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  1. hey!

    oh no man just want supports mostly, if i have a problem with difficulty there's a balance patch but i've played the harder shozo kaga ones and did ok, so i'll just grind, thanks
  2. hey!

    i can't find any sealed sword cheats that will work on my emulator. any advice?
  3. Elibean Nights

    oh and ninos bit is in the bonus room, so it's not a big deal
  4. Quick Level Up Codebreaker codes Help

    hey anybody got a source for cheats on sealed sword?
  5. Elibean Nights

    no, man i'm running the most recent version, perhaps it just hasn't been finished? Looks like a recent edition so maybe i'll just check back if arch and the guys update the patch, and yeah i managedto kill off the thieves, thank naga for florina, thanks man
  6. Elibean Nights

    your game is breathtaking but it's always crashing, in particular when a chest is open in raths tale and in ninos bonus story, any advice?
  7. Fire Emblem - Crossover Hack 2.0

    english patch?
  8. Translation patches

    Does anyone have functional cheats for an english patched version of sealed sword?