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  1. CAn't if you are jailed?!?!? DIslike this junko lynch zzzzzz
  2. BBM quote 1: Felt the first post was slightly defensive, didn't see much in it outside of him responding to Kirsche and Refa. Quote 2: Kind of empty unvote of JB. Weird though cause he doesn't state he's townleaning on JB just that he wasn't his scummiest read anymore, this still implies he is still scum reading JB. Quote 3: Weapons vote after saying he would reread Junko, not sure if he did; can't see his weapons case though in this quote. Quote 4: Says junko > Kirsche, but a lot of people were doing that don't really have much to say about this post. Feel like he's defending Athena here but I don't know context and it's hard to remember right now, pretty sur ehe defended athena a few times though and I kind of dislike that since I want Athena dead. Quote 5: Weapons > Eclipse > Junko but I don't think he's voting Eclipse at the moment? States some good reasons against Eclipse except for the fact that it feels like a chainsaw defense for Athena. I'd lynch BBM. Would rather Eclipse though > kirsche or Junko at the moment. ##Vote: Eclipse Will consolidate towards Kirsche though if nothing else happens in the next few minutes.
  3. I'd be up for lynching BBM but I haven't been able to respond to Omega's post and I don't know if I can get it all out in like 10 minutes. I could give like quick Tl;Dr of the posts but that's about it. I still think BBM's Bibbon push on D1 followed by a real quick unvote was susp. Let me see if I can find omega's post and do a tl;dr reply
  4. We don't have that much time to talk about networker suspicions, I was originally thinking 1 town 1 scum, but both are apparently my scum reads and I don't know how to take that. Would rather lynch Eclipse > Junko though at the moment. What's your Idea Snike?
  5. @Zkirsche Haven't you been defending Athena a bit? Do you feel you are both town networkers? Kirsche's target was fable unless there was some random redirect or Hijack? @Makaze
  6. Also: ##Unvote Since the Athena thing isn't going anywhere at the moment. I still like that thing the best though.
  7. Omega's quote post was broken some I'm reading backwards to find the post with Omega quotes in it and looking at Eclipse cases. I wanted to comment on this but I feel Eclipse kind of plays like this as both alignments. I think I'm starting to dislike her based on the fact that I'm getting some gut vibes from a previous game that was years ago though. I want to find the post where Eclipse votes Junko; does anyone know around what page that is?
  8. I was reading some stuff on my phone during break though. Something I wanted to state: I didn't comment more on my Junko read because I initially had him as leaning scum but commented about my read actually a couple of times. Everyone said I haven't mentioned him so I figured I would clarify. I believe that I stated I was leaning scum on Junko but he had fallen below my priority list compared to other people. I also stated that was subject to change since I hadn't read his big wall post. After reading his big wall post I felt a bit better about him, I'm not feeling that he's 100% town but I at least wasn't really leaning scum on him anymore thus I didn't care to bring it up again after that point in time. @RefaJunks claim is...interesting? I don't actually know how often amnesiac roles town or scum, however it is also a fairly easy safe claim? It is a fairly provable role though right? Can't we have him target someone tonight and prove it tomorrow? I guess this is actually dependent on who's dead by tonight though. My thoughts on current 3 wagons: Would prefer to lynch Eclipse or Kirsche > Junko I feel at the moment. I've been scumreading Kirsche for a bit now so I would probably go Kirsche > Eclipse but would be willing to consolidate on Junko if need be. I'm still reading the Eclipse cases though so that could be subject to changing towards Eclipse. I feel like Eclipse has just been Eclipse though and I realistically haven't played with her enough to accurately know how to read her. I do admit that in my eyes she wasn't too memorable in this game as compared to something like in cuphead mafia where she felt more pro-active and memorable in relation.
  9. I just got home; will get to Omega's post soon, and trying to get caught up on some things.
  10. @Omega.I'm about to head to bed since I have to be up in about 8 hours and I want to sleep before work. I'm also not sure when phase end is but I think I should have enough time to respond tomorrow when I get off work. In case I forget please try to remind me tomorrow afternoon so I can find the post with all the BBM quotes. Page 53.
  11. Going into league game cant make big post. BBM's vote on bibbon followed by a quick vote off of Bibbon struck me as weird and very stand out on day 1. Also been feeling like he's been defending Kirsche in a weird manner which I dislike. You could basically compare my BBM thoughts very similiar to your Shinori v Nightmare thoughts I guess. Except he's done it with like 2 people this game I think so it stands out to me. In game now.
  12. Still waiting for you to actually type out words and explain your thought process behind this. You literally have so far done nothing except explain why you wanted me to comment on Nightmare. You quoted an entire post and just said "lol, Shinori might be Wolf." and are saying you feel like my posts are just 'going through the motions' while not actually commenting on any of my other posts. If I had a vig shot I think I'd policy shoot you right now. Jesus.
  13. I didn't notice there was a whole page here of stuff to read. I feel most of my scum reads are focusing on scum intent @Refa This was partially already explained in my last post but in my opinions things done by the people I'm scum reading do have scum-intent behind them. I'm pretty sure I'm fine with this as well but probably for different reasons than you are thinking of.
  14. Then why are you voting me? @RefaThe junko read from previous was also before he made his bigger posts this day phase and after that post came out I wasn't scum reading him as much, he defintely dropped below other people on my radar. Also @Refa ED1 post: Kirsche read was more about him seeming to grasp at anything to say, I felt his questions and posts were forced and what he was saying didn't make sense, as if it was forced to come out. Bart read wasn't just on him having no reads. At that point in time, this actually got commented later on in day 1, I had thought Bart was attacking Satsuma for Not having reads and not giving reads, whereas Bart was doing the same thing at the time so it was hypocritical and I felt he was trying to push attention away form him and towards Satsuma for it, who also at the point in time was getting a lot of flack and gathering votes on themselves. I saw this as Scum trying to push an easy misslynch while not providing real content. Second post response: I mean that's also a matter of opinion. I felt the BBM/Junko worth meriting on seeing as I commented on it myself(I believe) as well as a few other people saw it as something worth commenting on and it was also the biggest thing to happen at the time. The other part of my post is the fact that if somene really wants out of RVS they can do something to get them out of RVS. For Example the Walrein post this game where he voted Athena(I think) while stating it was "Serious" but not stating why. This ended up drawing more reactions and getting conversation started. IF someone really wants RVS to end, as town or scum, they can force themselves to do something to end it; the point being is that town is more likely to forcibly make themselves do something for the sake of ending RVS as scum is perfectly content with RVS lasting a whole day or two, as seen in cuphead mafia. This is also a big reason why I was town reading Walrein in the early parts of day 1. Third post response: I can see someone as having a town read on someone that's not controversial HOWEVER the thing that confused me was Satsuma saying I was his BIGGEST town read at the time and I didn't understand that specifically. This also can correlate somewhat to Eclipse considering she wasn't as active as some other people who I felt were townier at the time. I think having someone explain why someone is their most town read is something important especially if they have already taken the time to state it out in the open for everyone to see. Someone not being a controversial topic also doesn't mean someone can't case said person or scum read said person or even just null read them. Generally if someone is actually controversial you would assume they would be more likely null, not the strongest town read they have.
  15. Sully isn't a tracker. So no. Gonna have to check up on the EoD1 stuff WRT Nightmare as I'm pretty sure someone else had commented on nightmare(but not actually scumread them or pushed them) which is what drew my attention to them in the first place.