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  1. Fate/Grand Order USA

    at least it's a limited extra class servant. :p I heard he's good later on tho.
  2. Fate/Grand Order USA

    don't gramps and musashi pop up at the same time or very close? Fuck I'm gonna be looking forward to getting either one.
  3. oh yeah that's a cheap option. gonna raise Clarine and get hero to +10 merges for fun.
  4. I don't have the QR seal. :/ I got sidetracked during the stuff for the new years tempest trial and only got the two TT units. Gonna give Xander a hone cavalry once I get someone who can pass it off. Hmn I have a spare takumi for an att/res bond, but then he's also the only spare kagami mochi source I have now. I gave NY!Corrin green tome breaker. I don't want to burn one of my GHB F!Robins just to pass blue tome breaker. (She's fun to use too) I'm considering promoting titania for the emerald axe+. Turns out my Abel's a +spd/-res one. I'm happy enough with that. Got him maxed out and he came as a 5* anyways. If I pull another 5* Abel, the one with the worse nature is passing skills onto someone else. Would a +att/-res effie work with my LA!Hector/BK armor duo? LA!Eliwood is sweet and all but I kinda want a more offensive option on the side just in case. Turns out one of my Arthurs has a +spd/-res nature. Does he need anything outside of the emerald axe+lancebreaker he comes with? I'm just raising him to have another arena assault option. I've gone through some of my lower rarity units and it turns out that my sole Hawkeye's a neutral nature. Raising a +att/-res Lilina, +att tharja, and a neutral tailtu. What's the best tomes for them down the line.
  5. Fate/Grand Order USA

    well the resources are worth it!
  6. Fate/Grand Order USA

    ain't complaining about more QP farming. I've farmed all the black cat currency items. idk if I can farm the ice cream/bottle ones in time or if i want to do so since the da vinci event is around the corner and I can just get those from the dailies. oh hey the dantes event gives tickets. Moar for the jalter fund.
  7. Fate/Grand Order USA

    oh welp there's not a lot of standard info on her aside from training cu. teach is FP gacha only. you'd be more akin to worry about being spooked by boudicca.
  8. Fate/Grand Order USA

    it's funny because there's not all that much lore on Scatach unlike saaaayyyyy Cu, Medb, Fergus, or Fionn.
  9. So I put Fury and Vantage onto Xander. I'm not so sure what C skill to give him or what support skill to give him. I did NY!Corrin with Hama Ya+def refinement Rally def/res Att/def +2 Renewal Spur def/res. Should I swap things around?
  10. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Achilles is sorta like many other greek heroes and has a little too much pride. This leads to rifts between the Myrmidons and Agamemnon when Agamemnon takes Achilles's "prize" away from him because he fucking could and Achilles was prevented from killing Agamemnon because of Athena restraining him.
  11. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    dammit IS. Where's my Julius and Lyon. The possessed versions of course!
  12. So I checked my bronze rarities and I got a few perfect natured ones. + att/-res Adult Tiki Oh hey another DC weapon. What fun. +spd/-res Saizo Idk about dagger users, but hey he's got a good nature. I'm thinking of putting the Kagami mochi+ onto a Kagero since I have an extra NY Takumi with a +att/-spd nature. (Gonna use the +def/-res one since it doesn't cut into his speed) So I'm raising my 5* Christmas Cavs from fe1/3 that I had laying around. I'm gonna get them maxed out to check the natures. Besides, if they're crap natures, I've got a bunch of copies of each of them so I can just mix and match to find the best merge. Abel seems to be a really good budget Blue horse. Brave Lance+Swordbreaker seems to work well. I've got a 5* Jeorge I'm levelling. Is giving his parthia a +eff refinement a good idea?
  13. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Giving Hector a break is a bro thing. He got fucked big time in the Illiad lol.
  14. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Oh hey the chaldea boys CEs are coming. I'm gonna take the waver/alexander one. 50% starting NP gauge+300% star absorb sounds fun on Vlad and probably lets Ushi/Robin's NPs hit like ICBMs. Well, I just realized Ushi is the only lower rarity rider with an STNP. Welp.
  15. LA!Hector with wrath sounds so stupidly OP but mine's a +att/-res. Oh fuckit, why not. He should be fun. What's the deal with Lyon. His stats make him look like Sophia.