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  1. This so much. But even more than this we need more good guys who are ugly as sin, like Gonzalez and Arden. And even more ugly women who are on the side of good. Because if the idea IS has of an ugly woman is Reina from Fates they are gravely mistaken. She is suppossed to be ugly because she is a little older and has a scar? Bitch please, the scar only makes her sexy.
  2. Okay now this... this is what I call unfair. If Nuibaba in HD looks so much better why the fuck does Jedah look like Lord Voldemort's ugly twin brother. Double standards much? And yes, with this Sonia gets back the title of mother of her own archetype.
  3. Well, yes but you can make the same argument for every single archetype that gets repeated over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again with every game. What I'm trying to say is that while the seductress archetype doesn't deserve a "get out of jail free" card, it also doesn't deserve to be considered the only archetype that is getting stale and dull. P.S.: I was wrong. The archetype is way older than what I said. Nuibaba on the NES exists.There really isn't a single archetype that doesn't come from a Kaga game...
  4. Updated CYL Chart (as of Farfetched Heroes 2)

    You fool! We still haven't got a single meme character in Heroes. Where is Gromell? Where is Ike's mom? And Eliwood's mom? Where is Zola? Where is Candace? Where is Kid Zephiel? WHERE THE HECK IS BATTA THE BEAST!? They don't need to stop, they need to try harder.
  5. For how I see it, Camilla and Tharja (and Nowi) have no excuses for dressing the way they do. For what we know of their personality, it makes no sense. It makes even less sense when people seem to not recognize how STUPID their clothing is. It's not a deal-breaker but everyone agrees that if they dressed more modestly it would be for the better and nothing would be lost. It doesn't ruin the character and many people can get over it quickly (I'm one of them), but since other people have more of a problem with it I wish they would stop making fanservicey designs where they don't belong just so there can be less pointless arguing about them. However, I don't agree when we talk about characters like Loki or Aversa. They have all the reasons in the world to dress like that, it's actually complementary to their personality. They ARE the sexy dark magic seductress, an archetype that exists at least since FE7 and Sonia. It's one thing to hate sexy clothes when they don't fit, it's another to hate them when they do fit.
  6. What are your hopes for Book 3

    Opinions will be opinions. I never liked Hrid since he was showed. I loved Helbindi instantly on the other hand.
  7. Updated CYL Chart (as of Farfetched Heroes 2)

    Tbh even if combining votes you get the real popularity it's still dangerous to do so, because IS doesn't combine anything or we would have Brave Marth already. And Brave Heroes were always 2 of both gender, with two different top 20s and stuff. The fact that a male "Keaton" outranks Aversa is irrelevant, they wouldn't make a farfetched banner with 3:1 gender ratio. The fact that a female "Selkie" outranks Aversa is relevant.
  8. Updated CYL Chart (as of Farfetched Heroes 2)

    Correction, Selkie alone outranked Aversa. About the ranking... damn, Tanith is nowhere to be seen :( and Mozu too. Atleast I can be happy for Wolf, Nyx and Ross my boy.
  9. I agree with you but IS has done weirder things before.
  10. We are not arguing alts, who are decided by IS. We are arguing placement in Cyl who is decided by us players. Loki placed high because we voted for her, and we voted her because she is a new cool OC. Yes she got more votes than Laevatein, but maybe it'a because she appeared before her and had more personality than "I am the blade". But NO it must be boobs. Boys gotta be boys and vote with their peeenis amirite? This is what I find annoying, and I didn't even vote for Loki. I'm sorry I may have spoken out of line. I got triggered because you implied Aversa was voted because of her boobs when I would've voted for her even she was as flat as Cordelia, because she is my beloved wife. I will never agree that a character popularity can be boiled down to their appearance, but since it's just your opinion I'm okay with it.
  11. I suppose you interviewed every single person who voted her to know this. And you also discovered with your magic that every person who likes big boobs determined who to vote for by comparing bust sizes instead of every other aspect. Which is strange considering that I enjoy big breasts and have no problem with sultry, seductive characters and yet I didn't vote for Loki because I only have 7 votes and a lot of faves. Besides the sarcasm, the actual problem I have with your post is that you forgot to specify that's just your opinion on the matter. An IMHO can make all the difference in the world sometimes, because without it people may think you are speaking as if your idea is the TRUTH that others don't want to admit. And that is a little closed minded and disrespectful towards the actual fans of a character imho.
  12. What are your hopes for Book 3

    This! I swear the only two good male OCs are Helbindi and Bruno. Alfonse and Surtr are basic AF and Hrid has a boring design + he somehow showed less personality than his siblings.
  13. Honestly, I'm kind of tired of hearing this. Loki didn't get 10th place because BOOBS, every female character has boobs and Heroes has a tradition of making them bigger than they were in canon. She got votes for the same reason Veronica was voted, being a main villain of Heroes that we knew from book 1, even if she didn't reveal her true form, that people wanted playable + BOOBS. Boobs were the secondary reason.
  14. To be fair I've learned that arguing what's canon in Fire Emblem is pointless. No one will be satisfied with whatever gets confirmed as canon, especially with awakening
  15. I can only speak for myself but I liked her so much that I married her. I love everything that she stands for, a dark lady who gets reformed instead of dying like all the others before her (hello Sonia, Hilda, Nuibaba, Petrine and Eremiya). That was actually refreshing and appreciated, since I was expecting her to drop dead at any moment during Awakening endgame. Sure Awakening went a bit overkill with the reformed villains but she was the one that actually made sense and didn't feel like a cop-out since she didn't die and then revealed she was alive like the others who thought they were Oliver or something.