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  1. RF3 is very similar to RF4 in gameplay, characters and overall mood. RF2 is more like RF1 but more polished, I'd recommend playing it after you already have the hang of Rune Factory games because it simply throws you in the wilderness and expects you to pick things up by trial and failure. I only played the others a little bit, RF1 didn't attract me much and I second that it's like you go back to playing FE1.
  2. Man, if Rune Factory 5 has better graphics than the Wii Rune Factory games, I'll be sold on the whole "get a Switch just to play three games" deal.
  3. Neverland's staff moved to Marvelous. They made another game whose name I forgot (Lord of Magna?) and... Yeah, RF is back now.
  4. Yes. I was a Law undergraduate (or the closest thing to undergrads there is in my country) and got fed up with the course midway through it. What I'd recomment to myself before switching (and even before picking a course on the first place) if I had my current day knowledge would be to research about it. You can take some free lectures in edx and Coursera that will give you an introductory understanding of the course you're thinking about going for, so you'll have a better notion on whether it's for you or not. There are some free courses sponsored by universities such as Harvard that are very good for beginners. Also, talk to whoever is responsible for the course you want to enroll for. Ask them questions about the work area, about what you're going to study etc. Have all your doubts clarified before making a choice. In my opinion, it's not worth enrolling in a course you know little about for a certificate that you're not even sure if it will significantly help you get a job on that field. Student loan debts are a nightmare.
  5. School and Heteronormativity

    Did the survey. There's one thing I'd like to comment, however: The question is a bit vague, because 'disadvantaged' can mean many things. I said 'yes' because educating children is hard, and single parents usually have a harder time taking care of everything concerning their child versus sharing their burden with another parent. This doesn't however back up the general cliche that fatherless (or grandfather-less) families lead to delinquent children because of the lack of a male reference, which as far as I've seen has no evidence backing the allegation up.
  6. https://www.polygon.com/2019/2/13/18224005/rune-factory-4-remastered-special-5-switch Those are excelent news for me, besides being for the Switch, which is a console I really don't care about. Rune Factory is one of my favorite series and it's great to see it's back even after their previous company went bankrupt and closed.
  7. Don't give me ideas. I'll try to forget the one I just had and focus on something else.
  8. Nah, I changed my mind. I'll stay as the host, at least for this round. I'll also try to write something. @TheSilentChloey, does the erring character need to be human? Could I make it about a manakete, or a god, or...?
  9. To the surprise of no one, @TheSilentChloey won this round. Still, congratulations. Please come with a new theme so that we may begin the next Round.
  10. So far I've read the last prompts. Rafiel's Aria Ottservia Dragoncat I've read others, but I don't have any strong opinions about them and I'm half asleep, so...
  11. How would that work? Would everyone optionally give X out of 10 points to more than one person, or would they give half points to the others they vote for, or...?
  12. SF allows for multiple votes, and it's not like we're surveiling who's voting for themselves (although this is bad practice), so we could do that, I guess. As for taking over this thread, iirc Rafiel's Aria asked first, but she said she'd do it if no one else candidated, then Anonymous said he'd take over the thread. Did I miss anyone else?
  13. Calling for next round's prompt to be about if it's ok to fuck with gay werewolves.
  14. Pre-orders for a game we barely know anything about? Okay, I guess. LoG1 is awful and really a slog. LoG2 has parts where you have to grind and solve puzzles, but they're not really that proeminent, I think. After getting past the Hercule part in the beginning, it's smooth sailing. My dream game would probably be a LoG2 with story/scenarios from Attack of the Saiyans. Sagas was more like a beat 'em up, yes, but it had a system where your character got stronger and upgraded their skills. Still not a RPG, but it did have some RPG elements.
  15. I mostly struggle with structure, not ideas. Like, I have an idea but I don't really know how to convey it well or how to make the sequence of events make sense. But yeah, it just happens I now have an idea that interests me, but the time is up, so...