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  1. Trailer Song Lyrics

    That's actually a really good theory and makes a sense for pretty much every verse, more so than either Sothis or Edelgard which kind of don't make full sense for one half or the other. That said I would hate for her just to be a pawn to someone else, I would much prefer her being an actual Zealot of her own free will and desire. Not the victim or tool for some other nefarious person or being.
  2. Trailer Song Lyrics

    I'm still holding out hope that the story and character roles are fixed and our House choice just changes what POV we see things from. In that scenario Edelgard being the kind of defacto lead and more prominent one in marketing would work if she's always the "protagonist" of the story even if you say pick Claude or Dimitri instead and choose to seen events unfold from their particular perspective. Possibly as antagonists within the story standing in opposition to Edelgard, which would be great. But that's probably too extreme and out there for IS to try and pull off. You'd effectively have three separate campaigns as well as just fan reactions to potentially having to play the role of the bad guy or losing side if things went down that route. Even if it would be super interesting to experience things from that side.
  3. Any worries?

    Kris, Robin and Corrin all had plenty of player worship. Corrin just happened to be the worst by a significant margin, particularly due to being the sole lead and Lord of the game and not a tag along like Kris/Robin. I'll take another Robin gladly over that, but I would certainly like for an improvement over that as well. The fact that Byleth is being positioned as the "Hero" and more importantly with powers and connections that will likely be critical to the main story that definitely has me a bit concerned as that feels a good deal more Corrin like than Robin. My personal ideal is a player avatar that functions mechanically like Robin, unique unit w/ supports, but has the plot importance and influence of Mark, aka none. That's not to say a more prominent player avatar can't be a good character and always ends with player worship, but it's such a high chance for very little pay off in my mind. This really makes me wary of the House choice and what that will mean for the story. I really don't want to see another Fates situation where our Choice and who Byleth teaches completely rewrites how events transpire, where in one playthrough Edelgard is the clear hero but in another Dimitri is and Edelgard's role is completely different. The most likely case is that the overall story stays the same regardless and just the Lord/House we choose gets a bit more prominence, but ultimately all doing the same thing together. Personally though I would vastly prefer if they wrote a fixed plot with each character having a set role in the story and our choice simply changes what point of view we see events unfold. So say if Edelgard is always the hero and driving force who wins in the end that's what happens no matter what. Same for if say Dimitri is the antagonist, if we choose him instead our presence won't change history, he'll still lose in the end we'll just be there for the whole thing. This though seems really unlikely given how Byleth is being positioned so it seems very unlikely that their presence and House choice won't turn the tide so speak in that Lord's favor.
  4. Trailer Song Lyrics

    I think given the context Joy and Comfort just make a lot more sense. That entire set of lines are describing the academy setting, in what seems to be specifically a dinner, which would corroborate the faint lights line such as when the sun is setting in the evening. Joy and Comfort seem rather reasonable emotions to have in such a setting which also seem like a good primer to help a person to finally feel like themselves. Surrounded by true friends, enjoying the food and company, without any worries letting them be free of their duties and responsibilities as nobles and Royal heirs and just being themselves. Even just for a brief moment in time as they forget about everything else but eventually do come back to that reality.
  5. Trailer Song Lyrics

    OK I'm like 98% certain this is the correct lyrics: Reach for my hand, I'll soar away Into the dawn, Oh I wish I could stay Here in cherished halls, in peaceful days I fear the edge of dawn, knowing time betrays Faint lights pass through colored glass, in this beloved place Silver shines, the world dines, a smile on each face As joy surrounds comfort abounds, and I can feel them breaking free For just this moment lost in time, I am finally me Yet still I hide, behind this mask, that I have become My blackened heart scorched by flames, a force I can't run from I look to you, like a red rose Seeking the sun, no matter where it goes I long to stay, where the light dwells To guard against the cold, that I know so well I see a lot of people have Daylights instead of Faint lights, but I just cannot hear it at all no matter how hard I try and Daylights just sounds really awkward to me besides. I can't really think of any time people say Daylights outside of the idiom "The living daylights." Otherwise it's always just Daylight, cause there's just one source.
  6. Trailer Song Lyrics

    It's entirely possible the singer is not meant to be/represent anyone character like in Fates w/ Azura, but instead just be a theme that is in fact referencing multiple characters.
  7. Trailer Song Lyrics

    Kind of feel like it's about Sothis and not Edelgard. While I wish Edelgard was the clear lead everything we know about the game and choosing the houses etc kind of makes all three Lords equal, so having the theme song focus on her would be a bit odd. And as you point out a lot of the song segments don't really make sense for her and seems more appropriate for Sothis. While not a student or participant in the school life, she does appear within Byleth's mind according to the trailer so she might see and experience everything Byleth does and that connection however removed from her might mean a lot if she's been trapped for so long and this is the most interactions she's had with others in ages. Still a lot of the tone at the end does feel more like a student's admiration/adoration for a teacher, which feels out of place with how Sothis so far has been presented. I really don't know at this point. Could go either way I guess.
  8. Trailer Song Lyrics

