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  1. "I need to get to a higher standing in society, and what better way than to work for a prince? I've spent almost my entire life in poverty, and don't planning on being poor until I die. Besides, Deira is responsible for a lot of Myrcia's suffering, and Myrcia is my homeland. A liberation is in order. What about you, Constance? Not many choose to go into battle at your age, and expect to come out of it alive either."
  2. "Wow, the last one looks very interesting. It would be very helpful in our journey, I'm sure of it. What do you think, Kaya...Kaya?" She turned to see Kaya turning back and frowning. Was something the matter? "Kaya...are you ok? Should we find a spot to rest?"
  3. Suleiman stared at the old lady, his mouth wide open. Had old age made her delusional? With her frail body, she would be the first to go among the large amount of soldiers that would fall here. "M-my name is Suleiman Eser, Elder. The Prince recently hired me for my services. What about your name,Elder?"
  4. Tbh betray is often a better option but I'd find it emotionally hard to do it.
  5. It wasn't long before the group began to move to liberate Myrcia. Suleiman hadn't spoken much with the members of Owen's group for the duration of their journey to the border- it seemed that they were all preoccupied with their own thoughts and struggles. So when the group had finally come across enemy soldiers in a village, Suleiman was excited. There was finally something to do, something to shake himself from any complacency. It was strange to be feeling a bit of bloodlust after four years of not picking up a weapon to actually fight, but he tried to not think about it much. There wasn't much time to think about these things. He looked around to check on the others. The princess seemed to be speaking to the lad that he had spoken to the other day. The prince was busy talking to General Tarasque about their next course of action. The Prince's vassal was busy talking to another among them...and there was the old woman. Was it really a good idea to let her into the front lines? Suleiman went up to her, hoping to persuade her to stay behind the group. "Elder, it seems we are to meet the enemy head on. Perhaps you should stay back, with all due respect from me. The enemies would pick you as an easy target, no doubt."
  6. Suleiman had not spoken with Owen's group prior to the meeting, so he had no idea of the people he was working with. The meeting itself was very boring, having to see all the posturing and re-assurance among the nobles. But he didn't care about that. The nobles' petty troubles were of no concern to him. Instead, he was delighted to know of what was to come. Turning to the person standing next to him, he slammed his fist into his hand and grinned. "I've been wanting to knock a few Deiran skulls about, and now I finally have the chance to do so! Liberating Myrcia would be great, especially if we could overthrow the wretched elite. How about you, lad? Are you excited about this war?" He looked around to see an old lady talking to them as well. What was she doing in this army, at her age? Wouldn't she just break like a twig if she ever entered the battlefield? Suleiman looked at her weirdly for only a moment, before turning back to the young man before him.
  7. People should go about the work however they feel so, whether it be going through the entire thing, leaving it halfway, or dumping it at the beginning.
  8. Joviana noticed the stares from strangers and felt a little uncomfortable. The two of them were noticeable, especially Kaya and her tattoos. Perhaps she would've been better off buying a robe in Madrigal instead of the weird scale. I sure hope we don't get into a messy situation. Come to think of it, no one has tried to lay a finger on me either. I guess Regus really wasn't lying. The two entered the shop, soon enough. An assortment of weapons and tomes lay before them, and a familiar face was there too. "Oh hello again, Telmara," Joviana said to the demihuman, before speaking to Nathaniel, "My friend over here is looking for a new staff. Can you show us some of your staves?"
  9. "You know, I guess we'll just go to the Sword and Scroll, first. There are a lot of interesting things that they sell, from what I remember, and we should probably finish buying everything that we need before searching this place for more information." Joviana(and Kaya?) go to Sword and Scroll!
  10. 10 years. EDIT: No actually make that eleven.
  11. Amazing, actually. Nothing wrong with it at all.