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  1. Etrian Odyssey 3 Mafia - Night Two

    Sorry peeps I'll make this quicker for you Dear Bluedoom, You are Lysander, the Farmer. You begin with 16/16TP. You are the gathering class of the game. You have incredibly little battle prowess, and are only used in order to generate money for the coffers. You have a lot of field skills to assist with this. Double Crop (3TP): You may use this action with the command ##Give USER a material. You may specify any of the following materials to give to a player: Zircon Maiden’s Wheat Stardust Twig Your target with receive a mod-notification that they received a particular material. However, these materials do nothing otherwise. Waste Not (7TP): You may use this action with the command ##Don’t waste this, USER. This will duplicate an item that you hold, and give it to your target. You may only duplicate a particular item once during the game. You are aligned with Armoroad, and you win when all threats have been eliminated.
  2. Etrian Odyssey 3 Mafia - Night Two

    I would say citing role reasons for Shinori was uncalled for when the spotlight was not on Shinori.
  3. Etrian Odyssey 3 Mafia - Night Two

    I am not the neighbor either.
  4. Etrian Odyssey 3 Mafia - Night Two

    Can we please not lynch me.
  5. Etrian Odyssey 3 Mafia - Night Two

    Its odd that Clarinets was your top scumread when you had a bigger focus on me and my Boron interactions in your posts. If Clarinets was your top scumread and you did not want to go on the Clarinets wagon because your vote was unneeded there, why didn't you push you secondary scumreads hard? I didn't see you trying hard to get more out of Shinori even though your vote was sitting on him, and you definitely did not vote me even though you spent a good chunk of your posts discussion Boron/me. Also you did not really try to push any alternatives to the clarinets wagon. Yes your vote was on Shinori but you never really pushed for his lynch. Your vote on Clarinets is a wagonhop given how easy you went on his wagon and how little you were talking about him. very passive IMO.
  6. Etrian Odyssey 3 Mafia - Night Two

    Also you guys are crazy if you think I'd do what I did D1 as scum, but waffling and having a 180 on Clarinets scum!me reverses any kind of towncred I could've gained by defending him, what is the necessity for scum!me to get on Clarinets? People would've got him lynched anyway, most of the game wanted him lynched, also Omega pushing me as scum after the clarinets flip is dumb precisely because my 180 on Clarinets goes against his idea that I had an agenda of wanting to get towncred off of the Clarinets flip, like if the situation was the opposite and I hard defended Clarinets till the end he would still push me as scum tying to get towncred, this feels like scum trying to fit the argument to suit the narrative. I have every reason to flip flop on Clarinets as town because I want to lynch accurately, what do I get doing this as scum? ##Vote: Omega
  7. Etrian Odyssey 3 Mafia - Night Two

    For scum I'd look into Eury/Omega/Prims My case wrt Eury yesterday still stands, I haven't checked her case on me yet but gut says she is wagonhopping like yesterday, looks very weird when she could've pushed me as a lynch yesterday over clarinets. Omega's case on me sucks. So yesterday it pinged me that he was going after people who defended clarinets when there was reasons for doubting a scum!clarinets flip,because it felt like he was shutting down a defence for him. At first I was like if Clarinets was scum Omega would do this as scum to pin associative mislynches, whereas as town he genuinely goes for associatives, but if Clarinets is town then scum!Omega would be in a bad position after the flip, so when Clarinets was town I was beginning to doubt it. But I feel like the way he is pushing his case on me sounds like scum on an agenda because a)The way he handwaves the Eury cases looks bad now because it looks like he wanted to ensure a Clarinets lynch over Eury b)Signing off Boron as town while not actually engaging in her later content in D1(referring to his D2 post ). I wouldn't be having as much of a problem with this if his central point against me wasn't my interactions with Boron being TvS but this really reeks of an agenda to lynch me. c)I also think he just kept SB as a side thing esp with that SB death, he never actually focused on SB a lot in his posts instead trying to pain how my actions were scummy which is convenient if he wants to push my lynch as an agenda. Also the self pres argument is terrible because my case on him is not self pres, how can I take his case seriously when his reason for voting me is speculating TvS? He would've been better making my Boron vote out to be self pres anyway but I think its really weird that in earlier posts he thought that we had agreeable cases on each other but now he thinks my earlygame has to be scum? I know I said Prims was town yesterday but I also expected him to go into detail about the game towards phase end, especially when he posted that he had a gut scumread on Eury while the Via/Shinori spam was going on. Him flaking from the action with Clarinets flipping town looks bad IMO With Boron I was going to say she barely did anything until I caught her wall post on page 10. I thought she didn't post much about Eury but I think her vote on Eury is actually well reasoned, didn't have a problem with it.
  8. Etrian Odyssey 3 Mafia - Night Two

