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  1. Chinatsu Kurahana is Three Houses New Artist

    pretty much this. all it took to improve the eyes and overall "vitality" of the characters was just to add more depth with different color shades and eventually bigger pupils. the official portraits look just like dolls to be honest. your edits at least gave them some life and humanity. i can already see future hacks requests for improved custom portraits... don't mind the second one, it was just to show the background colors i used to change the eyes. together with bigger pupils, it made quite the difference.
  2. Chinatsu Kurahana is Three Houses New Artist

    *cough* someone tried already. original: customized: ...and that took me just 5 minutes.
  3. Samurai Boon!

    it pretty much depends on what you prefer the most, and wich skills are available in your run. if you want to make a full offensive build with better damage output on default hits and Dragon Fang/Astra procs, go for +STR. with that build, it would be wise to also stack Quickdraw, Swordfaire, Life and Death, and/or Aggressor for massive damage. if you want to play around with evasion, go for +SPD. Duelist Blow, Lucky Seven and/or any other kind of Sword/Axe/Lancebreaker skill will be your friend. if you like critical hits and/or better skill activation rates, go for +SKL. Hoshidan Unity and Quitoxic will help with skill procs if you want to rely mainly on skills procs, otherwise if you prefer going full critical, Death Blow and Gamble will help with that. in any case, considering the class stats and how it usually works(dealing criticals often along with Astra procs), i would suggest to go for +SKL if you want to play offensive, or eventually +SPD if you want to try something different.
  4. Chinatsu Kurahana is Three Houses New Artist

    i beg to differ: FE 3H - Persona 4 the drawing style is very similar, not to mention the eyes wich are pretty much identical in both designs. that cannot be denied. i'm not saying that the style itself is bad thou. it's just that compared to previous artists, it lacks personality. character design is one thing, outfit design is another( althou they can be both done by the same artist eventually ). Corrin's design was fine as it was for both default and promoted versions, however i do agree about the other outfits being too exaggerated at times. in Awakening's case: https://fireemblem.fandom.com/wiki/Yusuke_Kozaki long story short: can't blame Kozaki for everything. anyway, i believe the main issue with the new artist is that her style isn't really suited for a FE game, but rather for games with modern backgrounds and different settings. a medieval/fantasy game requires character designs that can actually show properly different attitudes, personalities and emotions, otherwise you just end up getting a cast of puppets that may look all nice and clean, but has no soul whatsoever. they had many guest artists with FE Heroes, they could have asked one of them instead. it didn't had to be someone who already worked on FE before, even the likes of Sata or Rika Suzuki could have been more than fine in my opinion:
  5. actually, the main issue with the character designs are the facial expressions in general. the drawing style itself is ok, however the eyes are kind of empty, almost lifeless, and make the characters look more like dolls rather than people. Hidari and especially Kozaki gave way more depth to their characters, even if they had different drawing styles. you can give a character an original outfit and unique haircut, but if he/she has no personality whatsoever, it's not going to work well in the long run. and i'm afraid voice acting won't help improving that either.
  6. Astral Chain: Platinum Games's newest IP

    the moment i saw the guy riding a cyber wolf with a sword in hand, i was sold. that's just glorious.
  7. Daemon X Machina: Prototype Missions

    he also worked on other animes like "Patlabor" and "Ghost in the Shell", not to mention he designed stuff for both Armored Core and Ace Combat as well. thing is, he never really took big credits for his works in the mecha genre except for the fans of his designs, hence why he's not well known to the public as much as other artists such as Yoji Shinkawa. the games from PS1 and PS2 always had very odd configurations for camera controls, but at least in the latest titles you could actually customize the controls on your own in order to improve the overall performance of the mechs while moving/shooting. then things changed in the PS3 era, and finally we got camera and movement controls on both analog sticks. Demon Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne have always borrowed heavily from AC's basic mechanics, especially things like stamina management, weapons switching and weapons builds. they may have had different names and uses along with other features, but the core mechanics were always the same since PS1 days.
  8. there will be 2 versions for NA/EU actually, with the main difference being the calendar for NA, and a pin set for EU. both versions will have everything else, except for the music wich will be on cd for NA, and on USB key for EU. to be honest, it looks overpriced for what it has to offer, especially because a calendar isn't really a great collectible item, and the 3 pins of the game badges aren't a big deal either. a collector will probably aim for the EU version, if they really want some unique stuff. an Amiibo would have probably been a way better item for a special edition, since so far we had all main characters from Shadow Dragon and further titles onward turned into Amiibos( with the only exceptions for Roy and Ike ). as for me, i think i'll pass. most of what's inside in terms of art and music will be found on the internet soon or later anyway, so i'll just wait.
  9. if you look at the legs, you can see that there's actually a pattern there on the upper right leg. however, it's obviously mismatched with the opposite. i don't think they're ripped, but i honestly have no idea what kind of pattern that could be, except for it being visually weird. keep in mind that the resolution may also change in the final product, so it may just be a bad render. i'm far more worried about the general lack of expression and emotions in all characters, but that's probably because i find the art style a bit too bland for my tastes. this Personaish design isn't really my thing.
  10. well done with the topic, it helped me a bit. at first i wasn't sure about wich side to take between Eagles and Lions, but after checking all the characters, i made up my mind. Blue Lions it is. i like the variety in their character designs, while those from the other factions seem a bit too bland for me, except for the main characters.
  11. Daemon X Machina: Prototype Missions

