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  1. @breademic Thanks for the suggestion! We already discussed it with the cipher TTS team a while ago. We came to the conclusion that this cooperation would not work, as we both have different goals. Ours is to have printable proxies. The proxies the TTS team made were unfortunately unreadable when printed.
  2. My Local Cipher Club

    I'm so jealous! Glad to see many of my half-card proxies are being used :D
  3. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    Thank you for selling this many awesome cards for only a small price! You're awesome :D +1 ChibiToastExplosion
  4. Hi! Thank you for sharing! I see a lot of people are talking about this. I showed your response to the team that's making the half cards. We unfortunately came to the conclusion to not change the 'type' box. It would not have been a problem if we only just started this project, but we've created hundreds of proxies already. We value consistency in the proxies and we did not want to put our time and effort into changing a box that adds nothing to the card for every proxy we made so far, we are instead making more proxies for the cards that don't have one yet. I hope you understand! That being said, if you want to use the proxies we've made so far for a personal deck, I'd be happy to change some of the 'type' boxes for you to whatever you want. Just let me know which cards and I'll send the edits to you! :D
  5. I'm no expert when it comes to legal stuff. All I know is that the in Saiklex's topic with the link to the google drive, there's a disclaimer that states the following: "All art (c)Nintendo/Intelligent Systems. This project is done purely out of love for the series and I hope that it helps more English players to get into the game." You can find the same thing in the google drive as well. It means we want more people in the west to buy and play the game. But to get back on topic, I think half-card proxies support this statement. Buy the cards if you want to play. It has the faction, weapon type, unit type, deployment cost, class change cost and of course, the biggest part of the art. If we'd switch to full proxies then it's like we're asking you to print the cards without buying the game, that's how I feel about it anyway. So yah, if you change your mind about the half-card proxies, let me know, we'd love to have you join our team!!
  6. I don't know I don't want to go to prison for this. Haha no seriously, I'm pretty sure that that would be illegal in my, and other countries.
  7. Yes, you're right about that! The 'Type' is the only thing me and others skip when making the proxies. It's simply a bit too much text for such a small box. Ofcourse you can make the text smaller to make it fit the box, and it looks okayish at best on a screen, but it does not translate to a printed proxy at all. It's simply unreadable unfortunately. It does not add anything to the personality of the character on the card or the gameplay, so personally, I don't mind that box the way it is. But yah, thank you for noticing things like that :)
  8. Hey everyone! I'm currently working on a project started by Saiklex (check his topic out). We're making printable Fire Emblem Cipher half-card proxies. You can place them on your card and put the card with the half-card proxy in a sleeve. You know have an english cipher card. It's much easier to play with if you're a fan of playing physical. Here are 2 examples of what we're working on: We need your help with making more of these fire emblem cipher half-card proxies. You do not need any knowledge about editing, I'd be happy to teach you how everything works! You do need photoshop. I used a free version to make the proxies above. If you're interested in helping out, even if you just want to make proxies for your own deck, we'd be happy to have you! Do not hestitate to DM me! Check Saiklex's post out for more information and the google drive link with all the proxies so far! Saiklex's post: If you do not have time to help, and your favorite card is not in google drive(Saiklex's post)? DM me as well with the card you want a proxy for, I'll make it for you! Special thanks to TripleCritical, who made all this possible by creating the templates we use for making these half cards.
  9. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    +1 Kirie As always, she's friendly. And the cards all arrived safely.
  10. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    +1 jiayejoe +2 Kirie Both very friendly, and they pack their cards really well! Great service! (+2 for Kirie because I bought cards from her before)
  11. Fire Emblem Cipher - Rules and Q&A

    Oh thank you so much, then I might just be in luck of getting the set I want this week. <3
  12. Fire Emblem Cipher - Rules and Q&A

    Hello, I've been thinking about buying my fire emblem cipher booster box from ami ami, I really want booster box 3. However pretty much every booster box is out of stock. Does amiami regularly restock the older booster boxes? I'd really like to know!
  13. Random theory: the Summoner grows up to be Hubba

    I don't think that's what nintendo/IS was going for when they created Kiran. Also, ally supports didn't exist when Fire Emblem Heroes first launched in february 2017.
  14. What do we know/believe about the First Dragons?

    I think you summed up pretty much everything we know about the first dragons right now, and that leaves the rest open to theories. I don't think we'll ever get a fates 2 though, so this is basically all we'll ever have. That might not be entirely true, because in fates's Hidden Truths 1 DLC,
  15. H e l l o

    Oh well okay, weird how new users don't get notified about this when they set up an account. Anyway, thank you! And sorry Zeldacrafter_swagg for having to discuss this on your post, but I couldn't make my own, obviously :p