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  1. Well, I'm assuming that Athena will flip SK, so Mafia!Alette using a 1x Dayvig to vig her scumbuddy is ??? play. Maybe I should move Baldrick up, but I didn't really think about that at the time. I moved Kill up because I don't think the Networkers are scum/scum. MY BAD, I don't think I'm looking at anyone as a viable lynch candidate outside of the bottom 4 though.
  2. It was affected by the page but the only changes I made were Walrein and EvanManManMan.
  3. Alette (replacing Fenrir Aesir (replacing Anime27Arts))- Boron, 1x Dayvig Killthestory (replacing Zkirsche)- Gaius, Co-Networker Beru (SullyMcGully (replacing Elieson))- Rapier, Lazy Watcher Makaze (replacing zeus_112)- Omega, UNCLAIMED Baldrick (replacing eclipse)- Eclipse, Mayor Omega (replacing Marth)- Jaybee, Self Watcher/Delayer Fable- Weapons, Role Bomb EvanManManMan (replacing (Lord Gaius (replacing EƤrendil))- Paperblade, Bookie Walrein- Via, Motivator athena_57- Snike, Co-Networker
  4. OKAY SO can we talk about the kill missing part? Did both scum just NK Via? It's either that or mafia hit an SK BPV (or maybe other way around, whatever).
  5. Sorry bro, them's the breaks. Roleblocker isn't generally used as protection, but that would explain the Rogue which seemed weirdly redundant to me. I'm against rolespec? I think I've been rolespeccing a lot this game. You're not wrong. I have to be wrong on someone at this point though, and I don't know who that is.
  6. Also Makaze, I asked to be motivated but I didn't know that Athena was going to get incriminated coming into today. @Killthestory Can you do anything else besides network?
  7. It'll make sense tomorrow, which is when I'll claim (or get NK'd HYPE). I don't think so. D I'm just paranoid that he's Mafia Bookie with some stipulations. Can you explain Fable? I was rereading and his Role Bomb claim bothered me for the same reasons that you think Omega's claim comes from scum. Athena is guaranteed to flip scum FMPOV. Maybe I'm wrong about Walrein and his motivate has something else to it, I dunno. Fair enough. Evan should be clear if Athena flips SK. Single kill power argument isn't relevant IMO but the rest is.
  8. Also I don't think Scum!Walrein motivates me but he's on everyone else's POE mreh. Depends on if you think that there's a Scum!Motivator who targets Mackc2 N2, I feel like that's not the case. I'll look into Evan/Fable tomorrow probably. I mean, they could but then her actions don't really matter lol. I'm actually expecting them to do so, but I asked just in case. My role is...unorthodox, so you probably wouldn't be able to guess it. Also I asked him, so if anyone is anti-town, it'd be me.
  9. I asked Walrein to motivate me and he said "i was strongly considering it". For ~reasons~, I'm idling tonight, which is why I asked Beru to watch me. IMO her catching scum NKing me (if Athena is SK, I'm basically cleared) is more valuable than my night action.
  10. ^Agreed. No need for Makaze to claim today. Also don't vig him (I'm sure he wouldn't mind, but it'd be dumb).
  11. He's super cagey, asks a bunch of questions instead of scumhunting (BTW, don't read him as scum for this alone, he asks a bunch of questions as town too that seem pointless but eventually it does lead somewhere), and his reads have a lot less conviction as scum.
  12. I just woke up, so I skimmed it. I don't think Scum!Walrein motivates me after I claim to him unless the motivate is a lie. Try engaging w/Blitz a lot, as long as he's not busy he's an easy read in my experience (if he's busy then he's Walrein 2.0). BTW, @Beru should watch me IMO!!! Do you think mafia has a bookie? That's the one thing that makes me doubt the Evan read but ugh, I'm not sure. I still think going after him tomorrow is the play, but damn Athena CAUGHT IN THE ACT I TOLD YOU GUYS HE WAS SCUM (if he's SK, ignore me). ##Vote: Athena
  13. Why is Athena scum BTW, did I miss something?
  14. @Omega. Did anyone target you yesterday? The one kill confuses me.