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      Hey everyone, we've finally gotten the gallery up and ready for viewing, be sure to check out all of the great submissions the FE community sent in before voting begins! LINK TO GALLERY: https://serenesforest.net/scribbles/serenes-forest-scribbles-2016-entries/ MORE INFO ON SCRIBBLES & DISCUSSION THREAD: ----- If you're one of our entrants and we missed something involving your entry (a description, name, etc) just send me a PM and let me know! And nice job everyone, great year of entries :P:.


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  1. Frederick and Ephraim have the same speed at 5* Lv40. All I can think of is that the ones you've fought previously were either lower level or given a Brave Lance, possibly in conjunction with your Frederick's Spd being boosted by Palla.
  2. Thanks for this, just preordered. Price was a lot more reasonable than I expected!
  3. I chose Deen on my FE2 playthrough so I'll go Sonya in FE15
  4. I've done 1-7, the infantry 10th stratum one and am currently chipping at 8th stratum as I also raise a team of armours in advance for The True Nightmare
  5. ...Nobody's going to mention the long blue hair? okay
  6. I don't play Sm4sh anymore and I wasn't gonna join but Aura's in so I'm contractually obliged to enter and lose to him /in NNID: RagamuffinDotty
  7. I see, thank you for helping
  8. Don't I need that to be the character I'm voting for to get the boost?
  9. How do you set a support?
  10. I guess I'm in NNID: RagamuffinDotty