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  1. I love kinder eggs but they're too expensive in my country, rip.
  2. Megaman 11 is out! Your thoughts?

    Alternately to Tryhard's suggestion, you can use x360ce to make your games think you're using a Xbox controller when you're not. Downloading it, placing a copy on your game folder and running the executable is usually all you need, although some games need a special xinput archive (usually, it is automatically generated). So, I just finished Megaman 11, and now I'm trying to tackle the special challenges. I really, really hope this game succeeds on sales. We deserve more games on that quality standard, if not better. I'd gladly play double the price for a X game like that.
  3. I had two ideas. One for someone who has commited a single small sin once, but who now became a chronic sinner who simply doesn't care anymore, and thus their conscience has been mostly if not completely corrupted by the time the story takes place. The other idea is regarding an atoner hero who fails everyone who mattered to him and who now wanders the Earth, searching for redemption and seeing how his actions screwed up the world and the people he knew.
  4. So, if you're all fine with anticipating the end of this round, fine by me. Jotari is the winner of this round, congratulations! We'll also go by the prompt he came up with. Maybe I'll even get around to writing something? That gave me a few ideas.
  5. Megaman 11 is out! Your thoughts?

    The PS4 D-Pad is excellent, imo. It lacks the crowded directionals that will screw your movements on platformer games like Megaman 11 (and even X/Zero games). I loved Megaman 11. The level design is very well done, the stage gimmicks are fun (if not a bit frustrating, as per classic tradition), the boss patterns are fun, the soundtrack is spot-on and the graphics are pretty enough. I'm having loads of fun with it, there are only 3 Robot Masters left to go (Rubber Man, Torch Man and the drill boss whose name I forgot). I swear, if they make a X series game (doesn't even need to be X9) with these quality standards, I'll be more hyped than I have been for a decade.
  6. Megaman 11 is out! Your thoughts?

    I cry every time I remember my idea of writing Nazi!X in Neo Arcadia (or rather, what Mega Man Zero would've been without dumb executive meddling). I swear I can't wait for that game, although I'm not such a big fan of the classic series. I can't even imagine my reaction if they eventually make a X series related game. On that note, I wish they continued with the X and ZX series.
  7. topic title I'll just forget about everything else for the following 12 hours after it is released.
  8. I couldn't find any ways to make votals hidden. I mean, except for asking people to vote by messaging me, but that's inconvenient.
  9. Sorry, I didn't see that. Been busy and all. I'll open a poll shortly. It's done.
  10. General Trails thread

    Is this "perfectly readable" one the leaked one from a few months ago? Also, posting/sending patches is ok. We wouldn't have ROM hack threads with links to each fangame patch if it wasn't allowed. You just can't post ROMs/isos and emulators (although emulators aren't ilegal too, but iirc SF is against this practice, so...)
  11. I-I mean, I'll try to write something. Probably. Yeah.
  12. this, basically. I'm 22 and I still don't feel like an adult. Instead, I just deal with any problems that might arise with adulthood, then look back and think "well, I guess I'm more mature now, but I still got ways to go". I still feel the same as I did when I was a kid, and I'll probably still feel that way when I'm old. tl;dr I just feel like someone who rises to the occasion out of necessity when there is a problem, but who in no way feels like an adult (or fitting into the ideal of adulthood).
  13. General Trails thread

    Still nothing about a CS3 localization, and I don't know if the Zero/Ao english patches were released yet. Ugh. Well, at least I still have to get through CS2 (I was going to play it, but then I got way busier).
  14. What are your guilty pleasures?

    Rabi-Ribi. I mean, the game is great gameplay and soundtrack-wise, but...... well, just take a look at its cover. Other than that, Megaman Battle Chip Challenge. It's the only Battle Network game I've managed to play that didn't bore me to death, and I enjoy planning the chip orders and maximizing the chances that the RNG can favor me. I admit the BN series is good, but its gameplay is not for me. Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories has great visuals and soundtrack, but its gameplay is simplistic and rustic (its rule system is basically that of Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1 but with free fusions among random monsters), they never reveal you which fusions are possible through cards, it requires a lot of grinding to get good cards, the AI cheats and so on. Megaman X6. It's not a favorite of mine, but I can enjoy playing it after years of masochism dying because of its bullshit level design.
  15. Judging from IS' tendencies, it'll take very long until they showcase the game again, probably a few months before the game is released. Yeah, I really dislike how they pull zero effort on announcing their games and satisfying the fanbase with info, compared to what most companies do with their high selling titles (ok, FE isn't thaaaaaat high selling, but it did well enough to be promoted).