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  1. Skill Request Thread!

    happy to help
  2. Skill Request Thread!

    Avatar is up w/Bowfaire castle code: 08646-28855-64936-83267
  3. Skill Request Thread!

    Nina is up w/tomefaire castle code:086446 - 28855 - 64936 - 83267
  4. Skill Request Thread!

    He's up castle code: 08646 - 28855 - 64936 - 83267
  5. Skill Request Thread!

    Solei w/Astra is up Castle address 08646 - 28855 - 64936 - 83267
  6. My Castle Central: Friend|Castle Code Sharing

    she's up Castle address 08646 - 28855 - 64936 - 83267
  7. My Castle Central: Friend|Castle Code Sharing

    Hi, everyone I just decided to post up all the skills I have, in hopes of helping people LF skills or at least make it a little less painful Castle address 08646 - 28855 - 64936 - 83267 Route Revelations REGION:NA Battle Difficultly easy seize all units on hold UPDATE!!!!! Due to convince and other reasons please make your request using the link "But I Don't like/use Reddit!!!" well you can still send me your request through Discord: Seraphïm#0764 Still don't like any of those other options feel free to PM here on the forms however, it might take a little longer for me to respond with all that said I'm no longer going to be updating what units are currently up However I'll try to keep the full list of skills up to date. Additional Stuff/Contact info If you want me to swap out anyone don't hesitate to ask I'm always LF new skills to add to my horde.....errrr collection of skills just MSG me through discord or the link in the update section if you have any skills i don't have and are willing to share them w/them me I'll try my best to keep units out up to date as much as possible don't like using the forums or have an account? feel to send me your request via Discord info: Seraphïm#0764 LF A Certain skill or skills I suggest using (SHIFT F) to make your search convenient full list of skills (last updated 8/17/2018) **Avatar:** Life and Death, Vantage,Duelist's Blow.Lifetaker,Potent Potion, Draconic Hex, Astra,Dragon Fang, Miracle, Replicate,Trample, Swordfaire,Bowbreaker, Quixotic,Renewal, Nobility, Aptitude, Dragon ward, Norhrian trust, Hoshidan Unity, Profiteer, Quick salve, Spendthrift, Darting blow, Camaraderie, Rally speed, Warding blow, Elbow room, Shelter, Luna, Armored Blow, Locktouch, poison strike, Lethality, Shurikenfaire, hp +5, Gamble, Sol, Death blow, Swordbreaker, Shurkienbreaker, Tomebreaker, Even better, Better odds, Grisly wound, Future sight, Pass, Axebreaker, Rally strength, Lancebreaker, Axefaire, Tomefaire, Certain blow, Anaterasu, Counter, Evenhanded, Odd shaped, voice of peace, Shove, Wary fighter, inspiration, Bowfaire, Resistance +2, Countermagic, Movment +1, Strength +2, Savage blow, Pavise, Aegis **Azura:** Amaterasu,Better Odds, Even Better Inspiring Song, Rend Heaven, Replicate, Evenhanded odd shaped, Trample, Quixotic, Renewal, Aptitude, lancefaire, Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker, Axebreaker, Shurikenbreaker, Bowbreaker, Profitter, Movement +1, Lucky Seven, Darting blow, Rally speed, Camaraderie, Aegis, Lethality, Astra, Luna, Pavise, Miracle, Inspiration, locktouch, Duelist, vantage, Armored blow, Dragon fang, Seal strength, Rally