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  1. Dinar87's first battle sprite gallery!!

    Hey ! Your game looks cool ! It's too bad I suck at Metroidvanias, but pixel-art wise, I really like it !
  2. Blade’s Sprites (Critique & Feedback)

    Hi ! Just a quick remark on the portrait inspired by your profile picture (Because the others don't have any real issue in my opinion) : The pink part of his hairs is... too pink. I'm probably mistaken, but it's supposed to be short, right ? Like Barth's hairs ? If so, it should look a bit more like skin tone. Or get more volume. Right now he looks like he has a weird, pink helmet. But other than that, good job ! Continue like this !
  3. 2 game-ruining bugs.

    Or more precisely, one game-ruining bug and one immersion-ruining bug. First one might be fairly simple to understand. I don't know. The thing is, I tried modifying battle quotes for FE8, and obviously added some new text (Because man these bosses aren't talkative...), and, well, the result was weird. I tested on two different conversation, and both of them show the boss' portrait twice, with one of them not moving its mouth when talking and the other one woking perfectly, except when his mouth suddenly become Dozla's (EDIT = Oh, wait, it might as well be the playable character's mouth, as he's got Dozla's beard. Oddly enough, the 2nd battle convo didn't do that). But yeah, I know, this is nothing, we know who attacked this boss so we can understand, and we can perfectly play the game without these optional dialogues. And, yeah, I agree (Even though it pains me to see my efforts ruined for something I don't understand), but the next bug... Is horribly painful. For some reason I don't understand, when making one of my characters attack (Or be attacked), the game freeze and make an ear-raping noise. He is the only character in this situation, and I do not understand why. Last time I tested, he worked just fine, and all I did since then was modifying cutscenes in which he didn't even appear, and modifying his battle palette. When launching the 'debug' mode, there's some sort of error message telling me : Could not detarmine the memory to read (Page 03)". (I'm using FEBuilder btw). Please, for the love of god, help me ! I don't know if this'll be helpful, but the character in question is an assassin. And while we're at it, there's another annoying bug. This time, it's nothing compared to the previous one, but they might share the same cause. There are two characters, a recruit and a female myrmidon, who ALWAYS make their ranged animation, even if they don't have any ranged weapon. Additionally, during the combat animation, neither of them (or the enemy) are shown losing their HP. It doesn't sound like it, but it's really, really frustrating. This time however, the bug was here since the beginning, so I don't know what caused it... Anyways, thanks for reading, and please, please, please help me out ! These bugs are really ruining my hack !
  4. NES styled characters!

    Woah, Gonzalez, Batta, Dorothy and Felicia all look gorgeous ! I'm a little more unsure about Gheb. His face artwork is right, but his whole body... It doesn't fit. Considering Haar, it's his pose that looks awkward. Like he's sitting without a chair. Other than that, I'd really like to compliment you on your work, because all the others are really great ! I love how you still manage to give them personality despite your limitations, and also put references to their supports (Like Gonzalez's flower)
  5. [FE8] Terror Of The Forest

    That's a good idea ! But I don't use discord this much, this I hadn't thought about it 'till now. Here it is (I'll edit the OP later) : https://discord.gg/2FxRYu Well, yeah, we can share map making ideas/critiques if you want ! That'd be a great way of improving our skills ! And I'm happy to know someone would like to test my game ! I just want to finish the six first chapters before releasing a demo.... Ugh, that's long... Also, I got a few problems. First off, there's a cutscene that stays blocked after the camera switch to the boss. The game doesn't freeze, it just... loops. Unless I skip the custscene, once again. Here's the event editor, if someone can do something about it : Second, there's a character, a female myrmidon, that seems really buggy. Like, everything is fine as long as she doesn't attack anyone. She deals normal damages according to her stats, but always play the ranged animation (From the runesword) and the enemy's HP bar doesn't go down during combat, instead, it just get as it should be AFTER the animation ended. Apart from that, everything seems more-or-less good to go. If anyone can please try to figure out what cause these two bugs, I'd really, really, really appreciate it !
  6. [FE8] Terror Of The Forest

    Thanks ! You really think so ? I always see hacks changing a lot of things gameplay-wise, and I'm afraid having only a few funny characters might not be enough... But I'm really happy some people are still interested in it ! Also, yeah, I'm a one man team... But if you are willing to offer a little help, by beta-testing a few chapters, giving me advice on how to use FEBuilder, fiwing some bugs, writing supports or anything else, I'll gladly accept it !
  7. [FE8] Terror Of The Forest

    Woah, really ? Those are probably the worst I've done for now... I'm really glad you like it though ? By the way, what do you mean by "I would use that to my advantage" ? Do you want me to make a few maps for you ? I'm ok with this, you just need to give me the basic idea of the map then ! (Also yes, this is a train ! Thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate it !)
  8. Favorite GBA character?

