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  1. fire emblem the plot stones

    much thank for the compliment
  2. Photoshop Fun

    the sacred stones ww2 edition
  3. Who’s your favorite “Bad Unit” in FE?

    Luckiest man alive Arthur
  4. fire emblem the plot stones

    this is fire emblem the plot stones a 35% serious hack of the sacred stones story 3 "friends" travel to distant lands to settle down and start anew but something is lurking in the shadows lurking HARD complete Development story 10% classes 97% maps 35% characters 45% "balance" 75%? changes from base game armor knights now have 5 move good stats and can use ALL four weapon types cavilers have 6 move and can use axes healers get double exp solders can promote snipers have 15 extra crit thats about it
  5. Who's Who? Randomizer

    i don't know the rest of them but Bartre's is definitely Lowen
  6. prediction

    prediction for smash ultimate exactly 37 new fire emblem characters specifically from three houses and Arthur the luckiest man alive (there all clones of Ike)
  7. posting hacks

    i tried to do that but it wouldn't let me create a topic in that subject
  8. posting hacks

    where would you go to post a hack i got a finished hack and i would like to post it