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  1. Faye looked really depressed in Chapter 13. I kinda wondered if Faye is not fond of Karin's team handling since she does want to be with Alm. I do remembered that Faye did wanted to leave after she was summoned when Alm hasn't been summoned yet during at Chapter 9, I just think Faye might not getting used to Karin when Alm wasn't summoned yet during around between at Chapter 9 and 13. And also, Chapter 11 had Karin made Sharena really cried over Wrys since he/she probably didn't realize that she made friends with Wrys but made it up to let Sharena befriended over many Wryses for Chapter 12 looked too much.
  2. General Warriors Thread: DW9 releases soon

    I do like to see a Star Wars Warriors game happen since the only Warriors games that I played was Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors. I kinda wondered what will Koei Tecmo will handle the enemies from Star Wars franchise in case if they start planning on developing Star Wars Warriors. I do like to see one of the Jedis or Rebels with Blasters similar to like the archers from Takumi, Niles, and Anna in Fire Emblem Warriors can beat a horde of Stormtroopers and Battle Droids like in the Warriors games instead of killing one by one like in the movies.
  3. Mistakes or errors on the site 2

    In the main page section for Choose Your Legends 2 Poll results and Weapon Refinery page, @Kirie had the titles shown "Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade" as The Blazing Sword wrong since the actual sub-title for the first Fire Emblem localized game from the Game Boy Advance era was been revealed a year ago from the Fire Emblem Heroes website.
  4. Mario Kart Tour+The movie confirmed

    I kinda wondered what Illumination will handle the Super Mario movie? I did saw Disciple Me, I didn't get a chance to see 2, 3, and the Minions movie as well yet. Super Mario Run did won along with Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in the Google Play Best of 2017 Game Awards outside of Japan. I'm pretty sure Super Mario Run did sold well.
  5. There is going to be bad news that is happened when I saw this from GameXplain. Nintendo announces that Miitomo will be shut down on May 9th, 2018. This is the second Nintendo Social Network that is going to be closed since we know that Miiverse that we know in love was been shut down on November 7th, 2017. But, Miitomo with being shut down is way shorter than Miiverse took. It looks like our questions, images posts, and even the content that was used from Miitomo either will be gone or it could be digitally transferred all posts to archived into Zip Files like Miiverse had.
  6. Banner: Sacred Memories

    Actually, I don't get with the script showed how Eirika learned Dark Magic. But, I think I see that part where Lyon said about he did used the knowledge from the Library where he was looking through to find the cure that was suppose to save his father from death. But, I kinda wondered if Eirika could have went through the same library where Lyon was studying there and looked through Lyon's books and notes that he wrote down to learn his own dark magic that Lyon had learned for years or somehow Lyon could possibly have shared his powers through his own Magic to Eirika to gain access to Dark Magic and learned it sometime after Fomortiis was defeated. But, I don't recall Eirika mentions that she practices Dark Magic nor learning Drak Magic in the game. I think it's most likely a call mback to Lyon since Eirika and her brother are Lyon's closest friends. But, it's nice to see Eirika got a second form, but, Eirika learned Dark Magic is kinda random since I thought Eirika would have used her Great Lord class instead of a Mage Knight class that gains Dark Magic.
  7. I'm pretty sure they could get released the Switch title banner probably on the same day as the Switch title gets released since the game is going to be coming on 2018, I think we'll might see either Q3 2018 or Q4 2018. I'm pretty sure we could see the first main protagonist and will might have 3 comrades can come with him/her.
  8. Just a heads up, he checked the web data that he hasn't seen any signs of the Cipher characters, Yuzu, Shade, Emma, and Randal appeared in Round 2 files. But, I happy to see that Faye, Conrad, Berkut, Frenand, and Rinea from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia along with Slayde, Jedah, and even some of the other bosses are going to be added for Round 2. But, I think the Cipher characters are going to be cut out for Round 2 or they'll might add it later.
  9. I kinda wondered if the developers who are working on the Choose Your Legends site will update to work on for the Gaiden/Echoes: Shadows of Valentia characters and even use their updated portraits instead of keeping the portraits from Gaiden for the site on Round 2. I'm pretty sure we'll might see Faye, Berkut, Conrad/Masked Knight, Rinea, and even the Cipher characters (plus maybe add Slayde and Jedah since they did have more role appearances in the story than it was handled in Gaiden) get added since Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia was released after Fire Emblem Heroes. And plus, I kinda wondered if we'll might see one of the Gaiden/Echoes: Shadows of Valentia characters will get their votes raised since thanks to the developers from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia managed to get all the characters from the game gotten more loved and polished. I did seen Celica was like the Top Gaiden character which she was ranked 118th place and Alm was on second for 145th place in while the others were in the 391st to Onwards category in the last Choose Your Legends since the localized players don't know any of the Gaiden characters back then before Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia was released back then. But, I definitely think one of their votes will might get raised in Round 2.
  10. Nintendo Labo

