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  1. Peri as a paladin turns out great! so why dose every one make her a great knight when Gunter could generally be a better one?
  2. Marriage Randomizer

    the link is not working.
  3. Universal GBA FE Randomizer v1.0

    Yune won't apply the changes to the rom, it only sits there saying "applying changes."
  4. text editor shenanigans

    the first one is not really incomplete.
  5. text editor shenanigans

  6. things you've made in text editor, like this:WARNING CRINGE AND SHIPPING ABOUND!
  7. yeah, so apparently intelligent systems thinks, "oh you like scarlet or izana? WELL SCREW YOU" can some one explain why these two die in Revelations?
  8. i've not been on here for a while, tell me something weird.

    here's something weird,I have a ding dong I accidentally s-supported.
  9. S-supports

    just list all the S supports you've gotten. Please list what game it's from. And yes you can include non avatar s-supports. (older game supports with paired endings are also allowed)
  10. Who was your first S support?

    birthright Felicia, (Hana if you don't count neutral characters) and beruka in conquest
  11. Fates solo attempts

    7. death
  12. Fates solo attempts

    it's working now.
  13. Fates solo attempts

    I am doing that. If gmail works.