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  1. Well L!Lyn sure was....extremely unexpected. I guess I don't mind too much since I like her and wouldn't mind a merge. But yeah I would've preferred DC fodder for sure. As for the rest of the results: H!Myrrh - Already got one, though she's -Atk. If the freebie is neutral I don't think I'd replace her cause she's also +Def hmm. Could merge her but don't care for her that much, would probably use her to give H!Jakob Vengeful Fighter instead. Duma - Ew, he's Bold Fighter fodder for sure. L!Azura - The only unit I would actually use, though sorta against my will cause I don't like her but she's too OP to not use -_- So all in all, none of these results would make me really happy. Which is only for the better I guess, since we can't actually choose.
  2. I used +9 Soleil and +10 Klein who are supported together. It was pretty easy indeed but so much fun! I guess mostly because it's finally something different that all the standard 'use movement type teams' or 'use blessed teams' quests, finally something that gives you more freedom in how to solve the quests, cause you could literally use any two units. Really hope we get more creative quests like this in the future, this is the most fun I had in ages with this game.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Daily BHB Free summon: 3* Gaius meh New BHB free summon: 5 blue orbs, haha very funny game -_- 4* Est mehhh Today's tries on the BHB banner: 2 reds, no greens: 4* Henry, 4* Stahl (where are my Cains and Soleils?) 2 greens, no reds: 3* Boey and FOR FUCK'S SAKE GREIL CAN YOU PLEASE GO AWAY I can't believe I got my third freaking Greil. The ultimate proof that I should just not touch anything with color sharing -_- And I did say I would quit after my third but ugh. It would be for the best though if I really want V!Ike, if I just snipe for him I can at least get a pity rate going.... I think I'll just try one more time with 17 orbs for both Ike and Mist and after that give up until I know what the next banner brings. Now to figure out who all needs Fury 4 and/or his Axe...
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Free pulls today: 4* Frederick and 4* Raven, nothing to see here let's move on. Another try on the valentines banner: Three reds, one green, now we're talking! 4* Draug (sweetie I really don't need more Ward Armor pls) 4* Athena (fine you have Moonbow) 3* Cain (FINALLY WOM FODDER) 5* Greil NO STOP BLOCKING YOUR DAUGHTER Fine, I can't complain about more Fury 4 fodder but darnit I said I would stop after the second Greil but ughhh I think I'll try one more time since it happened so soon but the third Greil really will be the end. People can say whatever they want about color sharing not mattering but last time I got 3 NY!Gunnthra instead of Hrid and now this -_-
  5. So... Tap Battle quests have changed, and I sure hope they get better rewards in the later stages but for now it doesn't look great. The general Tap Battle quests are now available immediately! Though the 'play 20 times' quest is no more, when it finally would have been useful lol Instead we now get 5 orbs for stage 56-60 and another 5 for Extra Stage 2. Which sounds great except that they apparently replace the stage orbs (though stage 1-5 still gives one so maybe there's more of them in the later stages). The accessories are also not gotten via the stages anymore, they're now in the Tap Battle quests again. So you'll think 'alright we must get some awesome rewards instead of those stage orbs and accessories now!', yeah think again: today we get 1 orb, 1 dueling crest (LMAO), and a bunch of shards and badges. So far this seems far worse. You can only get 1 orb today instead of 3 usually. And when the Tap Battle quests are finally available on day 1, they've changed them so you still have to wait multiple days to get those orbs. The one good thing is that I now don't have to immediately go through all the stages, there's no reason for me to go beyond stage 1-5 for today. There better be some grails or dew later or else what is the point of this change :/
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Ooff a Sanaki banner, I'd really like a merge since mine is -spd so ok let's go one round of reds: One red, ok that's just sad. 4* Lonqu, I'll take Vantage for sure. Ok another round....again one red ugh. 4* Chrom meh. Ok fine one more round - no reds. 3* Cecilia from green. I know when to give up. Gathered some TT orbs and went back to the valentines banner for two rounds: 2 reds, no greens - 2x 4* M!Robin, could be worse I guess. 1 red, no greens -_- Come on game I want two characters, the least you could do is give me some reds and greens in my circle jeez. Or some good fodder instead of 4* Sophia ugh. Fine I'll do another circle then - again one red, no greens. Sunday must be a bad day to summon sigh. 3* Chrom, yup worst day to summon.
  7. Who has the "worst art"?

    My least favourite is Jakob. His art just looks too 'rough' making him look like a creep instead of the pretty 'soft' look he has in Fates.
  8. More customization is always better so I would 100% be for this. I would love if it we could switch art too though, for example Cordelia's alts look so much better than regular Cordelia and would love to use their art for her OG version.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Pulled LA!Lyn (+Def, -HP) on the free seasonal banner who was someone I really wanted so wooh!! :D The free pulls got me Arthur and Beruka, meh. Reyson when.
  10. Oofff so much bad luck in this thread, that really sucks, sorry you all :( I actually surprisingly had good luck both times. First time was H!Jakob who was on my list of wants, second one was LA!Lyn, who was also on my list of wants! Both not the one I wanted the most but I didn't have them yet and they're both great units who will help my armor teams. Especially happy I can finally have Armor March on my main Armor team :D So yeah, all in all I'm really glad with my pulls but still greatly dissatisfied about how this event was done. The least they could've done is just give everyone one of each color. Next to that, making them all neutral would've been nice too, so whatever you pull will at least be useful. But really, why couldn't we just choose whoever we wanted? I can't imagine that two free choices of seasonals would hurt IS in any way, there's still way more than enough of them for people to pull for.
  11. New Event Calendar (Feb-Mar)

    Fates beasts! Fates beasts! Man that would be great, they'd get a Forging Bonds and we'd have free summon tickets for them. My poor orbs though, I might actually buy some again for that D:
  12. The only two banners I really care for are: Fates Beasts Banner Selkie Velouria Kaden Keaton Blazing Blade Banner Louise Pent Rath Nils Any of them can be a TT/GHB unit, I'm not picky.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Wow so many people free pulling Greil. And so many people getting Greils in general and so little people getting Mist. This scares me, I do want Mist D: @Nanima Uuuuugh that sucks so much, I feel so bad for you jeez :( I know everything about being pity broken by Ryomas, that man needs to leave. Never on such a high pity breaker though, that's the worst luck ugh. Really wish IS would just make it so you have at least one of every color in a circle, so you can avoid stupid pity breakers like this at least :/
  14. So happy to see more people voting for H!Mia! :D I gave all my votes to her, I doubt she can beat Duma but I would really really want that, getting Duma would be the worst -_-
  15. Official Pull Topic

    2018: Me: Ok I want Valentine Lilina, let's go! Me: *free summons Valentine Hector* 2019: Me: Ok I want Valentine Mist, let's go! Me: *free summons:* Well then. I'm not mad though, free Armor March/Fury 4 fodder hell yes that I'll take it! :D Second session got me nothing, gotta wait for more orbs until I can try more for Ike and Mist.