    Just re-watch the trailer, you should look and see it's not just cardboard that they're showing and it did make it to get the idea of use creativity for kids. It's similar to like Legos. And also, can you keep the discussion relevant about this game and not talking about English grammar please. I am trying working hard on my skills and it's not that easy as well.
  11. Nintendo Labo

    Actually, I looked at the video, there are some mechanics and strings appeared in the Variety Kit and the Robit Kit set. But, price is included with the software, I think the software could be 59.99 and the remaining price would be on the cardboard, the mechanics, and strings. And plus, the Variety Kit appeared to be having a walking robot and I don't know if the piano sound was used from the piano cardboard. I think the piano sound could might have came from the game for the Variety Kit. There's two software that comes with in the Variety Kit and Robot Kit game, they did have strings and mechanics in both of the Sets help out the functions of the Kit and I did seen the person was controlling a RC Cardboard unit from the Variety Kit from the Switch touch screen and it does have a machine under in the cardboard that connects the two Joycons. But, the two games were purposely made for kids and kids at heart since Kids do like to use Cardboards and Nintendo did tweet out about the announcement before Nintendo Labo was announced since many people thought this was suppose to be a Direct for Kids, but they didn't expected to be a 2 minute trailer.
  12. What if Naga Julius and Loptyr Julia?

    But, a male twin brother if he has a twin sister aren't technically make any male twins older than the twin sister younger. I do have a two friends that he and she are both twins, her sister did said that she actually older than him from birth. I don't know making Julius actually older since he appeared to be more taller in the Trading Card Games than Julia, but I do know that Mario and Luigi are twins. Mario is technically older than Luigi, but Luigi is taller than Mario. I don't know how the Holy Blood thing actually works if you have both parents have major holy blood since Seliph did have major Baldr blood and a minor Naga blood (but he doesn't have a Loptyr blood) since Sigurd has major Baldr and Deirdre has major Naga blood with minor Loptyr blood and Arvis did have major Fjalar blood with minor Loptyr blood (but he doesn't have a Naga blood), Saias did get major Fjalar blood with minor Loptyr blood since Arvis needs a child to wield the Valflame while he did married Deirdre that gained Julius to gain major Loptyr blood and Julia to have major Naga blood with minor Fjalar blood (but she doesn't have a Loptyr blood). I don't know if could Julia could techniqually qualifies as older while Julius is the youngest since Arvis and Deirdre has both minor Loptyr blood, if one of the two has the same minor holy blood (or one with major and the other is minor) that can make the child or more to have a major holy blood. I do know that it did happened to the other Generation 2 children since Lene and Coirpre can both have major holy blood of Blaggi if Sylvia was paired with Claud and Ulster and Larcei can have major holy blood of Odo if Ayra was paired with Chulainn. I'm pretty sure Julia could be younger if she could have gotten the Loptyr blood instead of the Naga blood and Juluis could be older than her by standards if that happens. Edit: I forgot about adding Rowan and Lianna from Fire Emblem Warriors since they are actual twins, they did have made Rowan the younger twin brother and Lianna is the older twin sister.
  13. What if Naga Julius and Loptyr Julia?

    Now I think about it, did they ever mentioned in the game or Fire Emblem related media about Julius is the older twin while Julia is younger twin. Or did they said Julius is the younger twin and Julia is the older twin?
  14. What if Naga Julius and Loptyr Julia?

    If Julia was the antagonist instead of Julius, I'm pretty sure she would have been planned on marrying to possibly one of the young male antagonists that be related to the male Generation 1's antagonist fathers (both Lombard and Reptor, the grandfathers, Andrey as the father, or someone who was involved in the battle) that were killed by Sigurd's army like either Brian, Scipio, or make a brand new young male antagonist that we haven't seen. I'm pretty sure Ishtore wouldn't accept it since he did have a crush with his tactician Liza. But, I don't know how will Ishtar's fate will be in Generation 2, I'm pretty sure she will most likely be a major boss to follow in her father's footsteps or she could become a playable character if Julius isn't the antagonist.
  15. I heard Derrick from GameXplain did mentioned it added Episode 2 in the retail release and Episode 2 will be coming to the eShop as well and Japan didn't have a retail version of Detective Pikachu which the eShop had Episode 1 when it was released back then. I think Derrick did mentioned he didn't seen Episode 2 in the Nintendo eShop over months after Episode 1 was released before the official English trailer officially revealed. And I'm surprised that Detective Pikachu is coming on March since my birthday is at the same month as well. I'll might get this game on my birthday as well.