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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Why do my first summons never have the color I want :( Got a regular Chrom meh. Tried two more rounds, but no Kliff yet.
  2. Well then, I definitely did not expect Loki to get in this quick, I had assumed they'd go for Charlotte instead. I guess that's cool for those who like her, I personally really don't so I'm just gonna skip this color. Kliff though! Yasss a blue mage like I hoped, cause I desperately lack in the blue mage department. I just somehow don't like a lot of them, so I only got Linde and (only recently) L'Arachel. Happy his art is done by one of my fav artists too, though gotta agree with @Landmaster about not being a fan of the side profile in his attack art. Still looks good enough for me to try for him though. Owain's cool, he was one of my favs in Awakening and I know a lot of people have waited for him. Would def have pulled for him a year ago, but now there's so many other sword infantry units I like that I just don't care to add another one except if they have really amazing art (e.g. Alm). Aversa for GHB though, hell yessss. I like her simply because of her design really, she just looks awesome. So definitely happy we're getting her for free, though sad she's a red flier while I can build a whole team of red fliers by now, and the one flying mage I have is also red (H!Nowi) ^^;
  3. Oh I don't really mean to shame Rhajat for it, if other people like that kinda look then sure. It just makes me extremely uncomfortable personally, and the fact that I like to play this game in public does not help :P Hell I always have to shut the game down whenever Loki appears when I play this at work. So yeah that's a big reason why I don't want Aversa to end up as Loki or Rhajat, cause that would make her unplayable for me, both because I don't like that look and because I literally cannot use her when I play the game publicly lol
  4. @Vince777 'Aura' of maturity, not literal maturity. And that's indeed what I mean I think. Like Rhajat's portrait art is just 100% 'oh look at me being hot, what am I to do with myself', with one hand on her lips, one hand behind her back to make her look innocent, and her blushing and looking at you seductively. Now I won't deny that Sonya also has that playful look going on, but I guess the biggest difference is that she doesn't look innocent. Her look says 'look at me being hot' but also 'touch me and I will step on you and kill you right here with my high heels' and that is what I want Aversa to be haha. Not sure if classy is the right word, but I guess it's because she looks more like a badass pretty rich lady walking down the stairs while everyone watches in awe. Rhajat looks like... the complete opposite. I do only mean Rhajat in FEH though, Rhajat in Fates looks like a completely different person almost.
  5. @RexBoltYeah I read about that and I weep :( I will still keep hoping though cause that is everything I can do. Bless that her art will probably be revealed in a datamine tomorrow though, can't wait three more days for that.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    @daisy jane You gotta teach me how to do this, do you use a certain kinda bait or something? Or could you just tell the Jaffars the way to my game?:P Seriously though, that sucks, being pity broken by the same off-banner unit thrice is bloody ridiculous :/ I'll ask my Jaffars to tell their other versions to cut it out.
  7. First of all: WOOH AVERSA! I didn't dare hope she would be on a GHB so this is amazing. Second: well shit she's a red tome, I was hoping for any color except that one. Not only is my only tome flier already a red tome, but I'm drowning in red fliers I just have no place for. So she's either gotta be better or prettier than Halloween Nowi or I don't really have a place for her :( Mentioning 'prettier' cause god do I fear her art. Not that it won't be pretty but more that'll be like....Loki and Rhajat (in FEH), simply cause she's half naked. Hoping she'll look more cool and classy, like FEH Sonya.
  8. What are your hopes for Book 3

