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  1. I don't mind people voting me, Ain't much reasoning to it. I also don't understand why posts have to be made here for something to be happening, this is an OC game ain't it? Elie has the time to see me on discord but not the time to message me, it goes both ways frand. Also Green, appreciate that, unless you're being sarcastic, but I mean I don't quite understand your reasoning. I am town though.
  2. So your best way to contact me is 100% discord. You can use it through browser or download that thing. It's like skype but better. Feel free to add me Shinori#8178 You can also message me here on SF and but that's messaged base and slow.
  3. Resurgence of Resurgence Mafia

  4. Kemono Friends Mafia - Game Over

    Well that was fun, I still suck at reads though so WHOO.
  5. Kemono Friends Mafia - Game Over

    Jailed target was BEEP. It probably blocked the kill. ##Vote: Defaultbeep AND I SAW THAT RAPIER DONT TRY TO LYNCH ME IM TOWN
  6. Kemono Friends Mafia - Game Over

    They said previously I was a vanilla, that's why I posted that I was confirming I was a vanilla.
  7. Kemono Friends Mafia - Game Over

    Don't worry capps I didn't understand that part either. I don't see how those roles have a direct correlation to each other.
  8. Kemono Friends Mafia - Game Over

    Anime > beep because this game shouldn't have both role cop and mimic and jailer and actual cop. So someone among those 4 is definitely scum, but we have seen 2 nights with no kill so either they are no killing and we are falling for it or jailer/mimic people are town.
  9. Kemono Friends Mafia - Game Over

    Okay. That's what I wanted to know, because anime said you were some sort of day vig and if you said your role name was ONLY "vigilante" then yall were both definitely scum. ##Vote: Anime
  10. Kemono Friends Mafia - Game Over

    I'm fine with that but gimme a sec, don't rush the hammer.
  11. Kemono Friends Mafia - Game Over

    This is important, Please tell us what your role name is exactly.
  12. Kemono Friends Mafia - Game Over

    What does your exact role name say?