    same character designer as Awakening/Fates, Yusuke Kozaki. to be honest, i always liked his art style. the way he draws usually gives enough personality to his characters by itself, wich is something not every artist can do properly. as for the game, i believe that Daemon x Machina is pretty much the spiritual successor( for now ) of Armored Core, as much as Left Alive takes the legacy of Front Mission, with the difference that Daemon would be the "anime" version of AC. however, FromSoftware already said before that they're currently working on 2 new titles, so i have my fingers crossed for Bloodborne 2 and Armored Core 6. we'll see what happens.
  12. Astral Chain: Platinum Games's newest IP

    big names right there, at least for those who know them. it's always nice to see this kind of collaborations thou, it gives me hope for future games.
  13. Why Nanna is a Bad Unit

    considering that there's still people who like to discuss about different things regarding that era's titles, i guess it should stay clean.
  14. here we go again: while i was checking infos about sword users builds, i decided to share some more theorycraft regarding the tactical use of specific skills. before that, let's take a look at what can be gained from each unit: [ main skills - https://serenesforest.net/genealogy-of-the-holy-war/miscellaneous/skills/ ] » Aira + Odo Holy Blood stats » Holyn + Odo Holy Blood stats » Dew [ children that can inherit sword skills ] »»» + Aira »»» Lakche + Skasaher »»» + Briggid »»» Patty + Faval »»» + Sylvia »»» Leen + Corpul now, if we want to use efficient builds, we need to consider the role of each unit: - Lackche/Skasaher will be main damage dealers, however since both already gain Astra+Holy Blood from Aira, there's no need to pair Holyn with their mother. Dew could be a better alternative due to Sol, however there would be no Holy Blood to gain from him, therefore there's better candidates for Aira in terms of skills/stats inheritance. - Patty will be attacking mostly(if not only) brigands and pirates due to her weak starting stats and role( steal money/sleep enemies attacking villages ), however she may become a decent unit depending on Holy Blood, dedication and gear you give her. by pairing Briggid with Holyn, she would gain a B rank in swords, allowing her to use Steel/Hero swords and Armor/Flier Crusher swords. Luna from Holyn would help a lot in dealing more damage, and with Pursuit+Hero sword she could also perform 4 hits at once against many slow enemies. Dew can be an alternative for Patty, but the weapon rank and stats growth wouldn't be as good as that from Holyn. Faval could profit from Bargain due to lower Crusader weapon repair costs. - Leen will be dancing all the time, therefore her main role would be to support allies. in this case, Holyn's stats and skills would be wasted on a support unit, so the natural choice would be Dew. thanks to Sol, she would have better survival chances in the arenas/on the field, and Corpul could profit a lot from Bargain due to being a healer, and also because he joins our army quite late in the game with limited money. keep in mind that this is only about efficiency builds for sword users, so it's just to show alternatives for the units listed above. to be clear, this is by no means a "best build/meta" thread. any unit can be good/useful, as long as it's played as intended. a dedicated build can give more advantages to each class in the long run, however even a non-efficient build can be fine as long as the unit is played properly. if anyone else has other infos to share or corrections to make, feel free to do so.
  15. Seliph glitch

    no idea, it never happened to me. try to save your current status on a different save slot and restart the cartridge/ROM, otherwise in the worst case you may have to restart the whole chapter.