    @SilvertheShadow Doesn't the same go for 5* demotes though? Everyone goes 'these units don't deserve to be a 5*' while there might be people who actually like getting them as a 5*. A good example is Jaffar who most people seem to hate being pity broken by while he's one of my favs and I would cry with joy :P I wouldn't mind him going down to 4* of course, but I also wouldn't mind it if he was taken from the pool completely if it means he's easier to get through other means or via a seperate pool. So why is it not a problem if units are deemed unworthy to be a 5* but it is a problem if units are deemed unworthy to be in the soon to be huge 3-4* pool? Only if it means they'll be available through other means of course. And I wouldn't really pick out some specific 'unworthy' ones, just the very first bunch that was added. Just replacing the old with the new, you know. Giving them better skills would at least solve part of the problem cause then they'd be more loved, yes. However, that doesn't solve the problem of getting a specific unit in a summoning pool that is already huge, which still gets bigger about every two weeks, and will probably have a whole bunch of 3-4* units added to it in the form of demoted 5* units. It's been months since I've seen a Klein for one, that will become even worse when the demotes happen. I'd love for him to be thrown out of that pool and be available through different means. @Fire Emblem Fan Thanks for explaining! 1. I mentioned previously I forgot about the skill books not having IVs so yeah my bad, a skill book shop would indeed not be enough. But making them available in a seperate summoning pool or by getting them randomly through some other means would solve that. 2. There are resources most people are drowning in though. Arena medals are one, which you can get quite easily by just doing arena matches, which is something you can do at almost any moment at any point in time. Crystals and shards are also a thing that are easy to come by and can be farmed daily in the Training Tower. And they now have less use too now that we don't have to level up units anymore to promote them. The only way you can get those units now are through orbs which are pretty much the rarest resource, after dew. And with the amount of heroes we have right now, getting a specific unit is very hard. Making a seperate more limited pool for the older units that uses cheaper resources than orbs would be to everyone's benefit really, wouldn't it? 3. I'm 50/50 on this, like on one hand it indeed doesn't seem like IS would give you anything that easy. On the other hand, these units are more than a year old, most of their skills are not very useful anymore, very few people actually use them, and a lot of people already have 10+ of them in their barracks/books if they care about them. The new shiny units are the ones that gain IS the most money, I don't think making the really old ones more available would hurt them one bit, few (if any) people are buying orbs for those. Making them available through arena medals though would make people play arena, and they sure seem to love people playing arena. The only ones that make me doubt it are mostly the Reposition, Fury, and Desperation fodder units, since those skills are still very much wanted. However, we have so many new skills that are better than those now, if they don't make more of those skills more readily available, the least they could do is give us easier access to the cheaper good skills. 4. See top of the post.
  9. What are your hopes for Book 3

    @Fire Emblem FanOnly if you actually start explaining why something is a terrible idea instead of just going 'this would ruin the game forever pls', k? Seriously though, if the units are still available in the game, except through other means, why is it so horrible to delete them from the regular summoning pool? Do you not want a bigger chance to actually summon stuff you want? Cause if more 5* units are being demoted, and the chance is high that they will, it will become even harder to get any kind of 3-4* unit. So for both those who like someone like Wrys and for those who don't, it seems like a terrible deal to keep them in the regular summoning pool. Keep them somewhere seperate for those who really want them, so they don't get in the way for those who don't want them. Both parties get what they want in an easier way, what is wrong with that?
  10. Made it through the 3-map water blessing grounds but it wasn't easy, I still lack good water teams. Not sure if I'm even able to do three maps with the other elements, didn't think I've have to make a third team too so this is gonna take moving around. Bit weird we aren't getting better rewards for these though.
  11. Things you regret doing the most?

    Ah yeah this too, I used to merge every double unit I got at the start. So many skills I could've had if I hadn't done this. And for the longest time didn't look at IVs either, so when I decided to train up an Effie I saw her 4* was +2 and the main one didn't have good IVs. Maybe the other two did :(
  12. Yes, please let weapon triangle return, the biggest reason I've never finished Echoes is because I thought the battles were very boring (and also a lot harder) without it. I don't really care which kind of triangle returns though, as long as there some sort of traingle(s) going on.
  13. What are your hopes for Book 3

    @Fire Emblem [email protected]@Arcphoenix If you all read more than the first sentence you would also have read the part where I said "If the Skill Forge/Skill Book Shop becomes a thing". Guess I should've clarified that this should only happen if they add something like that too, but I'd assumed you would all understand that. What I said is delete them from the summoning pool, not from the whole game, of course there should still be a way to get them. But put them in a shop for arena medals or whatever or something, so the people who really want them can still get them. But let them stop being in your way when you're trying to summon for something useful, it's getting quite tiresome to have a barracks full of healers after trying for a colorless unit. I guess a skill book shop would stop them from having IVs though, I forgot about that, so I guess a seperate summoning pool which costs less to summon from would work better then.
  14. Things you regret doing the most?

    @daisy jane Save them for when we can finally trade so you can give them to me and my Jaffar merging project :P You can have my Brave Hector