    Best I could manage with the shitty headphones I have at my disposal right now, most of it's pretty clear save for a couple spots. Reach for my hand, I'll soar away Into the dawn, oh I wish I could stay Here in cherished halls, in peaceful days I fear the edge of dawn, knowing time betrays Faint lights pass through colored glass, in this beloved place Silver shines, the world dines, a smile on each face As choice abounds/arounds(?) compared to bounds, and I can feel I'm breaking free For just this moment lost in time, I am finally me Yet still I hide, behind this mask that I have become My blackened heart, scorched by flames of force I can't run from I look to you like a red rose seeking the sun, no matter where it goes I long to stay where the light dwells, to guard against the cold I know so well
  9. I would like to see a SoV style game with more open world and dungeon segments as it would be a great way to help expand the scope of the series and sense of scale to different scenarios and the world at large. I really enjoyed the chapterless narrative of SoV and felt that was a much better fit over the mixed style of Awakening and Fates(minus Conquest) of both chapters and open world. I like having the world map as it helps to provide a sense of scale and progression to the world, but being able to actually walk around certain locations like towns, castles, forts, forests, etc would be a great experience. "Dungeon crawling" could be a great way of really enriching the experience of even like storming a fort as we could literally make our way through several fights going room to room, floor to floor rather than just have a single map/battle that encompass all of it in one go. Or fleeing in forest having to actually run through a winding forest escaping the enemy and quickly trying to resolve small fights that you run into. The major issue/caveat to all that though is grinding. While I like freely traversing a world map and dungeons, especially in SoV, the ease of grinding really kills the game and saps all challenge from things as it becomes effortless to over level and make certain units really OP even if you don't go out of your way to do so. They need to find a way to limit effortless EXP grinding. What I would like to see is a two tier battle system where story battles operate as they always have with any action or kill rewarding units with EXP, but then outside of those fixed/mandated story battles all others would only offer small amounts of Bonus EXP for the player to distribute as they like. The amount of Bonus EXP could be dependent on performance and clearing certain battle challenges, maybe other rewards too like Gold or items. If balanced\scaled right this would still provide an incentive and reward for skirmishes but wouldn't be enough or easy enough to just break the game. By limiting the Bonus EXP to a rather small amount it could be useful for helping to keep underused or harder to level units inline with your core units, but not enough to be able to really beef up your whole party. At least without the player really going out of their way to farm EXP, which at that point is their choice.
  10. Main issue with one of the three Lords being the antagonist is the fact that we can choose our House, Byleth looks quite important and it would be very surprising if they didn't have us stay with that House throughout the game. While I want and would love for each to have a distinct and unique role in the story that doesn't change at all due to our House selection and we simply see the story unfold from their PoV, meaning we could end on the bad/losing side of things, I doubt that is the actual case. Most likely all three Lords will work together and there will be very little variation between our House selection and how the story unfolds and the true enemy will be the Church or some other exterior force to them. The only alternative to that is to basically make it a Fates style situation where whoever we decide to choose as our House through the magic of Byleth become the heroes of the story and one or both of the other two Lords magically become the enemy and the only difference is who ends up in those roles. Which would most likely suck as they would have to make all three potentially interchangeable as both Hero and Villain and that sounds like a recipe for really bland and contrived characters and story events to work for all three. To customize it to fit and be unique for all three would be way more work than to just have everyone have a fixed role that we see from from their PoV. I can't say I agree with this. That we haven't seen them in either trailer fight doesn't really mean anything. The first was a teaser that was super sparse on details and the second was almost entirely focused around introducing the school elements and selling that experience with virtually no other information about the game. If the whole intention of the Academy is to be a kind of first Act only setting, as many of us suspect it is, it makes sense that they haven't really shown us much of anything later in the game. Let alone the three Lords becoming enemies if that is the case. Establishing character history and relationships before they become challenged is super basic and common and it would be really foolish to spoil that later conflict so early on in the marketing. Heck if they were smart they wouldn't actually spoil it at all and intentionally not tell us that there is ever conflict between the Three Lords so that it's a real surprise for players when they actually get the game. Comparing it to Fates is questionable at best because the whole premise of that game was around changing Fate and how one person's choice tipped the balance. If Three Houses really is about Three friends who for one reason or another end up on opposite ends of the battlefield and our choice as Byleth doesn't alter that in any way it would make sense to not advertise that. Especially since there aren't multiple SKUs and DLC campaigns they need to justify and market to people. It's all just one game. That all said I think it's all quite unlikely and all three will just end up working together, as boring as that is.
  11. It was Mercedes who is at least still part of the Blue Lion House that Dimitri heads in the initial combat and then later on we see Edelgard and Byleth fighting Hilda, Mustache Teacher and Purple haired guy from Golden Deer House. Ashe is also among them as an enemy unit even though he's from the Blue Lions. In all likelihood that was a mock battle exercise while at the Academy where we have to face the other two houses in a challenge. Someone did a deep dive analyzing the map and it's almost certainly at the base of Garreg Mach Monestary and the same map in those scenes. Though I guess it could potentially be something like Edelgard and her House attempting to escape from the school and them trying to stop her. But that's a bit more unlikely.
  12. My hope is one of the three Lords, namely Dimitri, in conjunction with the Church in a kind of tragic conflict. Most likely it's just the Church and/or some god whose been pulling strings behind the scenes, potentially Sothis as a kind of late game twist after releasing her or something.
  13. Any hopes?

