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  1. SF Interviews 2.0 - DarthR0xas

    6. It all started around three years ago. I was talking to a friend, who I'm just going to call A. Now this day A had brought his 3Ds to school, and I, being bored at lunch one day, was just watching him play it. That game he was playing was Fire Emblem Fates. After about five minutes of me watching him just play (poorly, might I add, not that I knew at the time), I asked him what he was playing. A said "Oh, it's this game that just came out for the 3Ds. It's Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest." I ask if I could give it a shot, I basically instantly get a unit killed since I have no idea what I was doing. He got kinda mad at me, but since he was playing on Casual mode he didn't really mind. Later that month I hung out with A, and there I asked if I could borrow Conquest. See me and A, we're pretty tight, best-friends. We loan each other games one at a time, mainly so we can guarantee that we'll give each other's games back since we want our own games back. You can never be too sure. Anyways, he said yes, I give him my copy of Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam, I get Conquest. I played on Normal Classic for 15 chapters, then realized I got Azura killed somewhere (I think chapter 10, and yes it took me that long to realize I lost her). So I switched over to Casual mode to get her back. I didn't go into Phoenix mode, even then I had enough pride not to do that. It should be noted that I played like garbage on my first playthrough. I basically fell into every pitfall there was. Horded items, namely staves, which meant by endgame, my best healer was a level 12 unpromoted Elise. I did promote her early, but that was more out of necessity since I needed another combat unit. Honestly, it's a wonder I made it through Conquest at all. But even though I sucked, I loved every second of it. I put over 100 into one file of Conquest, which to my knowledge is the longest I've ever put into a game, up until that point. Now, this wasn't the first time I ever played Fire Emblem. Throughout middle school I would emulate games on the school computers, and one of them was Fire Emblem. I finished Lyn mode around 5 times between the emulators on my computer and phone (I never actually played Eliwood mode until I bought it for the Wii U), and I got to the route split twice in Sacred Stones. Every time, I would either delete my save, delete the emulator, or just forget my flashdrive containing all of my saves, but I didn't really mind. So I had enjoyed FE before Conquest, but if wasn't until Conquest that I actually got into the series. 7. Plenty of things. That new Spider-man game for PS4 is one I really want a sequel in, mainly for more content. The DLC was alright, but it wasn't quite the content boost I needed to fulfill my appetite of that game. I would hope that a sequel includes a few more suits, maybe something like his zombie suit, and I would also hope for some different gadgets. The Trip Mines are neat, but they weren't very practical in application. Another sequel I want is "The Bible 2", I wonder what kinda stuff is in that one. Lay it on me God, I'm ready. 8. Any position at a hospital. I'm pretty squeamish, so blood, guts, bodies, all of that is a no-go for me. That and I'd have to tell people they're going to die, and other lame junk like that. Hospitals just seem like depressing places, I don't want to work at one for my life. Not to say anything against people working at hospitals, they're doing God's work, but the atmosphere there isn't very cheery. I'd rather work elsewhere, like in the White House. That place is rad. 9. Nah, I don't watch TV much, and I skip every ad on Youtube. Although I have recently seen quite a few infomercials that I love. An example is the Sock Slider (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0YzunWoLsY If you're curious), which is just so dumb I have to love it. I also saw a couple egg ones, but they aren't as funny. 10. I would build the worlds largest golden dick statue that is diamond/emerald studded. It would be taller and wider than the Empire State Building, built directly next to Trump Tower, and would also house the best bar and grill in the entire world. Why you might ask. Well I raise you the question, why not? 1. Spanish. I hate it with a burning passion. English is just so much better, we don't have any dumb accent marks, or conjugation, or any of that junk. 2. Yes Numbe- alright I'll give a better answer than that It's been a while since I've really thought about Mighty Number 9. I mostly ignored it up until released, and to this day I have never played it. That said, I have probably watched about a two days worth of content on that game, simply because it was such an interesting mess to analyze. The background of everyone involved, the development of the game, the game itself, reactions to the game, it was all incredibly interesting to see. That and I love to watch clusterfucks unfold, it's why I like watching RWBY so much. 3. I want to leave behind one that's constantly getting edited to have outdated memes in it, and overall is an uninformative mess. 4. I mean, that's probably someone's fetish. It depends, would the girl A. Still be comprised of Ice Cream, B. Wouldn't feel pain, C. Was consenting, D. It wouldn't count as a murder of any kind, E. Would maid waifu (whose name is Felicia by the by) get in on it? If the answer is yes to all of those, then sure, I don't see why not. I could just get magical fairy Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to make her a being that would regenerate after a set amount of time. 1. To put it into three words, Plot, Characters, Gameplay. The plot of the game is kinda dumb, and overstuffed, and convoluted. Just what I like. I like my stories to be utterly nonsensical, it makes it more fun that way when shit goes off the rails. And it also means there's depth there. It might be really, REALLY needless and pointless depth that does nothing but confuse, but my god is it depth. The characters, mainly just that I get to see them more grown up. Mist looks adorable, Mia is rockin it, as is Nephenee. Ike became a god among men in his new buff form, Titania look like a full course meal instead of a snacc, and I love how Elincia looks. Aside from looks, it's another case where you feel the repercussion of the first game, and how they impacted the characters. For instance, basically everyone bar Daein loves Ike (the father of Sothe's children), and the desperation really sets into the