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  1. Kolmar to N9, use a vulnerary.
  2. Joviana to L13, attack Cav A with gust.
  3. Kolmar to J10, attack the monk with Steel Lance.
  4. Joviana bit her lip as she saw the enemies swarm the group. Seeing Aaron taking a pounding wasn't very nice. Were they going to make it out of this alive? As she thought deeply about their current predicament, she sensed someone approaching her from behind. Turning around, all that she could do was exclaim, "Its Telmara!" No sooner had she arrived than she rushed at an enemy with a sword in her hand. Maybe we can change the tide of this battle with a strength to our numbers? Oh wait...there's that tome that we looted from the enemy in our last battle. Why didn't I even think of using it? Joviana moves to H12, attacks Soldier B with Soul Surge.
  5. Joviana moves to L12, attacks Archer B with gust.
  6. Kolmar stays in place, attacks myrmidon A with the javelin.
  7. Kolmar moves to M12, equips the Javelin.
  8. Joviana moves to N10, attacks Fighter A with Gust.
  9. Last Question- I was 12 Current- I can cringe at what I said a few days ago so lol
  10. Joviana didn't feel very good about their trip to Fordright. After hearing Aaron's story, she didn't think Fordright would be a good place to visit, seeing as they would likely have to fight more unnecessary battles, something that she thought must be avoided at any cost. Besides, she wanted to know about the mysterious knight's country, and thought that it would've been a better idea to follow that lead. Perhaps someone even carried a Gift over to the other kingdom. There were other things worrying Joviana, but she actively tried to block those thoughts out of her mind. She couldn't afford to share her worries with the group as she doubted that they would understand. Besides, over the last couple of weeks, they had lost four of their members, who went missing for mysterious reasons. She could sense a fragile atmosphere within the group after the recent departure of Telmara, and she didn't want to push anything further. Two miles from Fordright, and the group was already alerted of danger. Joviana subconsciously tugged at her hood, trying to cover her face a little. Of course this would happen, why am I still nervous? I knew this wasn't going to be easy but I still don't like rushing into danger like this...maybe its still the cautious thief in me that's telling me that. "Kaya, are you sure you want to fight the sand soldiers? I mean, sure, we fought Timaeus before, but we don't know his reasons. He hasn't been pursuing us, so would it be wise to fight one of his people?"
  11. Tell Lyn to go back to Sacae.