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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a weeks late!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  3. Europe 3DS XL bundle

    You can buy the FE decal for a 3ds XL from here in case no one here knew. Credits to the guy who made this, he has a lot of other cool decals as well.
  4. So you 're saying that all this time the game has been out, you managed to avoid the fact that you can marry units in this game even though it was advertised plenty?? Totally believable. also if you were truly unaware, what are you doing in this part of the forums , you're essentially asking to be spoiled.
  5. Should I invest some time into Donnel?

    He eventually becomes really strong after he gets through the wimp villager phase,but is it worth it? In my opinion no, not unless you like him and want to use him regularly.Otherwise the time would be better spent on other characters.
  6. Happy Birthday!!!

  7. Happy Birthday!!!

  8. Mystery of Paris.

    I got Nergal for spotpass , his team has the same classes (and numbers) as the faced morphs in Fe7 final chapter(except bishop--> sage now)
  9. Mystery of Paris.

    There is an image of him in my last post in the previous page btw and yes he seems to call himself paris and he's not a new classs but a reskin of the hero class
  10. Mystery of Paris.

    Paris Nope not trolling he looks like him in a way but I don't know if it's him since I can't understand jap he has ragnell and some statboosters and map theme is something like a remix of fe9 music piece
  11. Mystery of Paris.

    And he's released , I can't understand what he's saying but he looks like Ike and has Rangell
  12. This question has been answered so many times in so many threads The post game isn't like FE8.The game does save the fact that you've completed the game (so it can pass fame on to any new game you start) But when you choose to enter the file after completing it , you will keep playing as if you never finished the final chapter 1)You always get 1k gold because at least 1 enemy will always carry the lump of gold item , enemies also usually have some items to drop as well.This pays for the cost of scented boxes on Normal but not always on other difficulties but it doesn't really matter since enough skirmishes show up on their own for you to fight so you gain more money than you lose. You always have money in this game ,you make alot of money during the campaign if you loot all the chests ,and in postgame your characters should be strong enough to farm gold from skirmishes (or buy the gold dlc and and get like 80k each time you complete it.) 2) everything is always available either via stores,travelling merchants or event tiles the only exceptions are sol katti and boots divine/spotpass weapons and goddess staff(? not sure about this one) can be obtained in infinite amounts by replaying the divine weapons dlc but without that each can only be obtained once during the game 3) Fog of war doesn't exist in this game.
  13. Othin Plays FE13!

    And I was wondering, when did I use richt to get him such high tome rank On hard they have all A rank and all their weapons are forged