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  1. The new heroes of the 24th january

    Only reason I feel it is slightly different is because it became like a running gag in the game. The other pairs are together in their games but not as obviously as it seems to make those 3 out to be. Larachel could very well come on her own, and that might happen i don't know. I just feel it would be slightly funny and thematically matching if they all get released as a banner together.
  2. The new heroes of the 24th january

    I mean Marisa was also one of the highest voted units. I'd be fine with any of the three, I just have a gut feeling that they will put the trio all together on one banner. It could be this banner seeing as it's vs Lyon, the embodiment of the demon god in the story basically, which is what L'arachel was fighting against, the demon god.
  3. The new heroes of the 24th january

    I highly doubt we will get L'arachel unless it's all of her trio together.
  4. The Second Well

  5. The Second Well

    Also the sound track was to die for.
  6. The Second Well

    Nier:Automata 2Booty.
  7. Cuphead In: Don't Deal With the Mafia (Sign-ups)

    Fuq you refa.
  8. Antihero Anonydraft Mafia (Game Over)

    Pretty sure I was THE MOST OBVIOUS anonymafia player.
  9. Antihero Anonydraft Mafia (Game Over)

    End of day 1 I was reading titania and beast as scum. End of day 2 I was reading Kokichi and beast as scum. I'm terrible at this game and docced scum night 1. I'm terrible at casing people when I get partially emotional and people literally shrugging off anything I said made me just stop posting for most of day 2. Apologies for my terrible play. By end of I mean after the lynch happened.
  10. The Second Well

    Howdy! Do you mean you came to SF for mafia memes? What memes did you hear about that made you come here? Are there stories or something of our mafia on other websites? If so, then what are some of these stories about?
  11. The Second Well

  12. The Second Well

    Don't you dare mention maokai to me and you Eevee tastes are sad. :| Umbreon is too low on that list for your list to be worth any merit.
  13. The Second Well

    Best Eevee evolution? Second best evolution? I will judge you for this more than you can imagine. Do you play fire emblem heroes? What are your thoughts on me selling my league account and becoming a professional booster? How much do you think I could sell my account for on Ebay? Thoughts on the AMV - Shelter? You've probably heard of it but if you haven't it's what Iris's avatar is from. What do you think my most played champion across all of my accounts is? You can have 3 guesses. This includes normals as well as ranked over the past like few seasons. (Hint, it's not eve or ornn.) Who is best Waifu? Who is best Husbando? We gucchi?
  14. The Second Well