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  1. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" II - Return of Writer's Block

    One more question, do I have until tomorrow to submit my entry or until the 22nd? which is two days after I turn 22!! On the OP it says that writers have two weeks to compose and submit their entries. Mine will probably be ready by tomorrow anyway, though.
  2. By the Hand of Mila - Feedback Wanted (SoV, SPOILERS)

    Good idea, I honestly did feel like the scene after this one in-game was a little underwhelming, anyway. That said, though, I'm contemplating which (if any) alternate endings of this that I mentioned I may write. I don't think I will post the story just as-is anywhere, since it's not really a fanfic. I'll give your work a read, but I will say that I don't know anything about Xenoblade so I'll be analyzing it on just technical level, if that's okay.
  3. By the Hand of Mila - Feedback Wanted (SoV, SPOILERS)

    Thanks a lot for reading it! And no, of course it's not annoying, I'm always grateful for any feedback on my work. If there's anything you have that you'd like me to look over (as long as it's... I'll say, max 3000 words right now) you can send me a message and I'll get to it once I've got time. The dog I'm looking after doesn't seem to like it when I pay attention to anything other than her. And also, since we're in spoiler territory... I may as well talk about my original intents for this fic.
  4. After finishing Echoes, one of the cutscenes in particular moved me so much, I felt compelled to write it out myself, as a sort of writing warm-up. That's why I'm calling it a semi-fic. I have added some dialogue and small actions to the cutscene, but not much else in the way of extras. I'm not a hundred percent sure content like this would be accepted on fanfiction.net or AO3, so I figured this was the ideal place for feedback. I'm most interested in how I did on a technical level- things like do I have a good range of vocabulary, are my descriptions effective, can you visualize what's going on? So, if anyone wants to give this a read, I would be very grateful and also probably willing to read something of yours in exchange (provided it's roughly the same length). Two warnings here. First one is for spoilers, if you haven't finished Echoes and think you may want to play it someday, don't read this. It's one of the best moments of the game, possibly objectively, and knowing what happens beforehand will spoil your experience. And second, I am warning for some violence, but nothing too graphic, so I'd say 13+ is appropriate (though if you're under 13 you're probably too young to be on this website afaik). Anyway, click below for the piece. Word count is 1336.
  5. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" II - Return of Writer's Block

    Thanks! I usually self-edit everything at least once, more often closer to 2-5 times before posting it online. I don't like posting first drafts anywhere because I never feel like I get my writing quite right on the first try.
  6. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" II - Return of Writer's Block

    My first draft is done! And much earlier than I expected, that was so much fun to write I'm almost sad it's over, even though it weighs in (currently) at 4223 words. I assume it's okay for me to self-edit my story it before posting it here, as long as it's before the deadline- and if I get anyone to look over it, it will be 1. right before I post here, and 2. limited to spelling/grammar checking?
  7. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" II - Return of Writer's Block

    I'd be fine with that. Frankly, my biggest concern for the half of my story that exists right now is that it maybe doesn't fit the theme well enough, but if that's against the rules then I'm okay with just a more mechanical grammar/spelling/awkward phrasing check.
  8. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" II - Return of Writer's Block

    Thanks for the clarification. I'll stick with posting my finished work here, it'll be easiest that way. @Rafiel's Aria I'll probably be at least a few more days to finish my draft, but I'd appreciate the help and I'll be fine to do the same for you if you decide to enter.
  9. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" II - Return of Writer's Block

    So I'm working steadily (as much as I can while dog-babysitting) on my entry, and having a lot of fun with it. I'm wondering, if I have time to get someone here to look over my work before submitting it, would I be able to copy-paste the entire story here, and then post the finished/revised version once the deadline arrives? I'm assuming I can only post the finished version here and not the draft, but I'd just like to be sure. If so, then anyone who wants to help me with improvements will be given a link (most likely in PMs).
  10. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" II - Return of Writer's Block

    Tell you what, I'll do a check for you if you're okay with giving my entry feedback once I've finished the draft? I have no idea how long it's gonna be, but I'm estimating now it'll be within the 3000-4500 word count range.
  11. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" II - Return of Writer's Block

    I originally thought that only FE stories were entered here, since that seemed to be all the recent ones. But I think I've settled on the idea I'll use and it's going to be an original story.
  12. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" II - Return of Writer's Block

    Alright, thanks. I'm up in the air if I want to do FE or original.
  13. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" II - Return of Writer's Block

    May we do original work or FE material only?
  14. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" II - Return of Writer's Block

    Hmmm... I guess I checked here a bit too late, I just realized this morning I have a short story plan that would have fit pretty neatly into the prompt given- assuming, of course, that original work is accepted? The rules look like it depends on what the person deciding the prompt chooses. I will write my idea anyway, though I won't post it here, of course. And I'd be happy to enter the next round to make up for my slight disappointment.
  15. If you were in FE which class would you be?

    Bow Knight, because I'm a Sagittarius.