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  1. I have a +Spd/-Def Effie that I can sack (kinda hurts that the only Effie I get has one of the worst natures, but what can you do). I'll primarily be using him for offense anyways, so that shouldn't be a problem.
  2. Sadly, getting a Reinhardt from the Vantage banner is (probably) not in the cards. Instead, I've decided to seriously invest into my +Spd/-Def one. The only problem is that I don't have Death Blow 3 available...what do? Planned skill set besides that is... Weapon: Dire ThunderAssist: RepositionSpecial: LunaA: ?????B: Lancebreaker 3C: Goad CavalrySeal: Does it matter? Apparently the Quickened Pulse/Moonbow combo is good but I don't think it's better than Luna on offense? Could be wrong.
  3. hhh
  4. Use Marcus. He's much better than Frederick because his bases basically carry him for 90% of the game (especially if you're playing on NM).
  5. I agree, but that doesn't really contradict what I said anyways. For the record, I'd put Lloyd, Legion, Female Robin, and Michalis under pretty good. Narcian is the only one that is underwhelming in my experience.
  6. Pretty sure it's the Rescue Staff!!!!!!
  7. I don't get how this is true considering several of the GHB units are ridiculously good, and the rest are generally fairly decent.
  8. I don't get why this matters. 10/10 copypasta would read again.
  9. Presumably because all of those units have an ultimate (personal!) weapon. Caeda OTOH does not.
  10. Interviews

    I like how everyone's first impression of Rezzy is "great mom" and mine was just "great MSPaint avatars". Also a robot's insides look like this:
  11. Interviews

    1) Why do you play games? 2) When are you going to learn how to drive a car? I need hard dates here, of course. 3) Opinions on this and this? Outside participation is encouraged, of course. Everyone needs to know how great Darius music is. 4) Why do you like guitars so much? 5) Why do you gift people games all of the time? Altruism is illogical, does not compute.
  12. Not particularly! I wouldn't mind Rody but I don't really need any of them. Really, the only banner unit I want ATM is Reinhardt. I wish the waifu banner was still ongoing. =(
  13. She should have come with the Wing Spear. I honestly don't get why she didn't; a 16Might weapon that slayed both horses and armours would be ridiculous...Wait, I think I answered my own question. Still, someone with art as good as Caeda deserves it!
  14. Man, I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really want Ninian (her art is so good!). Spent all of my orbs pulling for her both times she was available to no avail. I'm 105% sure she's not actually in this game and is an elaborate hoax on me! +Atk Nino is so good; she was my first 5* promote and she carried me hard through my earlier days. I don't think I'm missing anything in particular, although I wouldn't mind a +Atk Reinhardt. Hopefully a functionally neutral Reinhardt will do for the mean time. Followup Question: Is it still worth it to pull on the New Mystery banner? I got Katarina in like two pulls, so I just stopped haha. OKAY WILL DO BOSS HOPEFULLY ANTS COUNT AS ANIMALS
  15. I'm going under the assumption of optimal natures but no merges. Merges are, for the most part, only reliably accessible behind a certain pay wall. However, people will naturally pick up numerous optimal natures through the standard course of play; only 5* locked characters are a huge PITA to get an optimal nature for. For the purposes of this, though, I'm considering an optimal nature to be +good stat -bad stat instead of considering the unit's literal best nature.