magic, Countermagic, Demoiselle, Future sight, Tomefaire, Draconic hex, Hoshidan unity, HP +5, Death blow **Felicia:** vantage, Life and Death, Shurikenfaire, Amaterasu,Renewal, Lethaility, Astra, Sol,Luna, Rend Heaven, Pavise, Aegis, Replicate, Deathblow, Quixotic, Aptitude, Counter, Countermagic, Draconic hex, Swordfaire, Armored blow, Hoshidan unity, Tomefaire, Inspiration, Seal magic, Vengeance, Lifetaker, Axebreaker, Bowbreaker **Jakob:** Shurikenfaire, Live to Serve, Renewal, Quixotic, Rend Heaven, Replicate, Death Blow,Amatersau,Lifetaker,Aptitude, Luna, Aegis, Elbow room, Defender, Astra, bowbreaker, tomebreaker, Vantage, Swordfaire, Pavise, Trample, Darting blow, Armored blow, salvage blow, Inspiration, Hoshidan unity, Savage blow **Silas:** Aptitude,Armored Blow,Renwal, Quixotic,Lancefaire,Death Blow, Trample, Sol, Luna, Vengeance, Air Superiority, Defender, Draconic hex, Dragon fang, Nohrian trust, Certain blow, Rend heaven, Swordfaire, Bowbreaker, Quick draw, Bowfaire, Amaterasu, Lifetaker, Locktouch, Lethality, Aegis, Camarderie, Darting blow, Shurikenfaire, poison strike, Profiteer, Pavise, Hoshidan unity, Movment +1 **Kaze:** Vantage, Quixotic, Rend Heaven, Renewal, Life and Death, Lethaility, Astra, Luna, Death Blow, Trample, Shurikenfaire, Lifetaker, Aptitude, Replicate, Vengeance, Pavise, Aegis, Miracle, Savage blow, Future sight, Pass, Countermagic, Draconic hex, Seal strength, Shelter, Elbow room, Defender, Gamble, Hoshidan unity, Nobility, Duelist's blow, Quick draw, Grizzly wound, Seal defense **Mozu:** Aptitude, Quixotic, Death Blow, Trample, Rend Heaven, Luna, Quick Draw, Replicate, Armored blow, Bowfaire, Life and death, savage blow, Bowbreaker, Lancefaire, Lifetaker, Nobility, Underdog, Profiteer, Seal strength, Shurikenbreaker, Lucky seven, Amaterasu, Swordfaire, Shurikenfaire, Vnatage, Renewal **Shura:** Rend Heaven, Counter, Replicate, Death blow, Certain blow, Miracle, Life and death, Defender, Renewal **Ryoma:** Vantage, Duelist's Blow, Rend Heaven, Aptiude, Life and Death, Astra, Replicate, Death Blow, Elbow room, Shelter, Luna, Armored blow, seal resistance, Aegis, Swordfaire, salveage blow, Lancebreaker, counter, Sol, Vengeance, Quixotic, Trample, Wary fighter, Savage blow, Profiteer, Renewal, Hoshidan unity, Nobility, Future sight, Golembane, Lifetaker, locktouch, Inspiration, Bowbreaker, Miracale, Shurikenbreaker, Gamble, Seal strength, Pavise, Movment +1, Dragon fang, Lethality **Hinoka:** Lancefaire, Death blow, Rend Heaven, Quixotic, Bowbreaker, Replicate, Spendthrift, Darting Blow, Certain blow, Axefaire, Camaraderie, Seal defense, Swap, seal speed, Elbow room, Shelter, Defender, Luna, Pavise, Aegis, Aptitude, Armored blow, rally speed, Warding blow, Movment +1, Vantage, Even better, Better odds, Live to serve, Amaterasu, Lifetaker, Quick draw, Nobility, Future sight, Life and death, Tomebreaker, Hoshidan unity, Axebreaker **Takumi:** Quixotic, Quick Draw, Rend Heaven, Death Blow, Bowfaire, Counter, Swordbreaker, Gamble, Replicate, Life and death, Aptitude, Luna, Amaterasu, Lethality, Sol, Vantage, Renewal, Lifetaker, Movement +1, trample, Astra, Strong riposte, pass, Air superioty, Dragon fang, Hoshidan unity, Vengeance, Heartseeker, Draconic hex, Nohrian trust, Lucky seven **Sakura:** Bowfaire, Renewal, Amaterasu, live to serve, Counter Momvent +1, Rally luck, Miracle, Countermaigc, Replicate, Quick draw, Tomefaire, Inspiration, voice of peace, Aptitude, lethality, Future sight, Quixoitc, Death blow, Strong riposte, Vengeance, Lifetaker, Vantage, Swordfaire, Lancebreaker, Rend heaven, Darting blow, Camaraderie, Pavise, Demoiselle, Gentilhomme, Rally defense, Rally Resistance, Natural cover, Rally magic, Draconic hex, Grisly wound, Rally strength, Rally speed, Astra **Saizo:** Shurikenfaire, Death Blow,Renewal,Vantage, Life and Death, Leathality, Luna, Rend Heaven, Armored Blow, Warding Blow, Quixotic, Poison strike,locktouch, Aptitude, Replicate, Miracle, Amaterasu, Duelist blow **Kagero:** Trample, Rend Heaven, Lifetaker, Locktouch, Quixotic, Leathality, Astra, Luna, Vengeance, Vantage, Life and Death, Death Blow, Certain Blow, Swordfaire, Shurikenfaire, Gamble, Poison strike, Savage blow, Draconic hex, Dragon fang, Nohrian Trust, Hoshidan unity, Replicate, Aptitude, Aegis, Counter, renewal, Seal strength, Pavise, Lucky seven, Future sight **Azama:** Life and Death, Aptitude, Rend Heaven, Vantage, Quixtotic, Rally luck, Sol, Miracle, Death Blow, Trample, Axefaire, Shrukenfaire, Swordbreaker, Axebreaker, Renwal, Countermagic, Inspiration, Live to serve, Replicate, Dragon fang, Certain blow, Lancefaire **Setsuna:** Quixituc, Death Blow, Skill +2, Quick Draw, Rend Heaven, Replicate Aptitude, Countermagic, Bowfaire, Renweal, Amatersau, Lancebreaker, Axebreaker, Bowbreaker, Tomebreaker, Air superiorty, Luna, miracle, Life and death, Darting blow, Shurikenbreaker **Hinata:** Quixotic, Rend Heaven, Lifetaker, Vatnage, Life and Death, Sol, Duelist's Blow, Death Blow, Trample, Wary Fighter, Savage blow, Aptitude, Replicate, Lancebreaker, Astra, Counter, Swordfaire, Renewal, Aegis, Pavise, Dragon fang, Norhiran trust, Hoshidan unity, Lethality **Oboro:** Vantage, Aptitude, Quixotic, Renwal, Rend Heaven, Seal Speed, Seal Defense, Swap, Replicate, Death Blow, Trample, Lancefaire, Axebreaker, Savage Blow, Potent potion, Qucik salve, Profiteer, Spendthrift, Luck +4, Astra, Vengeance, Miracle, Luna, Seal strength, Seal magic, Life and death, Countermagic, Warding blow, Nobility, Strength +2, Defense +2, Swordbreaker, Counter, Pavise, Aegis, Lifetaker, Draconic hex **Hana:** Vantage, Renewal, Venegance, Duelist's Blow, Life and Death, Astra, Dragon Fang, Rend Heaven, Death Blow, Trample, Bowbreaker Quixotic, Lifetaker, Savage Blow, Aptitude, Replicate, Swordfaire, Seal strength, Sol, Counter, Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker, Hoshidan unity, Wary fighter, Even better, Better odds, Grizzly wound **Subaki:** Rend Heaven, Trample, Lancefaire, Apitude, Lifetaker, Rally Speed, Darting Blow, Bowbreaker, Camaraderie, Savage blow, Life and death, Renwal, Air superiority, Astra, Death blow, Amaterasu, Seal strength, Shurikenbreaker, pass **Hayoto:** Life and Death, Tomefaire, Rend Heaven, Quixotic, Vantage, Magic +2, Seal Resistance, Aegis, Shove, Replicate, Strong Riposte, Evenhanded, Trample, Axefaire, Renewal, Lifetaker, Future Sight, Pass, Aptitude, Hoshidan unity, Death blow, Astra, Certain blow, Shurikenbreaker **Rinkah:** Quixotic, Death Blow, Axefaire, Trample, Rend Heaven, Seal