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  1. In Retrospect, Dragon Ball Super was kinda trash

    If you think that's bad, you should read the manga version of the tournament of power where Master Roshi manages to go toe-to-toe with Jiren. Next time on Dragon Ball Super: Freeza trains for 10 minutes and becomes more powerful than Zeno.
  2. Is my bro Nightmare still around?

    The Nightmare has ended, sadly
  3. Summer Vacation is almost over...

    I work outside 50+ hours a week, so summer can go fuck itself
  4. What is your ideal pet?

    I always wanted a pet human
  5. Why

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dr. Tarrasque

      Dr. Tarrasque

      Why a Gnome with a Wand of Death?

      Why not a Dwarf with a Wand of Healing?

      Why not an elf with a Wand of Sorcery?

    3. Gnome with a Wand of Death

      Gnome with a Wand of Death

      Those aren't as funny as a gnome with a wand of death.

    4. Dr. Tarrasque

      Dr. Tarrasque

      But death isn't funny

  6. Sleep is a waste of time

    Fuck that. I'd spend 100% of my time sleeping if I could.

    Sailor Moon with a gun? What's next? Canon Broly? Oh, wait...
  8. The Serenes Skirt Appreciation Thread

    He's a bean pole

    Good job, Fleece. Er, at least I hope it's a good job
  10. FE4 THREAD

  11. So, it’s been five years...

    Yeah, time does fly pretty fast. I still can't believe I joined my first Fire Emblem forum when I was in high school.
  12. So we got the official name for "chibis"

    It sounds better than chibi at least
  13. FE4 THREAD

    Speaking of Fia, there's this lady who frequents my store, and her name is literally two letters away from being the same as Fia's.