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    Oh and I guess I'll have to say playing fe7 chaos mode o'er and o'er.
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  1. Radiant Dawn Gameplay Changes?

    fe10 doesn't feel like the full finished project imo. it's more like a final, final draft.
  2. Your Spending Habits With Games?

    GOG/Steam sales for PC games. Used carts/etc. for the current gen stuff Careful limitations on gacha spending because it's easy to get around to the abyss with FEH/FGO.
  3. Do you mind lowmanning being viable?

    low manning is fine and dandy. I mean you bring your team members for the map. In the case of fe10, don't forget to bring the fillers
  4. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    i think he's trying to say that his personal opinion on nino doesn't matter.
  5. Fate/Grand Order General

    So stacking her alongside the caster of my choice and an arts based dps will lead to all sorts of wrecking. Gawain is going to die at the hands of Sir Robin, the not-so-brave. it's totally relevant! man i need to finish getting him to np5. At np2, he's a fucking nuke.
  6. Sol was the best skill for standard units in fe9 iirc. well there's astra too, as well as colossus... Imo if you do a transfer run to fe10, Kieran/Astrid/Makalov/Tormod aren't really gonna benefit much from boosted stats there due to their availability. However, Boyd/Titania/Haar/Jill/Nephenee/Mia/Zihark love the stat boosts,
  7. Fate/Grand Order General

  8. Fate/Grand Order General

  9. Fate/Grand Order General

    There's Bedivere and who else? Are you referring to the grail? Idk but if the guarenteed gacha popped up with all the limited 5* servants we've seen so far, it'd be super neat.
  10. It's going to be Fate/Extella and maybe some dlc. FeH Summer Banners and FGO summer banners are coming soon so idk if i wanna spend a whole lot.
  11. Men of Serenes Forest!

    So she's the chick from PuffyPuffyAmiYumi?
  12. General US Politics

    Most likely not. i mean chances are, they just latch on to whatever new/old thing that they perceive as a threat and blame it on them. Deep State, Trump, Hillary/Obama/DNC Emails, yadda yadda. It's likely that these are the kinds of people who go to infowars for their news.
  13. Fate/Grand Order General

    double waver is just that much fun huh.
  14. Fate/Grand Order General

    wee hee hee it's punishment for wasting so much on nero. Alexander/Hans/Caesar buffed the fuck out of Kintoki and beatdown mama for 400k damage. Got the stuff. got kintoki to np2 Tired af, going to sleep
  15. Men of Serenes Forest!

    hello men of serenes i come with a query who do would you fuck, marry, kill. all of them are assumed to be in their prime. Rosario Dawson, Ming-Na Wen, France Gall