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  1. Today my Groom Marth got it's second merge. And also reindeer horns for holyday cheer.
  2. Even if she isn't that good, keep her for now. May be useful for Infantry type quests.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    I got myself a Lewyn only from the free ticket pulls. No orbs spent. Later i will see he's stats.
  4. Now i'm wondering if with Heroic Grails they wilk stop re-running TT units. I wonder if this means new free seasonals for New Years and stuff.
  5. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Yes, the same way there's Flame Siegmund and i don't expect it to be refinable into a festive weapon. I wonder if Ike will show up with a seasonal version of Ragnell someday, to keep the trend of popular boys who bring their real weapons to the party and use them in all their alts minus their Brave version.
  6. I think daggers work better as support than straight fighters, so i hope it has the same/similar effect as the new staff.
  7. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    It's a kinda weird situation right now, right? I mean, Armads doesn't have a refine, so Beserk Armads kinda counts as it. But Siegmund already has one. Then again, if we are lucky they will just treat it the same as Aura, Excalibur and their Dark versions.
  8. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    I think the only thing that upsets me about Atk Opening is that it buff the same stat it requires. But i guess i only will have my opinion made about it after seeing the next Openings. Will they all rely on Atk? Or will they each require the stat they will boost?
  9. Good plan. A soon as i get done with my Finals i will focus on completing my Chain Challenges and Squad Assalts. They should give me a good cache for the beasties. It's just a pity that you only get Chain orbs for Lunatic.
  10. Oh yeah, you restarted in the game with a new acount, right? Well i also think that if more healers had pfr staves then we would see more variety in them rather than this or that taste of razzle-dazzle. So they could very well put refines that are not the same as inheritable staves.
  11. I really hope January's refines are themed around Tellius and she gets one. Could be the Ashera Staff, the Matrona Staff or maybe the Elsilence.
  12. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    My bet is that Cecilia's weapon will have the same effect as Fae but without adaptive damage + dagger debuffs.
  13. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Yeah, at first i was impressed by the double Solo skills, but then it hit me that Armors are the unit type who wants Solos the least, followed by fliers.
  14. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    I'm actually liking a lot of this free Seasonals thing. Also are you sure it's dagger? I was under the impression it's a tome.
  15. If the banner were to be revealed today, it would be like in 1hour right?