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  1. Marth is scum. He claimed an even-night role but was seen targeting a player last night. That player did not claim to be affected by his even-night role. Also, the tracker has been scanned innocent N1, so unless the tailor was on them (I'm assuming Walrein was a tailor) there's your D3 lynch. i intend to post that D3 unless marth claims an odd-night ability to me Prims - Today at 4:43 PM 2) do you have any other aspects to your role even-night motivator sounds weird in this set-up bluedoom - Today at 4:51 PM no I don't marth confirmed scum Prims is talking about N1 BTW. ##Vote: Marth
  2. fuck fuck fuck fuck bad news: i'm town leader (have fun LOSING town), i'll open communications w/everyone and tell them what their roles are so you know that i know that we know that i'm fucking legit good news: there's probably confirmed scum today, carried by prims still worth it
  3. Why Lyn is a bad unit?

    I mostly agree with Jedi, with some slightly differences in opinion. Yeah, Lyn can be fairly decent when she has 5-10 levels on her, especially if you elect to give her the Angelic Robe or the Energy Ring (the only other candidate is Florina anyways IMO). It's not very late relative to other Lord promotions, but chances are that more experienced players will have several promotions beforehand (you also get several prepromotes before then). Additionally, if you're playing on Hector Mode and using Eliwood, he benefits far more from promotion than Lyn does, pushing her promotion back even further; she does benefit more from promotion than Eliwood Mode!Hector, though. Agreed WRT bows and her strength.
  4. It'd be interesting if generic weapons could upgrade to being unit prfs, such as Berkut's Lance, Legion's Axe, Clarisse's Bow, etc. None of these heroes are particularly strong or even used all that much, so it at least wouldn't be gamebreaking at the very least.
  5. Nah, I don't think your thought process is strange. This is all speculation, and it's not like the video proves what you're saying is wrong. I just feel like it's less likely and kind of weird that no one brought up the possibility of the damage reduction being Shield Pulse, is all. To be fair, if it converts 100% of damage taken into damage given (I don't even know if it does this in the video, or how the damage dealing part of the special works in general), then the added restrictions make a lot more sense.
  6. Assuming Ice Mirror reduces damage is a faulty assumption. It could theoretically do so, but nothing in the video points towards that being the case.
  7. Ice Mirror is a defensive skill...
  8. Couldn't the damage reduction just be from Shield Pulse?
  9. Uh...yeah, whoops. I spaced out for a second there.
  10. Is that there to symbolize the last hour of the voting gauntlet?
  11. It's actually +2Atk/Spd when the opponent is at 100% health, which is better but could still use a buff. Same, I'm hyped for Pass 3 and Obstruct if his HP is greater < 90% as one of the possible weapon upgrades.
  12. Trainee Units.

    Are you using Tower of Valni to train Amelia? Other than that and surrounding a healer/archer and having Amelia chip at it, I don't see how training her requires just a little effort.