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  1. Smash Ultimate: World of Light(2nd gen) signups OOC

    With all due respect, it's fairly easy to buy and play into the character of Ridley. He's a strong, capable leader of a group of pirates, who has helped destroy planets and his hatred and tenacity to live led him to eventually replace his body with that of a robot. He's portrayed as relatively smart in the manga if I'm not wrong. He is well known for inciting trauma among his victims, and his main weakness is his overconfidence. I wouldn't say playing the games is really a necessity as he isn't particularly characterized during them
  2. Well, I picked Felicia and Mia, and Mia got an alt, so 1/2 ain't bad
  3. How'd you guys come up with your usernames?

    Star Wars + Kingdom Hearts. The 0 was added when I tried it somewhere and it was already taken. The 0 fixed that, and I've used it since.
  4. You have more than tomorrow. On the OP there's also a timer that shows when the round will end. It's the green link that says timer.
  5. Characters and Sprites for my forum game.

    No, had to look it up. Moltke.
  6. What got you into Fire Emblem?

    Don't worry, it's hard to figure out. I was able to deduce it after looking on Google, I compiled my research in this picture See, cute redhead on the far right. On another note, how the hell was FE7 rated E for everyone? That is a solid E 10+ at the very least. Anyways, I got into FE thanks to a friend. It was at lunch in Middle school when my friend pulled out his 3Ds. I, being bored since my other friends were playing cards or some shite, so I started watching what he was doing. And, of course, he was playing Fire Emblem Awakening. I asked what it was, he explained it to me, yadda yadda. He even let me give it a shot, for like one map, which he took away from me halfway through after I almost got Olivia killed (it was my first strategy game). Anyways, I didn't get into Fire Emblem after this, but about a year later, Fates came out. My friend got Conquest, and I somehow convinced him to loan it to me in exchange for me letting him borrow Mario and Luigi Paper Jam. Love Conquest, bought a few of the games off the E-shop, got Birthright, then Echoes, then whatever order I played some of the other games in.
  7. Characters and Sprites for my forum game.

    Looks alright, well, the map looks kinda bad it I'm being honest. A principle of map design is to make your map make sense in world. It doesn't matter if a map has a decent design if the ascetic is utterly subpar. Your map seems very confused in my opinion. It's trying to be four things at once. A location for a lighthouse, a village, a place where there is a major bridge (that apparently has hedges on it? Why, they do nothing?), and the location of an army. You could pick any two of these and combine them, and it would make for a fine concept. A lighthouse that has a ton of enemies inside? Sweet, sounds great. A village by a major bridge? A classic. A major bridge by a lighthouse? Makes logistical sense if the bridge was something like a drawbridge. I daresay you could make three of them work, but all four ends up cluttered. I brought this up earlier, but why are there hedges in the middle of a bridge? The would struggle to grow that large on a road, much less a bridge. Even if there were somehow hedges that weren't cut down there, you know who would cut them? The soldiers, they would slice through that faster than you can say "...". Detail is important, but so is purpose. What do those three hills actually do? The player is going to be moving northward, so the three hills do basically nothing. I would complain about random house placement, but that's something FE does. What I will complain about is that horrible ballista placement. People were still operating under a non-whatever that Prussian general dude's name was way of military planning, and by proxy it means that longer range was valuable. That would be across the river. On note of that river, why is there wood along the sides of it? If it's for a dock, that is the weirdest dock I've seen.
  8. Talking about World War 1 and it's semi-forgotten history

    World War 1, or at least that's what is was originally about.
  9. Why everyone hates Rebecca?

    I don't hate her. I hate her heroes art since I think it looks bad, but Rebecca is mostly off the hook. I love her sprite in FE7, since she has my two favorite colors featured prominently, but it's hard to find a place for an archer in FE7. Like, she's better than Wil, but that's like saying that your head cut off is better than being burned alive, technically true but the result is the same, you wind up dead for my example, and you end up with a subpar unit who takes a spot that another, better unit could take. That said, use who you want to, I could care less, it's your playthrough.
  10. Aeon - The Odyssey

    Interrupting Venitus's rambling session was the entrance of a third figure onto the stage. Hitomi was her name, and he thought he had seen her before, or at the very least heard the name. The pieces all came into place once he had heard her team name, that being Odyssey. Of course, I subbed for one of their team members a couple times. Granted, that was months ago, and I doubt the team is very similar, but I do remember Hitomi. Well, recall would be more accurate, I don't think we talked much. Either way, it would be advantageous to undertake this venture, especially after that whol- PING. The sudden notification noise startled Venitus, bringing him back into reality. It was some gameplay footage, with some information. He would have to observe it later, it would probably prove fortuitous. What he was more interested in was the price of these absurd new ships. His heart sank when he saw them though, as they were absurdly pricey. I know I need to keep up with the meta and all, but to blow a ton of quid on this right now? Yeah, that isn't happening. Ahh whatever, don't let being poor keep you down Venny, it never has in the past. The solution to this quandary is staring me right in the face. With that, Venitus scanned back through his databases. I'm positive I have her data somewhere in here, I always keep at least the contact info of all my old contractors. Ah, here it is. Seeing as this wasn't a particularly formal setting Venitus saw no reason to apply a full formal application. That would certainly come later. For now, a quick, polite message will do, get the details on where to actually apply, and see if he can get himself out of this rut. He swiftly opened up whatever app the data would bring him too, he never bothered to keep track of which messenger app was which since there was a new one or add-on to an old one practically every week, and sent her a small message. "Hey Hitomi. I doubt you'll remember me, it's been almost a year at this point, but I'm Venitus, I worked with your team as a substitute for a while. Anyways, if you're having some troubles with the team I'd be glad to fill in a spot." And send. Easy enough. Now, let's quit daydreaming and get to work. Venitus had realized in the process of finding Hitomi's info that he lacked data on Felix, which is something that would be nice to have. With that, he started scanning the man, while listening to hear if anything else important was said.
  11. Who can we expect for the Radiant Dawn banner?

    I'd assume it'll be an all Laguz banner, and with the way it's shaping up I think it will be an all Laguz Royals style banner. I think that it will be as follows. Tibarn - Red Flying. Confirmed by trailer, we also saw he gained extra move, which is a trait I think will be shared by all Laguz. Nailah - Blue Infantry. Confirmed by trailer Caineghis - Green Armored. Last person actually in the banner, green to round it out. Dheginsea - probably also armored, this time red, or maybe colorless. Also GHB. Naesala - Tempest Trials. I'm going to be he's colorless, because Ravens.
  12. Fire Emblem: The New Dawn

    Perfect. There's still something a little off with Galahad, but I can't pinpoint what. Maybe it will come to me later. He looks good for now though.
  13. Fire Emblem OVA: a sequel?

    I see it as episodic. Happening over two seasons and a movie, season one you'd follow Alm, season two you'd follow Celica, and the movie would be the final dungeon plus some other stuff probably.
  14. I've started writing mine. Should be able to sneak it in on time, despite midterms
  15. Fire Emblem OVA: a sequel?

    I'd say either Gaiden/Echoes or Sacred Stones would work best. This is mainly due to their smaller casts. Radiant Dawn wouldn't make for a very good movie, it just has too many moving parts, and the plot itself is kinda meh. Awakening would probably turn into a Romcom-sitcom if you ever touched character relationships, and FE7, could work as a TV series. Mainly Lyn mode and the first arc of the story, past that gets kinda iffy. Genealogy is a whole nother beast and a half.