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  1. Since Version 3.0.0 patch came out last night for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and they do give out IDs when you upload your Stages from Stage Builder, Mii Fighters, Replay, Spectate, and Edited Videos in the Sharing Content. I was thinking of we should do a sharing our stuff from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate similar to like the Super Mario Maker Course Sharing Thread. I did upload a couple in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that to give out what I have created in the game: Mii Fighters: Mike Jones (Mii Brawler) ID: S8BVCHJX Mike Jones (Mii Swordfighter) ID: B454JDJJ Mike Jones (Mii Gunner) ID: 3YDC3RV1 I am planning on finish making the Alm Mii Swordfighter based off from Alm from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Stages: Mike Pixel Art from StarTropics (I didn't completed the entire pixel art due to the stage element limit was pretty much full and I did made it replicated from the trailer where they did showed 8-bit artworks) ID: 9BLH51GJ Smash Church (This is the second stage that I created) ID: 7D5VS7SP Videos: Joker vs. the 3 Mii Fighters based off from Mike Jones from StarTropics in my first Custom Stage. ID: B450MW8X Mii Swordfighter based off from Mike Jones from StarTropics vs. 2 Jokers in my first Custom Stage. ID: CPC2QPQ8 Also, give it out a try to share what you have created in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  2. Special Heroes Silhouettes for April 19th!

    There is a frying pan item existed in New Mystery of the Emblem as an Axe weapon. It was used as a joke weapon and only uses 1 hit damage on a lot of enemies. I don't think a Frying Pan can be used as a Sword. I definitely think it's Camping Banner with Marshmallow Sticks be used as a Lance and maybe the other skewer items can be used as an Lance or Axe (incase if there is a big meat in it.)
  3. Special Heroes Silhouettes for April 19th!

    I'm pretty sure that could be a Camping Banner since Marshmallows are usually common part of camping and the possible Genny is definitely holding a Stick with a Marshmallow. I definitely think this could possibly be a first Camping Banner that is going to be in FEH. I definitely think that on the right could possibly be Azura.
  4. Any characters we want for this year's Bride Banner?

    I think they should put Jake in Heroes since he has been with Anna's sisters in a few games. And plus, it would help to have Jake mentioned to FEH Anna about his time with the other Anna. By the way, I totally think we should need to have Bridal Celica, Groom Alm, Bridal Anna, and Groom Jake. But, I don't know if IS will pull a Bridal Ylgr (since Sanaki has one) or a Bridal Eir and Ylgr and Eir is one of the few remaining Heroes debut haven't received an alt yet.
  5. Create a Classic Mode route

    I got a few Classic Mode Route idea for Mike Jones, Impa, and Alm incase if they get added in Ultimate: Mike Jones (StarTropics): This is putting some of the characters might match to some of the bosses from StarTropics and Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II since Simon had that as well. Stage 1: Charizard or Bowser (represents C-Serpent from StarTropics) Stage 2: Red King. K. Rool (represents Yum Yum from Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II) Stage 3: Giant Pink Inkling (represents Octo the Huge from StarTropics) with Purple R.O.B. as your ally. Stage 4: About around Gold, Green, and Yellow 10 Samuses (represents the Space Troopers from StarTropics) Stage 5: Giant Green Mega Man or R.O.B. (represents Osteroid from StarTropics) Stage 6: Green Ridley (maybe based off from Zoda-Y from Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II) Boss: Dracula (represents Zoda since Dracula can transform into a Monster like Zoda) or Ganondorf at first fight and have Giant Red Ridley come in after defeating Ganondorf. Impa (The Legend of Zelda): Stage 1: Link Stage 2: Shiek Stage 3: Young Link and Toon Link Stage 4: Giant Inkling Stage 5: Giant Bowser Stage 6: Zelda and Dark Link with Tunic Link as your ally Boss: Ganon Alm (Fire Emblem): Stage 1: Marth Stage 2: Chrom and Lucina Stage 3: Purple Ganondorf and Gold Link or Corrin (might represent Desaix and Slayde) Stage 4: Two Female Robins or Zeldas (might represent Marla and Hestia) Stage 5: Black Ike and Green Roy (might represent Berkut and Fernand) Stage 6: Red Zelda or Red Female Robin and Red or Black Male Robin (might represent Celica as a Witch and Jedah) Boss: Rathalos (represents Duma) with Red Zelda or Red Female Robin as your ally
  6. If you could add two bosses, who would they be?