    Got busy with EIMM stuff, I'm sorry, I'll post tomorrow when I wake up.
  9. Etrian Odyssey 3 Mafia - Night Two

    Yeah I think I'll check out too ##Vote:Clarinets seeya peeps on D2.
  10. Etrian Odyssey 3 Mafia - Night Two

    I'll be hitting the sack soon so yeah, Idk if I will be on at deadline, possible if I end up waking up early for no reason, deadline is around the time I wake up.
  11. Etrian Odyssey 3 Mafia - Night Two

    I reread cuphead mafia the first few pages after I posted about clarinets and I can agree that he was more proactive in that game before flaking while here he has been very passive. Your argument about the counterwagon thing is convincing in my eyes so yeah. Do I like put him at L-1 or something? I'm afraid to lose my net again.
  12. Etrian Odyssey 3 Mafia - Night Two

    I was actually going to vote Eury but I didn't realize that Clarinets' unvote was terrible until you told me about it so I'm waffling now. I think the votes on her are good with SB's being the weakest in my opinion. I don't think Via could pull what he's doing now as scum because he gets anxious too easily and would not make a risky move of defending his buddy who people want to get lynched. Bart's case comes from a gamesolving perspective rather than a counterwagon perspective IMO, he was the first to point out Eury's flaws IMO and he has been pretty fine with Clarinets getting lynched, don't feel like that tone is coming from scum. SB's would be the most likely to come from scum if you think scum are on the Eury wagon but I honestly think that there aren't any scum on the Eurywagon right now. ##Unvote I guess I'll need to think about this some more. I'll be around for a few hurs before I sleep, no idea if I'll be around for deadline. Chances are no, I'll probably be asleep.
  13. Etrian Odyssey 3 Mafia - Night Two

    @Bartozio I disagree. Boron was barely a wagon and the only serious vote on it was me(Omega shifted votes within a couple of pages), and Eury was only recently pushed as a recent wagon. Not sure if I'd be considered a counterwagon, I don't think I can answer this since I'd be biased. @athena_57 fair enough on that. I see what you mean wrt his unvote, it makes sense.
  14. Etrian Odyssey 3 Mafia - Night Two

    I have not read Shinori enough but every time I read him I've not got any scumvibes? The worst I'm getting is him defending Eury with stuff I don't agree with but otherwise I'm fine with his play. I disagree with his reasons for finding Clarinets scummy but I don't think it is scum motivated and I think the points on Boron were actually good. I should probably read into his read on Bartozio later on, I think I got a headache spending 3 hours on rereading already. I don't have much to say on Athena but I think a solid stance on the game would be nice to have from you? I think you're proactive which is good in general but we've been getting more question from you in the last few pages than opinions so that would be cool. Weapons I thought had a good reason for voting Clarinets ED1 but hasn't shown up since so I can't really get a good read on him. I'm not scumreading SB. I don't think the Via vote was really bad because if you thinking someone is mudslinging your claim its reasonable to push early in the game. Also the Omega and Eury votes are cool in my book. I'm not scumreading Prims and Via either.
  15. Etrian Odyssey 3 Mafia - Night Two

    -Bartozio: Bart's post on page 4 is actually very good. I like the Eury case, should've sheeped it earlier actually. I'm an idiot for missing that. I don't find his reason for thinking Boron and I are town in-fighting because I think saying things like Boron and I having reasonable logic for finding each other scummy isn't really handwaving the thing down? I think expecting him to dissect the interaction further would be forced IMO. The thing is if a situation arises where a TvS interaction seems more likely Bart can just change his mind according to the information present, I think the resistance towards this is unwarranted. It is not like he worded it such that he would not entertain a different line of thought in the future at all. -Boron: I haven't see a lot from Boron since I left the thread but I do think that she tried looking into other people after the initial back and forth between her and I. I agree with Shinori that her view of the Clarinets wagon is hypocritical in light of her vote on my wagon. She can talk about which votes she thought were serious or not but any viewer other than Boron would have a different view? Which votes are serious or not isn't very obvious so I feel that argument is a stretch. Still, there are bigger fish to fry and I want to see more from her. Also, I almost missed the ascetic claim, but its null IMO. -Omega: I think his actions currently have been very scummy. So for the most part his content in this game as solely been related to Boron and I. I think his argument for Boron and I being TvS is bad mostly about the way he pushes it. Like if both of us are having good reasons for pushing each other why is it likely that one of us has to be scum? It could just be that both of us are town and are trying to think critically to gamesolve, or god forbid SvS(let them cannons loose!) where we have good arguments against each other because we know that the other is scum. The argument here: is not very convincing to be signing it off as TvS. This feels more like an excuse to ignore the rest of the content in the thread and votepark. Also if I've missed anything my apologies but I don't remember Omega giving any reason for me actually being scum based off of my play?