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  1. The Prussian never dies - he just returns as a reformed monarchic protestant Brandenburg with Quality doomstacks to wipe out the mid and endgame. This isn't supposed to make sense.
  2. Crash Team Racing

    Holy crap, I can't wait enough for this, the worst being that I'll have to wait double the time for a PC release, if it even gets one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UozkhDjuao8
  3. When political movements get hijacked.

    There are always nutjobs in any given [present, vocal] political movement, and their absurd comments make them seem as a majority due to the echoing effect given by social media. Usually, it's not the case that a political movement was "hijacked", but instead its more radical nutjobs manage to amplify their audience to levels where it seems they're the majority. Discussing concrete cases is better than working with hypotheticals through rules of thumb, though. These cases you mentioned seem more anecdotal than a majoritarian attitude from the people belonging to these "political movements" Battlefield V isn't one
  4. I recommend simply trying your best and seeing if it works. That's the purpose of this 'contest', anyway. If you're having fun and challenging yourself to improve your writing skills, then I'd say your time is well spent. Also, you could share this piece later, if you want, even if unofficially.
  5. Sorry but no. That would allow us for discussing plot elements and potentially giving the writer an advantage. We're supposed to discern what goes with the theme on our own and see if it works during the votals phase. But hey, coming up with something that normally doesn't fit the theme isn't necessarily bad, what with trying something new and interesting. As long as you don't escape the theme completely (on this case, it's very hard to), fine by me~
  6. You can post your work, but if you don't say it's for grammar proof-reading only I'll assume it's a submission and take it as the final piece of your work (you can't submit more than once). It's much easier simply to ask people (not exclusively from this thread) to take a look at your work for grammar proof-reading and do it privately, though.
  7. Favorite "one sitting" video game?

    Mega Man X4 is my favorite so far. I used to play Golden Axe, Sonic 2 and Streets of Rage a lot, too.
  8. You can make an entry with pre-established OCs. I mean, it's equivalent to making an entry with pre-established characters from franchises, which is permitted, so I don't see why it shouldn't be allowed. You can make an entry about a pre-established universe, for example, one taking place in your own fictional universe, or in Elibe, or in any other pre-established fictional world. Again, it's equivalent to writing a prompt about Ike in Tellius, or Marcus in Elibe, and this is already permitted, so using your pre-established universe is also allowed. What you can't do is copy your work. That is, if I have already written a chapter that is very similar to the prompt I'm submitting, it's forbidden to copy that work, be it through literally using ctrl+c or heavily basing the 'new' work on it, and use it as a prompt for the contest. You have to write things from scratch, but the ideas don't need to be completely new. tl;dr: The answer is yes, you can.
  9. I wanted to write about Jugdral then, now I have no idea what I could write about 'mercy'. If I were into Overwatch, maybe...
  10. Sorry for the delay, guys. I got tangled up with my studies + work and it seemed that I'd also get a cold, so today was the only day I was available, pretty much. Anyway, congratulations, @Jotari, you're the winner of this round! Please come up with a prompt for Round 5.
  11. Job Application Help

    I'm no specialist, but since I've had to update my CV I started doing a bit of research on my part. I think I might have enough information to help. There's still the issue that some countries might work differently from others/expect other things from a CV, although I've googled in both my native language (portuguese) and english and found little difference between the advice I read. It wasn't an official job, but it counts as one of your experiences (it is too particular and informal, so I'm not sure if it'll count much, but any experience is welcome). Also, being paid isn't what defines an official job - you wouldn't have volunteer work otherwise. I think you should include every professional experience you had/have, as long as it has to do with the work area you're trying to get a job at. As for the CV example above, I agree with most things, except with keeping "Work Experience" above all. For someone with little to no work experience, it is better to highlight your education (college, not school, unless it was a technical/specialized school) and skills instead (to compensate from lack of experience), and since you're aiming for an entry-level job, significant work experience isn't really something employers should be striving for more than anything else, because by definition entry-level applicants have little to no experience. So, I'd place "Work Experience" after everything else (for this case, because later on work experience becomes priority) and keep the rest as it is, with education coming in first, then your skills. EDIT: Oh right, I missed one thing. It's important to mention your work objectives, like mentioning you want to work in a specific area inside the healthcare field. For example, I'm an IT student and I put in my CV that I'd like to work with app/systems development (because "I want to work with IT" is extremely vague, and so is "I want a job on the healthcare field". If you really have no preferences, you could put something like "I want to work in the healthcare sector/department" of a company, instead). When you're more professionally mature, it will be nice to put how you expect to help the company you're applying for, as in "provide ____ work by doing _____ (...)".
  12. General Trails thread

    Because I like his presentation and mannerisms, pretty much. He performs well as a faux-polite, intelectual straw nihilist.
  13. General Trails thread

    Weissman is a perfect straw atheist accessing a discusson board, but I still really like him (and I think I'm one of the few people who do). I also really liked Osborne when I played CS1.
  14. Any Magic the: Gathering players on this site?

    I casually play online with a friend of mine every sometimes. I enjoy it and the lore is interesting, but I know very little about MTG and I only pick pre-constructed decks to play around with.