Resistance, Vantage, Shove, Replicate, Gamble, Hp +5, Leathality, Aptitude, Life and death, Certain blow, Tomefaire, Luna, Draconic hex, Swordfaire, Salvage blow, Warding blow **Orochi:** Armored Blow, Vantage, Life and Death, Lifetaker, Warding Blow, Magic +2, Rally Magic, Rally Luck, Miracle, Darting Blow, Death blow, Trample, Tomefaire, Future Sight, Aptitude, Astra, Vengeance, Hoshidan unity, Rend heaven, Counter, Replicate, Profiteer, Countermagic, Lancefaire, Renewal, Quixotic, Dragon fang, Wary fighter, Luna, Certain blow, Nobility, Draconic hex **Kaden:** Aptitude, Renewal, Death Blow, Quixotic, Rend Heaven, Astra, Beastbane, Hoshidan Unity, Evenhanded, Even Better, Luna, counter, poison strike, Savage blow, Lethality, Pavise, Aegis, Draconic hex, Warding blow, Armored blow, Better odds, Savage blow, Sol, Quick draw, salvage blow **Reina:** Darting blow, Camaraderie, Aptitude, Draconic hex, Death blow, Bowbreaker, Lifetaker, Lethality, Axebreaker, Certain blow, Bowfaire, pass, Nohrian trust, Lancefaire **Xander:** Aptitude, Swordfaire, Renwal, Quixotic, Rend Heaven, Seal Strength, Lethaility, Astra, Luna, Vatange, Shelter, Replicate, Elblow Room, Life and Death, Defender, Armored blow, Aegis, Nohrian Trust, good fortune, Strong riposte, Sol, Axebreaker, strength +2, Pavise, Warding blow, Lunge, Rally Defense, Swordbreaker, Savage blow, Trample, rally skill, Shurikenbreaker, Movement+1, Lifetaker, Pass, Draconic hex, Death blow, Nobility, Hoshidan unity, Tomebreaker, Future sight **Camilla:** Replicate, Rend Heaven, Lifetaker, Bowbreaker, Axefaire, Strength +2, Astra, Aegis, Lunge, Tomefaire, Quixotic, Aptitude,renewal, Sol, Vengeance, Swordbreaker Savage blow, Trample, Dragon fang, Countermagic, Lancefaire, Salvage blow, Death blow, Life and death, Heartseeker, Lethality, Movement +1 vantage, pass, Quick draw, Luna, Certain blow, Gamble, Hoshidan unity, Nohrian trust **Leo:** Malefic Aura, Lifetaker, Rend Heaven, Life and Death, Quixotic, Sol, Vantage, Tomefaire, Heartseeker, Renewal, Seal strength, Astra, Inspiration, Bowbraker, Quick draw, Death blow, Swordfaire, lancebreaker, Vengeance, Trample, Aptitude, Movement +1, Nohrian trust, Hoshidan unity, Pass, Savagae blow, Poison strike, lucky seven, locktouch, seal magic, Miracle, Dragon fang, Draonic hex, Certain blow **Elise:** Quixotic, Rend Heaven, Amatersau, Live to serve, Renwal, Reistance +2, Rally Resistance, Replicate, Shurikenfaire, Tomerfaire, Demoiselle, Aptitude, Counter, Inspiration, Defense +2, Trample, Wary fighter, Savage blow, Miracle, Death blow, Certain blow, Vantage, Norhian Trust, Hoshidan unity, Rally strength, Rally magic, Rally speed, Rally defense, Bowbreaker, Swordbreaker, Strength +2, Lunge, Movment +1, Spendthrift, Profiteer, Lifetaker **Laslow:** Swordfaire, Strong Riposte, Good Fortune, Rend Heaven, Life and Death, Sol, Vantage, Trample, Shurikenbreaker, Quixotic, Aptitude, Rally speed, luck, strength, defense, resistance, Duelist's blow, Death blow, Pavise, Rally skill, Draconic hex, Hoshidan unity, Swap, Spendthrift, Shurikenfaire, Lethality, luna **Peri:** Rend Heaven, Trample, Lancefaire, Quixotic, Aptitude, Astra, Shelter, Elbow Room, Lancebreaker, Shurikenbreaker, Lifetaker, Lethaility, Aegis, vantage, Dath blow, Armored blow, life and