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  1. After Burner Climax. That game is my jam, man, especially the fully decked out version. EDIT And The Lost World arcade game. I've beaten that game like 50 times despite never owning it.
  2. Incredibly slow and dopey. It takes 5 seconds for me to feel pain when under attack.
  3. Basically a combination of what Darros and Tryhard said. You don't have to go through a work at all to decide that it doesn't appeal to you. That's perfectly fine. However, that also means your opinion on said work doesn't have any weight (e.g. it's a widely held belief that Sonic 06 sucks dick, but having not played it myself, me agreeing with that sentiment means fuck all). However, if you give the work an honest effort and stop read/playing/watching it in the middle because of your issues with it, that's a different matter entirely. You're qualified enough to judge it and your experience with the work means that your opinion actually counts for something. Of course, if you're making a professional review, you should be obligated to finish whatever you're reviewing.
  4. I've only played Symphonia and Abyss (I probably enjoyed Symphonia before, but it's been a long time since I've played either). Gameplay wise, I'm definitely interested in playing the more mechanics heavy games like Graces F and the PS2 Destiny remake. Story wise, though, I'm becoming less and less interested in the series as my tastes change. Nothing about the newer games catch my interest, and the games that I did play had very long, plodding stories. I'm also not a huge fan of the composer's work on the series, even though he's done good elsewhere (off the top of my head, Golden Sun comes to mind).
  5. Me dying would a huge consequence for my livelihood and everyone else, so that's impossible.
  6. If you only like four RPG's, maybe don't post in a thread where you have to pick your top nine favourite RPG's. Food for thought.
  7. I'd expect exploration in FE to be more similar to Shining Force (basically, letting you explore towns, battlefields, etc. like any other JRPG) over it being open world.
  8. /in to pretend to be offline regardless of alignment