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  1. Update: I managed to summoned a third Cain (third 5-Star unit) and I just summoned Olwen during at the Summer Banner (I was planning on summoning for the Summer Event characters and Olwen popped up since I know that she was selected in the other banner) and I did promoted Reinhardt and Clarisse to 5 Stars. I have about a total of 22 5 Starred Units as of right now. Sharena (upgrade from 4 Stars, Lv. 31) Ryoma (Lv. 40) Takumi (Lv. 40) (Regular) Chrom (Lv. 40) Fae (Lv. 40) Seliph (Lv. 40) Roy (Lv. 33) Cain (twice - first: Lv. 30 and second and third: Lv. 1) Peri (upgrade from 4 Stars, Lv. 26) Nowi (Lv. 24) Kagero (upgrade from 4 Stars, Lv. 40) Ike (Lv. 40) Leo (Lv. 40) (Bride) Cordelia (Lv. 35) (Regular) Caeda (Lv. 30) Merric (Lv. 32) Est (upgrade from 4 Stars, Lv. 36) Reinhardt (upgrade from 4 Stars, Lv. 40) Clarisse (upgrade from 4 Stars, Lv. 23) Olwen (Lv. 12) - Just got it today
  2. Actually, I think that might be a good idea for the August Banner. I did saw Kliff mentioned in his Base Conversation that he does goes to a School that where he does learn Magic before the War began in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. I kinda wondered if the other continents does really have Schools existed?
  3. Whoops, you're right. I just forgot that September is actually the first month of Autumn, not August. I kinda think about it, what about a August Banner something related to Fairs, maybe have something related with Animals, Rides, and other stuff, I totally think any Villagers or Echoes: Shadows of Valentia characters would might host a Fair for the next Seasonal event since Villagers do work around Villages that have Farm Animals and growing crops? I kinda wondered how Clair and some of the other Nobles from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia characters would working in the fields since Clair does wanted to learn more about Cows, Pigs, and other stuff in the village since she did mentioned that in the Southern Outpost Fortress dialogue in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia? I'm pretty sure well might see stuff like Villagers and Nobles helping out in the Fair.
  4. I did noticed some things that were added from the dialogue that wasn't mentioned in the original game. Valbar mentioned his entire family from the base conversation was his son, his wife, his father, and his mother lived in a village from an island and those were the four of them that were got killed by Barth the Pirate King. Mycen was originally from Rigel, Nomah mentioned that in his base conversation when he was traveling to Rigel to see Mycen long time ago when they were young. I'm pretty sure that's possibly why Rudolf and Mycen were friends for a long time. Saber is actually from Rigel, he was originally a Rigelian Soldier before he starts off as a Mercenary and he did mentioned he has a little sister. Lukas has an older brother that Lukas mentioned in his Base Conversation. Genny did mentioned about her mother during in her Support Conversation with Sonya. Boey's family was actually poor. Silque was born from Rigel and she did mentioned that she decided to become a Cleric like her mother. Leon did mentioned he had a friend that got killed in the war before Valbar recruited Leon. They did made Leon into a gay character with a feminine personality in the remake and they did made Clive, Clair, Mathilda, Lukas, Forsyth, and Python as Nobels than just knights of Zofia Castle. Clair did have a Noble Lady Personality than being helpful (I don't know how to explain about that one). There are some new spoilers that showed happened before Mystery of the Emblem and in the game as well:
  5. I'm pretty sure the August Banner will might focus on something related to Autumn. The next season after Summer is Fall. I'm pretty sure we'll might see something having characters picking up leaves to the ground and other Autumn related stuff. If there picking something Autumn related for the four characters in the Autumn Banner, I totally think it be like Wind Tome, Axe, Swords, and Lance users since Lances can pick up leaves similar to like how Summer Robin stabs a fish with her fishing lance, Axes can cut trees, Swords can slice leaves similar to like how the Treehouse event showcase at E3 for Fire Emblem Warriors showed a cutscene where Ryoma cutted down a leaf, and Wind Tomes can blow the leaves with Wind Magic. I am not entirely sure about the Bows, Red Tomes, Blue Tomes, and Daggers would work for Autumn?