    I thinking Medeus or Grima from Fire Emblem series should be the Fire Emblem series boss in future Super Smash Bros. title since we definitely need one. And Hades from Kid Icarus since he's pretty much a giant in Kid Icarus Uprising for future Super Smash Bros. title as well.
  7. Umm... this is an April Fools thread. And also, wouldn't that kinda be spamming if someone makes their own April Fools joke besides that April Fools day is almost over?
  8. Nintendo just released a third DLC Fighter trailer for the upcoming second Fighter Pass after Joker in their Super Smash Bros. YouTube Channel. This fighter was from the recently leak that was coded as Brave in the datamine. He will be released in June 21st, 2019. Here is the trailer: Edit from April 2nd: April Fools Day is over now.
  9. I definitely knew this is April Fools Pranks when I saw this trailer. But, the way the showed like Feh is very over powered at everyone. By the way, I noticed something very new when they showed the trailer that 999 Health shows all two columns in the bar fully paralleled to each other, the highest attack that it goes up to 99,999, highest skills activation count number is 100, and highest multiple hit count number is 99 that I not expected seen something in Fire Emblem Heroes. By the way, we finally get a chance to know Feh's voice actress for the years is Kimberly Tierney since we haven't seen who voiced Feh in the Feh Channels for two years.
  10. Odds of beast versions of the main characters' kids?

    I think the only Beast Unit Children that existed in the Fire Emblem series were Yarne from Awakening and Selkie and Velouria from Fates. And the only human children that can get Beast Blood types from the Beast Parents were Morgan from Awakening and Kana and Shigure from Fates. I think the Beast version of Morgan, Kana, and Shigure would most be unlikely to fight in Heroes since they did seemed to appear more human in Heroes. I think they might've would getting alts if there is an alternate timeline that they came from would appear happen for one of the campaigns or paralogues.
  11. Actually, I do remember that there was a support conversation with Chrom and Elise in Fire Emblem Warriors that he was talking about traps and he was surprised to know Elise doesn't make traps like Lissa does. I'm pretty sure Chrom wasn't too strict to tell his little sister to stop making traps. I'm pretty sure Lissa is still childish and Chrom didn't strict Lissa with her harmful hobbies since both of their parents died when Chrom was 8 and Lissa was a new born after their father was killed in the Plegian War.
  12. Konami 50th Anniversary Collections

    I think Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night might not going to be included since Castlevania Anniversary Collection is coming to PS4 as well and Castlevania Requim is already been released in PS4, I think that be little bit unfair for PS4 players already got Requim who wanted to try out the other Castlevania games. Haunted Castle is already coming in Konami Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection.
  13. Konami 50th Anniversary Collections

    I definitely like to play Haunted Castle in the Konami Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection since I watched Derrick from GameXplain played the game. For the Castlevania Anniversary Collection, I hope that they add either Castlevania The Adventurer ReBirth (since Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge was already revealed), Bloodlines, The Dracula X Chronicles (since it was not been rereleased for Castlevania Requiem and it would make sense to include it since Rondo of Blood and Synthony of the Night were already ported for Requim on the PS4), and/or Portraits of Ruin as one of the 4 unannounced titles for Castlevania Anniversary Collection. And for the Contra Anniversary Collection, I think they should add Contra ReBirth, Operation C, Contra 4, and NES Contra (since they both got the Arcade and NES version of Super C) as one of the 4 unannounced titles for Contra Anniversary Collection.
  14. Google Stadia

    I did saw this announcement that this is the first video game console from Google themselves called the Google Stadia. It can connect to any multiple devices including computers, phones, and tablets. It looks like you don't need to unplug your input connection from the TV incase if you wanted to play on other devices. It's has a streaming service to play games. By the way, the Google Stadia can run up to 8K, the first video game console with 8K resolutions. I did saw people saying this is looking like it's going to kill video game consoles, but I don't know what to think about this? I noticed the controller kinda resembles to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Here's the demo to show how the Google Stadia works:
  15. If one of these characters that I would like to see gets in as DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I think one of these characters that might fight in Classic Mode bosses that are: Mike Jones from StarTropics would might fight Dracula since his nemesis Zoda can transform into a montorous alien as well Shantae would might fight Marx Alm from Fire Emblem Gaiden / Echoes: Shadows of Valentia would might fight Rathalos Magnus from Kid Icarus would might fight Rathalos Elma from Xenoblade Chronicles X would might fight either Rathalos or Galleom Impa would might fight either Ganon or Rathalos And since Joker is coming in April, I definitely think he would most likely to fight Dracula.