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  1. FE8 auction #4: Seth enters the Matrix

    Well, it's only coming in at 144p. A popular method for recording would be Bandicam, but that would involve either being fast, or cutting it into multiple segments due to how the free version works. It'd probably have higher quality. There are obviously other recording methods, but Bandicam was the easiest system to me. Another thing I've done is record it on my phone, which came in at 240p. The Bandicam method is what I'm going to start doing, typing all of those witty jokes, while fun, took up a lot of time. You'll see with my my next update post (which I hope I'll have the time to do so on Saturday). Also, and this is something that you don't need to do, but many others make a small graph showing what their units stats look like, as shown with Sturm and my posts. It makes it easier when you're scrolling through to see how units change from time to time. Click to two arrows going in opposite directions, and just follow what Sturm did, as his looks better.
  2. FE8 auction #4: Seth enters the Matrix

    As I said, I've come back to do some more playing. I've used some strategies which will undoubtedly cost me some turns early-game, but I'm hoping with Seth and my team, in general, I'll be able to make up for lost turns, as for said strategies those will be listed below. I'm honestly amazed at how much fun I'm having. Normal Fire Emblem is a blast, but speed-running it with only a few units is quite the rush. I just hope I can recover from my Seth unit penalty hole. I probably won't be able to work much on this run for a little while, school's starting back up, and homework comes with it. Also, should I go Eirika or Ephraim's route? I'm thinking Eirika, but Ephraim's would get me more experience for him. Although I think his path is longer. Anyways, I'm just not sure Ignore these images, Serenes Forest refuses to let me delete them
  3. FE8 auction #4: Seth enters the Matrix

    Alright, glad we got that all sorted out. I should mention first and foremost that I am not that good at Fire Emblem, but hey, this'll be a way to improve my skill Looking back at my gameplay, I can tell I'm playing pretty sub-optimally. Despite all of my failures, this was a ton of fun, and I'm super glad I signed up for it. I'll try to update later today, and if you guys have any tips I'd be glad to hear them!
  4. FE8 auction #4: Seth enters the Matrix

    Well, color me interested. I've never really done a draft, much less an auction draft before, so this is all a little overwhelming. I will try to get my bids pm'ed soon, but needless to say, I'll need to figure out the system first.
  5. Obligatory Introduction Post

    I've been meaning to play Xeno, but I never have
  6. [COMPLETE] Fire Emblem Gaiden PC Translation

    I'd love to play this, damn shame I can't due to part 1+2 not being up anymore. And seeing how the dude here has been inactive for almost three years, I'm not getting these files anytime soon
  7. The best/worst final boss in FE

    I'm not sure about the best boss fight, most of them are pushovers that feel epic. The GBA games have the best pre-final boss fights. FE6 dude (I forget his name, it's been a while), Nergal, and especially Lyon. The problem comes with the final boss, who is either a pushover (see Idunn), Comes out of literally nowhere (see random Fire Dragon), or just kinda make the plot a little worse (see Demon King). I've only played RD in the Tellius series, but Ashera was kinda neat. I didn't like the Ike can only kill mechanic, or more accurately the way it was implemented. At least with Duma, who is decent in his own right, his health didn't regenerate to full when you tried to kill him with a non-main character unit. Thankfully, I knew that you shouldn't kill Ashera with another unit going in, but had I not it would've been maddening. Awakening's Grima was pathetic, beat him with literally only Robin and Chrom in my R/C solo of the game. But, the atmosphere was great, with that amazing song in the background. Fates bosses, oh boy these guys. Birthright's Garon, thing, was dumb and a pushover. Anankos was dumb, and an interesting boss since it accommodated FE being a game where you focus on multiple targets. Takumi was, admittedly, kinda cool, and a decent challenge (or at least his map was). That's another important aspect of a final boss, their final boss map. The Fire Dragon has an awesome final boss map, with all of the villains getting cool morph forms, and you get awesome weapons.Or Takumi's which forces you to move forward quick or be crushed. Or Duma's, which is a boss rush. All of these add to the boss, making it cooler when you kill them, instead of Grima, where you literally just blitz him (you don't even have to give Robin the final kill to get the good ending, which would've been a nice call-back to Ashera/Duma) So to put it into three neat lists. Story-Wise, the bosses go as: Ashera Takumi Duma Demon King Idunn Grima Garon Fire Dragon Anankos Gameplay-Wise, the bosses go as: Duma Takumi Ashera Anankos Fire Dragon Demon King Idunn Garon/Grima (both equally bad) Final map wise, the bosses go as: Takumi Fire Dragon Duma Demon King Ashera Anankos Garon Grima Idunn
  8. Obligatory Introduction Post

    Hey guys, I've been viewing Serenes Forest for quite a while, but I realized I never actually made an account here. Needless to say, I remedied that, and will continue to get only the finest opinions on waifus from the forest.
  9. Full CYL-List with combined Votes

    Wow, I can't believe the best Fire Emblem unit (objectively, of course), Barth, only got twenty-one votes. We need to fix that in CYL3
  10. This is easy, in Geneology, Arvis invites Sigurd to a cook-out for victory, but at the cook-out, you know the rest. But as a result, Arvis is in a cooking outift, and Sigurd is wearing cargo pants, and one of those graphic design T-shirts.