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  1. Any characters we want for this year's Bride Banner?

    A foolish boy who won't listen to reason deserves an alt? I don't think so, and Mycen agrees with me. That's it Alm! 3 more years confined in Ram Village before you get another alt.
  2. Can I say that I love the way they are making fun of their own plot?
  3. Any characters we want for this year's Bride Banner?

    In this game, the Bride alts happen because of a competition in which you dress up like a newlywed and compete to win a prize. Suggesting things like flower boys and bridesmaid goes against the canon of Heroes. And beyond that reason there is the meta-reason that people want to see their faves dressed in fabolous wedding dresses and tuxedos. They don't want them robbed of said wonderful dresses to wear a boring priest outfit for example. Ask anyone if they want to see Lucius in a tuxedo (or wedding dress) or dressed as a priest. As you see there is a in-game rule and an out-of-game rule to make only brides and some grooms. If they didn't break the rules when it was Sanaki's turn, I don't think they will ever break them. As for who I'd want: Groom Abel + Bride Est Because who said Est can't have two alts? Groom Boey + Bride Mae Just to not go with the boring Alm + Celica.
  4. New Heroes Arrive : Out of Gallia (April 10~)

    I would like to add that there is a little problem even with your original post. Even when giving your opinion, you are supposed to explain the reasoning behind it. It's what you did when arguing why certain legendary heroes are not the right element for their character, such as Ryoma. Here you did none of that, you simply stated he should have been blue. You could have explained why, by comparing him with Nailah, Naesala and Panne, who are also blue and say he has some elements in common with them, therefore making him also blue. Or you could have compared him to Kaden and Reyson, who are green to explain why he shouldn't be like them. You could have also stated that he should be blue because of the color of his fur, and it would have been an acceptable reason. But you gave us no reason at all.
  5. New Heroes Arrive : Out of Gallia (April 10~)

    Excuse me!? I will let you know that they are not allowed to drop the wedding theme until I can recreate every wedding I had in Fire Emblem games. So... Bride Beruka, Bride Rhajat, Bride Flora, Bride Aversa, Bride Serra and of course Groom Kellam, my hubby. And let'also add the ones I would choose as my avatar's wife, if the avatar existed: Bride Lute, Bride Dorothy, Bride Mae and Delthea and Bride Est of course. After all of that they can switch things up.
  6. New Heroes Arrive : Out of Gallia (April 10~)

    You forgot the best dragon of them all: G A R E T H To be fair you can be a villain and be playable in some other mode (Ashnard, Lyon), or be unplayable, but not a villain (Yune, Greil). The first type I would like to be relegated to GHBs, while the second type I would prefer to see come in other ways.
  7. New Heroes Arrive : Out of Gallia (April 10~)

    Yeeeess!! More Laguz. And we got the last Laguz royal (Dheginsea who?). I'm super happy about this banner. Probably won't be able to summon on it because what are orbs? But with the new summoning pool I can get pity broken by them in the future. I would argue that Oliver doesn't count because he is recruitable. So we only have Black Knight as a pure Tellius villain, and they decided to waste their GHB slots on Oliver, Haar and Naesala instead. I know recruitable enemies have been GHBs since the start (Navarre), but seriously why are they becoming the majority? The exciting aspect about GHBs was to get villains who were never playable in their games. And yet we haven't got a pure villain since Garon and Gharnef. Or we got them in other ways (Duma, Idunn). Give the GHBs back to the villains, and put Haar somewhere he actually fits!
  8. I can't wait for a FE5 remake just so they can make Reinhardt playable after capture. And then say that's what canonically happened. And for that to happen we need a FE4 remake first.
  9. Can you help me pick a cavalier?

    There's a friend of mine who specifically told me to use both Sue and Shin because nomads are great. When I told him I wasn't planning to use them at all he gave me a very disappointed look xD I can understand your pov. I'm usually one who loves to use underrated or "bad" units. But I'm already going to use Gwendolyn who joined just now. I don't think I have the patience to train two low level units at the same time. But I will gladly take Noah.
  10. Can you help me pick a cavalier?

    So it looks like Noah is a good option after all, if Perceval only joins in Chap. 15, I will use Noah until then and then decide. And you can omit the HM bonuses, since I am a pussy :) The only games I tried at the high difficulty were Birthright and Sacred Stones, and even then it was after many nornal runs. And about the nomads, I avoided using Sue because I know there is a weird mechanic to go to Ilia or Sacae, and since I want to go to Ilia I'm no touching her at all.
  11. I recently started playing Binding Blade again after abandoning my first run years ago. The game is so much fun, I already love Rutger and Shanna, my crit monsters, and Dorothy, Wade, Lugh, Bors and Ellen are turning out pretty good too. But there is a little hole in my team. I still have no horsemen, except for Clarine, who doesn't count. I avoided feeding Lance and Allen kills, because I knew they would be replaced, but now the game just gave me three new horseman and I am unsure about who to use. They all look pretty bland to be honest. I only like Noah a little bit better. So, who do you think I shoulf pick based on how good they are as units? Zealot? Noah? Treck? Sue? Allen, or Lance, because it's not too late to train one of them? Or none of the above, because a great horseman is around the corner?
  12. April 4th, FEH Channel Announced! (8:30 PT ~)

    To be fair, if we start to think like that, we should also consider that it's possible that someone didn't like even one of the legendary heroes (I don't know, like a fan of only Valentia and Jugdral, or a fan of the support cast, not the lords) and they are pretty game-changing.
  13. April 4th, FEH Channel Announced! (8:30 PT ~)

    It's likely that the next legendary hero will have that bonus too. Of course, it it's Micaiah nothing changes for you and you will have to wait months. I hope it's more like Aether Raids and having the new shiny units is just a bonus and you can play without them, and not something like blessed gardens in which you NEED to have some Legendary Heroes, even if you don't want to have them. About the FEH channel. I'm expecting a new mode and hoping for mass demotions. Anything else is just a bonus.
  14. Our Top 5 Most Wanted Mythic Heroes

    1. Mila 2. Altina 3. Medeus 4. Anankos 5. RNG Goddess Anna
  15. What a disappointment. I didn't expect them to pull a fast one and drop a brand new Legendary Hero 2 days after they gave us Yune. Feh as a legendary hero... and by the looks of it, she is completely broken. Way to go, now I have to pull or be left behind. And did I have a stroke or did she use multiple weapon types? They can't give us Legendary Master Knight Leif, but this sh*t is permitted? She even used Loptous without major unholy blood! Great, canon doesn't matter anymore. How long until they give us Reinhardt with Mjolnir? What a complete mess... I had such high hopes for this game but now I'm seriously considering uninstalling it. It's clear they no longer care about making a fun game, they only care about money... (I'm dying xD this is so much fun. I love 4/1)