atmosphere of said characters. I just like seeing growth, and it might be somewhat artificial since it's between games and most characters are static in RD, but it counts. Sure, a lot of the Dawn Brigade is kinda eh, but Miccy is good, and Miccy is all that matters. As for gameplay, that's really the reason why I pick this one above POR. POR is superior in characters/characterization, and in plot, but what it lacks in is the gameplay department. Namely, any sensible difficulty curve. Normal and Hard are easy, then Maniac is like "Hey, you like enemies" and bombards you with them. Now, RD does something dumb with Maniac too, that being "Hey, didn't you like FE1-3?" and removes the weapon triangle in a game balanced around the weapon triangle. But in the other modes, they're actually thoroughly challenging. POR I found myself easily meeting Bxp turn requirements. RD I struggled on numerous occasions, on the easiest difficulty. That, and the game looks great, the animations, though slow, are godly, and the extra mechanics are great. My favorite skill system, three tiers of classes, SHOVING. It's the package deal in my opinon. 2. Well, obviously a winter one. It'd fit her character best. Remember Winter Tharja, and how that was utter nonsense? If that was Felicia instead, it would make some sense. Now, I'm not saying dress Felicia as scantily as that, but you could easily put her in some light clothing, and make the joke that she's from the Ice Tribe, so she's fine with wearing few clothes in the snow. That and I think Christmas Felicia would be hot. 3. Plenty of RPGs. Staying within strategy RPGs, I played Advance Wars far before Fire Emblem (one and two, never finished either). I really just played the multiplayer, and let me tell you that BS-ing my way to victory was one of the greatest feelings ever. One time, I set it to Fog of War, not knowing what that was, and I got all my troops decimated. All, but a single infantry, who was at full health. Now I was in full run away mode, but I decided I'd run towards A's headquarters (knew I'd get to use that again). I won that game through sheer chance, and it was hilarious. There were other absurd games like that, but I'll leave those for later. I also love Kingdom Hearts, if my name didn't give it away. I have played every single entry in the series, even the DS game, and even the mobile game. While I didn't enjoy all of them (Chain of Memories was god awful), every single other one I loved. Probably a similar love that I experience with Radiant Dawn. Absurd stories, amazing gameplay, great characters. Octopath Traveler is great. Looks great, sounds better, plays even better, stories are, it varies. I haven't actually finished any of them (I'm fifty hours into the game, and got stuck out of stubbornness at one of the secret bosses). Not sure whether TMS#FE counts as an FE game or not, so I'll just stay safe and assume it counts as an FE game. It rocks, I totally recommend it. Last but not least, the Mario and Luigi series. The sprites have always looked awesome, the music is always great (bar like two tracks), the humor is on point, the stories are surprisingly complex and dark for a Mario game, and best of all, the gameplay is amazing. There are other RPGs I like, a few of the Final Fantasy's come to mind, but I'll move onto the next question. 4. I have to pick one? Uh, I guess I'd probably pick the day I went to marching MPA (Music Performance Assessment) with my marching band, and we got a Superior. While getting the highest grade was awesome, what was even better was the time I spent with everyone. It was basically a day of me hanging out with my friends, goofing off, having a great time. Eating lunch, and then dinner, and then a second dinner with all of them was great. I got to school a couple hours early to clean up my baritone, and with some spare time, decided with a few friends to play soccer with a ball we randomly found. The shenanigans that occurred in that game are so plentiful, that going in depth would result in me typing a lot. It was basically the first time in a long point of my life where I felt content, and like everything was right in the world. A week later the script got flipped on me, but that gets sad, which isn't what this question is about. So some day in November would be the happiest day of my life. 5. Hmm, probably inconsistent, intelligent, and absurd. Inconsistent in that I basically switch opinions on things and ideas on a dime. Today I'm moderate-left. A year ago I would say I'm hard-line conservative. The year before that I was liberal in every sense of the word. This doesn't just apply to politics. My ever changing opinion on the Last Jedi has gotten my friends confused at numerous points. Intelligent, I won't go too in depth on this one. Any hardcore analysis of this one will just make me seem like a douche. I'll just say that I medically can be identified as a genius, a lot of my friends consider me the most academically intelligent person they know (not socially intelligent cause jeez I don't know a thing about social situations), and that I do pretty well in most areas of study. Lastly, absurd. I do a ton of absurd things, or make absurd connections, or ask absurd questions. I'll use the many dumb things I've done at a local summer camp. For absurd connections, I made a cabin joke when I combined the idea of a door being a person with my accelerated rate of talking, so that when I made an awful joke when my councilor was going through names to make sure we had everyone, I said "and Door" at the end of it. This combined into "Andor", which then the joke became that we lost a camper and spent the entire week trying to find him. Another year at that same camp, for reasons that escape me, everyone was doing squats while giving each other piggy-back rides. This one kid, who I'll call Red since I forget his actual name, asks if I want to ride on his back. Now I'm a tall fellow, 6 feet of average with a side of a body weight on the higher end of the healthy scale. Since I'm intelligent like I previously said, I obviously say sure. Red is pretty strong, I'll give him that. We get to around 20 with everyone else until I slip. And I fall straight back, right onto my head. Right onto a spot, where not three months ago I had sustained another injury from a pool incident. Now, thank god I didn't start bleeding out, but I had a pretty nasty bump on the back of my head that's still sorta there today. There are plenty of other dumb situations I've gotten myself into, and I myself am pretty zany, but I think I'll save those for later.
