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  1. Official Pull Topic

    And on the last day of Hero Fest... I got a Marth and a Roy. And a pity rate of 5.94%. Ugh. Since that is a ridiculous rate to end things at, I decided to get the Tap Battle Quest orbs today and try one more time....and got a Sophia. I can't freaking believe I didn't get a single thing on this banner, not even an off-focus pity breaker :'( EDIT: Just remembered I still hadn't done the Infernal BHB so took care of that with a guide and: Olivia I love you but I already have you and was actually looking for Owain -_- BUT you have Chill Spd 3 and I know I got some units who want that so I'll take it. I'm honestly just happy I got anything.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Even the simulator knows I got bad luck. I checked the box for green orbs only, about 144 orbs later I have four regular Fae (3/4*) and a Winter Eirika for lack of greens -_- Lord save me.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    And today I got: my third Draug on this banner. And a Caeda. Screw this banner.
  4. Absolutely zero of them. (also yes I forgot to vote one day :'( )
  5. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Oh shit it really is armored dragon Fae and SHE'S ADORABLE! Though I cry for my orbs, I am really happy that I can complete the armored dragon team now and that it mostly consists of cuties :D I was also hoping for Eirika and Ephraim cause they're in my top 10 of least liked units, so I can skip them and save orbs :P Them getting alts so shortly after their previous alts is meh though, there's so many other units they could've picked like you know, poor altless Alm. Though Alm I probably would've wanted to summon so still glad he isn't here. Ok so last year I was really happy with all christmas units being armored, cause armors were actually quite rare back then and especially good-looking ones. So Winter Lissa was a gift from heaven back then and she's been on my main armor team since. But....we got plenty of them now IS, you can stop now. Fae is cool cause a full armored dragon team is now possible (though she should've been colorless to really complete the set) but we really didn't need another blue armor (especially not in the form of Ephraim who just got an armored alt). And an armored healer is just disgusting pls, armors are already hard to kill in one hit and now full armor teams are gonna be able to heal every little damage you do to them too, why would you do this. Dagger Cecilia hmm. It really depends on her art if I like her cause her current art is not my thing at all. That said, TT units are usually not the best and dagger units are also not the best so the chance that she's any good is pretty small. Here's hoping she at least has some good fodder.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    You are stealing all of my luck aren't you ¬¬ No seriously, congrats and with a good nature too, that's awesome! :D
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Welp, still haven't gotten a single thing on the Hero Fest banner. Today got a 3* Ogma from my free ticket and a Draug and M!Corrin for my orbs. Now at a rate of 5.63 :'(
  8. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Saaaame, but if that's Fae then I'm done for :'( I feel bad for it, but I actually am hoping that if that's Fae that she's an armored dragon, so I can complete my armored dragon team ^^;
  9. New Event Calendar (Dec-Jan)

    Yeah it's weird how that works, I also had friends who had gotten like 10 Priscillas while I was still waiting for my first one to ever appear which took months, same with L'Arachel. Meanwhile a friend of mine was so happy to finally get their first Ares while I was like 'pls I have 8, you can have them all'.
  10. New Event Calendar (Dec-Jan)

    Wow 2 Tempest Trials, that's insane. Sure hope they both give a new free unit and it won't be a repeat of previous TT units, especially since we can get them with grails now. Still not trusting IS to not just do repeats ¬¬ As for the banners: New Power - Don't care about any of these. Christmas 2018 - I'd like to say I'm probably skipping this one, but I thought the same about the Halloween one and I ended up wanting 3 of the 4 units -_- Last year I only liked Lissa though so let's hope that if there's someone I like, it'll at least only be one unit. Christmas 2017 rerun - My Winter Lissa has the worst IVs so could use a better one, but I really don't have the orbs to spare for that. She's done well enough for me anyway. Fortress Skills Banner - Luckily already got Innes earlier, don't care for Kliff, and already drowning in Lukas and Seth. Legendary Banner - I'm probably gonna lose all my orbs here, with L!Hector on it for DC and Brave Celica on it for Death Blow 4. Voting Gauntlet Banners - That very much depends who's on it of course. New Years 2019 - See Christmas 2018. Only liked NY!Takumi last year, so good chance I can skip it but I'm too afraid to hope. New Years 2018 rerun - Same as with Lissa, my NY!Takumi also has the worst IVs possible. As a low-tier dagger unit it's a bit more important for him to get better IVs so might try and pull for another one. BHB Banner - Klein hasn't shown up for me in ages and I still need 4 more until he's +10, so might try a bit for a 5* one. Tactic Skills - These units I either have or don't care about, and L'Arachel can be gotten at 4* (though she's only ever appeared once for me) FE10 Banner - RIP all my orbs probably, though it depends on Nailah's art and on who's the third/fourth as I don't really care that much for Tibarn.
  11. I would totally dig Naesala for GHB, but since he is quite popular I'm kinda guessing they'd keep him for a banner so he can make IS money :P I would love to be proven wrong though.
  12. Nailah's sprite can be seen in the FEH channel, so she already covers the Beast tribe. I also think the banner will be 100% laguz to make sure the new unit type starts out with at least 3-4 units. I think they'll give us one of each tribe, so with Tibarn from Bird and Nailah from Beast that leaves us with the Dragon tribe. So that would be Ena, Kurthnaga, Gareth, or Nasir probably. There's also Dheginsea and Almedha but since they're both not playable I'm guessing they're not gonna be it. Dheginsea could maybe be the GHB though. I like all of Ena, Kurthnaga and Nasir so any of them would be great for me.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    You know you can only use the tickets for this banner only right? They expire as soon as the Hero Fest banner ends, so you can't use them for future banners sadly.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Uugh used all of the orbs earned today to try for B!Ike so I can upgrade Grima with Steady Breath and Aether but nope, all I got was trash. Raven, Sheena, Gunter, Nino, 2x Soren, 2x Hawkeye, and Celicia. Not to mention I've got 5-6 rounds with no green orbs at all total -_- Free summons on the Hero Fest didn't gain me anything either. Tried for Owain for Wrath but just got Lon'qu and Palla.