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  2. Are you excited for Three Houses?

    I'm pretty excited, I just hope they don't mess it up.
  3. Hi

    Hello there, We hope you have a great time here on Serenesforest! EDIT:That's a cute bunny.
  4. I'm honored to be mentioned, sir. Although I must admit I'm quite surprised that people remember me.
  5. I mean, maybe she is... ...There's probably a fanfic like that somewhere. If not someone can write it Back on topic. I feel like if Gen Urobuchi was the writer for an FE game/spinoff, there's so much he could do and there's a lot of potential. Especially considering how much tragedy and story deaths some games have.
  6. Since I've never played Awakening I don't know much about Lucina's future, but him writing about Forneus would be pretty cool. I mean who doesn't love Forneus?
  7. Press Ctrl+V

    I've actually thought about this before because I love "what if" scenarios and alternate universes.
  8. I'd play it. I've actually thought about this before because I love "what if" scenarios and alternate universes. I'm sure he could make it work. Seeing as how popular "dark fantasy" genres are, such as Berserk and the less dark and more modern Dnd inspired Goblin Slayer. Plus video games and other media always have that one black sheep that doesn't fit in. Perhaps this theoretical Gen-written FE could be a spin-off?
  9. Press Ctrl+V

    (Lots of text, and incorrectly formatted.)
  10. My sister just moved to another state today.

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  12. Press Ctrl+V

    "Ever since we were born we were fated to die... ...Your time is up"
  13. Press Ctrl+V

    because my flash drive has over 10gb of memes
  14. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    I haven't been keeping up with three houses so I'm a little outdated, looks interesting though! To be honest, I'm just hoping that there will be a green haired healer/cleric gal.
  15. I don't know what I'm doing.

    1. Joshii


      Same here homie