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  1. Seems like it'd be more useful in LTC than normal play haha. It'd be pretty broken for LTC, though!
  2. You could abuse jealousy but you'd need to never reset to be able to do it. Also I'm curious, what made you decide to do those specific pairings? Why not do Levin/Fury if you're not pairing either of them? Also how did you plan EXP distribution early on? It looks like you fed Fin a lot, does he need it for later on or is it just because it saves turns and you can still get the levels on everyone else regardless?
  3. He's one of the most OP characters in the game if you reclass him to Paladin!
  4. Cecilia is the best option that you're guaranteed to have. Everyone else has given good suggestions as well, of course, but yeah. Guaranteed to have.
  5. I'd prefer to see them in casual clothing.
  6. Fair enough, I can agree with that. Still don't really like the term though because with units like Marcus (FE7), Sothe (FE10), and Frederick, it's really hard to determine whether or not they actually wanted the units to have long term use.
  7. Seth is better than Jeigan by far, but I don't see why that merits a distinction. Even Seth's short term performance is better, so it's not like he's better just because he has good growths and you can use him until endgame.
  8. Does anyone benefit from the Goddess Icon in particular? Only person who comes to mind is Rutger, as enemies sometimes have a low % chance of critting him.
  9. It's a meaningless distinction that's subjective. Prepromote who joins early is something that everyone can get (a Jeigan). What is considered making it to endgame and still being incredibly good anyways (I've used FE6 Marcus and FE11 Jeigan until endgame and they've been some of my best units in those runs, and some of the earlier Jeigans can be used for the whole game due to statboosters being incredibly OP)? Oifaye himself is actually one of the worst Jeigans, because not only does he not carry the team early on but he only performs above average by the end of the game. Unnecessary at best, detrimental to discussion at worst when people are like "OH NO THAT'S NOT A JEIGAN IT'S AN OIFAYE".
  10. It's deliberately vague so that you don't notice weird inconsistencies, which would happen if turns had a defined time.
  11. Jeigans don't steal EXP. Mekkah made a good video talking about this, actually (in addition to some other points).
  12. Not sure where to put this, but this seemed like the best place. Anyways, I've looked around but I'm not sure how exactly to get lua scripting working on VBA (although I could use another emulator and all I've managed to do is create the file with the necessary script but I have no idea how to run it. Anyone have any idea on how to go about doing this?
  13. I thought one of the main goals of LTC was to feed your Jeigan as little as possible, because you're rigging and dumping as much EXP as possible into your cavaliers and pegasus knights so they can get even more ridiculous. They're definitely invaluable and worth deploying as much as possible, but you're still going to make a conscious effort to give other units EXP. FE8 is the worst. Most of your units actually have a fairly mediocre start (not as bad in growths, but without them oh boy), some of the EXP benchmarks are ridiculously tight, getting anyone to Warp makes me want to kill myself, and some of the AI in the rout maps is set to not attack because haha fuck you. Another thing drafts can do is help you to use all of the units and determine what each unit's strengths/weaknesses are.
  14. Like people have already said, it'd be a nice gesture but mostly irrelevant. Chapter 9 may be too early, didn't really put much thought into the specific chapter itself.
  15. 1) Give Roy better base stats. Nothing crazy but even +2 in everything would be really good 2) Make the Rapier a lot better. Helps carve out a niche if he has this really accurate and powerful anti horse/armor weapon. Also make it work on all horses. 3) Make his promotion item unique to him, and have it appear before he goes off to the Western Isles. I think any of these alone would improve Roy a lot more than letting him promote via a Hero Crest would.