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  1. Woah, just did some Ch4 testing for screenshots and it turns out that the AI on those north fort pirates-hunters is weird, and will always go for ogma's squad even if there's something closer, what I just told you works for every moving enemy EXCEPT for this case Then yes, it seems you either need to rescue someone up there or let 'em die EDIT: By this I mean, if they can attack nothing, they go for ogma's squad even if there's something closer, but if they can attack something else then they go for that. Really weird stuff, no other FE12 enemy that I know does this. It works on all enemies on the map except for ONE pirate and ONE hunter, and that's just enough to obliterate that party
  2. You have enough resources to make basically every unit work despite the insanely strong enemies. Sure, some units are better than others, and the game suffers from a cast that is 70%ish mediocre, but the game gives you more than enough tools to make nearly everyone usable with reclassing, statboosters, drill grounds, forges, etc. You've got the tools, just need to use them right. Hell, I was able to pull of a generic replacement run in H4 myself, the game is so ridiculously flexible that you can do whatever you want if you know how to. Ch4 is actually crazy easy to cheese with 2 fliers, you can bait the reinforcements around to just never really get close to them, and with proper player phase movement you can even kill the thief going for the village with Ogma+Yubello in H4 Also base promoted general Palla works to hold off the attack, just give her some vulneraries and a forged hit javelin. EDIT: The ambushes can be really evil sometimes, but I understand why they were done. FE12 enemies hit hard and have no bulk, having them spawn without moving right away would make killing them off very trivial, and make them not a threat at all.
  3. [FE8] Fire Emblem: Souls of the Forest

    It should be coming somewhere around February or March, it has a bunch of new stuff on it. So, for next release: *DSFE style generic replacements if you kill too many units. (Praise Teq) *16 chapters and 3 gaidens *All playable characters get a new portrait. *3 difficulties. *Reverse gameplay choice. (Praise DoesntKnowHowToPlay) *Rebalancing. *Modular minimug box. (Praise Zane) *More custom music tracks. *Actually has some story to read.
  4. [FE8] Fire Emblem: Souls of the Forest

    It is not finished, there's no specific chapter goal, but I estimate the hack will be on the low 20s on chapter count once finished, not counting gaidens Archer damage is not supposed to be amazing since they never really get countered and can always do some damage somewhere thanks to their range, the lord is an exception once his growth kicks in though. Also enemy fliers are quite scary when you face them, you'll value bow flexibility eventually. Thanks for your kind words everyone!
  5. Hello SF! After much time in the shade, I'm here to announce my project. Fire Emblem: Souls of the Forest is a gameplay focused hack made with FEBuilder that I've been developing since around late 2017, and now I feel like it's a good time to make a public release. I've done changes on this project which I feel modify the vanilla FE gameplay to give the game it's own unique, yet not cluttered, experience. The hack features: Two difficulty modes, Lunatic is the intended mode for those seeking a tough game, but for those not into the hard hitting enemies you can pick normal. 14 chapters and 2 sidequests. 21 playable characters, most of them have custom portraits. The standard quality of life hacks, such as warnings for effective/killer weapons, HP bars, growth rate display, etc. Classes each only have access to one weapon type, but weapon triangle power is greatly increased. Bows have 2-3 range as standard. Mounted units have a bit less move in general, but possess Canto+. Custom art mostly made by myself, or obtained from the Ultimate Graphics Repository. A few custom music tracks. Strong emphasis on weapon types and class individuality. Master Seals as the sole promotion item. No ambush spawns. There's no supports yet and not much in terms of writing in the hack, but I intend to add it later on, as I have ideas in mind. Specific gameplay changes can be read in the readme that the game has. The patch can be downloaded here: The hack's discord: Screenshots:
  6. Kris without a doubt, he can't juggernaut the entire game unlike Corrin and especially Robin, because FE12 enemies are just too strong for anyone to solo later on, while Awakening Lunatic just needs you to solo with robin or die to inflation.
  7. The game was made with Kaga's vision in mind of letting you create your own story with the characters, which is why there's next to no dialogue, as that would get in the way. Personally I love the game because of how it plays out, reclassing adds a bunch of replayability if you like messing around with your units, though reclassing is only really a big gameplay element when you increase the difficulty, since then the stats matter much more. (Also yes Ch13 Wooden cavalry sucks, my condolences)
  8. What's needed to start?

    This, also persistence, since you will most likely need to make plenty of edits along the way. Have people experience the little game you build up, as what people tell you can surprise you. You can never really consider everything and you'll probably need people point things out, feedback is a great tool, you not only need people that help make the game, you need people to actually play it as well.
  9. The Last Promise 2: Broken Promises

    Sup Tazer So long the gameplay isn't too similar to TLP's FE7-RD mixture I'm looking foward to it
  10. Playable monster classes! some friendly centaurs and the like on your army would be really cool
  11. Hey @everyone

    Apologies, I only worship one goddess, the only true deity.
  12. Hey @everyone

    Hello everyone, I'm Scraiza, not really someone new to the series, just never made an account in here on SF until recently. Played: FE1, 2, 3 Book 1, 4, 5, 9, 14 BR CQ Beaten: FE 3 Book 2, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13 Not Played: 14 Rev, 15