death, Draconic hex, Dragon fang, Norhiran turst, Luna, Malefic aura, Certain blow, Renewal, Hoshidan unity, Even better, Better odds, Savage blow, Grizzly wound, Vengeance, Pavise **Selena:** lancefaire, Life and Death, Rend Heaven, Renewal, Quixotic, Sol, Luna, Vantage, Replicate, Strong Riposte, Darting Blow, Death Blow,Trample, Sworfaire, Bowbreaker, Good fortune, Camaderie, Lifetaker, Aptitude, Savage blow, Rally speed, Aegis, Lethality, Vengeance, Miracle, Rally skill, Pavise, Tomebreaker, Bowfaire, Axefaire, Shurikenbreaker **Beruka:** Lifetaker, Gamble, Rend Heaven, Death Blow, Quixotic, Hp +5, Strnegth +2, Rally Strength, Replicate, Certain Blow, Axefaire, Heartseeker, Aptitude, Bowbreaker, Pavise, Aegis, Life and death, Swordfiare, Lunge, Trample, Wary fighter, Lancefaire, Luna, Elbow room, Armored blow, Swordbreaker, Air superiorty, Nohrian trust, Hoshidan unity, Shurikenbreaker, Tomebreaker, Rally defense, Savage blow, Lethality, Renewal **Odin:** Heartseeker, Trample, Vantage, Life and Death, Amrored Blow, Hoshidan Unity, Death Blow, Certain Blow, Warding Blow, Malefic Aura, Gamble, Quixotic, Renewal, Lifetaker, Aptitude, Replicate, Rend heaven, Duelist's blow, Tomefaire, Bowbreaker, Vengeance, Astra, Swordfaire, Swap, Savage blow, Grizzly wound, Locktouch, Darting blow **Niles:** Rend Heaven, Quixotic, Bowfaire, Trample, Aptitude, Momvnet +1, Lethality, Astra, Pavise, Vantage, Death Blow, Locktouch, Seal magic, Rally skill, Vengeance, Malefic Aura, Hoshidan unity, Nobility, Future sight, Certain blow, Shurikenbreaker, Lifetaker, Hp+5, Renewal, pass, Luck +4, Swap, Spendthrift, Heartseeker, Profiteer, Seal defense, Quick draw, **Effie:** Trample, Aptitude, Lancefaire, Deathblow, Renewal, Defense +2, Momvemnet +1, Sol, Luna, Vantage, Natural Cover, Life and Death, Wary fighter, Pavise, Aegis, Certain blow, Lifetaker, Hoshidan unity, Warding blow, Locktouch, Armored blow, Tomebreaker, Quick draw, Nohrian trust, Nobility **Arthur:** Quixotic,Gamble Death Blow, Rend Heaven, Lifetaker, Hp +5, Luna, Certain Blow, Aptitude, Movement +1, Vantage, Life and death, Swordfaire, Renewal, Sol, Aegis, Draconic hex, Lucky seven **Nyx:** Vantage, Lifetaker, Tomefaire, Deathblow, Life and Death, Rend Heaven, Vengeance, Replicate, Malefic Aura, Gamble, Heartseeker, Aptitude, Countermaic, Certain blow, Shurikenbreaker, Renewal, Luna, Quick draw, Locktouch, Lethality, Hoshidan unity, Draconic hex, Counter, Trample, Grisly wound **Charlotte:** Gamble, Quixotic, Lifetaker, Death Blow, Rend Heaven, Hp +5, Rally Strength, Astra, Counter, Certain Blow, Axefaire, Seal Resistance, Shove, Salvage blow, Lancebreaker, Sol, Axebreaker, Renwal, Aptitude, Life and death, Trample, Vengeance, Vantage, Heartseeker, seal Defense, Dragon fang, Spendthrift, Profiteer, Warding blow, Swordfaire, Poison strike **Benny:** Defense +2 Wary Fighter, Renwal, Aegis, Pavise, Natural cover, Sol, Luna, Armored blow, Quixotic, Aptitude, Lifetaker, Tomebreaker, Shurikenbreaker, Movement +1, Rend heaven, counter, Countermagic **keaton:** Luna, Gamble, Quixotic, Replicate, Renewal, Beastbane, Odd Shaped, Certain Blow, Better Odds, Savage Blow, Profiteer, Aptitude, Even better, Astra, Death blow, Lifetaker, Lancebreaker, Shurikenbreaker, Tomebreaker, Sol, Pavise, Aegis, Grisly