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    I like mages, I also like:Vocaloid, Dwarf fortress, Poetry, Cartoons, Star Wars, Painting, Drawing, Pixel art, And cute things such as bunnies
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  1. Press Ctrl+V

    (Not sure if this is entirely allowed but, I blacked out the usernames so these poor souls don't get tracked down. other then that it's 100% legit)
  2. Press Ctrl+V

    "I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere."
  3. Haiku's art topic

    So, After some thinking I decided to post some of my art here. The digital art was made using a hand-drawn image and then I took a picture then imported that to Krita, and used the line tool for the outlines, (I don't have a drawing tablet and I can't draw using a mouse) which is why It looks blocky. Also, be warned, my art isn't that consistent. Here's one of my more recent characters (Who has yet to be named) And here's her again, but with someone who also doesn't have a name. (Same pose, because of the same base image) Some Sans art I had to do on Drawception (Should this next picture even be here? It's pixel art, but it's not a sprite..?) And here's Pixel art of sans (I'm going to edit this picture someday, as the lighting is messed up.) Next up is pixel art of Guzma from pokemon (ultra) sun and (ultra) moon. The body is temporary, which is why it's weird looking. (Still not sure if this should be here, please tell me if these should be deleted, as I will remove them if need be)
  4. Press Ctrl+V

  5. My cat is drunk

    My cat keeps sitting on my neck, I think she's trying to kill me. Please send help
  6. Nostalgic Songs

    There isn't really a certain format, As long as you name atleast one song it's fine.
  7. Nostalgic Songs

    First off, I'm quite sorry if this doesn't fit in this sub forum and/or this is a duplicate topic (I'm always nervous posting, Which is why I reread the rules every week, And triple-check each post) Second, the actual topic. So, As the title suggests (Quite poorly I might add) this is a topic about songs that make you feel nostalgic, Whether it be a childhood TV show's theme song, or music you used to listen to, Discuss them here. Here are some songs that make me feel "Nostalgic" (I'm not sure if I should call it nostalgia, As I'm not that old) The original Pokémon Theme - I used to watch Pokémon when I was like 6, In fact, I've been re-watching the original series on Netflix. This song makes me cry want to cry. Nostalgia level:IT'S OVER 9000!! Bad Apple!! (The Lyrical remix A.K.A the famous version) - My brother introduced me to this when I was younger, I still listen to it sometimes. Nostalgia level:High Electric Angel (Vocaloid) - I used to listen to this while I made pixel art (Yes I make pixel art, and no, it's not that good) Hearing it now makes me happy. Nostalgia level:Insane Phineas and Ferb theme - I used to LOVE Phineas and Ferb as a kid, It's still one of my favorite shows to this day. Nostalgia level:Insane Gravity Falls theme - I started watching Gravity Falls in late 2017 (?) And it's up there with Phineas and Ferb. Nostalgia level:Makes me want to cry World is mine (Hatsune Miku) - I also listened to this while making pixel art, I was once listening to this and I accidentally unplugged my headphones, Luckily everyone else was outside at the time Nostalgia level:High Early-Mid BTS - I remember when my sister introduced me to KPOP via BTS' Dope and Fire, Later I listened to Bulletproof and No more dream (By the way, Bias = Jhope, Favorite song = Baepsae) Nostalgia level:High Anything EarthBound - I remember last Christmas I received my SNES Classic, (My mom stayed up all night to get me it) And I was excited because it comes with EarthBound, The music still makes me cry (Except for Giygas' Theme) Nostalgia level:Insane This isn't all the music I used to listen to, But probably my favorites. (I'm probably forgetting something)
  8. Stupidest Nicknames you've given FE Characters

    Nothing special here, basically I just call them what first pops into my head Jedah - Mr. Odd shoulders Delthea - Vanellope von Schweetz Luthier - Lex luthier Zeke - Xander Mycen - Cool grandpa Genny - Autobot --- Takumi - Tofu delivery boy Silas - Pit Hayato - Potato Dwyer - World's best detective Hisame - Grandpa pickle Xander - Zeke Flora -
  9. The Worst Part of Fates

    Oh, Corrin had character development?
  10. Hey Im New

    Hi new, I'm Haiku Hello, Welcome to the forums! Shadows of Valentia is probably my favorite FE game, I hope you like it as much as I did.
  11. *Insert clever topic title here*

    Welcome to the forums! I too enjoy reclassing pretty much every unit, I was mildly disappointed when I could only reclass 3 units in FE Echoes (Not including the villagers)
  12. i've not been on here for a while, tell me something weird.

    The other night I had a dream I was in an arena and I happened to also be a Ninja Maid, And at some point in the dream someone started playing Night of Nights on the piano. (And sometime later in the dream there was a robot Shrek and some spaghetti) Although to be honest, I'm a little disappointed I wasn't a Mage or something You asked for weird, so here you go
  13. Anything I should know?

    Well, That's a good thing I went right. Also I just promoted Alm yesterday, Is it worth it to give him a
  14. Yodelling pickle?

    You might need a better adblocker