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  1. Fate/Grand Order USA

    Romulus solo gogogo
  2. Fate/Grand Order USA

    capped out at 1.8 million points. I'm going to clear the shop of pieces so i can get the fate/zero servants to a usable state since I don't have any fate/zero golds. Alexander's gonna be worked, a lot. So Hassan, Alexander, Gilles, and Diarmud. Well this should be interesting. I guess Hassan+Alexander are going to get pumped up. Shame Well back to horseshoe farming.
  3. My first PMU! (Closed)

    Ross Pirate->Warrior
  4. Fate/Grand Order USA

    whups pffffft I will get fucked for rolls soon enough. Karma's a bitch. Oh hey got Euryale to np5. Now I can cheese Camelot when it comes out.
  5. Fate/Grand Order USA

    33 SQ+25 SQ+next monday's master mission's SQ=2 rolls for brynhildr is there an alternating rate-up between fionn and beowulf?
  6. Fate/Grand Order USA

    welp I think I'm going to be a little short of 2 million but I've got enough god hearts for my needs.
  7. Fate/Grand Order USA

    welp got Asterios to his final ascension. Guess who's gonna get grailed down the line and slotted as my support zerker! man i kinda need to really grind for gears for emiya. When's his skill upgrade due in NA? The ones that make him good..
  8. Fate/Grand Order USA

    yeah but I've wound up with Jack and that one skill of Brynhildr's seems too fun to not pass up. But on the other hand, I've heard Lancer Tamamo and Kiyohime are incredible. I'll just save cash for that event too, since there's no way I'm NOT gonna roll for Archer!Artoria and Ruler!Martha. Oh welp, the valentine's day rolls seem like a better idea anyways. I can just blow everything on the day that Nero Bride+Scatach are on rate up. Or I could just blow it all on Bryn and cry when Fion spooks me. I'll just save my summon tickets for the Brynhildr gacha just to have a shot at Beowulf then, since he's one of my favorite servants lore-wise. I'm not so sure if he's top tier, but damnit I'm fond of his source material! Hmn...valentine's day has better CEs too. That's probably worth more too? In as much as I'll just roll during a non-Jack rate up day.
  9. Fate/Grand Order USA

    I'll roll for Bryn because I kinda want a gold lancer. welp 3 more SQ, thanks Jack.
  10. Fate/Grand Order USA

    yay got fergus ascended! ran the Mozart node 6 times, got one horseshoe! a bunch of guys hit bond level six! I might hit 60 SQ by valentine's day. Now I'm torn between rolling for Brynhildr or Nero Bride. Or maybe I'll buy a google play card and try for both!
  11. I want to live in a cool loft

    there's a more direct method than finding a sugar daddy.
  12. Quick question on how to initiate pairings?

    yep but keep an eye on the love points. some characters generate ir faster or slower.
  13. Fate/Grand Order USA

    d'Eon dies by the time Shishou pops up. Just in time for Caesar to appear and buff the hell out of MrSmokestack's Salter. I swear MHX should have an AoE NP since she's got two excaliburs.
  14. Fate/Grand Order USA

    -Kintoki -Tesla -No Karna(or is it Arjuna? I get them mixed up) to fill out your thunder and lightning themed SSRs. d'Eon's entire job has been being a meat tank. Does the NP get any better with upgrades? Caesar is such a bro. Fergus would be too, if I got him levelled. I'm probably going to use him as an AoE farmer if I don't pull any AoE sabers. (Sorry Saber Lilly, but that damage output seems to miss KOs on divine hands.) if FGO and FEH ever do a collab, I'd looove to see MHX just walk into an FE map and start chasing everyone.