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  1. Ask if he wants some snacks to watch the movie.
  2. Both, probably. Also, is not knowing what ''shenanigans'' means really that bad? I mean, I learned english at my country and all that but never even heard of this word. Did I miss a class?
  3. Detective Pikachu Hype Check

    Guess I'm on the same boat as @eclipse. I haven't seen any of the trailers or information about the movie just because I want to be max-level surprised. But I'm somewhat hyped because I actually got someone to go with! (Yes, this is really rare.)
  4. Ask what shenanigans means...Yes, this is not a joke. (Also, I searched for ''Squid with Sunglasses'' and my picture showed up, but most people said it was a jellyfish.)
  5. Since she isn't going to leave, I'll offer some tea.
  6. Wait to see what happens if I just stand still for a couple of minutes. You're probably right.
  7. (Er...Probably. I got this picture from a friend and never really asked what the hell was the animal.) Ask if the Purple-Hair Girl knows Espurrhoodie and why are there so many anime girls at my door lately, especially purple hair ones. (Wait..Is Loki's hair purple?) Ignore Corrin.
  8. Challenge you with my dog. (..And myself, if it's possible.)
  9. I'd try to make him something cute, but I made him run away instead.
  10. Close the door again because it's the 2nd time this women comes at my house.
  11. Would close the door and then open again, just in case.
  12. Weirdest/Oddest Experience in your Entire Life?

    From what my search for a translation said, it seems to be this panini press you spoke of. Not really the most easy thing to do a lyrical translation. (Here we just call it rapid-torch;translated;) This. This is something I've been very curious about the late weeks. Not a long time ago, I made a new friend that I never had even seen before the friendship, turns out that I had a lot of those ''Unnamed Dreams'' with her. Nothing very serious or anything, just what you would typically call a Déjà Vu, but, like I said, this is a completely a new experience and it won't make a lot of sense to me to have experienced before, and the fact that I dream with those ''Déjà Vu'' only makes things more complicated for my stupid head. But yes, the feeling is pretty much the same. We're EHS brothers, cool. (Sorry for not answering all your responses, Ertrick, I'm going to make a little search on this ''Unnamed Dream'' before making something out of it)
  13. Weirdest/Oddest Experience in your Entire Life?

    Probably not my most Weirdest/Oddest Experience because my mind is really messy and this is SFW-Limited: I sometimes dream about things that actually will happen in the same day, for example: ''I dreamed that me and my friend would simply fall at same time.'' And at a unknown time, it simply happens. It's the same scenario, same people, same event. Call it even prediction if you want. Oh, and I always get a ''Holly Shit, it's happening!'' type of emotion at the moment the scene starts. If I'm going to chose one, it's probably going to be this one: At the night I dreamed about something simple: I would burn my hand at one of those ''Bread Burner'' (or whatever you call those things). I would also drop a knife that I was using before burning my hand, and I used this event as a ''marker'' so I could stop before actually burning it (I was doing tests at the time, so a burned hand would affect me a lot). What is strange, you say? I simply could't. My body simply followed the events that I dreamed about without me having any kind of action. By the way, don't ask me why I tried to use Bread Burner even if I know this was going to happen, not even I know the answer.
  14. Strange Crits with <5%

    Oh, thanks for answering. I actually tried this on FEBuilder and you're right, every single hit (with 100% critical and 1% hit) missed, with the exception of one single time that I actually got a hit (is my luck really that bad..?)