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  1. Check out the way he's reading people on D2 and compare that to his last game.
  2. I can't believe you just noticed that TBH, it's been there since before the start of the game. You're not me. I don't need to worry about getting lynched, only lynching scum.
  3. Bullshit. He's townreading you because you didn't argue further with Evan.
  4. I might need to sub out TBH but kinda wanted to give my final reads because the Omega/Ichigo wagons tilted me. Omega is playing exactly like his last game (his D1 play was legitimately shoddy but I think he's picked up today) and Ichigo just seems like an easy mislynch because all of the cases on him are the most level 0 stuff. I only skimmed Marth's later posts TBH but I don't remember anything particularly convincing there. I think Marth asked me a question??? SB said I might be scum and I legitimately don't remember why and am too lazy to find it. Should probably check that to see if it's scum or not, although my gut reaction was "Scum!SB doesn't get paranoid of me unless he thinks I'm a decent mislynch". I think his vote is okay, though? EvanManMan disappearing really bothers me because he's been unavailable for most of the game. Don't want to get on his case too much for that cause it could be IRL and I thought his reaction to me at the end of the day was townie. Why is Red Ryu scum? Legitimate question, I don't remember the slot. Shattiel is a slot I'd want to look into cause it feels like it dropped off after the first half of D1. @weinerman Wanted to reply to you specifically because I promised that I would about your original post but I still don't really get your Shinori townread. You're saying because he didn't argue w/Evan more he's town, but doesn't directly benefit scum to do that, especially if Evan is town. I don't think you ever addressed my issues with your Ichigo scumread, uh sorry if you did just quote that. I guess my issue is that now I can get your thought process on your scum reads but a lot of them are null reads, or not scum reads for today. For example, Alpha Male/Gorf/Elemina are all "I'll look at them later, some points of theirs interest me" which seems like a scum case to me. Your Evan read is "he doesn't make sense as scum/scum with Ichigo", which only looks good on you if Ichigo does flip scum. I legitimately don't get how you hold those opinions on Dyachei or John Carter.
  5. Remind me to roast Orihime in my next wolf game, even if she's not playing.
  6. @weinerboy This might just be disagreements so I'll reevaluate your wall post when I'm not lazy as fuck. Still don't like your Ichigo push but that might not be cause scum. once he made fun of me what a JERK ;_;
  7. Yeah. If someone bussed, it was after the first three votes is what I'm saying. I think scum only votes AM after decent town interest is shown on that slot. Can you explain why Ryanb looks good? I don't remember shit about them haha. Can you ISO? Read his second catchup post, that felt very scummy to me at the time. Can you explain your Shattiel read?
  8. I moreso mean I don't think scum went after AM right away. When I said switched to Naana/Gorf, I mean like before the scumslip yeah.
  9. It feels like he's trying to shade people who look good after the lynch to me. The AM (not Animal Midwife, other one) is particularly egregious to me.
  10. Talk to me like I'm stupid, why is that? Who are your scumreads?
  11. Most of the counter wagons only exist because of me and Omega and I'm not bothered by him. Naana is the only consistent counterwagon throughout the day. At the time Ichigo defended AM, AM was a sunk ship. It doesn't make sense to do this as scum. I don't think it's incriminating to talk about it, I just think that your reads are scummy. I don't think scum busses their rolecop early on. Later on after AM became the only viable wagon? Sure, definitely. But not when scum could have voted Naana or Gorf. I mean, obviously I don't want people to do that lol. Actually wanted to ask you WRT weinerboy but I think he voted AM when wagons were 5/5/5. Do you think he'd do that as scum because I'm waffling on that point.
  12. I don't feel as confident in voting Marth today. Other people bother me more. @Magnificence Incarnate You should answer me/SB's cases on you yesterday, though. FTR I agree that Naana's voting history is shitty but @Shinori you need to explain where it has scum intent. Naana was townreading AM, right? What makes it seem like it is coming more from scum than town to you? I think the case is okay but scum/scum wagons leading for most of the day seems ludicrously unlikely to me, especially when I'm not bothered by the Marth wagon and the Gorf wagon was built and destroyed by me/Omega. I kind of want to vote weinerboy based on their pushes today. @weinerboy You spent a significant time of your post saying AM was bussed (which doesn't make sense, why does scum bus their rolecop early on) and then voted Ichigo because ???. This read makes no sense to me because Ichigo's reaction to the lynch made more sense as town to me. I can see why it'd be non telling for other people, but basing your scum read off of that is where I get suspicious. And like...all of the people you don't like besides Ichigo are obvious town and me. @Omega. Please talk to me about this slot. @Shinori I disagree with your cases today but I'm not sure about scum intent. You're tunneling on Naana (this is fine), soft defending Marth for no real reason (aren't you null on his slot?), setting up lynches on SB/Omega but you're not really casing them which is bothering me. @SB. I'm just pinging you because I want someone to bounce reads off of TBH. Alpha Male had his vote on Animal Midwife all of yesterday, right? Asking cause I don't remember. Wouldn't lynch him if that's true, Donald Trump, Dyachai, Elemina, EvanManManMan, Ichigo, JohnCarter, LaserGuy, Omega, SB, don't @ me. ##Vote: weinerboy
  13. Naana was at 5 votes for a while, AM went down to 3 votes at times.