wound, Trample, Hoshidan unity **Gunter:** Shelter, Elbow room, luna, Aptitude, Sol, Aegis, Astra, Rend heaven, Armored blow, Death blow, Vengeance, Countermagic, Vantage, Wary fighter, Quixotic **Flora:** Rend Heaven, Vatage, Life and Death, Quixotic, Renewal, Reistane +2, Vengeance, Shurikenfaire, Demoiselle, Live to Serve, Hoshidan unity, Nobility, Future sight, Aptitude, Lethality, Astra, Pavise, Aegis, Death blow, Dragon fang, Draconic hex, Even better, Better odds, Savage blow, grizzly wound **F!Kana:** Rend Heaven, Quixotic, Renwal, Duelist's Blow, Even better, Astra, Dragon Fang, Miracle, Vantage, Replicate, Life and Death, Trample, Better Odds, Grisly Wound, Nobility, Aptitude, Camaraderie, rally speed, Dragon ward, Hoshidan Uinty, Inspiration, Warding blow, Air superiortity, Potent postion, Quick salve, Profiteer,Spendthrift, Amaterasu, Swordfaire, Luna, Nohrian trust, Death blow, Sol, Axebreaker, Gamble, Draconic hex, Beastbane, Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker, Locktouch, Vengeance, Armored blow, Counter, Countermagic, Savage blow, Salveage blow, pass, Live to serve, Tomefaire, Movment +1, Wary fighter **M!Kana:** Draconic hex, Dragon fang, Nobility, Locktouch, hoshidan unity, Lethaity, Rend heaven, Dragon ward, life and death, Death blow, Certain blow, Trample, Bowbreaker, tomebreaker, Air superiority, Quixotic, Savage blow, Aptitude, Poison strike, Shurikenfaire, Golembane **Shigure:** Rend heaven, Quixotic, Rewal, Voice of peace, Nobility, Draconic Hex, rall, Speed, Dragon fang, Sol, Hoshidan unity, Elbow room, Camaraderie, Aptitude, Shelter, Duelist blow, vantage, Seal strength, Life and Death, warding blow, Air Superiority, Amaterasu, Luna, Death blow, Bowbraker, Armored blow, Beastbane, Even better, Better odds, Grisly wounds, hp+5, Rally strength, Gamble, Rally magic, Rally luck, Rally resistance, Lethality, Miracle, Shurikenfaire, Poison strike, Locktouch, Trample, Bowfaire, Rally skill, Rally defense, Nohrian trust, Astra, lancefaire, Future sight, Axefaire **Dwyer:** Hoshidan Unity, Rend Heaven, Quixotic, Renwal, Death Blow, Resistance +2, Astra, Luna, Shelter, Elbow Room, Natural Cover, Gentilhomme, Gamble, Aptitude, Dragon fang, Nobility, Lethality, Shurikenfaire, Armored Blow, Inspiration, Live to serve, Tomebreaker, Lucky seven, Locktouch, Strength +2, Aegis, Replicate, Darting blow, Trample, Rally resistance, Malefic aura, Heartseeker **Sophie:** lifetaker, Quixotic, Trample, Bowbreaker, Rend Heaven, Rally speed, Lethality, Astra, Dragon Fang, Sol, Luna, Shelter, Elbow Room, Darting Blow, Swordfaire, Lancefaire, Camaraderie, Aptitude, Air superioty, Good Fortune, Strong Riposte, Axebreaker, Warding blow, Vantage, Death blow, Gamble, Aegis, Btter odds, Armored blow, Replicate, Nohrian trust, Renewal, Movment +1, Axefaire, **Midori:** Quixotic, Rend Heaven, Aptitude, Vatage, Lifetaker, Lethality, Astra, Life and Death, Death Blow, Potent Potion, Poison Strike, Quick Salve, Locktouch, Shelter, luna, Rally luck, Proofiteer, Armored blow, Shurikenfaire, Nohrian trust, Hoshidan unity, luck +4, Miracle, Lucky seven, Duelist's blow, Darting blow, Certain blow, Seal resistance, Counter, Salvage blow, Renewal, Future sight, Swordfaire, Sol, Nobility, Aegis, Pavise, Draconic