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  1. An Oldy

    It took me maybe a month of yelling at a paper. It was stressful. And also thank you guys.
  2. An Oldy

    Not sure how long its been since I posted on the forum. Anywho, here's a piece I'm very proud of. I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I did.
  3. Trying to do something...

    Again, warning about the blurry quality. I am attempting to make a ROM "hack" where the strongest Fire Emblem boys and gals try to take on Thanos. This is the beginning of The Mad Titan's portait. I've heard that custom sprites can be frustrating, but I really want to try this out. I tried looking up different programs to help with animation and graphics, and alot of them seem promising. I just want to make sure I'm getting the right one. So if anyone has some experience in mugs and sprites, feel free to explain down below my dudes.
  4. I Want To Meet The Community!

    Welcome my dude. You'll find this place quite fitting.
  5. A Big Boy

    Yeah, Ive wanted to get into animation, but I dont really understand it at all. Haha, this one I probably cant animate. Thank you for being honest my man. Ill try and fix him. And Ill keep all of this in mind for future projects.
  6. A Big Boy

    Sorry for the quality. Just a heads up. This is a sprite Ive named Rage. My friend wanted a series of a promotional unit. This is the end product, a "super" warrior if you may. I feel like the scythe is too much, but he's still a favorite of mine. Hope you foresters enjoy.
  7. In the Name of Bern

    Haha thanks man. Whats the hmmmph?
  8. In the Name of Bern

    Thanks my dudes. Practice makes perfect.
  9. In the Name of Bern

    This is King Zephiel from Fire Emblem the Binding Blade. I finished a little while ago; it was more of a quick sketch. Hope you all like him.
  10. Playing the Binding Blade... again.

    I never thought of it like that. Makes sense though. I'd probably get bored of Zephiel after 2 goes with him. But thank you for the feedback man.
  11. Playing the Binding Blade... again.

    Ahh, I see. Sorry I misworded the Zephiel thing. I meant should I go for Zephiel's unit or is 100% of the maps and units a waste. But thank you for the feedback and the hard mode info. I'm curious to try Eckesachs too. I shall press on to the long... long journey.
  12. Hey @everyone

    *praises goddess* welcome to the games my dude... I mean welcome to the forest.
  13. So... I've completed this game 5 times, and going to 6. Sadly, I feel like the special maps and units just arent worth it to spend so many days on this game. If I could use Zephiel or Guinevere in the main campaign, I'd reconsider. It would be cool to continue building different teams and supports. Should I press on to Zephiel? Or is it a waste to 100% the game? Also, does beating the game on Hard mode carry any reward at all?
  14. So I'm still doing this

    I like it. Sort of odd to look at, but spot on idea of what their child would look like.
  15. Spriter's Resource

    Good Lord, so much stuff to absorb here. I'm probably not doing custom animation for a while. However, I would like to learn about how to integrate custom sprites for games. I use Pixly on my phone for custom sprites, is there any better software I could use?