character -More supports and ending options -Change the bases and growths -Earlier main lord promotion time -Make promtional items easier to obtain -Up the supper effective damage from bows to 3x times rather than 2x -Nerf the arenas -Add more weapons -Nerf Paladins -Add more classes -Fully-voiced lines from each character -More back-story on Nergal -More back-story on side characters -Combine it with FE6, FE4 style if possible.
  10. So yes, as I'am garbage at Fire Emblem (I only ever completed FE7 at ENM...), I decided that it would be a good idea to torture myself and play the hardest Fire Emblem game available on GBA. As this is my first ever (full) playthrough of this game I hadn't unlocked Hard Mode, so I'll be playing on Normal Mode. To most people this mode is easy, not for me however. I have no idea hwo to tackle the chapters in this game, the only thing I know is how roughly each character good is. Let's get into this... Anyway that's all for today, hope you'll enjoy! And for those of you who are wondering about my nuzlocke, I won't be doing it anymore as I have a new computer and my old has been taken away. See you later and have a great day/night/wahtever the **** your time is
  11. Ah, you mean turns my bad. I was curious about it and I tried to think out of a faster death. Then I remembered the prologue from FE8, you can get yorself killed before the start of turn 2! If you walk into the spot between the two fighters with Eirika (circled on the picture) and attack one of them and if he hits back, you can die during the enemy phase (before turn 2) if one of them hits Eirika again lol
  12. Pretty sure Batta the BEAST can kill Lyn on hard mode in the Prologue.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Just as I was complaining I get a 5* focus Linde with literally my last orbs :D
  14. Official Pull Topic

    I just got 5 3* star units in one summoning session... fml (although I did get Reinhardt)
  15. Sadly I can't see Wil and Rath being added anytime soon :( It's weird how low on the list Linus is, yet he's in FEH. I'm honestly surprised that Nino is #1, I expected Lyn or Hector to be #1. I never found Nino to be THAT interesting, sure she has a sad back story, she tries her hardest to impress cold-hearted Sonia, has good potential if you train her up and she's cute, but I wouldn't put her anywhere near the top 10. Also Eliwood above Hector, yet every time I check a FE forum/video, everyone says how awesome Hector is and most of the time people talk shit about Eliwood. Also Nergal being close to bottom and Ursula being near the top 20? Really?