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  1. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    Another game carried by me.
  2. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    Not gonna lie, I've been playing video games instead of playing this game. I'm just going to sheep Marth until I reread, which might be a while. What are the votals? How much time is left? ##Unvote ##Vote: @Ichigo
  3. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

  4. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    I'm not going off of meta here cause I've never had a great meta read on Bart's alignment personally. I'm uh assuming he was town in Training. What do you think about my other points? Kind of reluctant to drop this read because it's my strongest conviction in this game and I'm reading most of the playerbase as null (not even town!!). It's okay if you drive me crazy as long as you're town. Just ask Conq.
  5. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    I thought Evan was in this game and was like "Evan lurking hard is pretty scummy" until I checked the OP hahaha. I think most people have done enough for me to have some impression on them (not like...a read but I can explain where their head is at) except Dunn and Jordan. @Fenrir Aesir Please get Jordan to post help.
  6. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    I think that's scummy haha. You do you, though.
  7. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    I don't think being self conscious is that scummy because of stuff like this but it's what bothers me the second most (and Bartozio has enough pressure). Thanks, boss. Hell yeah I am.
  8. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    ##Unvote ##Vote: @Ampharos
  9. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    Marth's initial post pinged me (just because it reminded me of his X-Site post) but I've settled into a null read on him after his explanations which seemed fine to me.
  10. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    This is all the reasoning you need for an ED1 vote, but I don't get why you haven't voted based on this. Feels like you're trying to gauge the general consensus before voting her. I don't think that always comes from scum but it's pretty self conscious. FTR, I didn't get any read off of Claire's RVS posts. Not responding to Amy's read initially bothers me. Just a minor thing, wouldn't vote on it alone. What bothers me more is that your progression on Claire doesn't read as natural to me. You pressed Amy on her read and then switched your vote to Claire because you didn't really have anything else to press Amy on. I don't know how to explain it, I feel in this situation would be more willing to agree to disagree, even if they weren't bothered by Amy. I don't get why you're scumreading Claire. Also his Weiner read doesn't have much thought IMO. Saying "we should look at him if Claire flips scum" just because he defended Claire feels very surface level to me, especially considering he's voting Claire. I might be nitpicking here because I think if he said "I wouldn't townread him if Claire flipped scum" it wouldn't bother me because I don't see an agenda there. He's the Jeigan, here to carry us early game before dying N1. @Athena_57 Can you reevaluate your Bartozio read? It's fine if you don't think he's scummy any more, but my impression from your unvote was that it was a kneejerk reaction to him being wagoned. @Magnificence Incarnate Can you explain why Bartozio's posts are gamesolvey? I got that impression from Athena but not from Bart. @Shinori If you could uh further explain your feelings on Amy, that'd be cool. @Vi-astra Can you explain why Bart explaining himself made you feel better? I think your point about Amy being self conscious meta wise is good. It reads to me as her not wanting to be scumread for a dumb reason (e.g. my actually nonexistent meta knowledge of Amy lmao). I'm kind of conflicted on who to vote because I think what Bartozio is doing is worse than what Amy is doing but like uh...I could see myself mislynching Bartozio more easily than Amy. PEdit: Well now I'm voting Amy just because Bart already has a wagon. @weinerboy For the record, Amy is right in that I have no idea what her meta is. ##Unvote ##Vote: Ampharos
  11. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    Yeah, it's from this picture.
  12. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    I reject your reality and substitute it in with my own.
  13. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    Sorry for spamming the thread but I was checking to see if I missed anything and this post is so good.
  14. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    "YOU'RE NOT USING THE PROPER FORMAT" ~ Mysterious Spectator X I agree, Amy's post was very scum motivated. Sakura Forest? Pshaw. However, I think picking the obvious third place is more likely to come from misguided town whereas picking the safe second place like you did is more scum motivated.
  15. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    ##Vote: @weinerboy My bad.