  6. I am participating for the Team Cake vs. Team Ice Cream Splatfest in the Splatoon 2 Splatfest World Premiere Demo for Team Cake. But, I managed to get the good internet connection working in my Nintendo Switch console by connecting through a Hotspot that I managed to my phone, I had to wait for players (it's required for 4 vs. 4) that were searching through the Splatfest. I had to wait 2 hours for a battle due to the Time Limit and sometimes the error connection said it wouldn't connect through the other console (I have no idea about that one?), I can't seem to get enough players to join due to the Time Limit. Is Team Cake really that low because I did heard people saying about Team Ice Cream is being higher than Team Cake (I am not entirely sure about that one) or is it just Splatfests are really picky to get amount of team mate required. I did get the original Splatoon for my Wii U console since Christmas, but I did missed all of them since I was really busy and didn't know the entire Splatfest schedule back then. This is technically my first time to be entering in an official Splatfest battle in the series.
  7. I couldn't find a good one that I was looking for while I was searching through Google except for the NES maps. I was going to look for some video game level maps that I need for one of my recreated courses that I am currently working on for Super Mario Maker. I am using those video game level maps as a reference so that I don't make mistakes or forgetting something needed in the course map that I'm going to be working on. But, I am looking for some video game level maps from 3 specific games that I needed to use for one of my courses in Super Mario Maker that are from: Bank Vault from DuckTales: Remastered (Walt Disney/Capcom) - The NES version doesn't have the Bank Vault level. Future F*******s 2010 from The Angry Video Game Nerd (Screwattack Games) Hall of Champions from Shovel Knight (Yacht Club Games) Does anyone know where to find those three video game level maps, I couldn't seem to find them on Google nor Google Images?
  8. I'm pretty sure it's too much work for him to draw a lot more characters since Fates does have a lot more playable characters than Awakening have. He does draw the character portraits in the game as well. I'm pretty sure he'll draw more artwork for the Artbook or the other sometime in the future since he does work developing drawing the characters in the main story in Fire Emblem Heroes as well.
  9. Those CG Cutscenes still looks good for me. Try to slide the 3D Slider to 3D and they'll might show up better. I never tried to use the 3D off on one of the CG cutscenes in this game before.
  10. What are you talking about? Was that mentioned in one of Summer Frederick's dialogue in Heroes? Wait, how did you get 5 Star Summer Tiki up to Level 40 so fast today?
  11. Alright, I'll take a look at that link. Also, the Falchion does have an effect on Fae (the Green Breath unit) as well, I do have Fae in my team and she did get hit by Falchion users when I accidentally got her in the opening spot.
  12. Really, where's the info confirmed that Beach Tiki is actually an Axe unit and the other's weapon types besides Gaius that we know? Also, I kinda wondered if the Falchion and Naga Tome won't have an effect on Beach Tiki since the Male Corrin doesn't have an Effect on Falchion in Heroes, but the Female Corrin does, he's actually a Half-Dragon also? What are you talking about?
  13. I totally think the weapons judging from the art for Beach Robin could be a Lance unit since she did stabbed that fish to death, Adult Tiki could be an Axe unit or a Sword Unit, I totally think I remembered that smashing the watermelon suppose to be whacking like a Sword and Beach Frederick could be Dagger unit since he's throwing Sea Shells. Also, I kinda wondered if Frederick picking up those Sea Shells would be similar to like collecting Pebbels. He usually picks up and collects of every Pebbles during which trial to where Chrom goes that he usually does since he doesn't want Chrom and Lissa to trip over it?
  14. Which levels from Star Fox 2 wasn't actually finished in the beta version? I am extremely surprised to see that they managed to get Star Fox 2 in the SNES Classic Edition.
  15. Actually, King Ramon was killed by Ashnard during at the timeline of Path of Radiance. Also, I am not entirely sure about the politics in Fire Emblem series. I do remembered that there's those two Governors from Etruria did sided with Bern and the king of Etruria didn't decided to go allying with Bern to fight of Roy's army, I totally think that's might possibly one of the Politics in the Fire Emblem series that I know so far.