    I kind of really want the game to be the anti-power of friendship/love storyline. Claude x Dimitri would be great and my preference over any kind of Love Triangle or other romance setups among the three Lords. I would love to see the three of them being very close friends while at school and that relationship between Claude/Dimitri to be explicit and not just implied, but then they are forced apart and against one another as Edelgard stands against the Church and current order while Dimitri stand with the Church and current order and Claude is in the middle eventually forced to choose a side. And in the end Claude chooses what's best for his people as the head of his nation rather than what he wants the most and Dimitri goes down at the hands of the other two. I need some real heavy drama and tragedy in my FE life. That's the only reason I'm at all interested in the school setting as it could be a really fantastic way of establishing relationships and bonds between all the various students with us as a participant and active facilitator in it all before the real plot pits them all against each other. Instead of just telling us X, Y and Z were friends in school and now they face each other on the battlefield, we actually get to see and be involved in the development of that friendship and love. And then get to see it all fall apart as their duties and obligations as royalty forces them against one another. But I get plenty of people just want to see a gay couple have a happy ending for once.
  14. Any hopes?

    I do hope we see a much greater diversity in all aspects with regards to the characters, LGBTQ+ representation among them. Just on that subject the games generally have quite large casts of 30-60 playable units alone so it really shouldn't be a big issue if 1/4 or so are non-hetero/cis-gendered. Even if there happen to be S-Supports which many treat as a Zero Sum game if they miss out any potential partners. Beyond that though so far we've seen 24 playable characters, including Byleth and the two other Teachers, with 3 other students likely unseen if we accept each House has 8 students. That's half the cast going by most games average units of around 52. And so far they are extremely same-y looking, overwhelming white, young and of high social standing. We'll definitely get a couple that are from common stock, but chances are the vast majority of those 24 will be from Nobility. Which makes for a really poor sampling of the larger society. Some of the best games in the series were ones with more diverse casts of characters from all walks of life and backgrounds that really helped to flesh out the world and give a broader perspective on events and life. So from the remaining cast, if we're lucky another 25+, I really hope we see a much greater mix of people in terms of race, age, body shape, social rank and overall life experience than what we've seen so far. The series has always been extremely poor with regards to racial diversity and I hope they improve upon that here somehow. I'm still holding out hope that they've continued on from Fates by branching out beyond purely generic Medieval European cultures, Hoshido was if nothing else a breath of fresh air and they should really keep going down that road. There's so many great cultures they could pull from that would be great additions and really help to round out and flesh out their worlds into more realized and believable settings. The current homogeneity of the current character could potentially be less of an issue if the game doesn't have all three Houses combine forces eventually and we only have access to a portion of them throughout our entire playthrough based on which House we choose. But it's hard to tell right now exactly how any of that will play out. If we do get all of them eventually it's going to be hard to balance that out.
  15. Any hopes?

    A time skip 1/4 or 1/3 way through the game to a post Academy section A story about testing the bonds of youthful friendship and their ultimate failure as adults are forced into conflict by competing loyalties and obligations(Kind of like FE4) Fixed roles within the story that do not change based on house choice, just the PoV we happen to see things from. So if you pick the one of three Lords who becomes the antagonist and loses that's the story you'll experience - no Fates like story changes and victory just because the Avatar is present Dimitri is the antagonist route, Edelgard the primary protagonist and Claude the neutral that eventually comes to the side of Edelgard Each route has different focus combat/difficulty wise: Dimitri hard & primarily defensive, Edelgard easy & primarily offensive, Claude normal & a balance of both offensive/defensive maps A morally complex church that is not explicitly and/or secretly Evil, especially due to manipulation/control by some Evil deity, but is a mix of real people with varying motivations from greed, religious zealotry and misplaced senses of duty/honor/order Sothis is a trickster god who neither good nor evil, simply there to facilitate events Despite appearing to be the chosen one, with special time reversal abilities, Byleth in fact cannot change the ultimate fate of his former pupils to become enemies that go to war with one another and even die as a result I have very little faith or expectation in the vast majority of this occurring beyond the first two in some limited fashion.