  2. SF Interviews 2.0 - DarthR0xas

    I'd as for Dwayne himself since he's already a snacc. One food item personified, well I'd stay away from fruits and vegetables. They'd both be health nuts. Grains, they would probably be, well I dunno what they would be. I'm leaning towards ice cream, since then she'd either be really chill and also like the cold, or she'd be a tsundere, neither of which I'm against. But then the matter of flavor comes into play. The easy answer would be my favorite flavor, that being Mint Chocolate Chip, but one must take into account every single ice cream flavor that I bother to remember. Vanilla and Chocolate, too plain and boring. Birthday cake, too much, probably an over-zealot liberal, which while I don't have any problems with interacting with them, I could never be with one for the rest of my life. Coffee/espresso ice cream would be way too hyper, not really feeling rocky road, would prefer everything to go well. I think I'll actually stick with Mint Chocolate Chip. The mint represents a cool exterior while the chocolate chips represent a sweet interior. I feel like I've put way too much though into saying that I'd ask the magical fairy version of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to create the real life waifu-ized version of a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Asics, currently my size is 12 mens. Tennis shoes, to be more general, although I am also fond of crocs. A hologram made of cheese that is housing aliens, obviously. The moon landing couldn't have been faked otherwise.
  3. SF Interviews 2.0 - DarthR0xas

    Oh, that's neat. I had been loosely following this thread but never imagined that I'd be the guy that would get interviewed. 1. I'd run an experiment based on the amount one could genetically alter a person before they would become infertile to modern humans. For instance, if I add in a bit of bird DNA so that the person would grow some form of wings, would that result in them being unable to reproduce? After finding my results, I'd probably sell my results to the governments for them to make super-soldiers or something to that regard. 2. So one time at Walt Disney World, specifically Epcot, me and my family were riding the "Figment" attraction, or that one ride with the weird purple dragon. During that ride, there's a part where they do some smell based stuff, and the dragon does a skunk. Thing is, it isn't actually a skunk, it's always smelled like stale Triscuts to me. That isn't the weird smell though. On that specific day, we had gotten food before going on the ride. I forget what it exactly was I had eaten, I think it was something Italian. Whatever it was, it left a strong tomato based aftertaste. So we get on the ride, and arrive at that section. Right before the skunk part, I burp. And I mean literal milliseconds before the smell came out. For those unaware, the smell comes out in a large puff of air. So this large puff of air comes out, combines with the tomato burp, and I smell something I don't even know how to describe. Maybe poorly seasoned tomato soup that has goldfish thrown in for good measure. Something odd like that. 3. Oh plenty of times. Indiana Jones 2 (I forget the subtitle) scared the living hell out of me, and I watched that when I was in my later kid years. Certainly scarred some part of me. If that doesn't qualify as a kids movie, then there are others. Another moment that wasn't from a movie was the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios. That one ride has put me off any kind of horror, even psychological which I often find I actually like, but it's still made me hesitant to try out. That one scene from Nemo where he gets inducted into a cult stands out. On a less severe scale, anything involving Sid in Toy Story 1 was very unnerving. 4. Hmm, this is a tough one. It's hard to nail down a name I would call funny being used in the real world. The oddest name that I can remember is a fellow named Jerik, man plays a sax like no other. I've seen plenty of dumb names online, but not really many in person. But all of that will change when I name my first born son something from either an anime or Kingdom Hearts, assuming that whatever person marries me doesn't laugh me out of the house for suggesting that. 5. Yeah sure, knock yourself out. Answering these is pretty fun, so ask away.
