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  1. Greatest Evil Usurper Villain

    I think lost is the wrong word, when your up against an army of furries and the fucking black knight I think you're better off just killing yourself at that point. Either way, props to Jarod for being able to live exactly 1 hit from Alondite Black Knight.
  2. General Music Thread #2

    This is a music thread right? wheres the best band of the 60's? Haven't seen any Beatles yet so thought i would put my favorite Beatles song.
  3. Anyone Still Play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RB/TDS?

    TDS are some of my favourite video games (Sky is the best of the three.) i like the gameplay, the characters are amazing and the story is one of the best video game stories ever, at least the best nintendo one.
  4. Who’s your favorite “Bad Unit” in FE?

    My bad. I personally don't think his bad, but alot of people seem too, but i really like using Path of radience Tormod, he's unique with his 8 promoted movement, which is the same as mists promoted movement, meaning his also able to function as a 2nd high move healer, and his offense, while not as good as soren or illyana, is still pretty good, and he's my favourite mage to use in the game.
  5. General Music Thread #2

    Good old fashioned lover boy by Queen, this is one of my favourites by the band, but it's usually overshadowed by Bohemian Rhapsody, We will rock you, etc.
  6. Least Favorite FE Character?

    From a gameplay perspective? I've never really liked armor knights, Oswin is the only one i really use, so my least favourite is the worst of them. Gwendolyn is a pain to train and is very much not worth it. from a story perspective? Discounting 90% of the fates cast it would be fe10 Astrid. She's cool in fe9 but in fe10 she just becomes "Makalov is cool, you just have to wait for him to prove himself." Jesus the dawn brigade are better characters then her.
  7. Who’s your favorite “Bad Unit” in FE?

    Franz* Never played FE2 or FE15 so i can't comment on Python but i never understood why people hate Forde as a unit so much. He's a cavalier, 7 movement, canto, wtc, even if his stats are shaky he still has all these ups about him.
  8. A Tv show, about a Hawk... with wings.
  9. Super Smash Bros Questionnaire

    1. Melee. 2. All of them, I played Ultimate at Pax Aus. 3. Sm4sh. 4. Character wise? Yoshi, he's my favourite video game character. Gameplay wise? Kirby in 64, Marth in Melee, Meta Knight in Brawl, Lucina in Sm4sh and Ganondorf in Ultimate Demo. 5. Character wise? Pikachu, I don't care for his apperence but i hate how he gets all these perks in pokemon games and still sucks competitivly. Gameplay wise? Jigglypuff in 64, Kirby in Melee, Ganondorf in Brawl, Olimar in Sm4sh and Inkling in Ultimate Demo. 6. Dreamland in 64, Pokefloats in Melee and Battlefield in everything else. 7. Any of the Scrolling stages, don't hate any of the others. 8. Yoshis Island in 64, Fire Emblem in Melee, Meta Knights revenge and Against the Black Knight in Brawl and most of the Castlevania soundtrack for Ultimate. 9. Smash Tour For glory. 10. Assist Trophy 11. "Hi!" 12. Friends 13. Stock 14. Random stage, Random Character, no items. 15. No 16. Getting all the Sm4sh acheivments. 17. Yes. 18. Ganon buffs and World of light. 19. In terms of who's in, Ridley. In terms of who looks the most fun, Incineroar. 20. Ganondorf 21. Pikachu buffs are cool. 22. Echo fighters are cool. 23. The Heavy from Tf2. More realisticly Hector from fe7 or Fawful from the Mario and Luigi rpgs. 24. Fire emblem, Metal Gear, Warioware, Mother and F-Zero 25. Yes, I don't remember them being particularly good. 26. Last game made by Sakurai? Yes, he needs sleep. Last Smash game? No, Nintendo won't just stop msking something that earns them money. 27. I've played local tourneys before. I won one. 28. I play everyone on final destination. Results will vary. 29. I agree with some tier lists, such as Fox or Meta knight being at the top of Melee and Brawl, and Kirby and Ganon being bottom, but others are kind of weird, like saying Jigglypuff is better then King dedede. It's a mixed bag i guess. 30. A Smashing Passtime.
  10. Describe your favorite FE moment

    Placing fe6 Bartre against 8 enemies with the devil axe and he didn't hit himself once.
  11. Who’s your favorite “Bad Unit” in FE?

    Wait people are saying Lowens bad? Being a cavalier in gba fire emblem automatically makes you high tier unless your Amelia.
  12. I probably shouldn't have talked about her staff rank since its a problem everyone but saul has, but the other reasons i listed still make her a bad unit in my opinion. Mind you i use her every time i play fe6 because she's fun to use, but fun doesn't = good. Ogier can turn out alright, but you put in so much effort to get a hero that can do a bit of damage and double some enemies. By selling the items, i meant that if the only hero crest/guiding ring users you're using are Ogier and Lilina, then the 5000 gold could be considered more useful (my lilina bias says otherwise but facts first.) then promoting them.
  13. The whole argument of "Fir/Lilina/Ogier is worse then Rutger/Lugh/Dieck so Don't use them." Is stupid, it's best to rate units based on how they preform individually, since obviously you would rather an extra Myrmidon/Mage/Mercenary over an armor knight or fighter. Personally, if Dieck didn't turn out well, i usually promote Fir with the chapter 11 Hero Crest since she's the best of all those units, she may be worse then Rutger, but being a bootleg verison of one of the best units in the game still makes you good. Lilina and Ogier on the other hand have a lot of flaws by themselves. Both of them have horrible bases, and although it is easy to level them in ch 8x (just run an unarmed Jerrot or Marcus up to the enemies and spend 100 turns waiting for them to break their weapons, then spend another 100 killing every enemy with either of them), the payoff for all that wasted time just isn't all that good, and you're honestly better off selling that guiding ring or hero crest then going through the all that wasted time to get a decent unit that will probably be benched anyway because you get units like Percival who has way better combat then Ogier, and Cecelia, Niime and Yodel who shit on Lilinas E staves and even have decent chip to boot. honestly i would rather baby up roy since then he could at least do somethings.
  14. Who’s your favorite “Bad Unit” in FE?

    Replayed Radient Dawn recently and was doing an Iron Man, Lost Soren, and Iliyana and Tormod were insanely underleveled so i decided to bring Pelleas into the tower and i actually enjoy using him.
  15. So...I might be clinically depressed.

    Man, that sucks. Good luck getting through it. Edit: Looking at my cat always makes me feel better, so I'll leave this here.