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  1. Cheer up a little, pal. Think about it this way. If they did it like last year you would just get Azura, which to my undertanding is the one you want the least. Now you have at least the chance of getting one of the others. And 3/4 of the characters give you a free blessing, which is a plus. It could have been worse... *sees L!Ike at 7th* MUCH WORSE!! MUCH WORSE!! Seriously, anyone who voted for a character we already got for free deserves to be shot on the spot.
  2. Nintendo Direct on February 13 2019

    I get what you're saying, but honestly I hope that if they change a thing about how you were able to romance everyone in Fates, I want them to change the gay characters. Like, just let them be gay. I know Bi people are cool and all, but sometimes it feels kind of lazy. Also, you get to write 1 less support, because the character is only available for 1 gender of your avatar, instead of two. Also, please no more Catria/Cordelia/Faye. I know they are realistic because IRL people often get rejected and can't realize their romantic dreams, but good Naga are those characters depressing. I wanted to have an avatar character in Echoes just to give Faye a hug. Why do they make characters that will always be unhappy? Make them more like Oboro. I know technically Titania is the Catria of Tellius, since she loved only one man, who married someone else, but in that case the plot worked in her favor and she could move on instead of always being chained by her feelings like the other Catrias. That made her way more bearable. Also to the people who don't want a dragon as the final boss, I agree but to compensate, let's have a f*ckton of playable dragons. Like, Radiant Dawn Endgame/Awakening levels. Dragons are an amazing class, and after Heroes allowing me to play only with dragons if I want to... I don't think I can go back to PoR and the GBA with only 1 playable dragon. And please let's not go back to Jugdral and 0 dragons. LET'S NOT!
  3. Nintendo Direct on February 13 2019

    I just hope this direct will have a random surprise out of nowhere. For the expected stuff, I hope they reveal Joker's gameplay in Smash, and that the rumors about Spyro's trilogy coming to Switch are true. Also, please don't delay 3 Houses...
  4. Interesting. Since I only played the games on PC I'd buy them again to play on the go. Let's hope this is true. BTW OP, if your avatar is anything to go by, you have divine taste.
  5. New Event Calendar (Feb-Mar)

    No Rajaion? No buy. Anyway a new Fallen Heroes would be interesting to say the least, but it will depend on who they choose. Another random theme that I find interesting is "NPCs before they met their horrible fate" a nice comtrast to the posessed banner. Stuff like Myrrh's father Morva before he was turned into a zombie, or King Garon when he was still himself, or Elena before she died to pair up with Greil, or even Rinea as a cleric or dancer. I can see the appeal in her witch version, but I believe many fans would prefer to have her when she was happy. But there are many other options like that one pegasus girl from Genealogy who gets rekt completely, or Vigarde, or even Nergal before he became crazy. The sky is the limit. But if it has to be a normal banner from some game, I really hope it's Archanea. There are so many good characters still missing, including the Wolfsguard, Yumina and Yubello, the dragons not named Tiki, Samson and Astram, NYNA AND ELICE, Jake, Julian and Lena, and Malice who is a fan favorite.
  6. I will admit, I was lucky in this event. First Halloween Nowi, who I wanted for the longest time, and then Valentine Lyn, who broke my curse of never getting Mage Armors. But even if I didn't get two of my best options I would have been happy to get two 5* regardless. After all the only character I hate is Silas and I already got a 5* version of him, so I don't have anyone I dread to see anymore. Gacha gets way crueler when there are units you just DON'T want to see, so I feel really sorry for those who were unlucky, but at the same time I can't share your pain. Honestly I loved this event, and I wouldn't mind seeing it again next year.
  7. Who has the "worst art"?