    Well, excuse me my good sir, but as much as I agree that mercenaries and heroes are the best looking classes, and as much as I understand why you find Joshua's supports repetitive, I can't let you insult our boy Treck this way. Seriously though, all of the guy's supports are really good, and he's probably the FE6 cavalier with the most personality. His philosophy of life is portrayed really well etc... So I really can't agree that Treck is the worst FE6 character. There's a whole lot of characters more forgettable than him.
  9. FE Gba style Portraits (Submit your requests here)

    No problem ! I understand ! You're doing it for free, so you're not really forced to take every order immediately.
  10. FE Gba style Portraits (Submit your requests here)

    Yo ! You're really talented ! If it's not too much, could you please try to do a Gregor (From Awakening) portrait ? He's my favorite character from this game ! Talking and blinking frames would be great, but I guess it's fine without them... Thanks in advance !
  11. Florina Fan's GBA Portraits

    Mh... Those are pretty good sprites ! Well, at least Ramona, Beaumont, Afrey and Crystal. There's something that's bugging me off with Simon, I think that's his hairs who looks kinda weird on the back, but I'm not really sure... Another of my favorites you could still improve is Crystal, as it doesn't look like there's any shadow under her hairs (You can look at the shading on Lowen's sprite, to help you) You didn't give their names, but the two blondes are looking kinda off. Well, the girl is okay, I guess, but there's definitely something about the guy's head that isn't right. I can't help you more, I'm really bad at seeing what is right or wrong. (Also I have a few issues with writing supports for my hack, if you're really willing to help, I'll gladly accept it ! Is it possible to send private messages on this site, so that we can discuss it privately ?)
  12. NES styled characters!

    Woah, great sprites ! You've made great improvement since your first post, it's really nice ! Say, I see you're doing a lot of pretty girls and beautiful boys, but have you ever tried making Gonzalez, for fun ? I wonder what it would look like... (Also yeah Rebecca art is bad. But not her attacking/damaged arts, oddly.)
  13. Help make my completed romhack pretty!

    I don't know if I'm skilled enough, but I can try doing your portraits and your maps !
  14. Oh wow, my own gallery !

    Hi ! Thanks for your reply (and sorry for noticing it so late, I somehow haven't seen the notification) You're right about Blink ! It was my very first splice, and I don't think I have modified him ever since. If I remember well, the only thing I modified from Franz's sprite was a bit of hairs that I took from Jaffar. However, the thing is, I made my OC's designs a long time before playing a real Fire Emblem game for the first time, and when I saw Franz, I told myself "Oh man, he looks exactly like Blink !" and it all started from here... But now that you mentionned it, I'm starting to work on an improved version (Well, I still think he looks exactly like Franz so I don't think I can really change it...) About Sylvester, I could have sworn I mentioned it earlier, but apparently I did not. He started as a private joke because I thought Migal (The FE7 bandit you're referring to) looked a bit like a cartoony Stallone (Hence the name and color palette). It was just a joke, but I became more and more attached to it, making him a reccurent antagonist in my story. My love for him got as far as making a ROM hack centered about him (More info here, if you're interested : https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/84580-fe8-terror-of-the-forest/). Someone in the replies (Well actually the only person to really reply to me) said the same thing you said, that I wasn't challenging myself enough. So I decided to make an "improved" version of Sylvester. Or just a version of him with shoulder pads. Still, he looks a lot more different than the original one. Thanks for the compliment about the girls ! I think I'll rework Arya a little bit, because she's an absolute mess. So far (And I've made more than 50 "unique" splices) she's the character that used the most parts from different characters. And the result isn't really that great (That may be why I never really tried to challenge myself after that...)... But yeah, I'll rework her ASAP ! (Still, I think I won't use as many characters as the first time, especially for the hairs. This seems like a really bad idea.) For the skeleton, well, I tried doing something more "realistic", but... It just didn't seem right. (Unfortunately I deleted the first versions) Then I settled on taking FE6!Merlinus as a base and trying my best to make it look legit. Now that I think about it, doing the same with Gonzalez, Riev, Orson, Wallace or Garret might not be a bad idea... But in his defense, just try to look at Bors and tell me he doesn't look at least as cartoony ! (Also Pepito's character is supposed to be a silly goofball so the fact that he looks silly compared to the rest of the cast is a good point I guess ?) Also, I've worked on a few other non-oc characters. I'll upload them (And the updated versions of my characters, as well as a few new ones) another day. Thanks again for the reply !
  15. Importing music to FEBuilder GBA

    Thanks a lot ! It works ! ...Well, it works for FE6,7 and 8, F-ZERO GP and Golden Sun. But that's a good beginning, right ? (I can do with only FE6 and 7 musics anyways)