hex, Dragon ward, Dragon fang, Replicate, Golembane, Seal defense, Swap **Shiro:** Rend Heaven, Lifetaker, Quixotic, Lancefaire, Duelist's Blow, Seal Strength, Seal Speed,Seal Defense, Astra, Vantage, Hosidan Unity, Swap, Life and Death, Death Blow, Heartseeeker, Elbow room, Shelter, luna, defender, Armored blow, Aegis, Aptitude, Renwal, Replicate, Savage blow, Countermagic, Nohrian trust, Darting blow, Draconic hex, Profiteer, Warding blow, Trample, Future sight **Kiragi** Death blow, Quixotic, Renewal, Aptitude, Quick draw, Strength +2, Skill +2, Dragon fang, Luna, Miracle, Nohrian trust, Hoshidan unity, Certain blow, bowfaire, Air Superiority **Asugi:** Rend Heaven, Hoshidan Unity, Quixotic, Renwal, Aptitude, Leathality, Astra, Vantage, Replicate, Life and death, Duelist's Blow, Death Blow, Shurikenfaire, Poison Strike, Sol, Pavise, Aegis, Nohrian Trust, Certain blow, Trample, Savage blow **Mitama:** Renweal, Magic +2, Warding Blow, Quixotic, Rend Heaven, Rally Magic, Rally Luck, Miracle, Counter, Countermagic, Life and Death, Death Blow, Shurikenfaire, Vantage, Rally luck, Rally magic, Astra, Dragon fang, Dragon ward, Norhian trust, Hoshidan unity, Replicate, Swordfaire, Gamble, Live to serve, Future sight, Aptitude **Hisame:** Vantage, Lifetaker, Duelist's Blow, Quixotic, Rend Heaven, Dragon Fang, Hoshdian Unity, Life and Death, Death Blow, Trample, Lancebreaker, Lucky Seven, Amaterasu, Live to Serve, Savage Blow, Nobility, Aptitude, Axefiare, Countermagic, Spendthrift, Certain blow, Replicate, Astra, Sol, Swordfaire, Draconic hex, Luna, Aegis **Caeldori:** Rend Heaven, Quixotic, Lancefaire, Renwal, Aptitude, Seal Strength, Rally Speed, Sol, Vantage, Duelist's Blow, Darting Blow, Trample, Bowbreaker, Camaraderie, Lifetaker, skill +2, Quick draw, Air superiority, Elbow room, Shelter, Defender, Life and death, Luna, Amaterasu, Warding blow, Armored blow, Dragon fang, Hoshidan unity, Death blow, Astra, Replicate, Nohrian trust, Pavise, Gamble, Savage blow, Draconix hex, Aegis, Miracle **Rhajat:** Magic +2, Draconic Hex, Rend Heaven, Lifetaker, Quixotic, Dragon Fang, Luna, Venagence, Counter, Vantage, Nohr Trust, Hoshidan Unity, Life and Death, Spendthrift, Death Blow, Certain Blow, Tomefaire, Malefic Aura, Heartseeker, Future Sight, Aptitude, Replicate, Bowbreaker, Astra, Swap, Pavise **Selkie:** Rend Heaven, Quixotic, Lifetaker, Even Better, Apittude, Hp +5, Astra, Dragon Fang, Vantage, Beastbane, Evenhaned, Life and Death, Duelist's Blow, Death Blow, Grisly Wound, Nohrian Turst, Hoshidan unity, Draconic hex, Swordbreaker, lancebreaker, Shurikenbreaker,Bowbreaker, Replicate, Lucky seven, Seal speed, Life and death, Spendthrift, Profiteer, Better odds, Profiteer, Savage blow, Pavise, Certain blow, Axefaire **Siegbert:** Rend Heaven, Death Blow, Lifetaker, Quixotic, Astra, Luna, Shleter, Elbow Room, Certain Blow, Gamble, Seal defense, Swap, seal speed, Lancefaire, Armored blow, Darting blow, Camarderie, Air Superioity, Amaterasu, Rally speed, Warding blow, HP +5, Draconic hex, Dragon fang, Nohrian Trust, renewal, Nobility, Vengeance, Bowbreaker, Tomebreaker, Aptitude, Trample, Axebreaker, Dragon ward, Hoshidan unity, Swordfaire, Aegis, Savage blow, Strength +2, Sol, **Forrest:** Hoshidan Unity, Tomefaire, Renwal, Quixotic, Rend