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  2. Brigid Pairing Question

    there should be about 2 in the 2nd generation. can't remember at the moment if there was a 3rd too, but i doubt it. i tend to give return rings mostly to horseback units with good stats anyway, so at least they can manage to try coming back to the main group once they're done defending the castles. usually for me it ends up on Lex in the 1st generation, or Oifaye/Fin in 2nd generation.
  3. Photoshop Fun

    boredom is a strange thing.
  4. Brigid Pairing Question

    yeah, my bad, i forgot that some skills are only limited to certain classes. in any case: https://serenesforest.net/genealogy-of-the-holy-war/classes/introduction/ Thief Fighter Sword – Pursuit and Steal skills that's also to consider if he really wants to play with Patty and make her a bit more relevant after promotion, but in the end it's up to him. i wouldn't waste the leg ring on Patty thou. Leen or Laylea become way more useful with it since they can keep up with mounted units in order to make up to 4 units attack twice, but that's just a personal tactical preference. same with return rings, i'd rather give them to heavy units with high defence, in case enemy teams suddenly show up from nowhere to rush the main castle. as for Crusaders, usually giving them the Bargain or the Steal ring works quite well, as long as you don't overuse them and keep them only for critical situations/bosses. otherwise money from the arena and/or lovers should be enough.
  5. For the very first time.

    long story short: - if you want to keep it traditional, go like this: Conquest » Birthright » Revelation. - if you want to go for the "easier" route with overall the best approaches to gameplay mechanics: Birthright » Revelation » Conquest. - if you want to go by story: Birthright » Conquest » Revelation.
  6. Brigid Pairing Question

    better stick with Dew, if you really need to choose between him and Alec. rather than Nihil, Patty will mostly need Sol to stay alive, and bargain is always helpful even if it's a secondary skill, especially if you'll have to repair the sleep sword. you should get Pursuit from Brigid by default, so the main choice would be between Nihil or Sol. weapon inheritance shouldn't be a problem either, as you'll be starting with a sleep sword anyway, and that will help you a lot when it procs against enemies.
  7. Starting Fire Emblem 1

    Ogma will be one of the most powerful units in the game if you take good care of him, just don't push your luck too much when using Devil Swords. it's alright if you need to kill Earth Dragons later on in the game, but using those swords early against normal units can backfire, and quite hard too. well, usually doing 2 things at the same time can become an issue eventually, but it always depends on the situation. if you don't really need to make a live commentary, you could just enjoy the game and do a voiceover later when the chapter is done. it's up to you thou. otherwise, don't forget to use ranged units first, and then melees. that's the most basic rule.
  8. Birthright is alright. it's not as complex as Revelation, but neither difficult as Conquest. it has some different mechanics compared to other classic FE titles, but overall it's just a different approach to the game, wich is fine by itself if you learn to use weapons and skills properly. Awakening has a more traditional approach compared to Birthright, and in some cases it can also become quite broken depending on what units you're using, and mostly, how you're using them. Chrom supported by Sumia or Frederick is a good example of how a decent early-game unit can easily become a one-man army later on when paired with them during combat. given they have good builds and supports, of course.
  9. to be honest, considering the amount of linked characters in Awakening/Fates, i would rather not see the same people all over again. better to keep things new and fresh once in a while. althou i wouldn't mind if there was some extra character unlockable via Amiibo, or at least some other feature connected to those.

    Daemon X Machina will be another interesting title as well, althou the anime visuals might be a bit too flashy for my tastes. i've heard that Left Alive could eventually be inspired by Front Mission, but judging from the few clips of gameplay i've seen so far, it looks more like a fusion between Metal Gear and Armored Core, wich is honestly amazing. we'll see how it develops.
  11. from personal experience, swordmasters are always good to have in the team since they're helpful against a good amount of enemies. assassins, on the other hand, are more suited for killing normal enemies, since their potential usually gets reduced against bosses. if you really like assassins thou, you should just stick with them. it's always better to play with what you prefer the most, and enjoy the game for what it is.
  12. Starting Fire Emblem 1

    i would suggest to give some attention to Ogma as well. you can never go wrong with Ogma. and with a Devil Sword, he's basicly the bane of Earth Dragons.
  13. the hype is real. it's been ages since i've played something as good as Armored Core or Zone of the Enders. hopefully this one will be a good game, considering who worked on this title. they're also releasing a limited edition with an artbook and an action figure of the in-game mechs, wich is quite nice. early 2019 is gonna be a good time for gaming, that's for sure.
  14. Thoughts on overclasses?

    i think they should have been put in the game earlier, rather than in a DLC. i can understand new maps and eventually the new characters, but the classes as a whole should have been in the game from the start. overall they're all fine, i guess. except maybe for Alm's Conqueror, simply because if you use all the Lion heads bonuses on him in the proper way, he becomes a one-man army by himself alone.