  4. SF Mysteries: Does Ike is Sheldon Cooper?

    The better question is, "Does Sheldon Cooper is Ike?"
  5. Alright fine. A loser who was ostracized from society, largely by his own doing, complains that people don't like him. It's less what she says, and more how she says it. That Child Anna voice actor shrieking out high notes, bless her heart, sounds terrible. Once she gets older at least that VA can hit the high notes, although keeps the whiny tone of voice. Sure, but again his voice. That grating, nasally voice that is trying way too hard to be cutesy, sings a song.
  6. You're right, I need to remedy that immediately. The songs where a brat whines about her sister being moody and introverted and where a pampered tool sings all about first world problems also suck. I forgot about Kristoff's song. I actually like that one, it gets a pass from me.
  7. Like typing out a post describing the feature. Really a brilliant idea on IS's part and I hope more features that include rapid tapping are included later
  8. You see, I saw that as a part of the whole subverting true love theme that Frozen has going on. While Hans being a villain is a natural extension of that theme, you still have to make the implementation of said natural extension fit into the characters and situations you've designed, which Disney didn't do. They made Hans the perfect prince, and displayed him as nothing but that, and even made him look better in most cases, right up until the twist. As for the brothers, I just thought that was a background detail.
  9. Nah, I just hate Frozen in particular. I love most of Disney, and especially Pixar's stuff. Hell, one of the reasons I got into Kingdom Hearts is because I love Disney so much, and it remains a reason why I like the series. Difference being that they are actually good instead of the grating garbage of Frozen's songs. By all accounts, Let it Go is a good song. And by all accounts, it is overplayed to the point of annoyance and has gotten to the point where it has been utterly ruined by overuse. And all the other songs are trash. Junk about snowmen, stupid rocks rambling about marriage, that annoying cliche love song that is trying to hard to be cliche and as a result is self-defeating. Utterly worthless. Except the issue with him being a villain is that it isn't foreshadowed in the slightest. It's like a switch. One second he's good, perfect, doesn't do a thing wrong, then bam, psychopathic murderer. I can be find with characters making a complete 180 in characterization, if it's foreshadowed properly or has a good payoff. Hans has neither, and him being a villain just feels dumb. I get it Disney, you want to completely subvert the idea of true love, but did you have to do it so poorly? Hans literally stops a dude from murdering Elsa, only to later try to do it himself. It makes no sense for Hans to stop that dude from killing her at that point, if he planned to just do it later. "Yes, it's a brilliant idea to get myself charged with Regicide so then I can't get any of my goals done, instead of this rando trooper who I can easily just throw in a jail to solve all my problems." It's so clumsy that I can't call it clever.
  10. I guess that's neat? I was not a fan of the first movie, in the slightest (and Kingdom Hearts 3 did not help change that opinion), and this 180 shift from a sassy Disney drama into a full on adventure action movie seems odd to me. Animation looks good, I have to give them that. If there are no songs, then I can see myself actually liking this. The redesigns are neat, although then they have me thinking this will just be a weird version of Brave. As for Hans, I hope he returns. He was the one dude I actually liked in the original Frozen, and they better not do him dirty like in Frozen 1, making him a garbage tier twist villain.
  11. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    Meh, I despise all the characters on display here, but the fact that they aren't all alts is a trend that I like. I'll probably just try for Keaton since Special Spiral fodder is nice, and maybe Selkie for actual use even though I hate her the most. Not spending more than 15 orbs on this, gotta save for the FE6 banner. Although I hate that game, if there's one thing I love about it, it's Dieke, and my gut is telling me he'll be on that banner. Panne is meh, never liked her in Awakening. Guess a free beast unit is nice. Also, screw Yarne. I'm glad he didn't get in. He sucks, so much. I consider him the worst character in all of 3Ds, that's how much I hate him. Yarne hate aside, decent looking units, way too long weapon text, plenty of people seem happy even though I'm pretty indifferent/annoyed at the proceedings. I've been mostly happy for the last couple of banners, so I'm fine with a banner coming out that's not my speed. Also more story, maybe the seventh highest ranked male hero can finally get some character development, or maybe just a character in the first place besides "Hi, I'm Hot Topic".
  12. Yep, just follow the current prompt and write whatever you want (granted that it stays within the pretty lax rules we have)
  13. Chinatsu Kurahana is Three Houses New Artist

    So far, the designs seem pretty hit or miss. Like that one girl with the Jojo hat? Definitely a hit. That one short orange haired gal? Definitely a miss. I really need to learn character names. I still prefer Hidari's. Kozaki's was also hit or miss, but at this point I think there were more hits with him.
  14. Hey wait a minute, I thought now we wouldn't have an entry in the first few days. Plot twist I suppose.
  15. What obscene gestures can you do with your Index finger? Middle finger, I know, Index, I don't.