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  1. General JRPG Topic

    I've been replaying 2hu Soujinengi, which was recently announced to be getting a Switch port. It plays quite a bit like SaGa game with formations and weapon skills but you don't have to stupid, tedious stuff like hitting your own characters to increase their HP. You only need to worry about standard exp, and 'power', which is used to augment certain statistics or even learn new skills. The plot is pretty standard for Touhou. Reimu and co. go around Gensokyo beating up people who they think is responsible for the incident until they stumble on the big bad and defeat her. There's even a DLC expansion that adds extra post game content and five characters for a total of seventeen. The game has a ton of references to popular games and manga from the 80's/90's like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Jojo, etc, etc.
  2. What upcoming games are on your radar?

    FLOWERS - Le volume sur été -, the second in a series of girls love visual novels that was supposed to be released in 2017, is being released in one to two weeks. I'm pleasantly surprised that my plans for the month were messed up with this announcement. It was the only thing besides Bloodstained that I was expecting to be released in 2018 that I was interested in.
  3. The Road to Ruin [Complete] [v3.0.3 Released!]

    I stopped at 6x cause of an unfortunate glitch that occurs at the end of the chapter. Spamming the B and Start buttons to get past the glitch doesn't work, sadly. From what I played, the hack was competently designed, but not fun enough to be engaging. Just comparing, IIRC 4x and 6x to Conquest chapter 10, it isn't in the same league in terms of map design.
  4. MissingNo is anxious about girl talk.
  5. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Going from the trailer, I'm not too thrilled. Almost everything in the gameplay looked ugly and off putting like generic soldiers disappearing from the screen cause they're 20 degrees from the left or right of the screen. Or when they're charging at the start of a battle scene, they run through a defender as if they were a ghost. Speaking of clipping, Teacher's blue dagger clips through his coat when he's jogging about. They're all minor, but all add up to help with ruining immersion and give the impression that the trailer was rushed or was just conceived with a lack of attention to detail. The 2D art looks nice, but it's spoiled by the 3D character models looking all like glassy eyed mannequins in the gameplay. It's something I'm willing to look past on the 3DS, but the circumstances are way different here. When I hear "Crests, tokens of the Goddess' power" and "The crests are to blame", all I'm thinking is "Wow, these are the Macguffins of the story?" The 3D CG cutscenes are really bad. Other than the first two shots with the stoic lady, it looks like it's running in 15 fps but with a lot of in-betweens missing. When she opens her mouth while hugging the sword, I could imagine her saying "You're looking at me like I'm some sort of Eskimo racist." However, the most apt comparison I could make is to Berserk 2016. Same visual flatness, poor animation and very low attention to detail. I'm not too delighted at the likely possibility that 'Teacher' is a bland self insert like Kris/Robin/Corrin but I'm hopeful that he'll be less integral to the plot than the other lords. So yeah, not particularly inspiring confidence for me, but I'm hoping that the story has some twist that exceeds my expectation and new gameplay elements in the series like the formation make it a worthwhile purchase when the time comes.
  6. Video game music

    "I'm here to evict your skinny ass. With violence."
  7. "A man who never eats pork buns is never a whole man!" Get a pork bun in your hands today, pok gai! ... I wanted to play Jagged Alliance 2, but Windows 10 doesn't want to run it in any stable manner. So I had to refund it.
  8. Cas’ art thread

    Shame that no one has made a request yet so I guess I'll make one myself. Think you could draw Camilla, Selena, Beruka, and Elise as the Luparia?