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  1. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    Yeah, but not enough to cap him. Also, he can still easily reach level 20 in Hector mode. There are multiple arenas to grind in, the entirety of the Dread Isle arc, and a couple chapters following it before you get a heaven seal. That is more than enough time to reach level 20. If you aren't showing extreme favoritism to Eliwood, his late promotion bites him. The solo chapter which is basically an Eliwood level grind gets him at most five-six levels. He doesn't have many more chapters to grow, and the enemies being mostly unpromoted doesn't help his case. I don't understand why you keep capitalizing "If you actually use him". Because first, no shit he'll gain levels, that's how training units works in Fire Emblem. That is literally a base-line concept. We aren't arguing over him gaining levels, which he does consistently up to a certain extend, we're are talking about caps. You are very clearly taking a heavy dose of personal experience with this. You should know that even at 20/20, Eliwood doesn't cap any stats according to his average growths. Now, you won't reach anywhere close to level 20 promoted without the aforementioned favoritism. I'll be very generous, and say 15, although 10 is much more accurate. In fact, I'll show all three stats, and what his caps are. These statistics are from the forest, https://serenesforest.net/blazing-sword/characters/average-stats/eliwood/ Lvl 10 15 20 Caps HP 44.4 48.4 52.4 60 Str 19.6 21.85 24.1 27 Skl 19 21.5 24 26 Spd 19.2 21.2 23.2 24 Lck 19.6 21.85 24.1 30 Def 14.4 15.9 17.4 23 Res 12.8 14.55 16.3 25 Yeah, he doesn't cap anything. The closest is speed, but even that is one off. Not that it matters, 23 speed is more than enough, but no caps. While we're on that matter, Dorcas technically doesn't cap strength, even at 20/20. He gets to 29.6, with a cap of 30. The only stat he caps is HP. Guy actually caps Skill and Speed, so I'll give you that.
  2. Hmm, a week. I do have the next few days off, and I'm in a writing mood, so that should be achievable.
  3. Depends really. I see everyone else bringing Julius, but Lyon clearly does some of the things out of free will. I believe in one of the two paths it is revealed that Lyon was faking his possession, but it's been a while since I've played Sacred Stones while paying attention to the story.
  4. War Clerics? Are they effective?

    Well they're only the best units in the game, anyone who can be a War Cleric should be one as far as I'm concerned. "Dark Flier is the best class" is nothing more than slander for the great War Cleric
  5. Seth is Nuts...

    Oh yes he's nuts. And you know me, I love nuts. Jumps into a pool of a variety of nuts
  6. I would say a revolt, but there really don't seem to be many people in these kingdoms outside of a few villages, despite the massive armies they both posses. Retcon another Emblian sibling in there, who knows.
  7. I've been working on mine bit by bit, although it's nowhere near finished, or at a quality that I would find good enough to submit. I kinda hope the timer isn't broke since I should be able to finish in that time.
  8. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    You can use him, and he still won't cap much, provided you're playing on Eliwood Mode where his promotion is so late that he couldn't possibly get that many levels. Now on Hector Mode, sure, since you get the first Heaven's Seal much earlier than his promotion in EM, and he does have first dibs on it due to him having unequivocally the best promotion of the three lords.
  9. Taylor Swift Escaped!

    So there was trouble when she walked out?
  10. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    Alright, let's pretend for a second that outright saying "I'm one of the better FE players" doesn't make you sound like an absolute douche and infer that you're better than everyone else here because you think Marcus is bad and you claim that you're a good FE player. Now, when you take a look at other higher level FE play, KirbyMasta, DonDon, ect. you know what they all say? That Marcus is amazing, he is a key part of any LTC run, and pretty damn good for ranked runs since he can get you consistent kills in the early game, although your Exp rank may suffer, that is one of the easier ranks in the game to get. Speedrun routes depend on him, and he is often banned from drafts for being too good (or left undrafted and open to everyone because he is so good). Also, no unit is ever "necessary", just because a unit is "necessary" past a certain point says jack about their stats, and more on the player's view of that unit. Not even the lords are necessary, you could not use them the entire game, and still be relatively fine. Are there points where Marcus isn't the best at doing everything, sure, but those points are few and far between, mostly situated at the easy as hell endgame, and at that point Marcus not being the best enemy-killer doesn't matter, since he can safely survive most of the threats, magical or not, that the game throws at him. You wouldn't be wasting a slot on him, wasting a slot would be putting no one there at all. Marcus's contributions to the mid and late game are being very understated. His growths aren't the greatest, but his bases carry him throughout the whole game, and he does reliable damage that you can always count on. Also, HE'S A PALADIN, literally the best class in GBA Fire Emblem, who cares if his stats are subpar when he can control the weapon triangle to fix and accuracy problems, and get to the frontlines faster. If he takes some damage, he can quickly retreat out of enemy range and get healing. Why put a bad class like Sniper on your team when you could have another Paladin? Are those for best units in the game? Or is that a list of units who cap every stat? Because Dorcas certainly won't do that with his bad speed growth and low base. Guy most likely won't cap any defensive skill, and Eliwood doesn't really get enough experience to cap anything.
  11. [FE6] Put Yourself In My Boots

    Chapter 7 13/62 I had beaten this chapter in far less turns, well, two less, but I needed a chest key to get the Guiding Ring (Getting Astole down took too long, same with Cath since Roy was preoccupied with Lilina) in chapter 8, which I only realized after hours of throwing myself at a wall. So, went back, beat the chapter again, took a bit longer, and I don't care that it took longer since those two turns will be made up for easily by the speed that I'll be able to rush through chapter 8. Standard blitz, had a couple undrafties buy some stuff, which was faster than sending everyone else off to do it. Speaking of everyone else, I neglected to put stats of my units, I'll do so now. Names Class Level HP ATK SKL SPD LCK DEF RES Weapon-Levels Supports Stat-Boosters Roy Lord 9.18 29 6 9 12 12 7 2 B-Swds Marcus C Angelic Robe Marcus Pldn 6.12 35 12 14 12 12 10 10 S-Lnc C-Swds E-Axe Roy C Ellen Clrc 5.02 17 2 7 9 9 0 8 D-Stvs Dieke Mrcy 13.26 32 14 16 12 5 9 2 A-Swds
  12. Honestly, I wouldn't bother. Just buy a simple English version and play that. If you need to experience that cut content, there are videos online as you've seen, and the content that was cut has no effect on anything important. The cut dialogue can be found with a quick Google search, swimsuits with a quick Google search, skinship with a why in the world would you want this back in the game. Pretty simple.
  13. NES styled characters!

    I ship it. They look great. While we're on the topic of memes, I think it is only right that the Beast known as Batta be done as well
  14. Official Pull Topic

    I just got enough orbs to try the newer Halloween banner again. I've been trying to go for Mia. Instead, I got Kagero and Myrrh. Kagero is +Atk/-Def. Not the best but could be worse. Myrrh I was kinda excited about, until I saw she was +Res/-Atk. I then tried my free summon and got a five star unit. A five star Rhajat to be more specific. Didn't even bother to check her IV's, she's going straight to fodder.
  15. 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10 km run every day, for your whole life.