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  1. FEE3 2018: Can't stop, won't stop!

    So I just learned about this FEE3 thing a bit ago, but it seems like quite a neat idea, and since it appears that the deadlines have very recently been extended, i was thinking of submitting an LP of the first few chapters of an FE8 hack I'm working on. Since i know so little about this event, i don't know what specifics must be done in regards to LPs such as if I would need another person to LP it for me or if doing an LP for my own project would immediately put me into the list of people that must do LPs or something like that. So is there some in-depth set of rules and specifics or a FAQ about this event that people can access?
  2. September's Legendary Hero - Tiki: Legendary Dragon

    Oh i saw the trailer and didn't even realize she was armored until looking here. This new Tiki looks like she'll be plenty of fun, but in between trying to get dancer inigo, saving for halloween Henry, And this tiki, I just hope I'll be able to pull any of them.