Heaven, Resistance +2, Vengenace, Gentilhomme, Malefic Aura, Heartseeker, Lifetaker, Aptitude, Luna, Counter, Live to serve, Sol, Astra, Certain blow, Trample, Countermagic, Foreign princess, Draconic hex. Dragon ward **Soleil:** Rend Heaven, Renwal, Aptitude, Quixotic, Locktouch, Lethality, Nohrian Turst, Hoshidan Unity, Strong Riposte, life and Death, Good Fortune, Poison Strike, Luna, Vantage, Death blow, Shurienfaire, Lifetaker, Rally skill, Sol, axebreaker, Shurikenbreaker, Astra, Draconic hex, Trample, Hp +5, Dragon fang, Countermagic **Ophellia:** Armored Blow, Malefic Aura, Heartseeker, Renwal, Vatage, Magic +2, Luna, Vengeance, Life and Death, Death Blow, Tomefaire, Bowbreaker, Gamble, Quixotic, Lifetaker, Hoshidan unity,Seal defense, Dragon fang, Counter, Spendthrift, Rend heaven, Aptitude, Astra, Nohrian trust, Replicate, shurikenbreaker, Nobility, Lethality, Pavise, Miracle, **Nina:** Rend Heaven, Renewal, Aptitude, Quixotic, Dragon Fang, hp +5, MoVment +1, Luna, Counter, Norh trust, Hoshidan Unity, Life and Death, Darting Blow, Death Blow, Certain Blow, Bowfaire, Lifetaker, Locktouch, profiteer, Draconic hex, Replicate, Quick draw, Trample, Nobility, Lucky seven, Tomiefaire, pass, Lethality, Pavise, Aegis, Swordfaire, Shirkenbreaker, Heartseeker **Percy:** Rend Heaven, Death Blow, Gamble, Lifetaker, Quixtoic, Hp +5, Strength +2, Rally Strength, lethality, Lunge, Axefaire, Bowbreaker, Aptitude, Certain blow, Tomebreaker, Luck +4, Hoshidan unity, Lucky seven, Sol, Luna, Swordbreaker, Axebreaker, Counter, Shove, Salvage blow, Movemetn +1, Darting blow, Swordfaire, Renewal **Ignatuis:** Defense +2, Pavise, Natural Cover, Quixotic, Draonic Hex, Aegis, Norian Trust, Hoshidan Unity, Renewal, Luna, Rend heaven, countermaigc, Wary fighter, Lifetaker, Lancefaire, Tomebreaker, Sol, Death blow, Axefaire, Aptitude, Movement +1, Seal strength, Seal magic, Seal speed, Seal defense **Velouria:** Rend Heaven, Quixotic, Lifetaker, Death blow, Aptitude, Hp+5, Rally Strength, Asta, Beastbane, Odd Shaped, Gamble, Renewal, Better Odds, Grisly Wounds, Aegis, Hoshidan Unity, Draconic hex, Trample, pavise, Luna, Savage blow, Replicate, poison strike, Shurikenfaire, Dragon fang, Certain blow, Nohrian trust, Seal speed, Even better, Profiteer, Spendthrift, Life and death, Swordfaire, Tomebreaker, Vantage **Anna:** Aptitude, Quixotic, Bowfaire, Death blow, Rend heaven, Resistance +2, Inspiration, Profiteer, Luck +4, Lancefaire, Swordbreaker, Axebreaker, Golembane, Replicate, pass, Nohrian trust, Lifetaker, Life and death, Trample, renewal, Duelist's blow, Renewal, Spendthift, Astra, Shurikenbreaker, Luna, Pavise, Vantage, Miracle, Hoshidan unity, Savage blow, Grisly wound, Future sight, Nobility, Axefaire, Gamble, HP+5, Rally strength
  8. Skill Request Thread!

    Avatar is up w/potent potion Castle address 08646 - 28855 - 64936 - 83267
  9. Skill Request Thread!

    They're both up: 08646-28855-64936-83267
  10. Skill Request Thread!

    Hi does anyone have Armored Blow and Warding Blow for both M/F Kana, Mitama, Rhajat
  11. My Castle Central: Friend|Castle Code Sharing

    Just a heads up ppl cannot purchase dlc skills
  12. Skill Request Thread!

    Hi by any chance does any one have Nyx or hayato life and death?