    Out of curiosity, what is your problem with Halloween Nowi? The outfit, the proportions, or the face? Because when I first saw her I cheered. Finally Nowi looked like she was supposed to look. I don't know if I'm the only one, but since the first day of FEH I had a problem with normal Nowi's art, especially the idle art. She just didn't look right to me, the face and the eyes in particular felt off. So when H!Nowi came out it felt so much better than what we had before. Anyway, besides Nowi, I also find original Olivia and Lloyd pretty bad. But I never had a problem with Eliwood, Rebecca and Athena. Lachesis also looks good to me, not the exactly the style I'd use for Lachesis, but if it was a Heroes OC with that art, less people would find it bad. In my opinion Miwabe did her worst job with original Mist, but even that I wouldn't call bad art. Same thing for Hot Springs Camilla. Probably the worst Iack has ever done in FEH but still not bad by any means.
  8. The one character I don't like in all of FE is Silas. And thanfully he isn't so good that I felt I had to use him. But even if he was good I would not use him for anything more than making Sophie. After all I completed FE8 without using Seth and the Tellius games without using Titania and Haar as a personal challenge and it was pretty easy (except that one chapter in Part 2. You know the one). No unit who is optional is ever so strong you can't choose to bench them in FE.
  9. I'm sorry. I don't want to repeat votes. For now L!Hector is the more interesting option.
  10. I voted fot L!Marth, L!Azura, Duma and H!Mia. I don't know who to give my last vote to. Someone wants to try and comvince me?
  11. [DATAMINE] Special Heroes Arrive! Greil's Devoted!

    I will give my two cents on Ike/Soren. So many people complain that Ike isn't gay but my problem with the ship is different. How in the Grima-damned world do the people who complain about Corrin/Xander or Corrin/Camilla see 0 problems with Ike/Soren, or even Mist/Boyd??? Like WTF? People say that Rolf would have been better as an husband for Mist, but it would be the same. Ike, Mist, Soren, Boyd, Oscar, Rolf and Titania are a family. Shipping any combination of them is problematic. And since I consider growing up together more important than mere blood, Seliph/Julia and Corrin/Azura are less weird than Ike/Soren in my opinion, which is why I'm not a fan of the ship. Ike/Ranulf is way better. They met as adults and discovered feelings for each other, none of that "together since childhood" horsesh*t. Anyway, going back on topic. Greil is amazing and Mist is a cutie. I already have three Ikes and I don't like Soren, so I will snipe green this time. Also what is that Titania art? Why? Why is she so beautiful? We always hear that Camilla exists for the horny teens, but DAAMN! Titania is turning me into an horny adult. I have a new candidate for the top sexy lady in Heroes. Sorry Tana, Camilla and Cecilia, you are beaten.
  12. ValentinesSpecial Heroes (Greil's Devoted)

    So it is Ike or Greil in the image? Why not both? xD Green seems like the color to pull from here. I love Mist and Greil is a new unit.
  13. ValentinesSpecial Heroes (Greil's Devoted)

    Okay I feel the need to bring something up before it's too late. When you think of Valentine's day, you think of romantic love. I think of that too because we are all westerners. But this is a game from Japan, a country that views Valentine's day in a different way. It's the day for all the girls to make chocolate and offer it to the males as a sign of love. And while it can mean romantic love, and they offer it to the boy they have a crush on, maaaany girls give chocolate to all the men in their lives, to brothers, to their friends, to their dad (remember how happy Hector was to discover that the gift from Lilina was for him last year) and even to their FEMALE friends sometimes, without any romantic subtext whatsoever. Trust me, I read many yuri manga in which the friends of the two lesbians don't have a clue about the romantic part because it's so normal to give chocolate to all your close friends. Now that I think about it, Valentine Neph and Valentine Heather would make my day. PLS IS! Anyway, I won't be surprised if the two females on the banner are Mist and Ethlyn instead of Deirdre and Elincia. It's a bit of a Culture Shock, but in Japan it wouldn't be strange for sisters to give gifts to their brothers on Valentine's day. Also, another clue that makes me think it will be based around the tradition of giving chocolate is the fact the two males here have normal weapons. It would make sense for them to be normal, and two girls having the crazy throwing chocolate weapons. Male partecipate passively to Valentine in Japan. They wait for the girls to do something. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Solution: implement capture but do it like Fates, so we can use the foes we capture.
  15. Honestly there are so many options for people to go "screw my evil country/boss I'm joining the good guys". I mean we already have Jamke that does exactly that, but we could also have an Agustrian knight sick of their foolish king. Especially after said king does "the thing".