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  1. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    Hi New Cipher player/collector here. I want to enjoy Cipher in the same I enjoy FEH and mainline FE games in general: which is to play only using cute girls. I'm looking to Trade for or Buy a bunch of the cards that I still want mainly in non-plus form. I'm still fairly new to the trading/buying cards over the internet and not at a local store thing so I'd prefer if it stay within the US and it be with someone fairly experienced with it. I'm looking to Trade for or Buy: B01 SR Tharja x1 B04 SR Lucina x4 B06 SR Deirdre x4 B06 N Deidre x2 B08 R Lucina x3 B10 SR Nanna 2 B10 HN Nanna x4 B12 SR Lachesis x2 B12 SR Ishtar x3 I have to offer: B01 SR Ogma x2 B01 SR Navarre B01 SR Gaius B01 SR Camus x1 B01 SR Tiki x2 B01 SR Shiida B09 R+ Raigh B09 SR Skrimir B09 SR Gray B09 SR Jill B09 R+ Berkut B09 SR Alm x2 B11 SR Tiki B11 SR Joshua B11 101+X Camilla B11 R Faye P03 Elincia Most H/HN and alot of R for sets 1/9/11