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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Alright then, let's go for a free Selk - ....I'm not sure what else I expected anymore. Got A!Tiki nr. 55 or something, could've at least given me Hinata or Cain D:< Gotta keep going for Alm first, then if I got orbs left I might try for a second Selkie. She's my absolute fav so wanna grab every opportunity to get merges.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Tried for Alm with 58 orbs, but guess who's still stuck in pity break limbo since february? So what I got instead was my fourth pity breaking Siegbert (at least got Death Blow fodder for hopefully future Alm) and a +Spd/-Def Faye (her worst boon of course lol) on a round with no reds. Lost 58 orbs in trade for no pity rate at all, just great. Oh well I still wanted a Faye and after the last 1,5 months I really wasn't expecting anything else anymore so hardly am mad. I sure hope I can still get him though, I had already given up on him after his last banner, this very well may be my last chance for a loooooong while :(
  3. ......Armors? Really? Well that kinda ruins everything. Like Felicia looks awesome but another axe armor is really the last thing I need. And Genny is another cav healer sigh, more things I have more than enough of. If she was actually riding the deer, I would've pulled for sure cause unique looking horses are awesome, but she gets just another boring white horse. Oh well, good that I can skip then, will do one round for Genny but that's it. Free Leo is awesome though! And green mage cav too, the only mage cav I still need! Though not the biggest fan of his art, kinda sad he got his original artist instead of the Summer Leo one who I prefer and his attack art looks kinda weird. Oh well, will wait to see him in game, or else I just keep Lyn on the team I guess. Man I thought nothing could make me dissapointed about this banner and yet they still managed it lol.
  4. Man that artist truly is amazing. I hadn't even noticed the necklace on the left person yet, guess it really is Genny then (my orbs, I cry). Seeing that hood thingy on Tharja makes me think it's Tatiana though, who wears a hood thing like that. Not really sure if the hair fits though, but it's the only SoV person I can think off who would fit that silhouette. That would also make my orbs cry though, man the fear is real.
  5. Oh gods no, why does it have to be Genny, I am saving for Selkie/F!Morgan on the Iceberg banner don't do this to me please. What if one of the others is Alm too, my orbs are crying.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    I swear this banner (Spring 2019) is trolling me. After being pity broken by the wrong blue flier, I got: Cordelia Catria, Clair No blues Today I tried again with 20 orbs and got: Cordelia Catria, Clair No blues Screw you too banner -_- Hardly any orbs for four days long too, so I guess I give up. After no Yune and no Spring Marisa I guess I really do have to do arena with my 4* Alfonse, sigh.
  7. Grand Hero Battle Breaks: Garon

    Late, but since I finally got another Cordelia today I was able to give a third member of the beasts team Galeforce: Selkie! And with that I was finally able to clear Garon Infernal: Big thanks to @mampfoidand @Alkaidfor helping me turn Selkie into the best Galeforcer! :D
  8. Official Pull Topic

    No one forces you to use them, if you for some weird ass reason don't like free stuff you're more than welcome to just not touch the tickets.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Gods I am SO done. Decided to try for Spring Marisa cause gods I want something after a whole month of nothing but two shitty pity breakers. But nope, I just get another shitty pity breaker in the form of Tana. Yes I know she's great, yes I know she has Guidance. But I already have a Tana I never use, and this is my third Guidance fodder I will probably never use. She's literally useless to me. I guess I'm lucky it happened at only a 3.25% pity rate but I'd still rather take any rate with so few days left on the banner, and would've rather gotten any shitty 3* unit who I can at least send home for feathers.
  10. All I ask for is Groom Lon'qu, nothing else matters.
  11. Yes, it was already very hard to get these characters. And our point is that now it's even harder, close to impossible even. Like I still really want Alm but his appareance on the last Sweep skills banner was very unexpected (as everyone expected all the Firesweep weapons instead). So I had no orbs saved for him and lost them all due to the Fates beasts. His last banner was a whole year ago. So my only hope was that he would one day pity break me still, cause that's the only other option than waiting yet another damn year. But nope, IS had to take away even that hope from me, now I will probably never get him. Screw you too, IS.
  12. Ok so I did some math cause I keep seeing people go 'this is way better, now you only get pity breakers that are good!' and: There's 18 old units I don't have yet, of which there's only 3 I'd hate to see multiple times. There's 6 old units I already have and don't want to see anymore. There's 38 old units I want or wouldn't mind having, either because of wanting merges or having good fodder (I also count fodder that would normally cost 20k feathers to get from a 3/4*) So all in all, there's only 9 units I'm being 'saved' from with this. And not even really, cause if I want those 38 units I like I still have to deal with those dupes. Meanwhile in the pool that's left: There's 34 units I don't have yet, but quite a big number of 14 I wouldn't want to see a second time (and that while the chance to get them has just raised). On top of that, there's 3 units I already have and don't want to see again, so a total of 17 units I'd loathe to see multiple times. So there's now 37 units left that I wouldn't mind seeing, instead of what was before 75 units in total I wouldn't mind seeing. So all that was done was take 38 units away from me and 'save' me from 9 units. Meanwhile there's still 17 units I'd really rather not be pity broken by so my situation hasn't improved much at all. It only got worsened cause there's a lot of units I want that I will very rarely see now and there's 17 units I hate that now have a bigger chance of pity breaking me.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Free pulls were 4* Sakura and 4* Jeorge. Nothing to see here, moving along.
  14. Ok so: Instead of demoting the trash 5* units so you can't get pity broken by them anymore and they are easier to get for people who like them... they can still pity break you on some banners and are now harder to get for people who like them. Also instead of doing something about the bigger problem which is the incredibly stale 3/4* pool which only got a very sad list of new additions. Instead of fixing arena with their shitty BST scoring....they made another PvP mode with the exact same scoring. Instead of giving us more orbs again....they require you to pay orbs for something else entirily which is pretty much a must if you don't want to fall behind in AR. Sigh, I give up on hoping this game ever fixes its issues. Happy that I have more chance to +10 Shigure and L'Arachel though, and that Sothe and Legault are gone as 5* units now (though it comes way too late for me, having been pity broken by both of them twice). The Aether Resort looks ok I guess, though I despise having to visit it every day to get that damn new recourse. Also having to pay orbs to be able to stay good in AR is disgusting, especially after they're already taking away a lot of our orbs. And Allegiance Battles seems fun in theory, but would only work for me if 1) it was not PvP 2) it didn't have the same score calc as arena and 3) you didn't get higher points for choosing your top 3 friends, I want to play with any friend thank you very much. All in all just got more reasons to stop caring about this game and am more motivated to quit in the near future.