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  1. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Whatever they are, they will need to be really good to convince me not to spend my orbs failing to get Tharja and Lissa.
  2. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    I like her, she is cool, but Lìf is just something else for me. Also her mask is more generic and less exciting than the crazy mouth-thing he has.
  3. Who can we expect for the Radiant Dawn banner?

    I know for a fact we will get at least a laguz from Gallia. Based on the fact that it's the country with the highest number of playable laguz in the tellius games. I just hope it's not Ranulf or Skrimir. Throw a couple of unpopular laguz as well, to balance Tibarn. Like Mordecai.
  4. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Yeah, the hate is probably from people turned off by the edgy factor. But the edge never bothered me at all, in fact I find the people "memeing" (is this a word?) over whatever character that seems uncooperative, a loner, or with a violent backstory being too edgy way more annoying. Like, Dark Pit and Shadow are two characters I love and I don't get what people have against them and the role they have in their games.
  5. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    I was wrong. IS is still able to make characters not attractive. Hel creeps me out, kudos to the artist. Also if I say that I absolutely love Lìf's design more than any other male OC does it mean I have horrible taste? Everyone else seems to hate him. The new seasons are whatever. I didn't care too much about seasons the first time and I suspect I will end up with a lot of unused ones yet again. Beast units are coming and it was about time. I just hope Tellius banners won't be just Laguz from now on. But the best thing about the update wasn't even in the Channel. Aversa is summonable now!!! Finally I can use the Grails.
  6. Our Single Most Wanted Character from each game

    FE1/11: Wolf FE2/15: Nuibaba FE3/12: Malice FE4: Jeanne, but I would love any substitute child FE5: Kempf FE6: Dorothy FE7: Vaida FE8: Natasha FE9: Tanith FE10: Tanith FE13: Gregor FE14: Charlotte FE Cipher: Emma
  7. Book 3 Artist?

    I really hope not someone who already worked on a FE like Hidari. They had their time to shine already, let some other artists take the spotlight.
  8. Learning with Sharena spoils new feature

    The only thing I'm thinking is that these new blessings mean it's now more likely to see legendary final bosses like Grima. Think about it, many final bosses would have either the dark affinity (leg. Julius, leg. Medeus, leg. Lyon with demon breath) or the light affinity (leg. Ashera). Now that I want to see.
  9. I just now see your post, and I strongly agree. Who decided that Tharja needed to be a mostly comedic character? They could have easily made her love for Robin and her attempts to be with him/her the only funny part about Tharja's character and use the other supports to explore her personality, her problems to get along with the others, which could give us small clues about her backstory that would have been interesting to piece together. And to be fair they did some stuff like that, like the support with Libra that I really like. I think it always comes down to the same thing: More interactions that make sense and explore the character in a unique way. Less comedic, pointless, samey bullshit. Which doesn't mean I don't want to see comedy in some supports, just that those supports should be just a few per character
  10. Tharja's character is an hot mess and it saddens me. Because with her character we could have the best example of a classic dark mage who isn't a villain in all of fire emblem. First of all: What? What game have you played? I can give you Peri, but Tharja knows she is an immoral and pretty selfish person. She admits it, she is a loner who doesn't want to be bothered by other people. She is okay with being hated and misunderstood, she expects it. Which is exactly why she could have been good, oh so good. You don't become a dark mage if you are a good guy who wants to help people, and you don't decide to become one on a whim. This shit is weird, complicated and dangerous, ask Canas' siblings. You need to have a particular ambition to go down this dangerous path (or you can just be crazy in the head like Henry), which is why many dark mages are power hungry villains. And why all the playable dark mages feel off, like they aren't different from regular mages. Canas is a nerdy goofball, Knoll is depressed but a pretty selfless good guy and Nyx is actually a pretty well thought character in the sense that she was an actual dark mage in the past but was punished for being power hungry like dark mages SHOULD be and now seeks redemption. I don't know much about Salem but I think he is supposed to be same as Nyx. Which leaves Awakening as the only game with playable dark mages that act like ACTUAL dark mages, cursing, loving blood and being weirdos that people don't want to interact with. Think about it, Tharja joins us because she doesn't give two shits about her country and just wants to be left alone, and not forced to die for a cause that isn't the one she decided herself. This is Dark Mage 101 and i love it: "I don't give a shit about politics, the only war I will fight in is the one against the kids who threw rocks at me when I was six." Which is why it's such a disappointment that her own game treats her like a joke. I can give a pass to the yandere thing. It actually makes sense for a being connected to the dark arts to feel weirdly charmed by the vessel of Grima, and in a better written game this could have been used to give Tharja a reason to stay with the sheperds after the war and as some clever foreshadowing for the big twist about Robin. But alas, in the game Tharja gets like 40 other gag-traits on top of the obsession with Robin and her good supports are like 6. Wasted potential. Oh yeah, to answer to the op, being "mature" isn't the problem. There are a lot of mature elements hidden in both games. Sometimes not even hidden, like Lucina's doomed future that is played very seriously. They just need better writers, and to actually do something with the perfectly good characters they create, outside of supports.
  11. Forging Bonds: The Sworn Oath

    I will say, I don't expect Hrid, Gunnthra and especially FJORM to be anything else but boring in this event. But Ylgr... This is make it or break it, little girl. Time to prove if you are really funny, or if it seemed that way only because you interacted only with Helbindi and Veronica who are so awesome, they make people in their vicinity look awesome too.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Hey, that's true. WTF, I can understand blue Olwen who is kind of unappealing, but why no green Olwy? Why not have best green mage? To not compete with Gunnthra?
  13. Hrid: Icy Blade - November Legendary Hero

    So, the new LH is Hrid to absolutely nobody's surprise. Not really interested in him, but if I pull him I will need only Ylgr for a full nifl team, which may convince me to try for Ylgr. Anyway seems like Blue and Red are the colors to go this time. Me and my 20 orbs are ready.
  14. They had the audacity to make Gharnef hot. I don't think we will ever see an ugly person ever again in this series.
  15. With book 2 they added generic manaketes and wyvern riders, so U think it's possible. It would be so sick if they added Baels, Skeletons, Centaurs and Necrodragons!!