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  1. Great analysis. Never thought of that underground lab area being a part of the Castle/Academy/School, but it certainly is possible. Will be interesting to see just how long and important this apparent Military Academy is. How long will this school like setting last, is it just going to be an extended prologue or somewhere we'll be involved with throughout the entire game. I'm nearly certain the forest battle is the mock battle that Edelgard mentions in the trailer and definitely warming up to the idea of the Lab being one too, maybe even some kind of final test. I do think that forest map is the same battle in all the shots. In the trailer Edelgard is still lvl 3 in all the scenes in that area and I very much expect we'll see a rotatable camera option this go around, which would explain the change in perspective. Character position could be due to any number of things from just positioning over the course of the battle, a second wave, to that footage being form a different attempt at the same battle. As for the foggy scenes with Claude, Dimitri and the unnamed Mage as well as the Bridge and Lava areas I don't think any of those are Mock battles as they are all fighting generic Kingdom Soldiers, or similar, in all those cases, unlike the almost certain Mock battle in the woods where Byleth and Edelgard are fighting unique characters, other names/portraited teachers/students, only and then Claude fighting some automaton, which could be a training device, in the basement area.
  2. I'm still expecting mid March through May for release. If we don't have any kind of Direct from Nintendo by end of this month that will raise some alarm bells. I still think we'll see both FETH and Animal Crossing before E3 where Pokemon mania will start in earnest. If Three Houses doesn't make Spring that will be concerning and I think would make it the first Nintendo title on the Switch to be officially delayed twice, which is not a good sign.
  3. Standard Nintendo for the most part, save for the biggest games like SSB they keep things relatively quiet until right before release. I also get the feeling IS showed the game because they, Nintendo, needed to, not because they want to. They were starved for content to show around E3 and they also needed to communicated the delay to Spring 2019. So FE had to make a showing then, which is somewhat supported by the fact that the game was pushed from 2018 to Spring 2019, they needed more time because they had issues or were not happy with the current progress and likely end result of the game. After E3 there really was no point in talking about it anymore so far out. Pokemon and Smash took up the bulk of the attention since they were releasing that year and just due to their size occupied most of the mindshare so it would have been a waste to try and drum up hype for the game before those games were out. Keep things quiet until just before release when you can then put out a large, steady stream of info. If we don't hear anything by end of next week it's probably time to get worried about another delay, which I think would be the first major Switch game to officially slip twice, but the game is probably coming out between March-May period, so I'm not too worried. So I wouldn't say they're intentionally being quiet in order to "massively upgrading" the game just continuing with development, which will include a noticeable improvement at release over the E3 reveal. But I would temper your expectations. I doubt it will be a night and day differences. We are looking at probably A sub 12 month difference between the version we saw at E3 and the most likely release. Time enough to make some noticeable improvements but not exactly for anything revolutionary.
  4. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    So I'm probably reading/listening into this way too much, but does anyone else hear some noticeable differences in the VO from the trailer? I'm fairly confident these four lines are all spoken by Edelgard given their general likeness in delivery as well as the subject matter in each feeling shared, but line 1 to me sound a good deal younger and less mature than the others , while 2 & 4 are nearly identical and don't sound as young, but then 3 sounds significantly more mature and older. I would really love for there to be a time skip or rather the story takes place, and is properly shown to occur, over the course of many years with the characters visibly maturing and developing as both the plot and time progresses. 1. "God ahead, give me order. It's time to measure your worth as an Instructor." 2. "Such a brutal, irrational world we live in. Some believe the crests, tokens of the Goddess's power, are necessary to maintain order, but they wrong teacher. The crests are to blame." 3. "Do you dare to walk this path with me? One misstep and we fall to our ruin. So take your first step, it's now or never!" 4. "I will return here someday, my teacher. Promise me, that you won't forget me." It's probably nothing and just the difference between more serious and impassioned deliveries that are causing the differences, but maybe not. At the very least 1 and 4 sound miles apart, with 1 vs 2/3 also being rather noticeably different, but a bit less so, and then 2/3 vs 4 being a bit less noticeably different than that.
  5. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    Since FE6 the games have averaged like 50 playable characters, not counting DLC/Spotpass stuff. That's a lot of characters to write for and it showed in Awakening and especially Fates that it's hard to manage and maintain quality at that level, not even taking the S Support issue into consideration. So I'd also like to see NPC S Support options to be limited to 1 or 2, with few exceptions so they can hopefully make those relationships develop a lot more naturally and believably. But I would also like to see the Avatar able to S Support nearly everyone, with the only exceptions being a couple of hetero/homo only NPCs and maybe a few others for possible plot reasons excluding them. I think most players care a lot more about pairing up their Avatar rather than pairing up NPCs. Then just have like 6-8 normal C-A Rank supports for NPCs. That's still a butt load of content, though it shouldn't be much more than Awakening and far less than Fates and hopefully more targeted. Fates averaged 5 Non-Romantic supports and 13 Romantic Supports per first gen characters(10 for second gen). That's insane. Awakening averaged 3 Non-Romantic and around 11 Romantic for first gen characters(8 for second gen). So not much better. So trim that down to an average of 10 total supports and flip the ratio of Non-Romantic to Romantic.
  6. What the story is about...

    Great write up, this has been my general belief about the story as well What I really hope is that the Church isn't Evil with a capital E, but more so that they are just really zealous and fanatical to a major fault and won't/can't see the error of their ways. I really like the theory I saw on here or Reddit that the "Crests" from the Goddess aren't simply emblems or tokens imbued with divine power of some kind but are actual relics/weapons made from her very bones and remains. The chief evidence for this is the bone whip blade we see in the trailer that the barbarian/highlander Leader uses to devastating effect, but which we also see this supposed Seiros, or Church Leader, embracing in a very creepy and eerie manner. Kind of like she's embracing the very bones of her Goddess. The idea that the Goddess is dead is great to me as I really would like a game where the main antagonist and final boss isn't possessed by Evil itself or Yin to some purely good Deities Yang, but rather just a messed up person. Let the gods be dead, or at the very least in the background, and let the people and their own imperfections and motivations rule/ruin the day. Have Seiros and the Church/Kingdom just be a group of fanatics that revere these regalia made of their dead God and have taken whatever Dogma they follow too far, twisted and corrupted through years of dominance and power, with just a bit of every day greed, lust for power and megalomania coloring that. I really don't want a whole "the Church and religion is just a lie and a front for something nefarious" or "the god is actually evil and tricking/possessing everyone." Rather "Hey the Church is out of control and doing more harm than good and have lost sight of whatever mission and message the Goddess may have bestowed upon us." But we probably won't get that. There's way too much stuff in the trailer that hints at Deities or higher beings of some kind are going to play a role and that there's probably some big bad Evil pulling some stuff behind the scenes. Even if they do try to subvert expectations by having the Church and this Seiros maybe not be the good guys.