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  1. Cross Knight help?

    perhaps you may want to reconsider your tactics and try a different strategy, if things don't work out well in the end. in all my previous game sessions i always fought near the top of the castle, by blocking the main path with the strongest units i had in terms of defence( Sigurd, Lex and/or Quan ) while putting other people with high speed like Fin or Aira in the trees near the castle in order to bait some of the enemy over there. allow me to show you: basicly i did it the spartan way: pile up the enemy in one point, and take them down little by little. it's a battle of resistance. [1] and [2] can be either Sigurd, Lex or Quan( or anyone else with high defence, i'd say at least around 18~20 ), [3] and [4] can be baits with high speed( Aira and Fin most likely ). by doing that, i always managed to mitigate part of the Cross Knights attacks to the trees once the main wave had reached the path on the north side, and none of them ever tried to go down the road on the east because it was too far for them and i always kept them busy. you can also leave other units like healers, archers and mages behind the castle, since the enemy won't try to get there anyway, and start using them when you feel confident enough( any other horseback unit with ranged weapons helps really a lot in this battle if you kite the enemy properly ). the rest is up to you. teleport/return staffs/rings also help with organizing the defence formation earlier.
  2. considering the story of the two gods, i always thought there were no Duma statues because Duma himself wanted people to strive, mature and learn to rely on their own strength, rather than just worshipping a god while hoping for his blessings to come. at least, that's how i see it.
  3. What did fates’ story do right?

    the background story of Valla overall was an interesting concept, as much as having to pick a side to end the war in your own way, or choose to side with nobody in order to find another truth. i'm also glad they gave Yato its own role, because honestly i've seen enough Falchions being used as plot devices, and it was about time they came up with something new.
  4. Roy's Our Boy (or is he?)

    well, in terms of realism, it is an issue when many of the enemies you're fighting are double your size. but then again, it's just a JRPG, so whatever. same goes for tactical planning, as he may not have enough battle experience due to his age, but i suppose in that case Marcus and the others could have helped with that.
  5. Fenreir's DeviantArt page

    one of the rare times when i get inspired enough to do this kind of thing. guess i'll share it here as well:
  6. Polling favourite soundtracks: 3DS

    all the titles have at least a couple songs that are good on their own, i just prefer Echoes since the music in general has a good sinergy with the gameplay/narrative and i rarely get tired of it.
  7. Roy's Our Boy (or is he?)

    some people aren't really fond of him maybe because he might be too young for the role he has to take, so probably having a kid leading an entire army isn't really realistic. even Marth had to flee his country to survive and train for some years in order to mature before trying to get back his homeland. they could have come up with a more complex story involving his family in order to give Roy a better purpose to fight, rather than just being "i'm a good guy that fights the bad guys for the good of people", 'cause that's really too generic. he could have been a better character if he was a bit older, and with more reasons to fight.
  8. i really hope it does NOT happen, 'cause that wouldn't be fair at all for the fans and collectors that want to own a physical copy. i managed to get the Limited Edition of Fates back in the days, but it was like an odyssey: i preordered the box set at GameStop as soon as i got the release date for it, however it came way later due to being, well, limited in numbers. i'm sure there's plenty of people that got very angry when they had to cancel their preorders due to lack of copies. was it worthy to get? hell yeah. but holy crap, it's been a pain to get it. they did well with Echoes, and i honestly wish they don't make the same mistake with Fates.
  9. ⚜ 𝐅𝐢𝐫𝐞 𝐄𝐦𝐛𝐥𝐞𝐦 𝐒𝐚𝐠𝐚 

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  10. there's a lot of reasons to choose, but in my opinion it's all reduced to few factors when it comes to tactical use. mainly accuracy, and evasion after that. accuracy because without it, there's no point in having a huge Strength/Magic stat if you can't hit your target anyway. evasion because it's way better for me to avoid/negate damage entirely when it's possible, rather than absorbing/taking even a small part of it that could eventually backfire in the long run. and that's for general talk. then of course every class/unit has always its own pros and cons, otherwise it wouldn't be FE.
  11. General JRPG Topic

    i'm currently playing 2 different series, almost side by side( i said almost because i tend to focus on each one depending on the time i have at my disposal ). Fire Emblem: ~ given that i already played and completed plenty of its titles before( GBA/DS/3DS era ), i've decided to start a final marathon few months ago out of nostalgia for the franchise, wich has led me to complete the original "Gaiden" for NES and "Mystery of the Emblem" for SNES so far( i didn't bother with FE1 at all since Mystery is partially a remake with few differences anyway ). i could have gone further with the other titles, but i got myself stuck in replaying "Genealogy of the Holy War" a lot due to curiosity about secret stuff and different character builds. once i'm done with it, i'll move on to "Thracia 776". Kingdom Hearts: ~ another franchise from my childhood, wich back in the days got me interested due to the Final Fantasy characters crossover. i wanted to revisit the serie once more, before moving on with KH3 next year. currently revisited and completed KH1 for PS2, "Chain of Memories" for GBA, "358/2 Days" for Nintendo DS and KH2 for PS2. plus i watched the whole story of "Re:Chain of Memories", "Re:Coded" and "KH X Back Cover", just to have everything connected and not miss a thing. only "Birth by Sleep" for PSP and "Dream Drop Distance" for Nintendo 3DS left for me to revisit. plus "A Fragmentary Passage" to watch on Youtube. hopefully, after 15 years of spinoffs and sequels, we'll be able to see an end to this long, complicated story( and Nomura will finally move on to the FF VII remake ). i'm not sure if i should give a try to Unchained X for smartphone in order to deepen my knowledge of the story. the gameplay doesn't really inspire me much, and that's exactly why i've been holding back so far. if anyone else has played Unchained X, feel free to share your opinion, if you think it's worth the time or not.
  12. Favorite "marathon-length" video game

    i have over 100 hours in Final Fantasy VIII from one single playthrough, but that's because i took my time with side quests. otherwise i'm sure there would be around 50~60 hours of main story alone. played it 3~4 times before, so i guess summed up it would be well beyond 200 hours.
  13. Favorite RPG?

    i've seen plenty of old titles from SquareSoft, but i've never seen that one before. well, the more you know. i also have tons of good RPGs in mind, so it's kinda hard to choose. i'll say The Legend of Dragoon, simply because i loved everything from it and back in the days that game was nuts.
  14. Blue Skies here, simply because i like the color. i would have gone with the Night one, but it feels odd for some reason. probably the overall colors of the banner/posts wich don't mix up very well, because it kinda feels like reading stuff written on a piece of concrete.
  15. Favorite and Least Favorite Jugdrali States

    i would say anything as long as there's no deserts or mountains involved. those were kind of a nightmare to get past throu in fe4. i would say Agustria due to having a good variety of backgrounds that goes from forests to plains and beachs. the Blagi tower in the middle of the ocean was also a nice touch, as it gave the upper side of the map a further vibe of ancient sacred ground. plus, it's also the map where Sigurd and Eltshan sadly end up crossing blades, so that's one more reason i like it due to the story.