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  1. SFMM5 Game Thread- Day 1

    Basically he's being very aggro and the stuff he's saying against me makes no sense. Especially the part where I'm not playing OC like NOC or the part where I didn't call him out on his self meta, which is ???? Feels very agenda heavy.
  2. SFMM5 Game Thread- Day 1

    ##Unvote ##Vote:Elieson
  3. SFMM5 Game Thread- Day 1

  4. Serenes Forest Mafia Mafia 5

    Fine fine I'll join just someone carry me lol
  5. Training Mafia 3.0: Advanced - GAMEOVER

    Good game people, good work town for pulling back after a few mislynches.
  6. Training Mafia 3.0: Advanced - GAMEOVER

    Get out of here Refa, we don't like squirtles.
  7. Training Mafia 3.0: Advanced - GAMEOVER

    Iris is derptown imo.
  8. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Suleiman grinned at the sight of baron esclabor in frustration. It was priceless to see the nobles struggle with the work that commoners did, and he nodded in agreement with Vesta. "Five minutes? Maybe even longer, this is a treat to watch! This is the kind o' entertainment we're not gonna get a lot of on this ship." he whispered.
  9. Doctor Seuss Mafia - X-Site Summer Invitational (Day 5 - *YLO)

    If they know that their pr is frozen and isn't getting any better, then yes.
  10. Doctor Seuss Mafia - X-Site Summer Invitational (Day 5 - *YLO)

    Well you're wrong about this,let me poke holes into your argument: A) it isn't even confirmed that its a pure town wagon B) And even if it was pure, why would scum move their votes on to me in the first place? A midwife lynch presents easy towncred and a naana lynch is easier to force, any movement of votes on to me would put a crackdown on scum the following phase as getting a turbo mislynch is way worse than lynching someone who isn't contributing. Anyone on me would be under a serious crackdown(and this p much happened the next phase).
  11. Doctor Seuss Mafia - X-Site Summer Invitational (Day 5 - *YLO)

    OK I'm back. Looking at the votals at phase end I feel like Mello is a likely wolf who sat on his red ryu tunnel, his justification for his vote d2 is that he had scum read ryu the previous day which isn't a very good justification at all. Also given that he has barely had a thread presence it looks really bad that he has v few reads, his interactions at EoD look shady especially the part where he reacts defensively to soup scum reading him. I wouldn't lynch orihime today, shattiel and Mello are much better lynches today given their reactions in the thread. Shattiel going from considering the mason claim to outright saying that they didn't claim looks really suspicious. Orihime doesnt have a thread presence but her reactions d1 are a lot better compared to the other two I'm mentioning. I'm feeling like the SB wagon was pure, given the way in which votes shifted to him in the last minute, I don't feel like scum randomly move from town wagon to town wagon. I'll have to rethink my stance on elemina, her dropping off the thread past the first half of d2 and her position on the votals looks bad, I'm feeling there's a wolf in elemina/manti with the eod votals as is. This also means that Ryan /evan are probably scum, I feel like with the way I'm wrong about my reads, town is just eating itself alive while scum go inactive and stick their vote on someone for long periods of time. ##Vote @Mello
  12. Doctor Seuss Mafia - X-Site Summer Invitational (Day 5 - *YLO)

    Sorry folks got a busy day, need to re evaluate with those flips in mind, I'll get stuff in in 12 hours after I wake up and sort out my IRL.
  13. Training Mafia 3.0: Advanced - GAMEOVER

    These role pms suck.
  14. Doctor Seuss Mafia - X-Site Summer Invitational (Day 5 - *YLO)

    Oh my bad tags. ##Vote @Red Ryu ##Votals
  15. Doctor Seuss Mafia - X-Site Summer Invitational (Day 5 - *YLO)

    Is ele a guy or a girl? ##Unvote ##Vote:Red Ryu I'm eating dinner and sleeping soon so I'm going to stick with this.