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  1. Halloween silhouettes for the 10/10 banner

    Make it either Heroes for Hire, or Mentorship: Heroes for Hire: Holyn, Volke, Rennac, or anyone else you recruit at the cost of money. Mentorship: Those who are adept at their own skills and have a particular student: Pent, Saleh, Shinon come to mind.
  2. Create-A-Hero Thread

    From New Mystery of the Emblem: Kris: Hero's Guard (Sword Infantry) Weapon: Reprisal Edge+ - 14 Mt Rng 1 - If foe initiates combat, grants Atk+6 during combat. Assist: Rally Up Speed+ Special: Draconic Aura B Skill: Quick Riposte 3 C: Defense Tactic 3 Stats (level 1) HP: 17/18/19 Atk: 7/8/9 Spd: 8/9/10 Def: 7/8/9 Res: 4/5/6 Stats (level 40) HP: 36/40/43 Atk: 31/34/37 Spd: 32/35/38 Def: 26/30/33 Res: 21/24/28 Special Quote: "Look nowhere else, I am your opponent!” "I'll come at you with everything I've got!” "For Prince Marth!" "Prepare yourself." Status Page: "No matter what happens... I'll stand by your side."
  3. September's Legendary Hero - Tiki: Legendary Dragon

    She's an armored unit. So this should be higher
  4. September's Legendary Hero - Tiki: Legendary Dragon

    Divide the tikis in her adult and young forms...
  5. FEH's Next Top Model

    Reading Glasses for the girl who can't read.
  6. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Jill: Mistress of Wyverns Axe Flier Stats: HP:36 Atk:33 Spd:38 Def:27 Res:26 Weapon - Firesweep Axe+ - 15 Mt - Unit and foe cannot counterattack Special - Blazing Thunder B Skill - Lunge C Skill - Hone Fliers
  7. I would appreciate the original DC sword units get a refine. (only accessible to non-legendary versions, if any) Ryoma - refined Raijinto grants his legendary version's Bushido as a special refine. Ike - refined Ragnell accelerates special trigger at default and grants him Guard 3 on special refine Xander - refined Siegfried grants his personal Chivalry - If number of allies within two spaces (excluding unit) >= number of foes within two spaces of target (excluding target), grants Special cooldown charge +1 to unit and inflicts Special cooldown charge -1 on foe per attack (same as special fighter but with a different condition)
  8. Poison Dagger. Every dagger except Flora and HS!Xander can double him.
  9. Event Schedule! (Sep-Oct)

    If I remember correctly there is no unit in the current summoning pool who has Def Ploy. Only Arvis and Summer Gaius have it. So I'm feeling: Res Ploy - Sonya, Lute Spd Ploy - Deirdre Atk Ploy - Katarina, MorganF Panic Ploy - Luke, Zelgius So I'm seeing Lute, Katarina, and Sonya/Deirdre
  10. Lethality - Cooldown 4, exclusive to dagger units only. Instantly kills an enemy if amount of damage unit can deal >= 1. Does not trigger specials. So basically we have this probably potentially broken special that is only exclusive to daggers (assassins). It's high cooldown is a reference to how low the percentages are to trigger it in the original games. But it can only trigger if unit can naturally deal at least 1 damage to foe. "Does not trigger specials" meaning it doesn't trigger Holy Vestments, Aegis, Sacred Cowl, Miracle, and even Ice Mirror. May really sound broken though.
  11. Some Weapon Ideas

    I got some ideas: Tarvos (Nolan) - Grants Def+3. Steady Breath built-in. Caladbolg (Edward) - Grants HP+5. Grants bonus to Attack and Speed = 30% of damage dealt to unit (maximum of +6 to both stats). Lungasadh (Leonardo) - Grants Spd+3. Chill Spd built-in.
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes | Serenes Friends List

    Riccochet ID 4800368519 Leader Soleil
  13. Hrid doesn't match the Fire element. Hopefully he will be a Wind Hero with the Def bonus (because that's the only one missing left)
  14. Will I make it this season?
  15. Forging Bonds: Rejecting Destiny

    When you make the lobster more lobster than he is